Chapter 02.2 – Art of Love

|| 02. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Mohana broke into a panicky cough. Rushing to her side, Jojo calmed her. She offered a glass of water enquiring with a quiver in her voice “You’re ok?”

Nodding her head frantically, Mohana stated “Ya! Yes! Next point!”

Moving another plate of small heart shaped donuts ahead of her Jojo said “Bold women aren’t afraid to be intimate..”

“Next one! This is done” Mohana urged before Jojo could completely relay the point

Frowning at the digital device then at Mohana, Jojo exclaimed “Not done at all! According to Chanceys you have slept your way to get this job, so have I, and I bet they have a list of all the people, though I only hope it’s like the good looking ones..” her frown deepened “..if they include anyone like that Wendell Pitar am going to puke!”

“He’s their son, so that will pretty much be invalid because no one will sleep with Chanceys to get a job at Sophista.. but yah.. no, whoever cares, Chanceys can say whatever” Mohana matter-of-factly stated the reputation of Chanceys

Though Jojo could not be deterred “Your future husband may be a fan of the journal, and if he thinks you are so experienced in the art of love we will get in a lot of trouble!”

Swallowing the donut altogether, Mohana inhaled a wavy breath “That is not happening. There is no future husband. We have to be bold at work, so we have to move to the next part. This point is disqualified anyways. It’s overrated and there are no feelings and people like Chanceys only print what they have to. There’s more in life than vulnerability and all of that love and whatever”

“Like what?” Jojo enquired

Mohana blinked “What?”

“Ya, what’s more important than love?” Jojo asked, holding her donut in the air, she almost paused waiting with bated breath for Mohana’s answer

Shifting in her chair, Mohana attempted to come up with some grand alternative but her heart seemed to skip a beat “Uh oh I don’t know, something has to be, like working hard?”

“But we work hard for love? Love makes us do everything happy and nice!” Jojo claimed getting up to prepare another tea for Mohana

“Um ya, ya hard work is love” Mohana nodded, she resonated with hard work more than any other emotion despite her heart wanting to cause a havoc within

Offering her the cup of tea, Jojo stated with conviction “But passionate love is also love, the one that couples have with intimacy of relationships”

“Uhm yes..” Mohana fidgeted with the screen display wanting to divert the discussion from love for the betterment of her heart “ this..Leya’s next point is integrity, which is also a score for us”

“Of course yes..” Jojo beamed “..that is the main reason why I feel our entire team has been able to achieve so much because we stand by our core values and beliefs no matter the obstacles of sales and gossip and evil competition”

“Which concludes that we’re kind of good on this list, so am not shy at all” Mohana emphasized with clarity

Jojo considerably nodded her head “Partially yes except the husband and love and vulnerability”

“But everyone! and Sir Gallaghair doesn’t care about that, it has nothing to do with my being shy” Mohana stated picking a cookie Jojo offered to her.

Deeply frowning, selecting another cookie herself Jojo stated “How can he not?! Sir Gallaghair cares for you beyond the walls of Sophista, haven’t you seen what a wonderful relationship he has with Madam Gallaghair”

“Yes they are lovely together” Mohana complimented, thinking about the wonderful romantic couple they made. A smile started to make it’s way on her lips but it disappeared when Jojo declared “He aims the same for you!”

“No I don’t think that. No one cares about all of that!” Mohana stuffed another heart shaped muffin in her mouth

Without a blink, Jojo declared “We do. We all do. You have to see all the handsome men wanting your attention. But you ignore all of them. As your assistant I also have dreams Miss Mohana, I want to plan for a date night, book the rooftop of our cafeteria so you can spend sometime all alone with..”

“No! You have enough on your plate, university is keeping you and I both busy, and we have Sophista. That’s more than enough..” Mohana confirmed, adding “..But mainly we should see if there’s a handsome guy for you and maybe for once I can enjoy planning something for your happiness”

Jojo dreamily sighed “A handsome man with those abs! But there are so many to choose how will I pick one?”

“Bold women are determined!” Mohana stated reflecting upon the entire documentation they had reviewed from Leya

Jojo rolled her eyes “Yes, determination is alright but it’s not easy. Have these” saying she offered Mohana another set of treats

Taking a sip of her beverage, Mohana bit onto the heart shaped scone Jojo had offered, she complimented “These are also very nice! Now let’s move on to the polo match discussion”

“How can we? We aren’t even done with one side, there are points on next sheet too” Jojo explained shifting the surfaces

Mohana frowned looking at an even longer list than the one previously on display “What! No-way it can’t be so much work to be a bold woman”

“Oh you have no idea! And I started learning about this before you, but am not even at stage one yet, although Leya has promised she will continue to coach me..”

“How many stages are there?” Mohana interrupted, completely astonished at the unfolding information

“Five!..” Jojo stated then puckering her lips she added “..but one has to get really proficient at the core habits to even consider higher levels. Do you think we’ll be able to reach there?”

“Yes sure” overwhelmed with the information herself, Mohana gulped a big sip of her beverage staring at the long list ahead of them. Though Mohana felt confident to nail this with hard work and diligence, the discussion seemed to make her heart overly aware of certain feelings she didn’t want to acknowledge

“Hmm, okay so the next point is that you have to know your worth, a man will only like you when you set firm boundaries but also when you are out of reach” Jojo read from the screen, nodding her head interpreting each word carefully in her mind

Mohana frowned “That doesn’t make sense at all”

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