Chapter 03.4 – She is the Boss

|| 03. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

Mohana shifted uneasily on her chair, that piece of information was something she didn’t know if her heart wanted to hear “Uhm no?”

“Ask him in your exposé, this will be another question from me, I have to make Salm jealous” Leya broadly smiled

“Yes, yeah sure, but I thought Salm liked blue?” Mohana checked curious to gather how this entire jealousy thing seemed to work

Much like the recent unfolding of Leya’s coaching with boldness and ‘The Bold List’, Mohana’s heart sought insight to unravel all matters of awareness

Leya assuringly explained “Yes, he likes blue, but he doesn’t like anything when I like it on another man! Over the weekend I complimented my grandson’s batch mate, young guy whatever eighteen or nineteen. He had stopped by to take advice from Salm for his grandfather’s birthday gift. Now he comes in and compliments my dress, so I also compliment his baseball cap but you should have seen Salm burn!”

“He wants to keep you and your eyes all to himself and he has all those collector caps too!” Mohana fondly responded to Leya’s narrative, feeling extremely confident in having interpreted this jealousy theory

“Yeah very possessive, and that’s so hot!..” blissfully Leya declared “..I like possessive men! And I was thinking we need to secure one for you..”

“No! No!..” Mohana interrupted Leya, abruptly straightening from the breakfast table “..Nothing that’s even remotely possessive! I am a journalist, I need to work and then there’s my law degree and we need to get done with this photo shoot”

With her eyes wide, interestingly looking at Mohana, Leya patted the young woman’s head gently “My darling Mohana, you’ll succeed fabulously in all you do! Yes, let’s get this photo shoot done! I am heading to the site with my team right away, and we will make you proud! Come soon!”

“Sophista will always stand tall because of you! I’ll join you right after my connect” Mohana confirmed exchanging a wave with Leya

Missing her device that a particular someone had seized, Mohana clenched her fists. She looked at her assistant standing besides the very man who seemed hazardous to her normal breathing

Alertly catching Mohana’s glance, Jojo excused herself from the group to approach her

“Miss Mohana, we have the conference room ready for your connect at eight” Jojo informed her boss

Mohana moved a hand in the air to express her dilemma “Have someone establish a secure connect because my device is not with me. It’s confusing because I think our guest rescued it from dropping and then he gave it but I think when I took it, he took it back! And then I uh I tried to take it again but I don’t have it because maybe he took it back again”

“Oh. Omar?” Jojo concluded, having attentively followed the narrative provided by her boss. Her eyes looked at their guest celebrity, Omar Shaan who stood few steps away surrounded by their team members

“Ya” exhaling a helpless sigh Mohana looked in the same direction. Realizing Peggy’s presence besides Omar she blurted “What is she doing there?”

“I don’t know..” Jojo thoughtfully murmured “..she is Peggy and she offered our guest ‘anything’ in a sort of a whisper but we all heard that whisper. It was troubling. Very irksome. I will have to ask Leya for guidance”

Mohana released a sigh at Peggy’s weird no-whisper technique. Glad to realize she wasn’t the only one to have discovered this, she shared the sentiment “Yeah, same thing happened here too. Let’s forget her. Can we get that connection established?”

“Ya, I’ll ask Omar!” Jojo offered making Mohana scrunch her eyes close “No! Someone else?”

“Why? Already plans to replace me?” they heard his velvety rich voice

Looking at her boss then Omar, Jojo gave a wide smile “You are so funny! But glad you’re here Miss Mohana has a connect at eight and we didn’t want to disturb you so we were trying to think who at the resort can help establish a secure connection”

“I can help..” the three of them turned to see Peggy volunteer “..the telecom room! I know all of the boys there. It would be only a few minutes and we can get your call sorted” she happily moved closer to Omar, swaying back and forth in her short dress

“That would be awesome!..” Jojo forced a smile “..but! now that Omar’s here he can give the device to my boss and we should be good”

Peggy looked at Mohana in utter shock then at Omar “Oh! She’s the boss?”

“Of course” Omar drawled with Jojo jumping alongside to declare “Yes and she’s the best of..”

“Jojo, we’re good” Mohana gave a small smile to her assistant requesting her to not run into an explanation for Peggy’s benefit

“Yes Ma’am! I’ll take you to your room” for a rare occurrence keeping the stranger Peggy into account, Jojo didn’t take her name

Keeping her chin up, turning determinedly away from Peggy, Jojo guided Mohana towards the elevator banks

Leaning closer to Mohana, Jojo whispered in hushed tones “We are in their executive suite on the tenth floor”

“Alright but I still need the digi” Mohana informed in a whisper of her own

“Ya. Omar’s with us, but she’s coming with us too!” Jojo’s whisper held a complaint, making Mohana frown “Why?”

“I don’t think I understand completely, another question for Leya” Jojo confirmed matter of factly

Inhaling a ragged breath Mohana whispered the actual concern “But why is he coming?”

“Oh, because we have the same suite” Jojo informed as secretively as she could

Taken by utter surprise, Mohana exclaimed “This place doesn’t have more rooms?!” her feet halted and just like that, her back hit the wall of strength

Peggy was saying “..I am young also! Only twenty six..” when Omar threw his arm around Mohana’s waist to balance her

Holding the beautiful editor-in-chief in his embrace, Omar urgently spoke to her “You’re alright?” his concerned voice raising goosebumps on her nape

Impulsively clasping on his arm Mohana turned around to complain “There’s a mess up..” then looking at him she hurriedly turned away. She growled at the butterflies in her tummy. They needed to sort their timing. If they continued with this frenzy her otherwise sane survival could definitely be at risk

Attempting to ignore the fuzzy flutter she found herself in, Mohana rushed a whisper to Jojo “Get me another room! Anything. I don’t care whatever wherever but this sharing is not going to work!”

“Yes Miss Mohana” assuring her in a whisper, Jojo painfully looked at Peggy who had been following them like a tail

Glancing at their celebrity, Jojo relayed to him “Omar, I have a couple of things that need to be taken care of, but the exec suite on tenth floor is waiting for you. Salm’s team has everything sorted there, why don’t you refresh and get changed for the shoot, I’ll come to get you to the site”

Maintaining his hold on Mohana, Omar gave a smile to Jojo “Sure no worries, we should be good but if there’s something that I can help with let me know”

“You’re really kind, definitely..” saying to Omar, Jojo turned to address Mohana “..Ma’am would you like to come with me?”

Mohana mumbled “Yes”, “She can’t” Omar contradicted

Peggy looked between Omar and Mohana in confusion “You like it three ways?”, “There are three ways?” puzzled Jojo looked at the dual elevator banks ahead of them

“We should get going..” Omar ascertained to the three woman around him “..there’s a connect we..”

“You’ve never done it three ways?!” not following the flow of discussion, Peggy interrupted doubtfully looking at Jojo

Jojo frowned “Here? No. It’s just been vertical, up or down”

“And the important point is that there’s a connect and we need to get on site, Leya and her team would be waiting for us” Omar declared

Jojo shared her agreement “Yes, Omar, so I’ll take..”

“The whole team?” gathering his words Peggy turned to look at Omar with her mouth wide open

“I need to go!..” unsure of the exchange, Mohana attempted to ease from the strong grip across her waist “..You guys can discuss this whole thing and inform my team later on any three way approach for us to use”

“I’m taking her, let us know when you’re ready” Omar ascertained. Slipping his arm from across Mohana’s waist, he took hold of her hand

Mohana’s eyes zoned at their clasped hands. Inhaling a wavered breath, she turned her small hand to free from his, declaring “But Jojo and I are going together..”

“Got it! So you’re not his boss for real?” Peggy asked out of the blue attempting to connect dots on her own tangential thought process

Looking straight at Peggy, Omar declared “Very much is. If I need anything I’ll send a request”, “Yes, I will wait” Peggy shifted side to side with excitement

Exhaling an audible sigh, Omar shook his head slightly. Stepping with Mohana towards the elevators Omar turned to her assistant

“Jojo, take care of your work, I’ll have your boss connected from the executive suite. I need her to be with me and we both are taking this elevator” declaring Omar took acknowledgement from Jojo “Yes, Omar”

“But I have a call in seven minutes!” Mohana frowned

Guiding her inside the elevator cavity Omar offered “And you are accompanying me for the entirety, which is a far higher priority as I understand”

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