Chapter 03.2 – Breakfast before Breakfast

|| 03. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Feeling the larger than life presence of Omar besides, warmth rushed through her. Mohana gave Jojo an assuring smile to confirm “Yes it’s alright, we can visit the site once everyone has had something to eat”

Mischievously smiling, Omar gestured Jojo to guide them to the breakfast room “Life is always better with a good breakfast”

“And love!” Jojo brightly smiled at him, making Omar chuckle

He confirmed “Most definitely, nothing is more precious than love”

Mohana raked a shaky breath, wanting to escape the company of this captivating man that was causing a disruption within her. Just when she thought she had successfully maneuvered herself from the breakfast interaction, she was now headed to it

Turning a lock of her golden hair to lay on her shoulders, Mohana stepped ahead wanting to ease herself from his luring hold. Catching random strangers from falling might be a casual occurrence for him but getting caught by him definitely brewed a storm within her.

The thought made her heart growl. Her head begrudgingly wondered how often women fell around the famous Omar Shaan for him to have such strong reflexes

Without the support of his arm Mohana felt a strange feeling of being left unprotected. Attempting to come across unruffled, she ran an idle hand setting another set of blond tendrils over her shoulders. She dismissed the entire premise, not wanting to think about his strong arms, or who all decided to fall in them, let alone the owner himself and his sparkling eyes.

Her eyes refusing to be in sync with her determination, stole a shy glance besides. Hearing Omar and Jojo discuss the breakfast menu, her cheeks flared a blaring red in admiration of his handsome looks. The dark blue tshirt under his black leather jacket was immaculately fitted over his heavenly carved torso

His hand playing with her gadget, rotating it with his fingers, distracted her gaze from slipping lower. Remembering the burning touch of his fingers when exchanging the device made Mohana look away at her own hands. Curling them in a fist she looked ahead, convincing herself that she won’t be here for long

The Sophista team sat waiting at the breakfast table for the arrival of their boss. Welcoming Mohana’s sight, the team rejoiced. Greeting her fondly and exchanging wishes with Omar and Jojo, the large team set on to starting their meal

“Hungry?” Omar checked from besides Mohana, pulling a chair from the large dining table set for their party

Mohana’s heart fluttered listening to him talk to her “No. Uh. No. I had a bagel sandwich”

“Breakfast before breakfast, I should try that too” giving her a smile he gestured for her to take the seat he held

A concerned frown appeared on Mohana’s forehead. Delectably taking seat on the cushioned chair, she couldn’t help but check out of worry “You didn’t have anything before the drive?”

Her eyes searched for the digital device to check on the time, only to realize that it was in Omar’s possession

“Six forty nine am” reading the time aloud from her gadget Omar took the chair besides her

Reaching for the device Mohana mumbled “My..”, “Pitar will have to wait” whispering he lifted his hand higher, moving the device from out of her reach, then shoved it in his jeans pocket

“I have to send a few important messages” Mohana spoke in a small complaint. She helplessly looked at his dark denims where her device had disappeared. Admiring his long legs dressed in the thick jean fabric made it difficult to peel her eyes away from him

“According to our agreement, right now you are busy accompanying me for the cover shoot. And as you have noted, I haven’t had anything to eat since morning, that might be some way of treating your cover model” Omar ruefully reported with a light shrug

She gulped feeling guilty “Yes, food..”

“Is love made edible” Omar gave her a playful smile making butterflies ran a chaos in her tummy

Recovering from his attempt to tease her, Mohana made a face at him “Maybe we can get a platter of breakfast items to pose with you on the cover and write those words below”

“Then Sophista will become a food journal but I am happy to share a few recipes to get you started” Omar grinned taking her by surprise

Mohana blurted “You cook?!”

“Sometimes” giving Mohana a smile, Omar turned to the request of the server who had appeared to take his order

Mohana heard Omar rattle an entire list of menu items. She stole a glance of his immaculate torso that was covered with the fitted tshirt. Listening to all the delicious names of dishes he was ordering, she bit on her lower lip, her tummy growling with hunger

Another server from her side approached Mohana requesting for her order “Ma’am what can I get for you?”, “Do you..” Mohana started to say when Omar interrupted “She’s not hungry, already had a bagel sandwich”

The server smiled, her eyes shone looking at Omar “Of course, let me know if I can get you anything. I am Peggy”, “Sure” Omar gave her a smile

Moving from behind Mohana’s chair Peggy stepped towards Omar. With a pretentious bite on her lower lip she smiled seductively. In a breathy whisper, yet loud for all to hear she offered “Anything at all!”, “Anything” Mohana heard him confirm

The art of whispering when everyone could hear you, seemed so utterly useless. Mohana rolled her eyes at the ‘anything’ exchange, so much for even wanting to order a chocolate milk. She considered finding another server, one that preferably didn’t want ‘anything’ to do with Peggy or her neighbor!

“Did you think about any food items?” Omar spoke to Mohana. Appalled she looked at the man. He hadn’t let her order chocolate milk in the first place and now with Peggy’s offer of ‘anything’ he wanted them to find a food item to order

“Can’t care. She can fulfill other orders” Mohana informed in a clipped tone. She had no intention of assisting them bridge their barrier and end up becoming a listener for another set of obnoxious whispers that were ‘anything’ but that

Omar said “Am sure she will. But I was thinking if you wanted any specific recipes to include with your December issue?”

From the other side of the table Mohana noticed Peggy give a smile in their direction. Her heart twisted in anguish. Frantically turning the light woven fabric of the turquoise dress between her fingers Mohana tried to steer away from any Peggy related discussion “Jojo has brilliant recipes, if Sophista wanted to go that route I’d appoint her to take charge”

Mohana didn’t want to find courage in herself to approve ‘anything’ related to the non-whispering server

Giving her a smile Omar offered “That’s awesome, I should discuss a few recipes with Jojo. Your readers must enjoy a treat once in every while, perhaps Jojo would consider including some in the feature for Christmas. My dad taught me one of these wonderful brownies, almost this big..” holding Mohana’s hand Omar drew an outline on her palm “..they are the most decadent, I can bake them for you but it’s his secret recipe so we won’t be able to share”

“Dad? Recipes? Secret Recipes? You bake?! Brownies?!” words of surprise tumbled out of her mouth

Tracing a new outline, his finger left another burning trail on her palm “Yeah”

“Yes to which one?” Mohana asked to counter his play of words. She closed her fist wanting to put a halt on the sensations her tummy was failing to gain a grip on. Though capturing his finger, the feeling of his warm muscular strength made her hand instinctively ease the hold

She attempted to inhale a breath but her companion seemed to have missed the entirety of her struggle. Omar casually responded “To all five of your questions. You don’t like brownies?”

“I..I’ll..your dad likes baking?” Mohana asked turning her hand lightly to free from his hold

“Yeah, he will tell you that it comes handy for him to keep my mom impressed. What about Jojo? She doesn’t approve of brownies either?” Omar checked keeping her captive, his finger lightly tracing her manicured nails

Crossing her leg over the other, she attempted to turn away from him, pulling at her hand again Mohana mumbled “She does. She likes brownies, dark chocolate, cocoa”

“Nice, let’s try some of these and see if we like them?” he motioned at the food the server besides him was busy laying. Alongside his previous server, Peggy seemed to have also appeared on Omar’s side to help set the dishes from his order. Dressed in the short server uniform, she bent any number of ways wanting to attract his attention

Glancing away from the server, Mohana mumbled “I had a bagel sandwich”, “Ah yes the actual breakfast that I didn’t get” saying Omar picked a brownie to bite onto

Peggy excitedly spoke to Omar “How are they? They are our most ordered along cappuccinos” placing his beverage ahead she let her hand brush across the arm of his leather jacket

Omar smiled at the server “Am no expert, really depends on what my boss likes, but I will be happy to report the findings”, “I will wait” giving him a seductive smile Peggy set the last plate ahead of him. Swaying her hips she marched away with the other server

“Coffee?” Omar held the cappuccino for Mohana’s inspection

With her heart fuming at the interaction that had just played out Mohana refused “No”

“You had coffee with that bagel sandwich too?” he checked taking a sip himself

Mohana murmured “There was flat white yeah..” tugging her hand to release from his hold “..I’ll check on..”

“It will have to wait, I am keeping this hostage” declaring Omar placed her palm on his thigh

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