Chapter 07.2 – Attorney to Attorney

|| 07. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

“Of course..” Mohana diligently stuck to her determined defense guard “..he is so breathtakingly handsome and extremely sexy, because he is real. He works hard at his roles, you won’t have such a blockbuster win that convinces the entire nation how he falls for that journalist and marries her”

She was utterly confused at her companion’s apparent skepticism on the abilities of the film star. Keeping the reality of her dreams apart, Soren Rick undoubtedly was a mega star who had landed hit performances through his roles in some of the greatest hits cinema had seen. Mohana was convinced she could justify the man, his looks, his work ethic endlessly. Even readers of her journal Sophista were devoted fans of Soren Rick albeit they were more crazy for Omar Shaan because of his resolute aloofness from the media.

Giving her a stiff smile Omar growled “That’s exactly what a scripted human who is not real does. Because he is made up of a bunch of someone else’s lines and ideas. Desperation is a script!”

“That’s not how it happens! I know him! He and I are close! We are very close! He doesn’t need a script to talk to me! He is the most wonderful person you could ever want to be with!” Mohana fearlessly stood her ground

“I’ll be super glad to pass the offer” Omar smugly stated turning a small pod in his fingers. The blinds from the windows rolled higher as the lights around them brightened

She frowned at his extraction of her words “Not you as in you! I meant you as in..”

“You?” Omar checked boring his into hers. The extremely dark spheres held no sparkle ascertaining his refusal to accept her argument

Mohana nervously blinked gulping on her parched throat. Her conviction fastened. She had to make Soren Rick survive through this scorn. The famous star after all was her shield. Omar Shaan could hardly be informed that he himself was the object of her desirous dreams. There was no way she wanted to let her heart get exposed to further wrath.

She rushed to determine “Ya! Ya! Exactly! He’s the most wonderful sexy and handsome person and everybody loves him. That’s what matters!”

“We’ll set aside sometime to discuss what actually matters. Seemingly only one of us is at a stage to hold an official argument, while the other has yet to become an attorney” Omar gave her a smirk

Mohana opened her mouth then closed it pettishly. She didn’t have a suitable comeback given there was her current semester and next in the way of graduation from law school. Grumpily she huffed “I have a team of exceptional attorneys with Sir Gallaghair”

“None of whom will be ever vouching for the scripted man” Omar declared with a certainty making Mohana frown deeply

Feverishly she fought back “Everyone likes Soren Rick. I’ll talk to my boss what’s to say I won’t be able to convince him”

“Sure, but as an attorney..” Omar sarcastically stressed making Mohana fume at her own missing title “..I can only offer advice. Of course the rest depends on you, but I’d rather you convinced your boss for something where you’ll succeed” he complacently threw in

Pouting her lips she declared “I’ll be an attorney too after my OAs..”

“Next semester” Omar interjected

“Yes! It’s only a few weeks more! Then we can talk attorney to attorney!” Mohana stated circumventing her disappointment

She heard him casually hum “Hmm definitely” a completely opposite reaction to the lava of anxiousness flowing through her. If only Mohana could have it her way, the graduation degree would have been hers right this moment to hold the grand argument.

Huffing in frustration she looked at her surroundings. The now lighted lounge made her become aware of the change from when she had dozed off. Mohana remembered looking at the thunderous clouds before falling asleep to dream about Omar Shaan.

Consciously she glanced outside the windows to look at the ocean miles below them. Realization washed over her: they were seated in the private flight for Sophista. Mohana attempted to do the math around the hours that it must have been from having left the airport where she had accidentally run into the celebrity fashion designer.

She stole a glance sideways to confirm his presence. Her heart dwindled on an off chance hope considering if she had been talking in her dreams to Polo again.

Very much true to his presence, the handsome Omar Shaan sat busy looking at a digital screen in his hand. He was busily scribbling atop the thin surface of the glass. Unable to fathom a logic that could explain his presence she sprang towards him abruptly asking “What are you doing here?”

“Flying” Omar provided turning to look at her with interest

Holding onto his jacket around her, she checked the man unreservedly. Her antsy heart bobbed within her torso. She managed to explain her conundrum “But how are you here! You can’t be here! This is Sir Gallaghair’s plane, my team’s traveling to Honolulu”

Flipping the digital pen within his fingers Omar offered clarity “I happen to be here with my team, it seems we have the same destination and there was no point in flying different planes in that storm”

“Oh. Your team’s flying with my team?” Mohana heaved a breath at the logical rationale. She looked at her palms that had held onto him, letting her heart bounce at the joy of having her dreamy longing fulfilled

“Yeah would you like to meet them? We can have Salm take on with the introductions” Omar checked looking at the woman who had scooted to the end of the white leather couch. The blush on her innocent face flared at his offer.

Huddled in the corner she quickly shook her head “No! No! I mean there’s no need for that” pulling the jacket closer Mohana turned her back towards him seemingly busy in looking outside the windows

She blinked at the newly gathered information. Pouting at all that had transpired she turned to confront him again “But I was sitting with Salm, what if we have to discuss about work?”

“You don’t want Salm to sit with his wife?” Omar checked instead keeping his screen aside

Biting on her lower lip consciously Mohana gave him a nod “Ya. Leya. They should. Ya”

Saying Leya’s name out loud ‘The Bold List’ rushed to her thoughts. Her head awakened to the commitment she had made to herself. Urgently Mohana looked at her jeans. She humphed with dissatisfaction for not wearing a dress that she could have nudged to score a point.

Pulling a dress higher on the legs had seemed like the only point in that entire list which had been the most straightforward to interpret and implement. Puckering her lips at the roll of events she concentrated hard looking at her jeans to revise other valuable points to implement her bold-act.

Taking much effort she put on a wide smile to look at the handsome man besides her. Trying to regain from all of her huff and puff, Mohana offered “Leya and Salm, they make such a romantic couple, don’t you think! They should definitely sit together, it won’t be fun otherwise”

“Definitely, I agree and if Leya decides to take a nap at least she won’t end up missing Soren Rick” Omar offered with derision dripping from voice

Her tummy turned at his words but given the lack of her ‘attorney’ status to enable a counter Mohana let the comment be. Throwing a bright smile she offered instead “Ya. Ya. and it’s such a long journey. So we both can use this lounge, it’s anyways such a big couch! And if we had Soren with us he won’t have objected either, you can like literally fit four or more people on this!”

Glancing besides them on the well proportioned couch Omar checked “What’s the holdup?”

“Hm?” she blankly queried, her eyes looking at him then at the large couch she had mentioned

Looking at her expressionless face Omar provided “Soren? There must be a snag for Soren to not be here?”

“Oh! ah yes. Movies and everything. You know the drill” possessively tugging the jacket to surround her Mohana gulped at the unawareness of not knowing the whereabouts of the movie star

“Sure..” Omar checked “..and you’ve sat on this thing with four or more people?”

“No. No. I don’t travel often. This is rare because Tyr suggested it might be worthwhile to get a tour of Sarrata and he would be there in person so it seemed to work out for the deep dive” Mohana explained her facade slipping away

Giving her smile Omar checked “You don’t like traveling with the sexy, handsome and most wonderful friend on his scripted movie shoots?”

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