Chapter 08.3 – Hushed Whispers

|| 08. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Within moments the neighboring balcony door swung open but lost to her sleep Mohana remained leaning sideways. Stepping across the balcony rails with fluent ease, Omar mumbled something under in his breath. Urgently he bent down to swoop the young woman shivering in her sleep. Her cold body needily snuggled closer, seeking his warmth. A relieved moan escaped from the back of her throat as she got wrapped in his heated embrace.

Carrying Mohana inside the room, Omar gently sat her on the edge of the bed, holding her petite frame against his torso. Single handedly pulling the bed covers in a smooth move, he had her settled under the warm blankets securely surrounded by the plush comforter. Sitting besides her on the edge of the bed, Omar gently reached for her forehead to feel the body temperature. Lightly stroking her temple, his voice gruffly contradicted his tender touch “We can’t do this”

“Hm?” with a sleepy frown Mohana merely crinkled her eyes open.

Barely making out the dark black shimmery spheres that she had waited so long to see, her lips lightly spread in a smile. Sleepily following her heart’s urge she tried to reach for his warming touch. Stubborn in her want she let out a moan “Mh” shuffling until her face rested on his large palm. Possessively clasping drowsy fingers on his wrist she hugged his muscled forearm to her chest. Soaking him in Mohana contently closed her eyes.

Tenderly murmuring words coaxing her to sleep his other hand ventured to the voluminous top knot. Deftly easing the coiled golden tresses to unfold Omar let her silken waves spread across the pillow. Turning a wavy golden curl around his fingers his eyes zeroed on the vase filled with pink camellia blooms. Grumbling rapidly under his breath Omar looked away from the flowers stroking her temple gently. Soothing the shivering Mohana with a low murmur of words, light caresses on her head, his fingers every once in a while got lost in her shiny golden hair smoothing the silken strands.

In time feeling for her temperature again, once satisfied Omar straightened from the bed. When he eased his hand from her sleepy hold a complain filled whimper escaped Mohana “Mmhm”. But soon she hugged on to the leather jacket that Omar covered her with. Drowsily declaring “mmh..ine” she tried to grab on to the lapels of the lavish jacket

“Mine” tucking the jacket to wrap around her Omar secured the balcony doors close letting the curtains block the darkness of the night. Dimming the lamps to douse the room into a faint glow he glanced at her asleep form on the bed. At the farther end of the bedroom unlocking another door he walked right across to a connecting room.


The blaring eleventh alarm finally made Mohana attempt to straighten from the bed. Covering her mouth on another yawn she sleepily pushed her arms through the shielding jacket. Rolling off from the bed she numbly attempted to trace her way in search of her washroom. Unhappy at her cold toes, sleepily rubbing her eyes she pulled the door open mumbling “Am travelin ‘gain”. The oversized jacket hit a slim vase from the corner of the dresser making her drowsy words meet a loud bang in exchange.

The small metal holder of bright pink roses getting toppled from the height bounced right ahead of her to ring loudly on the floor, scattering the handful of long stems at her feet. Listening to the clatter, Omar came rushing towards their connecting bedroom door.

Feeling trapped by the daunting thorny stalks strewn all around Mohana screamed on top of her lungs “Mo’ana”

Almost instantly his large palm landed on her lips halting her from shouting her own name. Holding on to her waist Omar urgently pulled her closer murmuring assurance to the shaken soul “Hey, am here. and we’ll call Jojo, she’s a floor down”

Her large silver spheres welled with tears listening to his velvety voice. Having craved for him for so long, closing her eyes Mohana submitted herself to his warming strength. Unmindful of his shirtless torso she inched closer seeking to make herself belong in his embrace.

Affixing Mohana to himself Omar cupped her pale face in his palm huskily asking “We’ll be alright?”

In between holding back restless tears and soaking the presence she had missed, a muffled merely audible whisper escaped her “Noh..missedyu”

“I was right here. I’ll get this sorted” assuring her Omar lifted Mohana’s petite body against his strong frame. Letting her feet dangle a few inches higher from the floor he stepped them in the room, moving away from the spread of the small fallen bouquet

Slipping her along his chest, he let her feet touch the ground. Caressing her hair soothingly Omar circled her temple murmuring “Look at me”

“Noh” closing her eyes Mohana averted her face from his palm. Clinging on to him, her fingers digging in his chest muscles, she let huge tears finally escape her silver eyes

“I was right here mo stór” Omar softly coaxed, stroking off the salty streams rolling down her deeply blushing cheeks. The velvety voice filled with concern murmured “We can’t do this”

His words, his rich voice, made her heart turn. Gulping nervously against his warmth Mohana scrunched her eyes close. Her heart urged her to remain in his embrace despite knowing that her dreams could never live this reality. Willing herself to hold back her tears Mohana lightly pushed on his chest to free from his embrace.

She took a breathless step away to put immediate distance between his gorgeous warmth and her coldness. Finding pulled back white sheets on a bed instead of the ambience of a washroom she felt confusion at her surroundings. Her eyes looked at the scattered mess a few steps away. Gathering that Omar had moved them from the long thorny stems her heart bobbed at the base of her neck. Ignoring the twirling ruckus inside her tummy at his care filled gesture, Mohana inhaled a shaky breath running a stern reminder: Sophista was the only thing that could ever exist between them

Pulling on the facade she stated her resolve in a voice that was bereft of feelings “We can’t do this. All of whatever. It was just the noise. I don’t like being awakened to..” her eyes caught the handwritten note from bouquet, edges of which were crinkled getting soaked with water but the heart drawn ahead of the name ‘Bella’ read crisply clear

Clenching on the sleeve of the large jacket that covered her Mohana braved herself to look straight into his glittering black eyes to declare “And I thought it’s Soren”

In a fluid tug that nearly knocked her breathless she landed smack against his impeccable torso “Because you were dreaming about that Soren Rick all night?”

Smashed against his bare chest the butterflies in her tummy invigorated a renewed havoc but Mohana managed to claim vehemently “Ya. Yes. I was dreaming about him. I am always dreaming about him”

His black eyes completely dark, void of any sparkle, stared into her silver depths. “Always. And you thought this was his jacket?” Omar challenged grinding out each word

“Yes. Of course. I didn’t plan to steal your jacket! It just happened.. I.. I was going to return it! I told Jojo for Salm’s team to get it dry cleaned and for them to give it back to you” she informed heatedly. Her ludicrous heart seemed to welcome his wrath in exchange of being held onto him

Listening to her clarifying explanation Omar only chose to ask “When?”

Furious at herself for having indeed stolen his belonging no matter what her heart wanted to claim otherwise, Mohana tried her sincere justification “We met last night before I came to the balcony and I was going to tell you right then..” upset at the reminder of their interaction she blamed “..but you were so busy bringing Twinkle to your room that you didn’t even spare me a glance”

“When. As in when would I get it back” Omar smugly stressed on the words alongside firming his hold on her waist

Her heaving chest brushed against the strong plane of his torso making all her butterflies rattle in harmony. Fuming at his insistence for the jacket, Mohana exasperatedly affirmed “Right after your breakfast! Even if I have to dry clean it myself!”

Dipping his head Omar inched closer making her heartbeat skyrocket. Her rapid breathing met further havoc when his cheek lightly brushed hers. Setting her silken hair tenderly along her neck Omar whispered “Don’t bother. I can’t risk Twinkle seeing you again”

Appalled at the words she pushed on his chest but his steady grip on her small waist remained, keeping her glued to himself. Upset at the rumpus in her heart her fingers landed to lay curled on his chest. Torn at another woman’s presence with him, Mohana fought back. Considerate of not wanting to be overheard she growled in a whisper of her own “You! You can’t have that Twinkle here! That’s my bedroom and this.. uh.. these rooms are almost connected..”

“They are connected” Omar stated factually. The back of his long fingers brushed her neck as he busily wrapped silken waves of her hair around them

Seething from within Mohana hissed her objection “Exactly! So! I am not going to allow you to share what’s mine”

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