Chapter 03.5 – End to End

|| 03. PAIZE 5 ♥ ||

“It was only the cover shoot! It can’t be the entire day!” Mohana objected with full conviction

Finding herself locked with Omar in the boxy space lined with mirrors she helplessly looked at her free hand. His reflection on the mirrors caused an equal disruption as the real him. Neither version of handsomeness seemed manageable, more so with her hand captured in his

Omar clarified “Entirety! What if Leya has us come back for the shoot on another day? The deal as I understand, is end to end”

Coming back! Her heart banged against her chest, Mohana refuted “We’re not coming back! There can’t be a need to come back! How long does it even take to click a picture of someone like you! Leya knows this, and all I have to do is approve of that one shot. It’s just the main cover, so it’s like max five, ten minutes!”

“And out of those five you already gave thirty for a connect with someone else?” Omar challenged her

Opening the entrance door to the executive suite he guided them inside. The large conference room expanded on one side to the suite rooms, while leading to a recreational area from the other. The large windows brought in an abundance of daylight on the crisp morning

Trying to shove away the guilt, Mohana rattled “It wasn’t the entirety! There was no end to end. It’s a picture! How long can it take! If you’re all of this handsome, sexy, heartthrob, it’s like a blink of an eye! I can’t have everything in the world to stop for the entirety of that”

“If? We’re not sure about the handsome, sexy, heartthrob part?” Omar countered, turning her around he held her captive between himself and the conference table

Her eyes lowered landing on his chest, with face deeply blushing she nervously gulped. Mohana inched back inclining on the table but wrapping his arm across her waist, Omar restricted her movement. The muscular barrier hindered her to add any distance between them

With a gentle touch he stroked her small waist murmuring “If?”

“Connect?..” she barely formed words “..Eight. I have to..” then her voice trailed of

“If. It is, then” his husky voice sent tremors inside her. Stepping back Omar pulled the digital device from his jeans pocket “Two minutes to eight” saying he held it for her

Setting her hair Mohana took a shy step aside. Unable to bring herself to feel his touch, she looked at the thick wooden table with far greater interest than it deserved

Pointing consciously at the conference table, Mohana mumbled “You can just I’ll try to wrap it up soon”

“As it happens I am certain. I like the table, it has it’s own set of wonderful uses but I also don’t like it the most” saying Omar reached for her hand to place the device on her palm

Left puzzled at his words, Mohana looked at the said conference table, then at the device in her hand. Without daring to look at him she took small steps to move farther into the room. Wanting to overcome the warmth from his touch, she covered her hand with the other. Making her way towards the windows, she connected to her line.

Facing her back to the room, Mohana sat on the narrow window seat. She leaned her head against the wall to desperately distract herself from the handsome features of a certain someone that lurked in the background.

Mohana stared outside at the far view of the beach landscape hoping to override the unexplainable havoc brewing inside. Tracing a pattern absentmindedly on her thigh, she was communicating on the connect “..there has to be a commitment, and am not comfortable for Sophista to sign on to it just yet” She halted listening to the other side on the line respond in agreement.

Few more minutes into the call Mohana inhaled a shaky breath, feeling almost over the ruckus that had been raging through her veins

“What am I wearing?” listening to the rich voice made Mohana get imbalanced

Slipping from the narrow ledge of the window seat she flopped backwards. Unable to grip onto a support, Mohana shut her eyes close in expectation of the fall.

The turquoise dress lay pooled around her thighs with the impact of her descent. Landing into the strong grip of his arms, her eyes sprang open. Without a care she stared at his magnificent face.

Seeing Omar again made her heart jump rapidly. Mohana breathed him in, taking as much of his scent her broken breaths could allow. Ignoring the frenzy of butterflies in her tummy, her eyes were eagerly glued to the handsome man.

Mumbling something under his breath, Omar smoothed a golden lock of hair framing her face. Bent on one knee, he held the gorgeous Mohana balanced with his arm against the wall of his chest.

When he didn’t hear Mohana respond, Omar offered a gentle smile “Leya’s waiting, we only have eleven minutes”

“Ya” she mumbled a breathless acknowledgement but showed no intention of letting her gaze waiver from him

“Do you want them to sign on the Botar Contract?” he enquired

A light frown appeared on her forehead. Botar Contract? Mohana shook her head gently against his chest mumbling “Noh”

“Why?” Omar asked signaling her with a slight nod towards the device he had rescued

Why? Why were they discussing so many other things? Mohana’s lips formed a slight pout at the distraction but giving in to him, she dreamily sighed “They’ll come to me, I’ll set the price”

Remaining busy she admired each sparkling speckle of his eyes that were looking back at her with interest

Chuckling a whisper “Calculative” for only her to hear Omar proceeded to relay her decision to the party on the other side of the connect

Keeping Mohana held to himself, Omar casually spoke on the device “It’s a no, she wants to wait for them to approach Sophista” halting on the line listening to other participants, Omar responded “Super, will let her know” before disconnecting the line altogether

Pocketing her device in his jeans yet again, Omar lightly turned a blonde wave of her hair “Your team wished you well for the photo shoot”

Mohana pleasantly smiled “My team is awesome”, “Sure is..” Omar responded “..any chance we want to give some credit to their boss too for the photo shoot?”

A frown creased Mohana’s forehead. His words flitting through her mind, halted at the ‘photo shoot’. The realization made her breathing skyrocket

Breaking her adoration filled gaze Mohana mumbled “Oh! uhm oh” haphazardly holding onto him she attempted to straighten herself

Feeling her hand burn she looked at her fingers gripping onto his hot bare chest. Instinctively her digits curled, heartbeats halted and her eyes shyly swooped lower

Running a haphazard hand through her golden hair Mohana attempted to turn away from his marvelous looks, but the strength of his rock solid arm resisted her movement “This side, your team has all the clothes in the studio room”

“Noh! I..uhm you have to wear something!..” with a swallow of air, Mohana quickly corrected “..Something! Something for the photo shoot?! Because they are waiting for you”

Haphazardly taking support of his forearm Mohana straightened herself. She quickly turned to the black narrow window seat. With her breathing running wild she attempted to focus on the wooden jamb, wishing to forget having looked at his mouth watering chiseled abs. But the persistent images of his impressive torso refused to leave her

“Yes and we’re already tending towards getting late..” swinging Mohana to face him Omar asked “..which color do you like?”

Gulping nervously Mohana found her feet to look at. She tried responding “All the colors look good”

“All colors look good on me?..” Omar checked “..Even if we’re not certain about the whole handsome, sexy, heartthrob aspect yet?”

With her face flushed Mohana nodded vehemently then she shook her head contradicting her earlier stand. Finally she blurted “Blue! We thought blue. Blue? Because of the water? Do you like blue?”

“Sure, blue. But which one?” saying Omar almost lifted her, turning them towards the suite rooms. His arm around her waist kept the petite Mohana bound to his bare chest, her feet raised inches above the floor

She fought hard to breathe, her chest heaving against his strength. Seeing his eyes appear so close lured her heart to jump out of her chest

Struggling to preserve her breathing Mohana promised “I..I I’ll get it” placing her shy fingers on his forearm, she wordlessly requested him to ease the grip to let her feet touch the floor

“We’ll get it together” saying Omar almost flew her through the hallways

Passing through one room after another of the executive suite he had them arrive at the design room which was decked with racks of clothes and accessories

Comforted at finding another dimension to look at besides her silver painted toes or his muscular strength, Mohana turned in his embrace to stare at the stands aligned for their review. In a mere blink her feet were back on the floor, letting her inhale the breath she didn’t know she was holding.

Glancing at the variety of blue shirts to choose from, Mohana took a chance to heave another ragged breath. Selecting a fabric with a light embossed pattern she mumbled “This?”

“Definitely” sharing his approval, Omar moved closer to the rack. Wrapping his arm from around Mohana, he eased the shirt from the hanger

Averting her eyes from looking at his muscled forearm, Mohana attempted to escape from the other side. She inched towards the room exit, staring back at her painted toes with much interest

Holding a strong commitment to deviate herself from looking at him or his gloriously chiseled abs, she whispered “I’ll.. my connect? ..I’ll wrap that”

Slipping one of his muscular arms through the rich shirt fabric, Omar offered her the update from the connect he had handled “They wished you well, I guess they’re good”

Giving him a nod she gulped, then nervously she gave another nod “Uhm Jojo! I have to talk to her” Mohana took another step backwards still looking down

Casually slipping his other arm through the blue shirt, Omar left the fabric to hang open. He offered to her gradual receding figure “Ya, let’s go. I have to talk to her as well”

“Jojo?” Mohana’s eyes shot up in surprise, but they halted at his torso before being able to reach the black shimmering spheres

The blue shirt seemed like it had been carved to fit him. The fabric moulding his muscular arms, enhancing the curve of each prominent muscle. The flaying open ends of the shirt left nothing to imagination.

Besotted with his strength Mohana stared at his extensively chiseled abdomen. Her lips parted involuntarily wanting to inhale whatever she could to keep survival as her priority. After admiring Omar Shaan.

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