Chapter 03.6 – Right in Front of Him

|| 03. PAIZE 6 ♥ ||

“Yeah, let’s go?” Omar whispered

Looking at him folding the cuffs of the sleeves, her parched throat croaked “Jojo?!”, “Jojo” Omar confirmed

With much determination, pushing her eyes to look at his dark black twinkling orbs Mohana blurted “Why?”

“Because I want her to check with Indigo on my calendar” Omar explained, referring to his personal assistant Indigo at Shaan Designs

“Oh. um. Ok. I’ll talk to her first because she’s my partner! And then when you do this..” Mohana waved her hand in the air “..then you can talk to Jojo”

“Do this?” Omar checked stepping towards the door of the room

Mohana moved quickly. Halting him in his step, she stood in front of him “Yes! All of this! It needs to happen first” her arms winged open blocking his way to the exit

Glancing at her stance, Omar offered “Yeah. You get to talk to her first. We can do it on our way to the site”

“This! First?” she motioned vaguely moving her delicate hand, in the air around her own torso

Omar looked at her fine turquoise dress, then into her eyes “You need help changing?”

Her face flushed with color at the offer. Pushing all the random thoughts away she adamantly declared “No! Not me.. not my dress.. you are the cover model, you need to do it!”

Omar looked back at his open shirt “You want me to try another one?”

“Not that! No! This is.. uhm blue!.. but you have to do the thing!” she offered her face deepening with color

Moving closer to her, Omar lightly traced a tendril framing along the thin dress strap on her shoulder. He gently explained “Ya, they do that at the site usually. Leya said they wanted to try a few with the it on and then without”

“No way. No. And that site, that is very far” declaring Mohana decided to take the reins to emphasize the urgency of the matter

She reached for his shirt’s button at her eye level. Fingers that were already dreading his warmth ran a whisper across his torso to bring the ends of the shirt together. His radiating touch made her digits further uncooperative. Behaving like they were made out of putty, her fingers landed against his bare skin more times than Mohana could have even imagined possible

Distraught she attempted to push the button through the eye hole. Once. Twice. Thrice. Another. Then once more. And another. Finally shoving the clasp through the intended loop she inhaled a breath of victory.

Curling her fingers she rescued her hand from the burning touch of his skin. With a shy raise of her eyebrows Mohana signaled to the button, the ‘this’ example that she had finally established

In breathless words she declared “This. First”

Omar glanced at the closed button then looked at her lowered lashes “Sure”

Holding her hand, he stepped them by the line of windows in the studio. Halting at the narrow writing desk, which stood decorating the corner of the room, Omar casually leaned against it. Inching lower to Mohana’s height he checked “Better?”

“Hm?” she looked at him dazed, her fingers all of a sudden alive wishing to touch his heavenly eyes that seemed to appear so close

Resting his hand on the curve of her waist Omar pulled Mohana closer whispering “Hm? Button? Second?”

She deeply frowned at that. Second?! Her eyes fixedly looked at his torso “Two? No! That’s not enough! You can’t just close two! It’s all of them! The site is so far!”

“I had no idea..” as if being now able to understand her conundrum, Omar checked “ we are planning to close more?”

“Yes. Ya. Because. This. We have to. All of them!” Mohana ascertained with entire conviction. She had no sliver of doubt in her determination to see all inches of his handsome torso well covered

“Sure, we will” sharing his agreement, Omar encapsulated her hand to guide it to his barely covered chest that had a single button holding the fabric together

His touch made her fingers curl off of their own accord. Mohana breathlessly looked at his tempting muscles then at him

“All of them” confirming in a whisper Omar lifted her other hand to place on his chest as well

“Yah” gulping Mohana guided her nervous fingers to reach for another button on his shirt

Looping small discs through their eyeholes to bind a fabric together had never seemed such an arduous task. Her tummy and her heart and those deceiving fingers all seemed to have an unsynchronized reaction. Relentlessly Mohana closed one button after another on his shirt.

After five closed buttons with fingers that were ready to disown her, Mohana inched her hands lower. Her fingers brushed the front of his denims attempting to tackle yet another button when both her hands got clasped into his strong one

“We’re good?” she heard his magnificent voice check, although the tone seemed more determined than doubtful

Giving him a breathless nod Mohana eased her hands from his hold reaching courageously for the cuff. Unfolding the fabric to cover his muscled forearm she diligently closed the tie-in at his wrist as well. Looking away from his enticing large strong hand, she focused her effort on his other sleeve.

Feeling successful in having covered all the relevant areas of his immaculate body, Mohana looked up to inspect her work. Finding his adam’s apple, her heart threatened to jump out of her chest. She quickly looked down from this throat, skipping the top few open buttons her eyes landed on the first closed fastening, then the next and next. Though almost closed, the fitted shirt fabric now wonderfully hinted at all his glorious muscles that it apparently hid

Dissatisfied with the overall turnaround of all her hard work, Mohana adamantly declared “It can get more cold!”

With no regard to her own light dress that was held by thin straps, she turned within his hold to review the racks of clothes

Easing from his warmth Mohana picked a platinum colored jacket “This?”

“Neat” taking hold of the sport coat, Omar threw it on his forearm “Let’s go?”

“You have to..uhm because it can be cold so we have to make sure! because you.. you are our guest! it’s my responsibility to ensure you don’t catch a bug or anything..” for added impact she threw in “’s too cold for November anyways! And this entire thing is for December!”

“Ah. Entirety aspect” Omar gave her a smile reminding her of their earlier discussion from which she had chickened out

Sharing her agreement this time, wanting to convince him to stay fully covered Mohana repeated his words from the same instance “Yes. Ya. End to end”

Throwing on the jacket, over his blue now-buttoned shirt, Omar playfully checked “If you think am looking acceptable for your cover, we’ll head to the site?”

“Hm” turning around she attempted to march ahead but his hand clasped hers

Mohana claimed “Jojo..I have to talk to her”, “Yeah so do I, and you have to accompany me nonetheless” saying he guided them out of the resort executive room


The beach site had been effectively decked with equipment for the photo shoot. Tripods were set to capture different angles, Sophista staff stood monitoring the reflectors, blowing fans were positioned at desired angles and backup lighting had been confirmed for a seamless cover shoot

Now the Sophista team members stood congregated at the beach, waiting for the next orders from their leaders

A little distance away from the crew, glancing over at the set up, Leya stood lost in thought. Her maxi dress flowed with the breeze, pink sparkling hair in the top knot glistened under the crisp morning. Inspecting a camera case she exhaled a disappointed sigh. Her eyes looked up to stare into the far horizon. Considering all the pertinent nuggets of information that had been shared with her, Leya declared “Hmm I think she wants Omar”

“To run fingers in his hair?” Jojo enquired

“If she wants him and he for whatever reason decides to want her, likely he will let her run fingers in his hair” Leya informed her voice filled with sadness

Unhappy at the insight, Jojo asked “So we are going to keep seeing her?” motioning her head lightly in the direction of Peggy, who had been rabidly following their team around

Looking at the woman, in her short server dress attempting to talk to their staff, Leya confirmed “Very likely, unless!..” a broad smile spread across her lips “..Peggy thinks Omar is not interested in anything to do with her”

“But she keeps offering him ‘anything’..” disheartened Jojo reported “..and I heard Omar say at the elevator banks that he will ask her if he needs anything”

“Then we are doomed! Completely! I will never understand men!” furious listening to the update, Leya threw herself on the beach lounger

Cupping her chin in the palm Jojo appealed “But Leya you are our guiding force”

“You and I together! And we need to get this sorted. He has such brilliant eyes, he might as well put them to use!..” Leya stated, appalled at their cover celebrity “..Why doesn’t he see what’s right in front of him..”

“Yes, but Peggy is the one, who is right in front of him” Jojo reported with a frown

Seeing Peggy offer a beverage to Omar, disheartened Leya threw her head back grumbling “Men! Ohh Men!” then watchfully she looked around asking “Where is our boss lady?”

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