Chapter 09.1 – Connected to You

|| 09. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Jojo assuredly confirmed “No worries Miss Mohana, I will ask Omar right away”

“Why him?!” Mohana blurted, her frantic eyes jumping to their connecting door to watch out for his emergence incase it would happen by the mere mention of his name

Looking back and forth between the door and her boss, Jojo offered “He’s an award winning world famous fashion designer”

“That yeah but how can I.. uh have him make me.. that! that entire thing! It would take a lot of time and he would need to be doing other things” Mohana objected, even the reminder of his touch made the butterflies in her tummy flutter incessantly

Jojo gave her a thoughtful nod “Yes, ya! But Miss Mohana nothing can be more important in this entire world than my boss! You are our editor-in-chief of Sophista, imagine it’s you that he will be dressing!”

Mohana threw a hand over her eyes at the mere imagination from those words. Wrapping an arm around her waist wishing for the twitching ruckus inside her to dissipate, she tried “Uh yah but perhaps we think of someone else, is there a chance anyone in Salm’s team would know how to tie this?”

Jojo considerably offered “Very likely, Salm is our designer and the team is exceptional. But they left for a short hike this AM to the mountain range and likely won’t be back until breakfast. In the meanwhile I can ask Omar for a recommendation from his team?”

“No. No. Not him. Can I not wear something else? Why do I have to wear such a complicated outfit anyways” Mohana requested, dismissing another shiver

“Because Miss Mohana this is made from one of the most unique and intricately woven fabrics from Sarrata. It would serve wonderfully for you to wear this for the deep dive with Tyr and Sonya. You’ll look so sexy! It will enhance your skin color and go so well with your blonde hair, look at this on the mannequin” flipping her digital screen Jojo showed a display figure dressed in the impeccable outfit

Studying the lay out carefully Mohana concluded “Got it. Okay. Essentially it needs to get bunched at the waist and then I need to get that other end on my shoulder but how do we know how much to bunch?”

“Maybe it has markings?” saying Jojo expectantly looked at the fabric, when not finding any hints she thoughtfully looked up at her boss “Miss Mohana, how about Omar’s personal assistant? Maybe Indigo knows how to tie a saree? It will be faster than waiting for our team to return”

“Maybe yeah, but how will we justify seeing someone else’s staff without the knowledge of their uh entire team and uhm boss?” apprehensive at the idea Mohana arranged the saree anxiously

Uncovering the cropped top from it’s protective packing, Jojo thoughtfully declared “Ya definitely. Omar would not be happy to miss out on the opportunity to dress you up himself, hmm so..”

Given his disregard of her at the balcony and eagerness to get his jacket back, Mohana knew the words were very much untrue, yet her face remained blushed at his mention

Jojo brightly smiled at the idea “..How about this? We don’t have to see anyone! We can learn everything there is to it on the connect itself! I’ll talk so it’s not like Indigo is talking to you and then Omar won’t feel left out, but we can sort out this whole thing”

“But it’s Indigo? I can’t have you go through that interaction after your taxing plane ride” Mohana said interpreting Jojo’s dislike for Omar Shaan’s assistant

“It’s only for this, Miss Mohana and if our rooms are connected there’s hardly much escape anyways” Jojo heaved a sigh

“Why are all these rooms connected?! Mine’s connected too” Mohana helplessly pointed in the direction of the door at the far end of the bedroom

“I thought, that’s the door to your washroom” Jojo frowned

Running nervous fingers through her hair Mohana mumbled “I had thought so too”

Discussing connected doors and the messy layout of the hotel, the women tackled the ensemble alongside. On the connect with Jojo, Indigo seemed fastidiously knowledgeable about tying the material into an artfully decked saree.

The rich fabric got effectively wrapped all along Mohana, enhancing her delectable curves. Several pleats were bound around her midriff giving only a shy glimpse of her belly button. Draping the fabric from across the cropped top, Jojo used an almost invisible golden brooch to secure the glittery edge of the saree on the thin shoulder strap of the top. From the back swaying along Mohana’s length the tasseled end of the saree almost reached to her ankles.

To wrap the ensemble Jojo formed a large bow from the ribbon, fastening on the back of her cropped top. Tying Mohana’s golden hair in a smooth french knot, she let the decorative red-pink fabric bow loops with their loose ends remain the only focal point on her creamy back. Admiring her boss with excitement Jojo complimented “Miss Mohana no one can be more beautiful than you!”

“Except you, Ceria, Leya, Madam Gallaghair..” Mohana happily iterated

“Yes Miss Mohana..” chuckling with her boss, Jojo lovingly declared “..and everyone in your list will agree that this saree is looking very pretty on my boss”

“This is all because of you and Indigo! But now that we are done here, let’s get these connected rooms changed!” Mohana ardently declared

Claiming equal fervor Jojo affirmed “Yes Miss Mohana! If they don’t have availability I’ll get us another hotel altogether”


Arriving at the welcome area of the hotel, Mohana and Jojo were greeted by the staff. A man of average height with inked tattoos visible all over his neck came ahead to receive them

“Good morning ma’am” gesturing them to chairs he hungrily looked at Jojo’s halter neck short dress when his eyes caught Mohana’s shapely back through the exquisite red-pink drape breezing lightly. He ran his tongue on the lower lip lewdly gazing at the satiny smooth skin left exposed by the saree cropped top. Ignoring the fabric bow in his way his vile eyes traveled lower to the delectable curve of her waist.

Jojo leaned to whisper to Mohana “Unfortunately another halfwit idiot, I feel bad for the tattoos”

“Ya, tattoos are definitely wasted on such a nincompoop” Mohana shared her agreement noting the antics of the hotel associate. Her uncoordinated heart remained busy cherishing the apparent nerve wrecking moments she had spent with a certain handsome celebrity. Amidst his warm memories the reminder of Twinkle made her growl inwardly. She puckered her lips anxiously for their room that he had decided to share, then undertaken efforts to not get Mohana seen by the other woman.

Her cheeks blushed a shade of crimson thinking about being carried through their connected rooms. Denying herself the reminder of his touch, she instead thought back to their shared door. Turning a tassel on the loose end of the saree Mohana adamantly emphasized to herself that it had been their room: considering it was connected, she did not wish to accept an argument around it, even if her attorney title was amiss at this time.

For someone who did not want any association with her, going as far to clear doubts of an airport attendant, Mohana was convinced her upcoming effort was a much larger favor for the heart throb celebrity himself. From forcibly sharing the same airplane in the storm to their common lounge, then landing in the same hotel to a neighboring balcony, she affirmed that Omar Shaan would feel more relieved without her presence, specifically in dis-connected rooms.

Walking over to his desk, the attendant’s gaze indecently raked over both Jojo and Mohana. Overtly smiling at them he checked “Hope you sexy ladies had a nice night! How can I be of help to you”

Mohana gave the man her schooled smile. His composure eased misreading the gesture. Feeling over confident the associate leaned back on his chair spreading his legs wide. Disgusted at having to deal with such a crude associate, the only solace Mohana hoped was to drive to her eventual plan of escaping that one magnificent celebrity. The strong and warmth filled muscular glory she found everywhere.

“Forward my staff the layout of this entire hotel and it’s two sister properties..” listening to her strict tone the associate straightened in his chair “..All rooms, all floors with each of the specifics included for the view, room connectivities, most current availability..”

“I can show you, all the specifics, all of them..” the man interrupted his large hand disappearing under the table to adjust his trousers “..I am available right now, I will give you a personal tour”

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