Chapter 05.7 – Never Even Dare

|| 05. PAIZE 7 ♥ ||

“We can discuss the details, if you’re planning to play fair” the warmth of his fingers brushed her neck. Wrapping along her nape they got resolutely lost in her french knot

She wanted to get her complaint heard about ‘anything’ Peggy to find a resolution for her unsettled heart but none seemed feasible. Wishing to override the endless butterflies that were prancing insider her, she emphatically stated “I ask questions, I don’t answer them”

“Not even when you are definitely impressed by my dapper and the drool worthy looks?” Omar teased repeating her words she had thrown around in the pretense of following ‘The Bold List

Her eye lashes lowered at being caught, complimenting his undoing of her luxurious silver blonde hair. The mass of gold tumbled over his fingers covering her back

“That’s not.. you can’t.. ask questions..” Mohana tried to emphasize her stand. She remained unwilling to give up on her bold-act, or whatever she wanted to believe was left of it

Weaving fingers through her thick blonde silken hair he whispered “Because?”

“Because .. we can’t do this.. so we.. I am the host, and I get to ask the questions” she determinedly formed the entire string of her conviction

“Am only complying until we sign our deal, as attorneys we’ll have to set new rules..” Omar murmured, his hold easing on her “..what’s next on your list”

Shifting from his lap, Mohana hastily inched back to the corner of the love seat. Aiming to hold on to her bold-act and the confident stance she nervously threw her now open hair to one side. Diverting herself she looked at the screen where their almost interwoven scribbled names glared back.

She desperately glanced away to read the next question. The sinking feeling in her heart almost instantly resurfaced. It appeared to have been lurking right around the corner after all. She felt infuriated at the question but read the words aloud nonetheless “What can someone do to attract your attention”

“Nothing really, my attention is where it needs to be..” he offered her the whiskey, his voice gentle yet almost commanding “..take a sip”

Quickly taking a taste, Mohana petulantly explained “A woman. like Peggy. what can someone like that do. your fans want to know”

“Yeah I got that part..” Omar confirmed, tenderly repeating his stance “ attention is sorted”

His words from earlier ran a reminder, rattling her bruised heart further: ‘my in-house model Zaniha’. Making a note of his answer with shaky fingers, Mohana checked on another exposé question “What should someone do to avoid getting on your bad side”

“Never even dare to glance at what belongs to me” Omar answered holding the liquor for her again

“Hm” scribbling the answer she managed another docile sip

Diligently making notes despite the disruptions raging within her, Mohana ran through the entire list of questions. Her urge to jump off from the couch and hide in her room under the plush comforter got strong many times in between. The questions in the exposé made her beyond furious. Words and examples that reminded her of Peggy, his biggest-fan offering-to-do-anything, had her tummy roil with anger

Despite the enraging tumble, Mohana stayed committed to getting the exposé done. She kept reminding herself that Omar Shaan was a celebrity and they had nothing between them except Sophista. And her own dreams. Yet no matter how hard she tried, his voice, his brief touch, his glorious eyes, his whiskey all had her crazy heart jumping constantly. The intensity matched the disarray of her butterflies making her pull all the effort she could to determinedly stay put on a version of her bold-act.

At the wrap of the interview, Jojo joined them in Mohana’s office to guide the departure of their celebrity guest. Sticking along to her pretense Mohana off handedly encouraged them to connect at the common event on the weekend “Can’t wait to see you again, we should definitely get together at Avacho’s carnival”

“Definitely. Will see you soon” Omar murmured in his velvety rich voice. His arm slipped through her waist pulling Mohana into a strong warmth filled hug. She courageously stood on her toes to almost wrap an arm around his neck but his intoxicating presence made her overwhelmingly shy.

Her hair brushed against chiseled jaw, fingers merely making it to his strong chest when the longing creeped inside her heart. Faulting at her bold-act Mohana closed her eyes fervidly absorbing his warmth.

Pulling out of the partial hug she ignored her heart flip at the fib. Mohana gave Omar a broad smile, preemptively compensating her actual intent of hiding from him on the weekend event. Much to the exuberant Jojo witnessing her boss ace the bold-act, Mohana wished Omar well for the night.

Turning away from the closed door Mohana threw her reddened face in her hands. Staring at extensive document titled ‘The Bold List’ she hoped to have delivered some part of her bold-act. Reviewing the list she made a check on all the points she felt she had achieved but soon memories rushed. Mohana inwardly groaned at having been caught on the ‘dapper’ and ‘drool worthy look’ compliments.

She threw herself on the couch “I’ll prove myself! I’ll prove it to him! If nothing else I’ll take that peculiar idiot manager’s interview! If that weird resort can’t build another executive suite and manage their staff the least that idiot can do is pose in this whole bold-act!..” hopping off the couch Mohana emphatically declared to herself “And I will say his name all I want!”. Brushing off another chill escaping her, she made a note on her digital note pad. Exhaling a deep breath she puckered her lips “Act one done!”. Glancing around her room she got busy picking the cushions to pull her place back together.

Returning to Mohana’s now-sorted office loft Jojo brought a night cap with some refreshments along with a list of all urgent matters that needed her attention. By the time the clock struck past midnight, Jojo urged “Miss Mohana, we have a long trip ahead, you should rest, I’ll manage these responses”

“I want you to rest too, you’ve had no less of a hectic day managing all the crazies with the constant back and forth. I’ll wrap this and we can get it out of our way” Mohana confirmed

“No Miss Mohana, being bold is not easy! And following ‘The Bold List’ must have taken a toll on you. You are looking so pale. As your assistant I command you to go to bed” Jojo stated in her determined tone

“Yes, Miss Jojo..” Mohana chuckled with her partner “..I command you the same”

Exchanging wishes with Jojo, Mohana made way to her personal sanctuary. Walking to the wall of mirror she halted to look at her reflection for the first time that evening. The tumble of her silver-gold hair surrounded her beautiful angelic face. Falling across her shoulders the silken waves complimented the mini blue velvet dress. A deep blush spread on her cheeks when her skeptic heart indulged recalling a certain someone.

Mohana ran shy fingers along the column of her neck, hesitantly reminiscing the warm touch that she had felt. Sudden words echoed inside her head ‘ are colorless just like these hollow eyes your mother gave you, a cold and sad gold digger that nobody wants, including your own parents..

Gulping a swallow, Mohana curled her hand away rejecting the warmth she had dared to ponder upon. She looked away from the mirror blinking her tired silver eyes to rid them of any moisture. Throwing her head down she mechanically secured a top knot binding her thick blonde mane.

Changed into her night dress she made her way to the bedroom. The large loft windows shone thoroughly glistened by the patter of rain. Dark clouds continued to loom, their heavy pour consistent like the heart that beat agitatedly inside.

Mohana longingly looked at her bed, the fluffy comforter settled atop besides her huge stuffed bear. The jittery shivers inside her lured Mohana to get snuggled in the plush embrace. Petting the paw of her gigantic stuffy that nearly touched the roof of her loft Mohana adorably murmured “I have the exposé to wrap up Polo, so we’ll have to wait just a while longer before dreaming all our wonderful dreams tonight”

She gazed at the dark black buttoned eyes of her stuffy almost as if seeking permission. Achingly wishing for them to blink like those sparkling black orbs that belonged to a certain someone she inhaled a wavy breath. Urging herself to ignore the shudder leaving her body she stared into the dark sky. Standing by the mantra of hard work being her only belonging, Mohana diligently took the chair at her writing desk to prepare the exposé write up.

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