Chapter 06.3 – Because of Him

|| 06. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Halting by her lounge Salm checked “Princesa, you are looking pale, why don’t you take a nap and we can connect afterwards”

“Work always gets priority. Lets get this wrapped up, I’ll take a nap later” giving him a smile Mohana gestured welcoming the Sophista in-house designer to her room

“Sure my princesita boss..” Salm adoringly spoke to the young woman “..Should we get you something to eat alongside?”. Taking the seat besides her on the couch he pulled the article that had arrived from their upcoming host, the fabric industry mogul Tyr, owner of Sarrata

Murmuring her shy refusal “Uh no. I had the cookie? from Leya..” her pale cheeks filled with color having lost half of it to a handsome pair of eyes “Water’s good and these dried fruits that Ethan got me are nice” she added appreciatively for her assigned steward

Salm gave her a smile “Sure princesa but you need something more substantial”

“Yes, I’ll be taking complete care of Miss Mohana” Ethan declared entering the lounge. Brimming with happiness he served another selection of snacks for her

“Get her waffles too with these” Salm spoke to the steward who delightedly claimed “Yes! Yes! Most definitely, and she is going to love my recipe! I already set those on the iron, I’ll bring them shortly”

Sipping along her sparkling water refills, munching on snacks Mohana stayed absorbed with Salm discussing the details around Sarrata. In time wrapping the review and highlighting the discussion points on the article they moved along to other discussion points.

When the steward stopped by to check for coffee again, Mohana rushed to dismiss the idea that brought back any reference of her earlier meeting with the magnificent celebrity fashion designer. “Princesa rest some, you seem to have over worked yourself and we don’t want you to come down with anything” Salm concernedly suggested

Her heavy droopy eyes welcomed the idea. Giving in Mohana promised herself more than Salm “I’ll take a quick shut eye but I’ll wake up, I need to review the opinion piece”

“We have time princesita. Take a break. I’ll have them serve you breakfast and chocolate milk when you feel refreshed” Salm gave the young woman a warm smile

Giving him an acknowledgement Mohana smiled “Ya Ethan’s really caring”. Throwing her leg over the other she let her eyes swoop close. Images of Omar Shaan came rushing to her as if the uber handsomeness had been kept awaiting on the sidelines.

He looked devastatingly attractive sporting the black leather jacket over his white tshirt. Glancing at his dark tousled hair, her fingers curled of their own accord. Rolling her gaze lower needily she looked at his sparkling black spheres that stared right back before she noticed him take another sip of her coffee. Mohana’s eyes sprang open.

Flying feet above in the sky, her sleepy eyes hastily looked out from the window at the dark thunderous clouds beneath the aircraft. The miles of separation from the handsome fashion designer seemed obvious much to her restiveness. Memories of another flight, from another time spent with the phenomenal celebrity had her heart bounce.

Mohana managed all her Sophista responsibilities from the downtown head quarters making this flight one of the rare few exceptions. The last time she had flown, had been almost a year ago for Sophista’s Fashion Trend deep dive. The week-long coverage for the series of fashion events had presented her countless moments with Omar Shaan.

From their flight to the jam packed accommodations, the itinerary of runway shows, the over flowing social gathering invites, Mohana had one event after another found herself alongside him. The memories made the butterflies in her tummy flutter leaving her heart to yearn an unknown want of warmth.

Diverting her thoughts from him Mohana sleepily tried to think about her plush bed, her cuddly Polo and everything warm in her possession. But soon those images got intervened by his black shimmering eyes making her tummy lurch.

She wrapped an arm around her waist from where she remembered being held by him at the airport. Her heart partially eased at his memory yet the longing of warmth persisted. Taking a deep breath Mohana closed her tired eyes letting his images cloud her mind again.


Mohana incoherently murmured something in her sleep. Lost in slumber she lightly shifted her face against the firm surface. Forming a pout at the stubborn stiffness a mere whisper left her lips “mh..ha..rr..d?”. One of her sleepy hands attempted to grab onto the tough plane but unable to form a grip it skid lower

Her denim clad legs lay hung atop a muscular leg dressed in a shade tad darker than her own jeans. Landing to sprawl across the hard strength, her dainty arm joined her other hand which had managed to hook sleepy fingers in the belt loop of the jeans waistband

Gently stroking her blonde head the voice enquired “Get you something?”

Listening to the known sound Mohana heaved a satisfied sigh. She deliriously gathered a mumble “Yoooh”

Feeling contently warm she shifted her face slightly, wishing to sink into her fluffy’s plushness. Meeting rigid strength instead of the furry Polo her adamant fingers attempted another trek on the wall she slept against.

Capturing hold of her hand, intercepting it’s hike midway in a blanket of warmth the voice inaudibly murmured something. The black leather jacket enveloping her torso in it’s entirety hid his other hand on her waist. For the benefit of asleep Mohana the voice notched a tad higher for only her to hear “Do you feel like eating lunch?”

A delicate moan left the back of her throat resulting in the grip on her hand getting tighter. Moving her cheek to soak the exceptional warmth a mere whisper escaped Mohana “Mmm yooh”

“Sure, but we play fair so that will entail my getting to eat you in return” the velvety voice confirmed. Her captive palm got caressed gently letting her drowsy fingers curl around it’s hold

Blissfully Mohana shared a sleepy affirmation “Yaah yoo”

Playfully turning the ruffled layers at the hem of her green top the voice hummed murmuring gently “You and me. And I am darn hungry. Being patient is ridiculously difficult”

“Mmm.. yah hmm” snuggling against the solid strength her agreement came muffled. Despite the unforgiving plane she slept on, Mohana welcomed the luring warmth.

Getting pulled closer a moan filled with longing escaped from the back of her throat. Elated at the encircling protection a smile broke on her lips. This time the voice appeared more closer “Any guesses, how long you’ve kept me waiting for?”

Listening to the tone of his voice a concerned frown appeared on her forehead “mmh?.. one sec?” Mohana crinkled open her watery eyes feeling an urgent need to assure the beholder from his despair

“More. Definitely a lot more than that..” looking at his lips move Mohana’s sleepy blurry view trailed to find her desired black orbs “..but we’ll try to wait a little longer before I eat you up”

Blinking with adoration at the shimmering gaze of the dark spheres, her shy heart rejoiced with ecstatic happiness. The black eyes of her stuffy Polo seemed to glitter impeccably like those of her dreamy Omar Shaan. Declaring a whisper of “Noh! mine! now” she snuggled into her apparent fluffy hoping for her dream to stay.

The warmth level of her Polo seemed to have exceeded tremendously but the loss of plushness made it difficult to let Mohana sink in it’s fur. Letting her drowsy eyes swoop close she attempted to grip on to the solid surface again wishing to thump it into shape. Her tired fingers unable to grab on to her mistaken stuffy’s intended fur ended up curling around the large hand that held her instead. The exceptional warmth blazed her petite frame with heat relieving her cold jitters.

Tenderly smoothing her hand in his captivation the man being mistaken for her fluffy offered “Definitely. Though you should know all the caveats that come with this waiting, because there will be a lot of owing that you’ll have to fulfill”

“Hmm yaaah” she granted her affirmation inhaling a peaceful breath

Stroking her small waist from under the thick covering he checked “In the meanwhile we resolve this, how about getting something to eat for your tummy?”

Mohana adamantly declared “Noh..” her voice came muffled as she hid her face on his muscled strength

“We’ll sleep again in a while” the velvety voice coaxed but Mohana mumbled another refusal “mmh.. badd.. ni..ght”

“Because it was cold?” his tone grew concerned. The grip around her waist fastened pulling to secure her much closer in his embrace. Mohana heaved a sigh inhaling him. Basking in his fragrance an approving moan escaped her.

She slurred on her muffled complaint “mmh cuz ‘f him”. Her lips formed a dissatisfied pout at the fuzzy memories from her exposé interview from the night before.

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