Chapter 04.3 – Extended Vertical Expanse

|| 04. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Jojo informed “Yes Miss Mohana, bad place, and she tops their entire staff in being the weirdest. I asked Leya and she confirmed Peggy wants Omar and if he wants her too then he will let her run fingers through his hair”

Delivering the sad update, Jojo’s eyes disapprovingly mapped each move of the server. Awkwardly flipping chunks of sand, Peggy approached the site where Omar stood posing.

Ignoring Bong-Cha’s warnings with a flip of her head, the rogue server crossed all blockades. Fearlessly marching right through the site Peggy halted with her tray in front of Omar.

Flabbergasted Efe looked in the direction of his leaders. Agitated herself, Leya gave him an assuring wave. Seeing Peggy move closer to Omar, now the entire photography crew cluelessly turned to look towards their leader group: Mohana, Jojo and Leya

The entire Sophista team looked at ‘anything’ Peggy with alarm, anticipating her impending move

Mohana’s heart thundered seeing Peggy swaying in front of Omar. Ignoring the cozy display on the seashore, she signaled her team to take a break. Glancing at Bong-Cha’s fallen face, Mohana assuredly waved for her to get off the guard post as well and join the Sophista crew.

Accompanying Jojo’s sigh, Leya growled “I have to show this ‘anything’ Peggy who is the boss!”

“How is it that she’s not getting that? Anyone can see who our boss is..” Jojo claimed “..Miss Mohana stood there in the wind all by herself and look how fast she convinced Omar” beaming proudly pointing at the successfully unbuttoned shirt

Mohana nervously blinked. While she appreciated Jojo’s compliment, it had seemed anything but fast to her exhausted fingers. Mohana looked at her hand that eagerly wanted to remember his warm whisper touches.

With narrowed eyes, Leya was determinedly checking Omar and Peggy. Her eyes softened at Jojo’s words, she smiled at Mohana “Yes, you’re a blessing my dear girl! But this woman is something! Mohana darling, you have to go to war, you’re the only one who can! Get rid of his jacket, show her who is the boss”

War?! Mohana frowned. Looking away from her already bruised fingers from the button war, she cluelessly looked at Leya

“But Leya, what if Peggy takes the jacket away from Miss Mohana?..” Jojo curiously asked before Mohana could even completely parse the request “..or worse if that Peggy wants to remove his shirt? She wants to do anything for him! And he said he will call her for anything”

“Those! That. The uhm buttons are good” Mohana declared at the stress on ‘anything

Leya widely smiled “Why did I not think of this before! Mohana darling you’re brilliant! You should be in the business of photography, not journalism! Buttons will make history! Now we only need to convince that hunk of a celebrity to get that jeans button open”

Mohana blinked. Her breathing having gone completely haywire, she barely managed “Wh..wh..what?”

“Go show her who rules Sophista! You convince Omar, he listens to you because you are you! Obviously! And Peggy gets the message” Leya confirmed her plan

Mohana barely managed “Convince? For?”

“That you’re the boss, not just ours, but she should know you rule the world with Sophista!” Jojo proudly declared

Mohana ran a hand through her dress “She can think, whatever she wants, why do I care?”

“Because my darling, Peggy wants to do anything for him, but if he does everything for someone but her, she will know she’s out of focus” Leya explained the granularity of emotions and feelings

Jojo and Mohana looked at the woman with wide eyes. Their faces transparent in displaying that they missed the grasp on the underlying message of ‘anything’ and ‘everything

Thoughtfully nodding at their clueless expression, Leya offered in simpler terms “Basically we win once we get that jeans button open”

“Oh..” Mohana croaked then swallowed “ I have to go? For that button? The closure of..? The jeans? His jeans?!”

Both Jojo and Leya share their unified confirmation “Yes!”

Approaching the seashore site, Mohana’s feet halted a few steps away. Hesitant to barge into their private conversation she spoke from a distance to Peggy’s back “Excuse me?”

The server turned around “I can’t get you anything right now, because I am on my break”

“No worries, am good. I only want to deliver a message to our guest celebrity” giving Peggy a cordial smile Mohana looked towards Omar. Ignoring the tumble of her feelings, she formally informed him “The team was reviewing the ideas and if you’re fine we can take another round. I guess that likely should do it. And if you feel alright, extending the vertical expanse will go well with the theme, but feel free to decide”

Peggy looked at Mohana in utter amazement “You sound so smart! No wonder you’re the boss! Can I complain about your team? That guy over there didn’t let me touch his camera to get a picture with this hotness”

“Don’t worry my team doesn’t refuse. They would be happy to fulfill any photography requests, if your celebrity wants and they can ship complimentary copies to your address” Mohana gave her a smile

Peggy asked in surprise “Complimentary like free? With that vertical? Theme? That you just said?”

“I can’t..” words decided to deceive Mohana but heaving a brave breath she stated her stand “..I can’t care. It’s up to your celebrity. Whatever you guys want, my team’s happy to fulfill the request”

Peggy excitedly nodded “Yes I want him with all those themes”

Taking a step, Mohana murmured “Great. Enjoy. Am done here”

“You’re not” Omar’s steel grip on her forearm restricted any further movement

In a fluid tug Mohana landed against his chest. Looking into her silver depths Omar declared for only Mohana to hear “You can’t be done, if am still here”

His husky voice made her fight for air. Averting her shy eyes Mohana looked at her hand clutching onto the lapel of his open shirt

Peggy watched the burning chemistry between Mohana and Omar with a deep scowl on her face.

The beautiful frame of Mohana dolled in a lush rich dress, stood affixed to Omar’s muscular strength. With her blonde hair breezily flying in the wind, her back arched, her chest heaving against his bare chest, the couple made for a very sensual pose.

“You’ll have to approve the extension of the vertical expanse because it’s best to have a quality check through such specifications” Omar informed, his arm slipping from Mohana’s small waist over the curve of her back. Pulling her closer, he held his arm securely to prevent her dress from flying.

Omar’s warm support made her heart turn frantically within. Mohana felt a strong urge to close all those shirt buttons that she had opened – after closing them the first time in the executive suite

Glowering at being left to stand aside, Peggy’s eyes were full of anger at Mohana’s proximity with Omar. She moved to step closer to the famed fashion celebrity

Unable to follow their apparent high flying conversation, Peggy demanded her own attention “What is she going to check? Why do we even need her”

Listening to Peggy, Mohana’s illusion shattered. Her gaze wavered from fixedly staring at Omar Shaan the highly applauded celebrity. Inhaling a breath she shifted in Omar’s hold to free herself. Mohana adamantly reminded herself: the Omar Shaan of her dreams would stay just that, her own whimsical wild dream with no reach to reality. Her work was her only reality.

“For opening the jeans button” Omar voiced in straightforward words, maintaining his hold on Mohana without paying heed to her shuffling against him

The bad tempered glare of the resort server moved from Mohana’s blushing cheeks to the denims hanging low on Omar’s torso. Staring at his v muscles that disappeared behind the band of his jeans, with lecherous gaze Peggy haughtily declared “I will do anything for you! I am going to open it when we go to the room anyways! Why do you need her! I will do it right away, big difference! I am your biggest fan!”

Hearing those words Mohana inhaled a troubled breath. Omar Shaan wanted Peggy to be part of his list of affairs, swooning women, ardent fans, and he was more than welcome to it. Her heart painfully twisted with agony.

With a wave of stubbornness that contradicted the fragile feelings of her heart and fingers, Mohana let go of her dress. Reaching for the button on his dark denims, she took to tackling the closure of his jeans. The back of her fingers burnt against his warm skin with each shy fumbling move

Determinedly resolving the clasp open, Mohana declared “It’s about quality”

Foul faced Peggy angrily complained “Just because you are rich, it doesn’t mean you can do it!”

“Richness comes from the heart, those who have worked hard in their life know it’s worth” giving Peggy a kind smile Mohana pulled herself away from Omar’s bare chest freeing from his hold. Her heart agitatedly rushed, urging her to not leave him. Not today. Not ever. There was an emphatic chaos inside Mohana. Feeling the wallop of Peggy’s ‘anything’, her tummy further scrunched with the knowledge of her sharing a room. With him. All alone. Opening the button of his jeans.

Turning around with an inconspicuous move of her hand, Mohana stroked the lone tear that had dared to escape. Her bright silver eyes shone glassy. Inhaling a wavy breath she reminded herself: Omar Shaan was a celebrity. All she wanted was to get him on the cover of the Sophista December issue. That was, whatever there was to it.

Dismissing another salty drop discreetly, she clenched hard on her dress in an attempt to prevent it from swaying with the wind. Dragging heavy steps that refused to cooperate with her, Mohana held her head high. She walked away leaving Omar Shaan with the extended vertical expanse much to the tumult of her own feelings.

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