Chapter 01.2 – All Yours

|| 01. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Taking a sip of the chocolate milk, she picked a raspberry danish to nibble onto. Nervous for their paths to cross again, the only hope she hoped, was for heart to not deceive her.

Taking another bite of her treat Mohana tried to look at the document she was editing, waiting for Jojo to connect her with Shaan Designs. Memories she didn’t want to remember threatened to surface.

Mohana had still been wrapping her undergrad when she had encountered the phenomenon of Omar Shaan. He had recently won his first Couture Catwalk, the most prestigious award in the world of fashion. The strange feelings he had ignited in her were unbelievably different, having left Mohana confused to tackle the odd ruckus within.

Shortly after, her appointment to the editor-in-chief for Sophista had Mohana follow the rise in his stardom. Praises continually trailed his achievements on reigning the design world. No matter how much coverage Sophista reported on Omar Shaan through various sections and their other articles, even the mere mention of him made her extremely conscious.

Owing to their socialite status and overlapping engagements in the industry, their paths continued to cross through countless occasions. With each instance Mohana marched in hoping to remain indifferent to the chaos he could induce in her, but always wound up with a roaring turmoil within.

Having already become the ideal star, when Omar landed a second consecutive victory at the famed Couture Catwalk his fan following went amok. Leading the charts with their exclusive coverage, Sophista studios approached Shaan Designs for his focus interview directly with their editor-in-chief of the journal: Mohana

Through their focus interview, Mohana had remained exceedingly aware and conscious of him. His presence like always had left her whipped and some more. Given the independent nature of the interview, which had stretched endless hours Mohana’s feelings had remained in a constant whirl. Regardless, Mohana had tirelessly ascertained to keep the turbulence of her heart at bay to ensure a success for Sophista.

Despite an extensive presence of the uber popular brand Shaan Designs, no publication had been thus far successful to convince Omar Shaan, the star himself for a cover photo shoot.

Leading the charts, Sophista took upon the challenge, much to the flutter of her heart.

Winning at Couture Catwalk was a major accomplishment, triumphant at it for the fourth consecutive year, was altogether a feat that had been declared impossible to achieve. Until today.

The silver device buzzed to deviate her attention from the article opened ahead of her.

Taking another bite of her pastry Mohana answered the connect from her assistant “Ya?”

“Miss Mohana, we are connected, am switching you” she heard Jojo inform

“Yup” giving her an affirmation Mohana took another sip of the chocolate milk

“Hey” listening to the voice from the other side Mohana sprang from the chair

She hastily thrust the glass of chocolate milk on the table. The glass banged against the silver device, making Mohana shut her eyes. She slapped her hand on the device to block any sound. Bewildered she stared at the phone.

Why did people at Shaan Designs also have to sound like Omar Shaan!

Heaving a sigh, she outlined the lip of her chocolate milk glass “Hi, this is Mohana from Sophista. Our team wanted to extend wishes for the triumphant win at Couture Catwalk”

“Express our gratitude to your team, Mohana” the voice from the other side offered

Her throat felt parched listening to the roll of her name. The voice sent a shudder within her. It sounded way too similar than it should.

Taking a shaky sip of the chocolate milk Mohana hoped to calm herself. With the knowledge that Omar Shaan was at the Fashion Trend, he couldn’t be answering the call himself. Why would he. She had seen him live on the stream only minutes ago. He was at the runway!

Holding on to her resolve she spoke on the line: “Definitely, this is a proud moment for all of us. And I don’t want to rush things but this is an exciting time, with his victories lining up and the announcement today with Couture Catwalk all of us are exhilarated and I want him to consider any possibilities to be on the cover of our next issue for December”

There was complete silence, before the voice inquired “Sophista cover?”

That mesmerizing sound made her gulp. She bit on her lower lip, this seemed like some preparation prior to meeting the man himself. For all she knew, their boss would not even remember who she was.

Pushing her thoughts of nervousness away, she cheerily offered “Yes, well ya I am not certain if you follow our journal, we aim to pioneer the trend through our publication. I can send along my portfolio and if it will help your team and boss to consider we can definitely do a round of introductions. I am sure people in the business are swamped with work and must not always remember each other”

“I for sure know who you are Mohana..” her breath hitched at that “..and am guessing by this call you might know who I am too. Unless you have forgotten me being swamped with work?” listening to his words, her heart felt stuck in her throat.

She was on the connection, talking to Omar Shaan. How. He was at the Fashion Trend!

Curling her fingers in her fist, Mohana croaked a whisper “Hi. Congrats”

“All yours” she heard him respond, the drawl further making her heartbeats race

With steel determination, ignoring the quiver running inside her, Mohana threw on her mature facade “I didn’t gather you are taking calls”

“There are times that I do” Omar calmly responded

“Of course ya..ya, well I’ll consider Sophista extremely lucky to have pounced on that chance. My readers would be delighted to know how this all can shape up sometimes. Given that I am able to talk to the superstar directly, I have a request for you, I want you on the cover page for my upcoming December issue” Mohana smoothly delivered her request

“Yeah, gathered that when you didn’t seem to know me” his voice informed her from the other side

“That can’t..” she swallowed, with her cheeks deepening with color she formed her words “..uhm I didn’t think you’ll be available, given that you had just won”

“With any luck were you able to watch the stream?” Omar asked. His words made her nervously pace the office.

She determinedly declared “Of course, the entire team is a fan, not just Fashion Trend but you’ll have Jojo updated on all movement”

“Sure, will it be too much to assume then that you didn’t forget me entirely?” his powerful voice had a hint of laughter

Mohana quivered a sigh. Her heart didn’t know a possibility besides accepting his existence. She offered “I could forget breathing but my readers won’t let me forget you, which is why I have this request”

“What’s in it for me?” he checked coming straight to the point

Mohana lightly shrugged “Nothing at all. I doubt you need the publicity but it’ll make your fans happy”

“And what about you?” his voice inquired from the other side

Biting on her lower lip, her nervous finger drew his name on the large window “I work for Sophista, I’ll make the sales anyways, but I want you on the cover this time”

“Does that mean it will make you happy?” Omar checked making Mohana gulp on the other side of the line

Appreciative of being alone in her office, she nervously ran fingers through her beautiful golden hair. The only thing important was what would make her readers happy.

Pushing her thoughts aside she vehemently declared “Yeah! Of course the entire team at Sophista and the reader base is going to be extremely happy! My work is everything”

“Work is everything indeed. When do you want to meet?” his words staggered her a little. She had been prepared to go back and forth with his offices to convince them on what impact his cover shoot could bring.

His instant agreement took her by surprise. Random feelings she wanted shelved away, made her heart throb wildly.

Mainly nervousness that she had been trying so hard to keep under check, rushed to the surface.

“Jojo! I’ll let her and your studio and uhm mine manage the details and then uh then..there will be the crew and the staff and we’ll see you” Mohana informed, to hear him casually drawl “See you soon”

Disconnecting the line, she haphazardly threw the device on the couch. Covering her face with her palms, she tried to block images of him, but all in vain.

Her heart frolicked at the prospect of meeting him yet remained freaked imagining being in his immaculate presence.

Gathering a breath she smoothed her pink dress then slipping on her heels, walked out of her office.

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