Chapter 02.3 – Forbidden Fruit

|| 02. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

“It does! See I’ll explain how Leya explained it to me, you tell a man you want a red colored baby doll dress, now when he gets it for you, you don’t wear it. You have to make him sweat” Jojo determinedly delivered her coached example

Biting on her bottom lip, Mohana made a face “How is that being bold at all?”

“Miss Mohana you are the smartest brain! You have to think beyond your timidness! When you don’t wear that baby doll dress, now you are like forbidden fruit! He wants you more and more and more!” offering another plate of treats, Jojo hopped off from the corner of the desk to prepare one more tea for her boss

Mohana thoughtfully processed the example “Alright, but what if then he forgets that I have that baby doll dress at all? He can get busy with work”

“Work is not on everyone’s mind Miss Mohana, but it seems to be the only thing on yours. Men don’t get busy after they buy you a baby doll dress! And all your dresses have to be short. If they are not then Leya said you have to pull it up high enough so that it can show your sexy legs..!” halting from pouring tea, Jojo pointed at her toned legs smiling widely “..And you anyways have such long unending sexy legs, so this will work for you brilliantly”

“Ya sure ya” Mohana nodded, getting entwined in the examples she looked at the next point on their list

“Now this is very very important, see she has highlighted this in pink! A bold woman must know her worth, she should be extremely confident and cannot let anyone else dictate anything to her! Oh..” halting at the point, Jojo thoughtfully added “..So am going to delay all your meetings by at least thirty minutes”

“Why?!” Mohana blurted in confusion

Jojo emphasized “Worth! It’s about your worth! Those people who want to talk to you should know that they are being kept waiting, because you are a bold woman full of confidence who is tackling a million other things. You can be late for them, and they must wait for you!”

Taking hold of the tea cup, Mohana negotiated considering her upcoming work “This will be quite drastic, we have important interviews coming and..”

“Yes! Omar Shaan! I have him scheduled for eight pm but I’ll move him to eight thirty pm”

“Wait, why are we doing this late in the evening?” her heart raced at the thought of having the handsome designer, Omar Shaan at eight o’clock in her office

“Because he has morning appointments, then your staff wants to meet him and then we have to take him out for dinner and even by those means if we rush, eight pm seemed like a barely good slot but now I’ll move it” Jojo stated reviewing her tiny digital device

Mohana shook her head “No! uhm no, maybe a few minutes of delay should suffice? I can’t be completely tardy, that would be awful”

“Ok eight fifteen?” Jojo considered flipping through their calendars

Mohana tried “Uhm eight o’two or something”

“Only two minutes after eight? I am late two minutes sometimes just by chance Miss Mohana, I’ll make it eight o’three at least”

“Ya uhm that’ll be fine” hoping to casually dismiss the whole idea of the upcoming interview, Mohana took a sip of her tea

Making a note Jojo stated “And you have to wear that velvet dress which will have to be short, I’ll coordinate with Salm”

“This short should be good” Mohana looked at her office suite dress that skimmed her knees but lost in thought, Jojo frowned “No, I’ll ask Leya and she’ll guide Salm. And we need a swimming suit for you for the beach too”

“No one is going swimming at the beach, we’re there for a photo shoot!” Mohana shuddered at the thought of casually hanging out with everybody with a certain someone’s presence

Jojo looked at her disbelievingly “The team wants to go swimming Miss Mohana, and it would seem really awkward if I don’t pack you a swim suit at least, what kind of assistant would I look then!”

“Pack it away, yes, but am not going swimming because we have to stay focussed on work” Mohana stated with determination. She for sure wasn’t planning to stay in there long enough for a swim let alone to even see a wave unfold. Her focus was sorted, she simply had to approve Leya’s shot and be done with it.

Jojo made a note in her digital device “Yes Miss Mohana, I will let the team know, they can plan the team bonding activities around your schedule. Now this point says that bold women believe in their capabilities to secure whatever their heart desires and they remain optimistic throughout the journey..”

“And it is in alignment to both of us! I have never seen someone as capable and optimistic as you Jojo and am really glad we are tackling this all together” Mohana genuinely beamed at her assistant

“Same here Miss Mohana, but I feel that you are my inspiration for staying optimistic and because of seeing you I have also kept on believing in my capabilities..” dutifully Jojo guided Mohana to the topic at hand “..But this point goes beyond just work, Leya says we have to show capability in securing our heart’s desire, so if you want your husband to kiss you everyday, you have to make sure that you boldly keep dropping hints”

“But husbands likely do all of that every day?” Mohana tried. She wanted to prevent her heart from getting carried away on a trajectory of it’s own impossible thoughts but Leya’s write up was wounding her up.

Yet again, Jojo knowledgeably stated “All of that yes, but kissing is most vital, a passionate kiss is what tells a woman how much her husband loves her”

“Uhm ok but we don’t need that” Mohana nodded, hoping to get around the issue altogether

Sighing Jojo, brought back Mohana’s focus on the broader issue at hand “Not now, but in time we will have to, all these men that want to go on dates with you, will have to kiss you and then you will have to decide which one is the best kiss and whoever fulfills your heart’s desire can then become your husband”

“I hardly think that will be feasible, and why in this world would I want even one strange man let alone so many of them to kiss me..” Mohana wrinkled her nose at the idea, she added confidently “’s different for Leya, she is married and Salm adores her”

“Not only that, Salm loves her Miss Mohana, but he wants that she be a bold woman who keeps wanting for him to kiss her always” Jojo stated blisfully

Mohana blurted “Always?”

“Always!..” ascertaining Jojo’s eyes lit brightly at the thought “..When you’re in love, you’re always found kissing! Haven’t you seen them both, they are like love birds”

“Yeah love birds” Mohana affirmed considering the romantic pair Leya and Salm made

“And it’s all because she is bold, and we can get there too with a little bit of patience, because all things that need to be carved with love need patience. Now this other point talks about how you have to be bold and make the first move..”

Nodding her head Mohana attentively listened to the vital information Jojo was sharing, her heart dreaming dreams she didn’t want to be dreamt at all

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