Chapter 06.1 – Your Husband

|| 06. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Large glass walls mirrored the brightly lit airport priority club against the dark clouds that continued their outpour. In the wee hours of the morning, battling lost sleep Mohana sat at the private mezzanine gallery awaiting her flight take off. Settled on a large couch trying to review an article she stifled another yawn. Tired eyes ready to revolt against her severely regretted having had to leave the cozy bed and her warm stuffy only after a brief nap.

An announcement rang through the airport terminal reporting another flight delay owing to the blazing storm that had taken the city by surprise. Cocooned under the lush black throw Mohana tried to ignore the shiver run through her. She focused at the document on her screen to highlight a needed correction.

“Miss Mohana, here you go..” Jojo appeared by her side holding two tall cups, extending one to her boss she added “..we’ll start boarding shortly”

Mohana appreciatively accepted the warm beverage from Jojo, when Leya approached them with a large box of treats. “Mohana darling, take a bite” Leya handed her boss a large warm cookie and then another to Jojo, checking with concern about Mohana “Why is she looking so pale?”

“Miss Mohana had a very busy night and it has taken a toll on her. But on the bright side, the good news is that the bold list course you prepared for us has been a great success! I saw the superb delivery live in action and will tell you all about it!” Jojo claimed excitedly between the three of them

Mohana gushed “Yes Leya, your hard work has been my savior! And I should feel fine by the time we land, I guess it’s just the weather but this coffee will help”. Cherishing Leya’s gesture, she paired a bite from the cookie with a sip from the cup

“You better, it’s soon going to be the most wonderful time of the year” Leya lovingly patted Mohana’s head. Speaking to Jojo she enthusiastically added “I’ll share these cookies with the team in the meanwhile we start boarding and let’s connect on the flight to discuss on the boldness outcome” exchanging greetings she left Jojo and Mohana to distribute the treats

Taking another sip of the warm beverage Mohana checked “I thought they just announced another delay for Honolulu?”

“Yes, such a mess! But it doesn’t matter to us, our flight’s all good” Jojo happily informed her boss encouraging her to take another bite of the cookie

Munching on the snack Mohana enquired “They are letting us takeoff in this storm?”

“Ya, these airport commercial ones are a different story entirely..” Jojo knowledgeably informed “..I don’t even understand why we are hearing these confusing announcements in the private terminal”

“We should have Sir Gallaghair register your complaint and he can open an airport for us altogether” Mohana teased her assistant. She pulled the throw around her shoulders hoping to ease the chills that had been pestering her

Jojo smiled enthusiastically “Won’t that be fun though! They say these terminals are private but there are at least five businesses with us”

“Yeah they’ve made it private for private fliers, but unfortunately not private for just Sophista team or we could have flown right from our roof in downtown” Mohana smiled containing her wishfulness to have spent more time snuggled in her bed than their drive to the airport

Picking up on Mohana’s feelings Jojo offered almost matter of factly “I like that convenience so much more. It would have been far better than being in this constant raging storm..” she then enthused “..I should talk to Ceria! No matter how shy and timid she is, Ceria can give our request to her fiancé and then Vance can supersede all voices to convince Sir Gallaghair”

“Ceria is shy and timid too?” Mohana spoke in surprise about her friend Ceria daughter of Sir Rael Gallaghair

Jojo affirmatively blinked her eyes “Of course! Haven’t you ever seen her with Vance? She is always blushing!”

“Uh um but. that is because.. uhm she’s all rosy cheeks just because she has such delicate skin and generally like the whole deal with marriage and everything can be all a little exhausting?” Mohana tried to support her friend hoping to at least get Ceria to belong in the bold category

“Yes, it must be very exhausting, it cannot be easy to be a bride! I completely agree her skin is so delicate. Ceria always says she takes after Sir Gallaghair but I think she takes more after Madam Gallaghair because Inaya Gallaghair is always found blushing in her husband’s company too”

“But Madam Gallaghair can’t be shy! She was the editor-in-chief before I stepped in” Mohana struggled to deal with the knowledge of everyone around her not belonging to the certain bold classification

Jojo purposefully explained the distinguishing characteristics “We have to consider both sides to this Miss Mohana. Madam Gallaghair made for a rock solid Sophista leader just like you. But that’s only work. When Sir Gallaghair carries her in his arms haven’t you seen how she goes completely red? That certifies she’s so shy! Ceria is the same when Vance is carrying her in his arms”

“Hm.. ya ..that ya” nibbling on her cookie Mohana factually resonated at having witnessed that “She is very shy but it’s all because of Sir Gallaghair, he is so handsome”

“Exactly! And just like him Vance is so strong with all those muscles!..” heaving a dreamy sigh Jojo added “..But! Because you and Ceria are such close friends and you both are so timid and shy it is highly likely that when you get married, you’ll also keep blushing”

“No! Of course not! I was so bold yesterday night!” Mohana rushed to object with her reddening cheeks conflicting the very statement

Jojo beamed proudly at her boss “Yes, last night definitely! That was such an amazing execution!”

“And we will practice on that bold list Leya gave us and it will only keep getting better from here. So there will be no timidness and shyness or whatever!” Mohana stated with conviction happily taking Jojo’s approval as her attestation

Enthusiastically nodding her confirmation Jojo declared “Yes Miss Mohana, I’ll also review the list en-route on our flight. And I will request Leya to provide us further details on all the five levels to become bold because we both most certainly want pineapples and not those limp cucumbers!”

“Excuse me ma’am, we are beginning the boarding for your flight to Honolulu” an airport attendant informed Jojo and Mohana

Acknowledging him with a smile, Jojo scrambled to her feet “My boss and our team will be there shortly” turning around she added to Mohana “I wouldn’t say am a fan of this traveling, but am looking forward to touring Sarrata”

“Yeah for a change it might be fun and we’ll get a nice deep dive for our design issue” Mohana gave her a smile folding the black throw to shove it in her tote

“Yes December is going to be so happening! The super hot and sexy Omar Shaan will be on our cover with his extravagant exposé and Sarrata’s deep dive on the fabric front! This issue will be another feather in your cap” Jojo declared walking along with her boss towards the boarding area

Our cap” Mohana affectionately corrected her personal assistant. She brushed off another shiver accompanying the frantic jumping of her heart at the mere mention of the celebrity designer.

Mohana calmed herself with the knowledge that the entire cover shoot and exposé with the magnificent man had finally come to term. Despite her nearly sleepless night she felt relieved at having finalized the interview write up. She now had no need to review their interaction let alone be reminded of the resort server Peggy. The only place Omar Shaan could exist for the next few days would be in her own dreams.

Beaming at her boss, Jojo was discussing about Sarrata when an airport store attendant appeared ahead of them. The woman almost handed Mohana a confectionery box “Ma’am your husband’s order”

Her feet halted at the errored mention. Looking at the stranger in confusion Mohana took a tentative step behind making her back hit the wall of strength

“We’re not married” listening to his drawl her breath got caught

Her feet moved with the intention to make a sprint. Mohana wished to overcome the powerful presence of the designer celebrity she seemed to have backed into. Her desire to disappear from the scene came to a halt when his muscular arm slipped through her waist. Perhaps having picked on her thoughts the strong blockage securely rooted Mohana giving resistance to her escape plans

Affixing her delicate petite frame to his steel strength, the fluid move came accompanied with Omar’s whisper “Hey, alright?”

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