Chapter 07.3 – Naughty or Nice

|| 07. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

“That. ya. uhm. sometimes. yes. so we plan and then uh but I don’t travel often with the Sophita team. so this is rare. very rare. But personally yeah we do back and forth and everything..” Mohana rambled along “..I’ll have to work. Don’t mind me. I have an opinion piece that needs review and I slept for..” her cheeks burned realizing how she had refused to awaken from being on the other side of the couch on a certain someone “..uhm ya. So I’ll work”

Mohana searched for the digital screen besides her on the seat. Unable to locate the device she consciously hopped off the couch to situate it. Nervously tugging at the sleeves of the large jacket she halted. The realization that she had been wearing his jacket all along made her hastily slip out of his belonging.

Obediently she held it towards him “I didn’t mean..” then in another thought Mohana pulled the exceptionally warm jacket back. Instinctively hugging onto the plush leather she declared “Uhm.. no.. I. this is used? So I will get this dry cleaned”

“You want me to stay without my jacket until then?” Omar asked in an attempt to follow her thought process, off handedly keeping his screen aside

Guilt washed over her “Noh! I..” hopping on the couch she earnestly offered “..I’ll get you another one as soon as we land”

“Because you’re planning to keep this?” Omar checked glancing at the jacket she held to her chest

Mohana tried to find a middle ground “That’s not. no I thought..”

“Then if you don’t want this I’ll take it back” saying Omar slipped the jacket from her slim fingers leaving it to casually rest besides him and the couch arm

Turning empty fingers within each other she sourly stared outside the window. While her conscious nagged her on the wrongdoing of embezzling his jacket, she missed it’s warmth. She humphed regretting her decision to willingly give up on the article of clothing that now sat idle at the farthest distance. Her dashing celebrity companion had left no chance for her to even accidentally come across it.

“Omar sir..” hearing a woman’s voice Mohana turned to look at the stewardess that had entered their lounge brightly smiling at Omar

Brushing off imaginary dust from the couch Mohana stole a glance at the woman grandly flaunting herself for the designer celebrity’s attention. Wearing a skirt that was shorter than a mini, the woman seemed to laugh at every word that slipped out of his magnificent lips.

Growling inwardly, Mohana looked away from their exchange. Missing her own dress to inch it higher and feel bold too, she helplessly crossed her jean clad legs. Until she could have Ethan find her digital screen Mohana attempted to remember other bullet points from ‘The Bold List

Leaning across the couch Omar wrapped an arm around Mohana’s waist taking her by surprise. Tugging her closer, he whispered “Crunchy potatoes with the chicken sandwich or waffle fries?”

“Am not hungry” she formed a mere mumble with her lashes shyly lowering at their proximity

“Yeah we know. Asking for me” his husky response made her hastily mumble “Waffle fries, extra crispy”

Her betraying eyes fluttered to look up at him but instead she caught a glimpse of the stewardess leaning sideways, nearly getting imbalanced to check on them. Bella. That name from his lips echoed within her. A frown appeared on Mohana’s forehead reading the embroidered name on her blouse: Dibella

Easing her frown with a light stroke of his thumb Omar pulled Mohana across the couch with him. The stewardess staggered to straighten hastily, giving him a broad smile.

Wrapped in his embrace Mohana looked at the woman then at Omar. Seeing him reciprocate Dibella’s smile, her heart turned. Throwing her head back she looked out the window, hearing him repeat the selection of waffle fries in his velvety rich voice and adding “ kefir and raspberries”

“Neat. Get you a gin and tonic while you wait on that?” Dibella asked halting and stressing at each word making Mohana pucker her lips in further annoyance

Forcing a smile Mohana turned around to intervene the woman’s attempts at pleasing the handsome celebrity “And while he decides that, would it be too much for you to ask Ethan to bring me a cappuccino?”

Mohana growled at the thought of having met Peggy just yesterday and now Dibella! She furiously determined Omar Shaan could do whatever he wished with his drink choice and stewardess choice but she wanted her steward Ethan.

“Y..” the stewardess started to say when interjecting her, Omar ordered “We’ll pass on the caffeine”

Turning to Mohana, Omar blocked Dibella from her view. Tenderly tracing a golden lock framing her innocent face he whispered “You need rest, coffee will have to wait”

Nervous at his closeness Mohana barely managed a “Hm”

“Care for something else?” he gently checked

Mohana mumbled a negation “Mmhm” afraid any words she formed would touch his attractive lips. The thought of his lips made her avert her lashes nervously biting on her own lower lip.

Lightly caressing the tapered end of her eyebrow Omar took his time admiring the beautiful woman in his embrace who refused to raise her lowered eyes. Looking back at the stewardess he confirmed “That’ll be it for now”

“Yes Omar Sir, I’ll send your drink if you feel for it” sending another smile his way, the woman exited from their lounge

Unnerved Mohana breathlessly sprang from the couch. Increasing the distance between them she turned towards the window but spoke aloud to the only other occupant in the lounge “Did you see my Ethan when you..uhm got here?”

“Likely” Omar offhandedly offered, his eyes traveling the length of her petite frame that seemed agitated

Giving him a nod she turned to step towards the slim doors of their lounge when his hand caught her wrist “Want something?”

“Ya uh Ethan? my Ethan? I want to talk to him” Mohana mumbled turning her wrist to free from his grip

“Ethan is not here” Omar stated, pulling her to recede back towards the couch

Bewildered Mohana looked outside at their elevation blurting “Where could he have gone?”

Catching on her wild imagination Omar lightly chuckled “I refrain from throwing people off the plane. Until now. He is serving the team at the very end of the airplane. If you need anything we can ask Bella”

Feeling left out from the ongoing partnership he had with his stewardess Mohana stressed “Dibella. That’s her name. It says on her badge. But Ethan is mine.. he uh he knows my bag? my digi? I don’t want to talk to Dibella. I want him. Madam Gallaghair requested him to be with me”

Smoothly tugging her, Omar had Mohana land besides him on the couch “And I will take this matter directly with your Madam Gallaghair because Dibella will be serving our lounge”

“You can have her. But I need my Ethan. He is with my team. I hardly think there is any reason to move Sophista folks around no matter whatever other changes the storm has brought upon us” she emphatically held her ground

Omar checked “What do you want from that man?”

“My digi” Mohana mumbled

“I have it and how about I’ll give it to you if you have lunch with me” pulling the screen from a pocket besides his seat, Omar merely held it for her inspection before raising his arm out of her reach and slipping the device back into the crevice

“What if am not hungry?” she pouted, staring at her disappearing device

“What if I am?” he countered

“But I didn’t even order with your.. that.. whatever Dibella” she stated factually

“We’ll share..” wrapping his arm around her waist Omar turned Mohana towards the window “..I’ll manage with less food if you’re nice to me. Do you see that? Right where the Giant Geewan Gorge meets Mount Valma”

Her shy fingers rested on his forearm as she peered down to capture the natural formations of the narrow steep walled canyon with the tall snowy peaks of the range complimenting it. His words ‘if you’re nice to me’ sent waves of guilt through her.

Embraced in the warmth of his arms Mohana felt sad for the cards he had been dealt with. Tolerating her in the shared space when he couldn’t even stand being associated with her that too in front of a confectionery stranger, could not be easy.

The storm hadn’t been fair to either of them but all she had done was to keep encroaching his space. From hogging his jacket, to sleeping on his side of the couch and now planning to share his meal. She considered his misery to be far greater.

Glancing at the snow capped mountains she hesitantly whispered “I didn’t mean to..uhm your jacket. I didn’t realize because I was thinking about.. all of that.. I will get you another one as soon as we land”

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