Chapter 08.4 – Keep it a Secret

|| 08. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

“And who allowed you to share what’s mine?” Omar growled in his own husky whisper. His large hand possessively fastened it’s hold on her golden mass tilting her face closer to his

Mohana scowled in retort, incredulously grumbling within their whispering proximity “When did I do that?! I don’t even have anyone in my bedroom!”

His closeness, the strength of his warmth, his dominating grip, the luring fragrance she barely managed to inhale, all mixed together with the presence of another woman in his room made her extremely agitated

“I wasn’t the one sharing jackets with that scripted jerk of a movie star” Omar grumbled in the lowest whisper tugging her impossibly closer

“Soren is not scripted!..” countering his derision Mohana emphasized “..He is real and everyone likes him. Much more than that Twinkle of yours! Why will I share your jacket with him? He has all of his own and I.. won’t I just take those?” she voiced her doubt, trying to ascertain how her dynamics should be at play with the pretentious shield of Soren Rick

“No. Because you are wearing mine” cutting into her resonating thoughts Omar grumbled. His dark black thunderous eyes stared into her depths

“It’s not yours!..” she zestfully stressed then corrected herself surrendering at the obvious truth “..uh yours like that.. I.. but it was supposed to be Soren’s! Why would I ever wear anything yours”

“Why indeed. Do we know of anyone else who ran away from my airplane lounge taking my jacket to never return it back?” his explicit words called her out, hinting at the grievance he had been holding

Heedless to her own airplane exit but embroiled at the suffering from his immense disregard of her, she snapped back “Do we know of anyone else who left me out there in the balcony to talk to Twinkle when I was going to explain? Of course not! Why do you even care! You hardly even get to wear things..” her eyes merely lowered to her heaving chest rubbing against his magnificently carved torso “..because! uh because! your fans anyways keep opening the buttons!”

“Have you considered what if my fans care to wear it themselves?” Omar whispered dipping his head lower. His warm breath tickled the golden strands around her ear encouraging the butterflies in her tummy to run further amok

“Jacket? This? Your jacket?” her beautiful silver eyes widened, bewildered at the thought of anyone else wearing his jacket. Her heart knocked frantically between their glued bodies wishing to hear his contradiction

He lightly shrugged under her curled hands “Isn’t it?”

“I don’t care. I don’t care to know!..” struggling to free from his hold Mohana angrily slipped the warmth filled jacket off her shoulders “ and I are done here” declaring she thrust the article against his bare chest

Capturing her wrist Omar slipped his thumb between her palm, his burning touch threatening her grip on the leather. Stroking the captivated hand he murmured “You and I can’t be done because your berries and vanilla fragrances are entwined with the base notes of my cedar and musk cologne”

Taken aback by the granularity of his fragrance interpretation Mohana wordlessly blinked. Discreetly inhaling more of him she determinedly freed her hand with a forceful tug, letting the jacket slip into his hold “I for one am not getting this dry cleaned for your Twinkle! Why don’t you ask your Dibella, she seems to have lot of time on her hands to select such thorny stems and send them with notes that have stuff drawn on them!”

Forcing a smile Mohana courageously turned her back at him. In a flash she got swooped in the air. Fluidly carrying her in his arms Omar ascertained “When I say we aren’t done, we aren’t”

“We are! I am not going to appeal to your ridiculous fans. I did not allow you to bring her to my room in the first place! And you.. we can’t.. we can’t.. this ..all of this!” Mohana fidgeted in his hold. Feeling his arm under her thighs, the blazing touch of his skin against hers made all her nerves tingle. She haphazardly pulled at the front hem of her short tshirt, wishing to put a halt to the havoc but unable to yield any success.

Carrying her across the threshold of their connecting door Omar stepped through her bedroom checking “We can’t?”

“We can’t! Of course we can’t because you can’t! And I can’t..and we can’t do this whole thing!” rattling breathlessly she emphasized her stand on both their behalf

Setting Mohana on the vanity countertop in her washroom Omar whispered inching closer “Why?”

His breath sent a rush of tickles making her move in his embrace, her face blushing to a stark red in comparison to her ivory skin. She attempted to zestfully claim “Because! Because I can’t.. you can’t.. this.. with people! And I am not going to allow people to.. do this with me!”

“While we inform of this rule to that scripted fluff man, let’s also tell him that you have started wearing my jacket” Omar challenged giving her a magnificent smile, his fingers busy twirling a golden wavy lock

Those words paired with breezy whispers of his warming touch on her neck made her anxiously fluster. She didn’t want the real Soren to gather the web of lies she had spun around to save herself from Omar Shaan. Mohana nervously rushed “You can’t! You can’t tell him about all of this! It’s whatever I told you! It’s between us!..”

“Us? You and I?” Omar enquired in a husky whisper. Her silken strands fluttered desiring more of his caressing attention, letting the back of his hand leave feather touches however he curled them

Diverting her heart from his luring proximity Mohana nodded emphatically. Courageously she declared “Yes! Us! It’s our secret! Yours and mine! You are not allowed to share our secrets! Or! Or! I will tell your Twinkle about that ridiculous vase that Dibella sent you!”

Smirking Omar tapped gently on her small nose “That’s why we’re waiting for you to become an attorney. You will have to negotiate better than that, for all you know Twinkle might not even care” with that he left Mohana sitting annoyingly confused on the countertop

“Could it be because Twinkle doesn’t like those shoddy thorny things? like me?” she spoke to the emptiness trying to find another come back “But can’t I still threaten him on that? If she doesn’t like them that would be even better. Why doesn’t he understand that I can’t simply wait to become an attorney to do everything! I have to threaten him before he talks to Soren or he’ll know I was bluffing then I’ll be so gone. So so gone” clasping palms on her face she anxiously shook her head

Slipping from the counter still lost in her thoughts Mohana dismissed the chill escaping her. Turning to see her reflection in the mirror she threw her hair in a messy bun, deeply frowning “Next time I am going to steal his jacket for real! He is a designer, why can’t he make another one and give that the same cedar and musk base notes! Why does he have to get Soren involved into all of this..”

She wanted an effective solution to prevent her real dream man from uncovering her bluff about the pretend dream man, but none of the creative ideas running through Mohana helped calm her nerves.

Getting ready for the Sarrata deep dive interview became the next puzzle that needed solving. Unpacking her dress Mohana pulled at one end of the pinkish fabric that tumbled to unfold a few more layers extending onto her bed. She tugged at it to unravel more cloth and then some more for the rich colored pink-red fabric to roll out across the entire spread of white sheets.

Presented with the long length of fabric her conscious nagged her on the mimicking length of her lies around Soren Rick. Mohana ran a trembling hand through her golden mass of hair.

Picking the ends of the fabric she tried to wrap it around her bathing robe vetting another idea “I won’t ever talk to him again. ever again. He has all his favorite women and what am I, just some journalist. I doubt he knows I even exist if it wasn’t for Sophista and he doesn’t talk to journalists anyways. so this will work out great. And when he wins the award next year.. oh um then..”

Stumbling on the fabric Mohana tried tugging at it to make it roll properly all the while talking to herself “He has to win, he can’t not win, the kind of man he is.. uhm then so if I get to live that long, I’ll only interview him on the connect. Without meeting him at all! If I don’t talk to him, I don’t have to lie to him about my dreams. He won’t even remember my dreams or me or my shield Soren if he doesn’t see me. All I need is to change out of this connected room!”

“If I see him I don’t talk to him, and if I talk to him, I don’t talk to him about my dreams. Only Sophista. Only Sophista” extremely satisfied with her solution but utterly confused with her dress Mohana fell back on the bed. Sending a line connect to her assistant Mohana requested Jojo to join her in the room.

Upon Jojo’s arrival, showing her the colorful rolled out fabric, Mohana sheepishly confided “I don’t know how to wear a saree”

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