Chapter 07.5 – First Name on My Mind

|| 07. PAIZE 5 ♥ ||

Getting lulled to flop onto his tempting warmth Mohana fought the urge of her heart and sleepy eyes to stand against the unfairness. It immensely irritated her to see him talk to his own stewardess while getting denied her steward Ethan “You can’t! You can’t just do that, he is m..” unable to say ‘mine’ her words came to a halt looking at the challenge in his eyes

“I anyways will” Omar smugly concluded

“No you can’t!..” Mohana frantically moved within the cage of his arms arguing “..I want him..” her declaration trailed off feeling his thumb on her lips

“Not another word and none about that one man” gently outlining her lower lip Omar overruled her resistance pulling her to rest on his chest, coarsely coaxing “Close your eyes. You need rest”

His touch on her lips further frenzied the butterflies in her tummy. Promising them a respite seemed nearly impossible when her heart lured to soak the warmth of his embrace. The coziness of his proximity seeped through, ridding her of the chills yet Mohana consciously waited for her lips to be freed. She wanted to fight back, she wanted to declare the need for her own steward when he had his stewardess, but his thumb refused to budge from her pink lips.

Lightly caressing her lower lip, his touch feathered her cupids bow, then smoothing the corner of her mouth in time it traversed whisper touches across her jaw routing to her cheek bone. Refuting the chaotic butterflies, her deceiving heart willfully embraced his enchanting touch. Attempting to interpret the pattern of his moves, her eyes drooped into slumber.

Through the long journey with fueling interrupts, refreshment breaks and her attempts to work on the journal, Mohana each time deliriously woke up from Omar’s embrace. She spoke more to him asleep than when she scurried to her couch corner awake. The colors of the sky changed with passing timezones but her shivers remained persistent, except when she was bound within his strong arms.

Being cocooned against his chest gave Mohana much more than what her jittery trembles needed. Relieving her chills his unbound warmth spread further. By the time the aircraft landed at their destination, her cheeks were painted red. Covered in his leather jacket she sleepily refused to let go of his protective envelop. Only when she heard Omar murmur a specific name again her eyes sprang open “..Bella has the paperwork, I’ll message her”

Pulling back from his chest she croaked the correction “Dibella”. Barely acknowledging the shiver running through her, Mohana pushed her sleepy arms one by one through his supple leather jacket

Gently moving the silken hair from her face Omar gave her a smile “Here I’ve been thinking maybe with some appreciation, I’d be the first name on your mind”

“Appreciation? For bringing this Dibella?” she countered upset. Still reeling from her sweet sleep, the stewardess was the last thing Mohana wanted to hear about let alone discuss with the distinguished celebrity

All she wanted was to be embraced in his.. her cheeks flared further making her halt from completing her thoughts. She nervously looked at his muscular torso, the strong arms and pristine chest that had been the source of her luring warmth until a few moments ago

“I wouldn’t mind the credit for that..” Omar twirled a lock of her hair, from atop the dark black leather “..I did have some say in hiring Dibella but I was thinking more along the lines of appreciating any nice dreams owing to the jacket I designed”

Settled on his lap with complete abandon, Mohana deeply frowned. Any ounce of sleep that might have existed seemed to get wrenched out of her “You! Hired her?!”

“And as I was saying I also designed the jacket” Omar smiled, lightly motioning towards the black leather that she sat snuggled into

The short skirt clad wanton stewardess relentlessly ran through her head. Halting to reflect at his words: ‘dreams owing to the jacket I designed’ Mohana declared “Soren! I was dreaming about Soren. I only dream about him. And this jacket. Because he has this and all of the other jackets. In all the colors. And they are very warm”

“What color would you say you like the most?” Omar checked, his fingers engrossed in playing with the ends of her silky golden tresses

Mohana attempted to remember any reference pictures of the movie star Soren Rick but all her eyes could see were handsome features of the man right ahead of her. Looking superiorly sexy.

Inhaling a ragged breath she consciously reminded herself of her shield Soren Rick. Unwilling yet certain she pulled out of his embrace. Shifting off the barrier of his muscular leg she scrambled to her couch corner. Hugging her legs to her chest she determinedly stated “All! All colors are good. He looks great in all of them”

“Because he is so handsome and so hot?” his powerful voice sent a shiver run through her. Mohana looked up to see him casually lounging besides her except his black eyes appeared completely dark

Pulling his jacket closer, she adamantly started to confirm “Ya! Very handsome and very hot and..” but stopped at the knock

“And?” Omar asked dismissing the interruption at their private lounge

“And uhm sexy? He is sexy, everyone thinks he is sexy” she offered factually, resolutely aiming to pull all the Sophista numbers to back her confirmation

Leaning across the couch Omar stiffly stated “Definitely not everyone..” then lightly setting her golden locks on the jacket she wore, he whispered “..I’ll let her come in?”

She merely managed a “Hm” at his closeness. Expecting the stewardess, Mohana threw her head back on the couch feigning interest to look at the large switched off screen on their lounge wall

At Omar’s approval the door opened to welcome the very woman narrating an entire run down of updates “Omar Sir, the entry information..”

Much to her relief Dibella’s words got blurred when her personal assistant, Jojo, showed up at the lounge. Ecstatic at finally finding the door unlocked, Jojo walked straight through without a heed to the stewardess.

Rushing to Mohana, Jojo enquired about her well being. Determined to ensure her boss was feeling better after having rested, Jojo ran a checklist to confirm her food offerings and sleeping breaks. Following that she rattled important work updates in quick whispers, being extremely aware of Dibella. Once the crew received information to exit, holding Mohana’s hand Jojo accompanied her outside.

“Miss Mohana I missed you so much! I don’t think I am ever going to like this kind of flying. Can you imagine Indigo of all things decided to sit in my lounge! It was horrible! I don’t think I am ever talking to that person ever again!” Jojo claimed with complete certainty

Cocooned in the leather jacket of the celebrity she had left behind with Dibella, Mohana confirmed “Ya, this whole sharing executive rooms and flights are the most messy”

Waiting anxiously at the plane exit Ethan finally got reunited with Mohana. Effectively taking charge he ensured a smooth process through her airport exit and travel all the way to checking her in at the hotel suite. Guiding her from the hallways, to her room door Ethan offered “Miss Mohana, hope you enjoy your stay here. I will be at your service anytime you desire”

“Appreciate it, why don’t you rest some too, this trip must not have been easy” Mohana offered with a kind smile

Ethan ran a hand through his already messed up hair “You are an angel just like Madam Gallaghair says. Don’t worry about me Miss Mohana, you must unwind for the day and rest some, ensuring your comfort is my priority”

“She can’t be comfortable..” both their eyes shot to the beholder of that voice “..standing at the door talking to you. If comfort was a priority you should have left two and a half minutes ago”

Leaning against the wall besides her door, his thumb lightly tucked in the jeans pocket the tall brooding form of Omar Shaan stared at them. The figure ahead of Mohana had completely lost all color, accepting the magnificent presence besides them

Speedily falling back a few steps to increase his distance from Mohana, Ethan stuttered an acknowledgement “Y..yes, Omar Sir”

“It’s alright, I caught up on a lot of rest en-route. You’ve been wonderful Ethan! I really appreciate all that you do” Mohana assured her steward

“Yes, Miss Mohana I am grateful to be of service to you..” rushing through the words giving her a light bow the young man managed a terror-stricken glance at Omar “Sir, Ma’am warm wishes for the night” managing his exit he scuttled away through the hallway

Left alone in the company of a certain handsome man, Mohana consciously spun around to admire the door to her room. Unlocking it with a press of her finger on the knob, she hastily disappeared behind it.

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