Chapter 07.4 – Hot Hot and Mine

|| 07. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

“All of what?” Omar whispered his husky voice making goosebumps appear on her nape

“Uhm..” Mohana briefly closed her eyes “..uh Soren? Soren Rick! I was thinking about him.. and then..uh..I.. thought it’s his jacket but I realized it was just my dream”

“Because he shares his jacket with you?” his steel chest growled with those words, making a thunderous vibration run through her flushed back

“I.. uh he has a neat collection, very neat collection. I am hungry! How long does it even take to get lunch? If my Ethan was here we would have already had it” she attempted to ease from his hold

“Which is exactly why he is not here or we would have missed this..” his rich voice confirmed “..that peak on the west is the one that’s the widest” not relenting his grip, Omar pointed towards the mountain

The spread of lunch seemed more inclined towards a feast than a meal serving for a single person. The only exception being that it came with a single cutlery setting. Shyly accepting the bowl of raspberries from Omar, Mohana wondered if she should request another set of silverware. The thought of talking to Dibella sporting that small a skirt made her let out a disgruntled humph.

“We don’t feel like having raspberries?” Omar checked at the expression of her dissatisfaction

Shaking her head fervently Mohana partially clarified “No. uhm. not that. raspberries are great” picking on a berry she nearly swallowed it to prove her point. The idea of requesting another fork got dismissed entirely on the disquiet of having to face Dibella. Holding her bowl of the juicy fruit she turned sideways to admire the view from the window.

Through the variety of offerings of sandwiches, fries and selection of finger foods that Omar offered, she efficiently managed eating them all without the need of any silverware. Only when she heard his husky voice say “Shahe fen?” Mohana halted from accepting the deep oval dish filled with speciality pasta.

The noodles entwined with julienned vegetables lured her tummy. She curled her fingers around her drink doubtfully then puckering her lips she mumbled “Silverware? I’ll message my Ethan for a fork?”

“Here” he offered her the untouched fork from their luxurious food setting

Shyly taking hold of the golden flatware Mohana twirled it in the noodles. Her lowered eyes admired his muscular arm loosing focus on the dish in her hands. Vaguely turning the fork she traced eyes over the length of his taut forearm following a vein traveling to his wrist. She saw his hand appear closer all the way until it slipped the fork from her.

Breaking from her oblivion she offered an explanation “Uhm it’s hot”, “You don’t like hot?” wrapping the noodles around the tines of the fork he lightly blew over the bite

She gulped at the hot man besides her considering how her not liking ‘hot’ could even be a possibility “I..I uh the food? not hot hot, but hot”, “This?” Omar checked holding the fork to her lips

Lowering her lashes to divert them from his sparkling eyes Mohana nearly swallowed the bite he offered. Taken completely off guard by his gesture she assured the him on the heat level with a “Hm”

“Hm” exchanging an acknowledgement Omar took a bite himself from the same fork

“We ..this uh we can’t.. fork?” she hastily informed reporting her objection to their sharing the silverware again. Memories of her being captivated at their breakfast in the resort from a day ago made her nervously look at the lone knife on the table

“We can ask Dibella for another setting” cooling another bite Omar extended it to her lips

Her cheeks blushed a deep shade at their exchange, quickly eating the forkful, she looked outside declaring “Noh! I don’t want more”

“I thought you were going to be nice to me for our lunch” taking another bite himself, Omar prepared one for her again. Those words rekindled the guilt she had felt. Ignoring her heaving chest from being overtly aware of his proximity Mohana gave in. Curled in her spot she turned lightly to take the bite from the fork he held.

After the noodle dish, Mohana took to eating a burrito holding it with her own hands but every once in between a forkful of rice and beans made through her lips. Between bites she stole admiring glances of her handsome companion. Her relentless eyes couldn’t seem to get enough of his attractive hand that held the fork. Traveling his muscular forearm she admired his sculpted muscles and dreamily stared at the torso hidden behind the white tshirt.

When the staff came to clear their lunch table, much to her heart ache Dibella also appeared with them “Omar Sir, can I get you anything else?”

Inwardly grumbling at yet another ‘anything’ Mohana tried to look outside the window wanting to block their conversation but his husky voice kept luring her heart’s attention. She heard his voice smoothly roll “We should be good, I’ll message if there’s a need”, “Most definitely. Anything you want” spacing out each word with many broad smiles Dibella left their lounge

True to his word, Omar offered the digital screen to Mohana “All yours”

“Oh. Ya. I have to review my article” having been completely mesmerized by his company Mohana hid her surprise at Omar remembering his promise for she had definitely forgotten anything existed beyond him

Switching to review the opinion piece she debated with her heart and eyes to ensure her focus remained on the digital screen than being carried away to the attractive celebrity ruling the space around her. Gathering much self control she diligently read the words. Few paragraphs and corrections later she stifled a yawn.

Shifting in her spot, she turned around to place the tablet on the arm rest, forcing her eyes to parse the document highlighting some more edits. In time her heavy lids started to make the words blur together. Taking into account that she had eaten for her entire life and needed a refreshment Mohana glanced around for the small connector device.

“Need something?” Omar looked up from his own digital screen

Searching the cavity besides her arm rest for the small pod to message her steward Mohana tiredly informed “I my Ethan?”

“Hopefully he’s taking a nap. Maybe you want to as well?” Omar offered casually reclining to rest an ankle on his other knee

Her cheeks deepened with color being reminded of having woken up earlier on the other side of the couch “Noh. I am not sleepy”

“Sure” mumbling an acknowledgement Omar looked back at the device ahead of him, his fingers busily tapping away

Refusing to pay heed to the shiver run through her, she forced her heavy lids to stare at the screen. Flying above the puffy clouds made her miss the blanketing warmth of his jacket. Running a nervous hand through her silver toned golden tresses Mohana leaned back to look at his belonging resting at the opposite end on the couch. She tried to think of her bed and Polo in lieu, wanting to divert her heart.

In sometime, trying to read another paragraph her fingers slipped from the device as her sleepy eyes swooped close. Rescuing the digital gadget from her lap Omar dropped it in the leather pocket besides him. Murmuring “Come here” he tenderly wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her petite frame across the couch

Her eyes flew open at his warming touch. Encircled within his strength she breathlessly managed a confusion filled “Hm?”

“Rest. You’re really cold” he gently smoothed her golden head tugging her closer

Her face paled at the mention of those words. Sleepily pulling out of his embrace with as much courage as she could collect Mohana gave him a wry smile “I am cold! I am a cold person!..” not finding her screen she furiously launched at him “..I need to work. I can’t afford wasting entire days sitting around, flying through these random places and eating lavish lunches! I need my device! You can’t prank me every time by hiding my screen or I’ll have to call my Ethan!”

Halting her withdrawal in a fluid move Omar had her soft frame flushed against his powerful torso

“And what do you propose he’s going to do?” the undertones of his voice held a challenge but his gentle strokes along her temple made her consciously shift against him.

She opened her mouth then closed it. Gulping nervously she tried to factually inform of Ethan’s responsibilities as had been determined by her boss Inaya Gallaghair “He is mine..”

“He is not. Another time I hear you say that, I will make sure to throw him out of this plane” the growl came accompanied with contradictory gentle soothing caresses on her golden head

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