Chapter 05.5 – Touch to Make it Yours

|| 05. PAIZE 5 ♥ ||

Omar gave her a smile “Sure yeah, Zaniha wouldn’t want her name in the journal but she would be very happy to share the dress, she’s the kindest soul”

“Ya. No. No. Sophista works around names. we won’t call her out. that would be.. uhm but the dress can be a nice feature add for your fans if uh don’t mind sharing it” saying Mohana highlighted Zaniha’s name on the screen

Omar confirmed “I’ll have Indigo reach out to Jojo with the pictures and your team can play around with what works best”

With her heart thudding rapidly Mohana looked towards him “Ya. Jojo. That’ll be the best..” her eyes halted at him, making her words disappear. His presence evoked an unsettling craving that she desperately wanted dismissed. Mohana reminded herself of the reality: only her dreams had the right to own the phenomenon that was Omar Shaan. Gathering the strength to look away from his mesmerizing depths, her lowered eyes found his emptying glass. She lightly shifted on the couch asking “Get you another one?”

“I’ll grab it” saying Omar straightened from his chair making his way over to the drinks cart parked right besides her love seat

Stealing a glance at his long legs approaching her side of the room, Mohana nervously looked at her lap. Smoothing the digital pen between her fingers she focused her attention on the screen asking him “This is from Sophista, what made you choose the blue tshirt this morning?”

Omar offered “Because I was coming to meet you..” Mohana’s huge silver eyes shot up to look at the source of that voice when he continued “..and your team, the day just seemed good for it”

Despite the intensity flaring in the room with his proximity, Mohana checked off another question on her digital screen. Overtly aware of his handsome presence around her she exhaled a relieved sigh at the next question which read normal “If you weren’t this famous celebrity owning the beloved brand of Shaan Designs, what would you be up to?”

Pouring the drink from a luxurious bejeweled bottle, Omar glanced at the delicate woman. Her big eyes remained averted from him studiously staring at the device ahead of her. His husky voice addressed her lowered lashes “If I wasn’t this today, I would be working hard to be this, and then some. I don’t believe in giving up and once my mind is made up, it’s made up”

Gazing at the surface of her screen, a low mumble of acknowledgement “Hm” escaped her. Mohana checked another box on the list of questions. Feeling the strength of his powerful presence she consciously worked to maintain her posture. Her voice a low murmur, she enquired “Being an attorney and this top notch designer superstar, winning one accolade after another would you be able to choose one if you had to?”

Carrying his drink, Omar walked past her to just as easily occupy the other end of the couch besides her feet. His move made her heart get disruptively caught in the throat. Her nervous fingers hastily shifted the device surface to review the cheat sheet of ‘The Bold List’.

Her need to identify a solution that could halt her own overwhelming response to him had desperately intensified. The frequent segues he kept interweaving to her otherwise planned script made her panicky. She worriedly yearned to ace on whatever part of the bold-act she deemed to have under her command.

Omar explained thoughtfully “My designs speak raw emotions, from igniting the sparks of excitement, through the throes of passion, Shaan Designs encompasses all feelings. The blend of law exposes the underlying arenas that get missed to the common eye and it helps bring a balance. Together they are the means to my contribution to the society, raising awareness, bringing important issues to surface, enabling open expression across all groups. For the journal, that’s who I am and I guess am nothing without the combination of both..”

Letting his gaze travel across the tempting length of her ivory leg he nearly whispered emphasizing their proximity on the love seat “For beyond the printed words of the journal, I’ll always be an attorney”

Inhaling a troubled breath Mohana’s eyes lowered looking down at her silver painted toe nails. She nervously shifted, resulting in her dress to roll higher on her thighs. Rather naive to realize the effect her move was causing she dismissed yet another shiver leave her body.

Abiding by the cheat sheet, she concentrated on her pretense to appear confident and in command. She hastily gazed at the questionnaire “Uhm. so. having created this blended dream that most can’t even dare to fathom, you have bagged the most awards than anyone in the industry. Including the back to back accolades from Couture Catwalk for their designer of the year. Does that feeling become any easier?”

Trekking the curve of her long legs resting on the sheep throw, Omar’s eyes found her angelic face in the dimly lit room “It only makes the journey more thrilling. Winning Couture Catwalk has been a means to getting closer to what I want”

“And what do you want?” Mohana blurted looking straight into his sparkling eyes. Her sincere curiosity galloped on the pretentious confidence at play. Risking a chance she uninhibitedly enquired what could the man of her dreams in turn desire

“Are you willing to help me get what I want?” with his free hand Omar ran a finger on her silver anklet

His touch induced a thundering pulse to crazily bounce inside her. Feeling his warmth run through, the entire bold-act went hopping out of her system. Rush of memories encircling the diamond studded ankle chain made her gulp on a parched throat. Conscious from his touch, her foot curled of it’s own accord. Mohana almost pulled back from his luring fingers when the title of ‘The Bold List’ shone on the digital surface.

Reminded of the promise to herself, Mohana clenched hard on the digital tablet. Adamant to prove that she could ace the bold-act, she attempted to pretend he did not have any affect on her. Shoving away the bashful recollections surrounding the ornamental anklet she moved her focus to their exposé interview.

Mohana tried to sincerely inform “I can’t think I can ever be of help to the superstar you are..” she gulped feeling his broad finger entwine with her anklet “..You could simply touch anything to make it yours..uhm.. but yes Sophista is yours to partner with. Echoing the voices that can help educate and inform the society to carve a better world is our core commitment”

Another whisper touch of his fingers on her creamy ankle, made Mohana’s tummy tumble with a multi directional marathon of butterflies. “I’ll take that as your willingness to an agreement between us. Once you graduate from law school, we can sign on it” Omar gave her a dashing smile

Her heartbeats raced looking at him. His smile, his touch, his every move stirred a furor inside her. Not wanting to deter from her bold-act Mohana maintained her poise. She let her foot remain in his custody while with much effort she scribbled a note on her digital pad offering “I can have Jojo look into the paperwork, Sir Gallaghair’s legal team..”

“You and I, us” Omar said running his fingers to lightly caress the length of her shapely foot

Her breathless chest managed a squeak of air faltering at his voice. Invoking all the determination she could fathom Mohana sat completely still. Helplessly she glanced at ‘The Bold List’ on the screen for any tips of rescue. A jumble of words stared back at her but the effect of his touch didn’t let her resolve their meaning.

In an attempt to deflect her attention staying enchanted by him, Mohana breathlessly read another question out loud “You..uh you have been in the business for a few years now. Do you..” she swallowed then rushed her words “ you think one ever gets used to the celebrity status?”

Halting his fingers at her toes, Omar thoughtfully offered “Hardly. The fame, the awards, the celebrity status while all of it is thrilling, that’s not at all what can define anyone. Hard work is a moving target and a large part of your success is your own evolution, mixed in with all that goes behind the scenes to make you anything on that runway”

Hearing him say ‘anything’ made her thoughts furiously rush back to the resort server Peggy. Mohana instantly felt victorious to have kept on with the bold-act. Challenging herself to live up to her commitment of ‘The Bold List’, with as much fearlessness she could gather, Mohana ran a hand on the attractive length of her leg curving it slightly. Unable to delineate the provocativeness of her actions she stuck to the bold-act giving it her all

Wanting hard to override the frenzied thumping in her chest she instinctively puckered her lips “What would you say then defines you”

“I am just me” Omar offered in his relaxed tone which urged her to ease on her anxiety

“Just you” huskily whispering she scribbled on her digital screen. In the smallest font his name ‘Omar’ got written right above her own ‘Mohana’ that she had shyly jotted earlier

“Hm?” Omar held his glass towards her making Mohana consciously look at her own drink that had long been forgotten

Ruffled at his warming gesture that challenged to shake her scripted stance again she breathlessly informed “Uh..I’ll get”

“This will warm you up faster” Omar offered keeping his hand extended towards her

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