Chapter 08.1 – Our Entangled Fragrances

|| 08. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Breathing heavily she marched past the suite to reach the bedroom. Regretting the very decision to have withdrawn from an exchange with Omar Shaan in the hallway, she found herself ahead of the golden leaf embossed mirror.

Staring at her crimson face, Mohana rattled through her nervousness “Can’t they give him another hotel? Or another floor at the very minimum? How am I supposed to prepare my bold-act if I don’t even get time. More than half the time I am sleeping..” her words felt stuck in the throat for saying ‘sleep’ out loud, only to be reminded of his closeness

Her reflection shone back: dressed in his leather jacket, her beautiful golden hair sparkled against the black background. Covering her face in her palms she shrieked her realization “I stole his jacket!”

Bashful, Mohana threw herself on the bed at what she had done. Rambling against the mattress a flurry of distressed words escaped her “And he came to take it! But I didn’t even let him talk. He must be cold but I left him out there! All alone! I have lost my mind”

Part of Mohana relished the warmth from the luxurious article of clothing radiating their entangled fragrances, while the other made her heart beat faster at the severe folly she had committed.

The buzz of the connect made Mohana half heartedly reach for the device mumbling “Hi”

“Miss Mohana, why don’t you change, I’ll get us a night cap and we can discuss the plan for the morning” Jojo suggested from the other side

“Yeah, sounds neat. Uhm Jojo? The people that were with us? in the flight? do you know where they are staying?” Mohana asked straightening on the bed

“Ethan said Dibella and her crew had checked in at the airport resort itself because they are flying back tomorrow. She is one wild creature! Every time we came to check on you, we were instructed that you were resting. And despite however much Ethan helped ensure all your meals were on track, she objected anyone else from entering your lounge”

“Ya Ethan’s very nice and caring, um but what about let’s say others from Shaan Designs?” Mohana pondered aloud

“Oh..” Jojo’s voice hushed down to a whisper “..Indigo is right here! On my floor! but I ran away before anyone even got a chance to talk to me!..” Mohana threw her head back on the bed recalling her own ‘running-away’ from Indigo’s boss

She heard Jojo add “..Omar’s team is all in our hotel. From what Indigo explained to me on the flight, their meeting with Sarrata got preponed and that’s why we ended up sharing the flight through the storm. Do you want me to check on Omar’s room?”

“Noh no! Uh No! It’s just that by error I picked a black jacket from my couch that I thought was uh mine? But then it occurred to me that I didn’t even pack mine so it’s likely someone else’s but we can check with Salm, and his team can get it dry cleaned to return it to whoever” Mohana attempted to relay the information with as much sincerity as she hoped was in her heart. No matter how much she relished the article of clothing, her intent had not been to steal it from it’s rightful owner.

“But that jacket was looking so good on you..” Jojo dreamily sighed “ was like that scene from the movie Immense Force where Soren Rick covers his wife in his leather jacket to save her from the rain”

“Soren! Yes! That’s such a romantic movie but I also need numbers on Soren Rick, I want to ensure his popularity for Sophista readers..” Mohana declared wanting to prove to Omar Shaan that everyone did indeed find the actor sexy “..When is he visiting Sophista offices?”

“After spring break Miss Mohana..” Jojo informed flipping through her digital screen “..The best part is he marries a journalist in his latest hit Desperation! and in real life you will get to do his exposé interview! I’ll bring you the numbers with our updates”

“See you soon!” exchanging their goodbyes on the connect Mohana disconnected the line

“Some people want to marry journalists as well! Even if they are scripted. Who knows it could have been a real inspiration! What’s the point anyways in going around and clarifying to confectionery associates whatever we may or may not be” humphing to herself Mohana hopped off the bed

Changed into a pink night tshirt with fuzzy penguins spread all across, she toyed with the leather jacket. Stealing another long breath of the intoxicating fragrance the jacket emanated, she savored the warmth, reminiscing the memories of being snuggled into it. Determining to separate herself from the tempting jacket that didn’t belong to her Mohana tried to fold it then deciding otherwise, hung it on the hanger.

Giving one last chance, she landed herself in the hug of it’s warmth. Recalling the powerful strength she had been enveloped in, Mohana smoothed the jacket then adamantly pulled herself away.

Following their connect Jojo reached Mohana’s suite with an overly alert Ethan. Shoving the trolley with beverage and food options, the steward managed a vase filled with pink camellia flowers. Speedily offloading the food offerings, Ethan set the decorative vessel overflowing with her favorite pink blooms in the center of the dining table. Bowing to Mohana and Jojo, exchanging greetings he just as quickly disappeared.

Mohana brimmed with happiness looking at the flowers “How did you get these here at this time in the night?”

“Salm got us an entire flower shop! He said he was ordering flowers for Leya but they had a list of all the flowers we like so he ordered them all. Do you remember that man with those tattoos who handled our passes earlier? He himself came to deliver these right at my door” Jojo explained

“Salm’s such a romantic!..” Mohana exclaimed admiring the flowers doubtfully checking on the man “..but why would they send the welcome space associate to deliver flowers?”

“I was going to ask but we didn’t even get time to exchange a word. Indigo from wherever appeared in the hallway and the associate ran away! But Miss Mohana do you think we are going to like men with tattoos?” Jojo enquired

“We can, but I’ve never really paid attention to anyone’s tattoos before. When Ethan was checking us in, he had mentioned this staff’s shift doesn’t end until after our breakfast. We should likely come across him again in the morning to ponder on our consideration” Mohana shared the information

Jojo nodded thoughtfully “After the resort experience yesterday, am starting to loose a little hope overall with these staff members, tattoos or not”

“Yeah that resort was definitely something” dismissing the chill run through her body Mohana inhaled a haggard breath reminded of the photoshoot locale where her time had kept getting extended. The session for their December cover that could have ideally wrapped in less than a few minutes had taken almost her entire day. Her wish to be relieved from being in the presence of the heart throb celebrity had only been fulfilled before dinner, even then dragging her heart away from him had been a mighty struggle.

Alongside snacking from their exclusive selection both young women got busy with work. Discussing Sophista updates, catching up on communication, parsing through recent movement in the industry they went through their tasks tirelessly. Sarrata being the exclusive source for all Shaan Designs base materials, their extensive deep dive coverage was to pair in partnership with their fashion designer celebrity cover and his exposé interview. Diligently reviewing their team’s agenda for the upcoming fabric industry deep dive Mohana and Jojo wrapped the night.

Looking at the ticking time Jojo determined “Miss Mohana you must rest some. We only have a few more hours before we need to get ready to reach Sarrata. I’ll come get you before breakfast”

“Yes this was great, get some shut eye yourself too, we’ll have an amazing spread with Sarrata” Mohana happily confirmed

Upon Jojo leaving the suite, Mohana walked over to admire the vase filled with her favorite flowers. Smoothing a flower with her dainty fingers she picked the large container carrying it to her room. The hundreds of lightly unfurling buds with their beautiful petals shone in the soft bedroom light. Placing the vase on one of the side tables she ran her hand delicately feeling them when her eyes caught the black leather jacket. Hanging atop the slatted closet doors where she had left it, the jacket enticed her to get wrapped in it.

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