Chapter 08.2 – Caught in the Act

|| 08. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

“Am anyways always cold” Mohana justified to herself in a vigorous attempt to override temptations which were far beyond the item in her view. She glanced away from the luxurious article of clothing, wishing to overlook the memories of its owner that created an unexplainable havoc inside her.

Securing her blonde hair in a top knot she stepped out through the french doors to the balcony wishing to escape her cravings. Hit with cool air, she was welcomed by the dark skies with a silhouette of the mountain range and sweeping coastline.

From atop the penthouse floor, wrapping arms around herself hugging the slightly embossed penguins on her night tshirt she adamantly spoke “We don’t need warmth!”

“Quite a contradiction..” Mohana almost jumped listening to his voice “..most penguin species enjoy warm climate”

Her heart thumped wildly seeing the handsome Omar Shaan in the adjoining balcony. Fidgeting nervously with the fuzzy cloth of her sleeping tee she blurted “You own penguins?”

Gesturing towards her short tshirt filled with various sized penguins Omar asked instead “Don’t you?”

Astonished at his response she glanced at the puffy creatures on her pink tee then checked back at the tall figure who stood separated by the close yet adjacent railing. “They are mine. ya. but you scared.. uhm all of us” Mohana claimed with her heart bouncing at the base of her throat.

Tangential to the assertion she had made, her heart was over joyous to have found the devastatingly handsome dream man. The main ruckus her needy heart caused was wishing to steal a glance into his mesmerizing sparkling depths but Omar Shaan seemed too preoccupied to spare a glance in her direction. His tall frame stood slightly turned away from Mohana, his eyes searching something far in the distance.

Her lips formed a pout when she heard him concerned for others “The penguins are fine?”

“Yah” mumbling cluelessly she looked down at the cute penguins on her night tshirt. Her heart sulked at not being included in his caring consideration

“Then we are at least partly sorted” his velvety rich voice confirmed still depriving her of his glance

Her mayhem causing butterflies surmised his likeness for at least something on this side of the balcony. Even if it were the fuzzy penguins, the consideration they belonged to her tshirt, gave them fair justification to continue their fluttering. Dismissing the shriveling of her heart at being denied a glimpse, her eyes also of their own accord availed the opportunity to soak the magnificence around her. Unabashedly she stared at the dashing man who ignoring the panoramic view of the island ahead of them, gazed far towards the dark ocean waves.

Her eyes daringly moved from his averted eyes to the sharp jawline measuring their way to his adam’s apple. Taking their own courageous path her novice silver spheres rolled further down reaching his tshirt. Realizing he had changed into another one after their airplane journey she continued her expedition of admiring his broad chest, muscular shoulders, the strong arms with each curve of his muscles. Her cheeks were scorching with heat owing to her trek yet her dedicated gaze reached the slim disc on one of his wrists. Her silver eyes further traced each strong finger of his hand that rested at the balcony railing

The lightly glowing alert of the slim disc shifted her pupils to focus back on his wrist. Flipping another device from the jeans pocket Omar answered the connect “Hi Twinkle..”

An instant frown appeared on Mohana’s forehead listening to his hushed welcoming tone for the recipient. Her grip on the railing hardened seeing his footsteps recede from the balcony taking him indoors

Left alone Mohana made a face repeating his words distastefully “Hi Twinkle”. Almost instantly she slapped both hands on her mouth lest he heard her again.

She looked back towards the farther end of the coastline where he had been busily looking. A sinking feeling made her frantically trace the cool metal railing. Her heart banged in her chest with the never ending list of names. Now she knew another one: Twinkle

Puckering her lips she looked at the dark lines of the mountain range, her fingers making circular patterns on the wrought iron barrier. When she had counted enough milliseconds she grumbled “Why would anyone want to miss this view of all things to talk to Twinkle”

Thoughtfully inspecting the length of her balcony she purposefully stalled her gaze towards the nearly conjoined railing of her neighbor. Finding no sign of activity she heaved a restless sigh. From having been inside an airplane Mohana determined she could use a small walk to refresh before retiring to her bed.

Treading her steps towards where her neighbor had stood, she sourly summarized her ironical actions “It wasn’t like I was going to listen to that chit chat, what’s so important anyways that you can’t even take line connects in a balcony”

Her feet halted at the near edge. Resting her elbows on the cool iron, she cupped her face in her palms counting another round of milliseconds, then seconds, then minutes. Standing at the corner waiting with bated breath for any movement, her heart raced when a faint sound of his laughter came through. In that instant the french door to his balcony swung open to let his words clearly flow through “..whenever you want or I’ll take you with me..”

Omar’s words halted when her eyes briefly met his. Caught in the act of an apparent snooping effort on the famed fashion celebrity, her breath decided to give up on Mohana. Her cheeks rushed with color seeing him appear so close, her heart ecstatic to have finally gleaned a glance from him. Giving him an extra wide smile to override her mischievous stunt Mohana averted her eyes from his handsome features. Running a faint hand on her forehead to brush off an invisible strand of hair, she busily looked in the direction of the mountain. Much to the disappointment of her peripheral vision, the man disappeared inside his room again.

Frowning at being left alone again, she glanced at his empty balcony scoffing to herself under the dark skies “Whenever you want! Why just Twinkle! Take the entire population of fans with you wherever you go!”

Crabbily she stared hard at the mountain range then exhaled a humph. Not wanting to give up on her investigation just yet, she slightly leaned over the ledge of the balcony to check the dim lights faintly pouring through his glass doors. Pulling back to straighten, she grumbled at his insistence in brushing her off since she had stepped out on the balcony.

Upset Mohana sat down on the cold balcony floor. Pulling her legs to her chest she balled them inside the short tshirt

“We are not partly sorted! Not at all!” Mohana growled repeating his words from earlier to the otherwise peaceful night surrounding her. Gently stroking the fuzzy penguins she pouted in complaint “I was scared too! Not just my little penguins! It is so dark and cold out here! He could have checked on me for once, just as a stranger or uhm just like a neighbor at the hotel..”

“’ll like this room it has a nice view..” his majestic voice poured through the slightly easing door, halting her fuss about being left alone. Hiding herself in the shadows Mohana excitedly turned expecting to catch sight of Omar, but instead heard the balcony door close click in it’s groove

“The bold and sexy Twinkle now gets to see his room too! As if Peggy wasn’t enough and that Dibella! Bella this, Bella that! Ugh! I can’t even care! I am only here because I am missing my warm Polo..” with a huff she ascertained to herself “..but I am anyways cold! I’ll always stay cold! And I don’t even care!”

Blinking her glassy eyes she peeked through the iron balusters. Her silver spheres glanced at the speckle of stars in the dark skies while her heart yearned to look into the dark sparkling orbs of the handsome man. Missing the warmth of her fluffy Polo, Mohana hugged herself. Tired and cold she leaned sideways resting her head on the iron rod, attempting to count the milliseconds for as long as she could. Loosing the count gradually, while her relentless heart kept awaiting another chance to look into his shining black eyes, her own tired eyes gave up.

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