Chapter 05.3 – Our Fair Play

|| 05. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Following her, Omar eased himself on the white leather egg chair. Glancing around the designed office loft he asked “While we are talking about decorating places with each other and making things our own, how about you do the honors and tell me about your space. Everything here is silver, including the rug under my feet. And the last time we were together in this room, I was thoroughly convinced you liked pink”

Mohana’s tummy erratically turned listening to his velvety rich voice. Memories of their being confined in this room made her face scarlet. She consciously set the neck of her dress. The quiver in her nearly dwindled the sham she was trying to portray when her eyes landed on his changed tshirt. Thoughts about the resort server Peggy firmed her determination. She didn’t want to get off track from her script for tonight. She didn’t want to remember their last time in this room. She didn’t even want to remember their breakfast from this morning. All she wanted to remember was how to implement ‘The Bold List’. Her goal was simple: ace the bold-act

Gathering much determination, Mohana laughed throwing her head back “And you remember last time! Here I have been thinking you’ve gotten so busy that you don’t even have time for my journal anymore”

“You can’t say that after the photoshoot we just did. No one in the industry besides the editor-in-chief of Sophista could have convinced me to unbutton my jeans on that beach” Omar claimed taking a sip from his drink

Her face flared further with deep color at his words. To distract her ardent eyes from gazing at the magnificent man, Mohana shifted her glance to the digital screen instead. Scribbling her own name to pretend being unaffected by his presence, his attractive voice, his words, she raked in a nervous breath

Wanting him to think their interaction at the resort had no impact on her, Mohana twirled the liquid in her martini glass checking “On that beach? That’s exclusivity right there for Sophista, but what about other scenic places?”

“No wonder you’re famous with your tête-à-tête exposé” Omar chuckled looking at the beautiful woman elegantly sitting across the room from him

“And you just ignored my question, but my readers definitely want to know who has been undoing those jeans button elsewhere” Mohana smiled trying to hide the havoc her heart was creating within. Her heart outrightly refused to know the answer but her head was adamant in unraveling the play of his words

Omar lightly shrugged “We’ll have to play fair. Am still waiting for you to tell me what led to the transition from pink to silver in this room”

Growling from inside, Mohana stole a glance at her cheat sheet. Fair play! Her heart frantically raced at the reminder of how Peggy had wanted to play fair opening those jeans at the beach just like at his room.

Following a point from ‘The Bold List’ to denote that she was considering her thoughts, Mohana ran nervous fingers over her toned leg. Glancing around at her luxuriously appointed loft, she disregarded the jitter running within. Attempting to rid the emotion behind the color change, she matter of factly offered “I received a compliment that silver is my color. The undertones in my blonde hair were the inspiration I guess and from there I did a little bit of my own designing”

“Definitely more than a little bit of designing, I like how you have your studio setup, it is completely yours” Omar glanced towards her, his eyes searching her angelic face for answers beyond

His voice caused a stirring shiver release her body. Bravely looking at him Mohana tried a smile. Raising her eyebrows expectantly she said “Glad you approve, now your turn”

“Am not much outdoorsy when it comes to letting people unbutton my jeans..” Omar offered. Halting on his words he nonchalantly took a sip of the amber liquor

Distractedly setting her own drink aside, Mohana checked “But?” her heart furiously flipping completely in refusal to partner with her inquisition

“I won’t mind it with the right person” he mischievously smiled, raising his glass a tad he took another casual sip

“You have walked yourself right into this interview. So where is this right person?” Mohana asked. One image after another of Peggy from the resort rushed to her head. Scribbling a star shape on her digital screen she restlessly filled it with random strokes awaiting a response, one that she was entirely sure she didn’t want to hear

Omar gave her wide smile “Depends. Where do you want her to be?”

“Don’t play games with my readers, I run Sophista for a reason” Mohana claimed twirling the digital pen in her nervousness. The back and forth with him made a troublesome disturbance swirl inside her. She wanted this exposé to wrap even before it had started revealing his answers

Curling anxious fingers in the velvet dress she promised herself more extensive training with ‘The Bold List’ before the weekend. For when their paths would cross again at another upcoming social event, she wished to own this bold-act completely. With his level of charm, she for a certainty needed to up her game to even survive the mere exchange of words

Omar chuckled “Sure you do, no wonder your journal is leading the charts”

“Flattery and drool worthy looks is a wonderful combination, do you get away with using that often?” Mohana cheekily asked hoping her delivery came as ‘The Bold List’ from Leya would have expected

“I try to. What use is hitting a gym and making all these fabulous designs if I can’t sway my way in” taking a sip from his whiskey, Omar looked straight at her, his eyes appearing darker than the night

Throwing her legs to the side, Mohana settled them on the sheep throw. Glancing at his strong hand which casually held the amber drink she remarked “I guess you aren’t used to hearing a no”

Seated far apart from the loveseat Omar stretched his long legs leaning back. “Let’s say. But neither are you. Or all those buttons, a certain vertical expanse could have been a lot different in the cover photo shoot” his voice playfully retorted

Twisting the hem of the blue dress, Mohana tried to discreetly set it higher on her thighs. Following ‘The Bold List’ on such an impromptu decision made her far more nervous. She hoped with all her might if words gave timidness away, the stance would at least assist in maintaining her bold image

Seething from inside Mohana gave him a sugary smile “I can’t help if you are so photogenic and your fan following is beyond anything we have seen in the fashion industry”

“But I usually tend towards making people wear clothes” Omar promptly added taking another sip of liquor

“That’s a question you’ll have your fans cover in the interview as well. One of most top rated question from Sophista readers has been if you ever rip your own creations from the uh..uhm women and basically a close parallel is if you like dressing them after all of that” Mohana dismissed the shiver staggering her

She inwardly cringed at the wording of the questions received from such a large number of his fans:
Does Omar Shaan ever rip his own creation from the women before making love
After a night of passion does Omar Shaan enjoy dressing his women

Overriding the insolence of the queries she grumbled. It failed her as to why would someone care to know the details for what he did with Peggys of the world before or afterwards.

Easily resting the ankle of his leg on the other knee he chuckled “Some exposé that you’ve signed me up for. First my jeans, now my personal life will be at display”

“It is what your fans want. You have charmed the women folk out of their wits and they are curious to know it all” Mohana threw in an appreciative smile aiming to balance her personal dislike of the questions

Omar looked at the attractive editor-in-chief settled delicately on the couch. The blue velvet dress enhancing her beautiful carved petite frame. Giving her a charismatic smile, Omar said “Depends on the designs, the mood and the company I am in”

“Very well. Secretive responses ignite more curiosity, I expect no less from you” Mohana complimented, making a note on her digital pad she tried to push aside the fidgeting in her heart at his flirtatious response

“Glad, I am impressing you already” Omar quipped, taking another swig of his drink

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