Chapter 09.2 – Our Honeymoon Suite

|| 09. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

The chill escaping her, made Mohana sourly accept the absence of an exceptionally warm jacket. One that had been almost all hers for an entire twenty four hours. Regretting her decision to return it, to it’s rightful owner, she fretted considering the possibilities of who would likely get to touch his jacket next: Twinkle, Dibella or another name by this time. Upset she threw her leg on top of the other, setting the rich saree fabric absentmindedly.

She begrudgingly looked at the hotel associate ahead. Bored at his cheap display Mohana dictated “Written information including the complete plan that will digitally get sent to my staff”

The associate decided to lean forward on the desk with a sleazy smile on his face. His distasteful eyes measuring her long ivory neck. Checking the shapely curve of her breasts dressed in the cropped top with an overlay of the pink-red saree he offered “Ma’am all I need is one chance to show you what I can offer and I guarantee that you’ll forget all your other experiences”

“Really?” the enquiring velvety rich voice from behind Mohana took everyone by surprise

Her chest heaved hearing Omar Shaan, almost feeling being caught red handed for running away from him. Mohana shyly curled the end of the saree around her dainty fingers.

The associate ahead of them straightened in his chair, his hand freezing over the raise of his trousers. Glancing at the tall Omar towering behind Mohana’s cushioned chair, the associate vigorously shook his head “No, no, no! I did not know ma’am and you erm err not at all sir! That’s not what I meant! Not at all..” the man spewed one negation after another, shaking his head to override his sleazy actions from earlier

Paying no heed to the associate’s words, leaning besides Mohana, Omar eased the tasseled end of the saree from her hold. Entangling their fingers in her lap, he whispered “Hey”

Finding his overpowering presence besides her, the welcome area, the noise, the commotion of guests all dissipated into nothingness for Mohana. Mesmerized by his sparkling depths she stared into them for nothing else seemed to matter. His whisper “Anyone dared to bother you?” made her blink

Nervously gulping she tried “I..” then halted lured by his extreme closeness. Breathlessly gathering her plan of action she attempted to ignore her bouncing heart and the fluttering of butterflies. She tried to form careful words again “I was managing him”

“Sure” maintaining hold of her hand Omar turned to speak in a low tone to Jojo “Sarrata is on the connect confirming details with Indigo, they want to talk to you”

“But Omar, he’s a jerk” Jojo complained in a whisper hinting her eyes at the shady hotel associate who continued to expel a speech negating his intentions

Omar assured “I’m with her”

Glancing at his muscular hand entwined with Mohana’s dainty fingers, Jojo gave Omar a trusting nod. Bending sideways she whispered to her boss “Ma’am, I’ll take the connect with Sarrata?”

“Ya go ahead” Mohana gave her an acknowledging smile

Exchanging a glance with Jojo, leaving her chair empty, Omar took the space on Mohana’s other side. The associate talking through his endless words to appeal to designer celebrity was saying “..I wanted to make ma’am happy with..”

“You wanted to make ma’am happy?” Omar interrupted him in a threatening undertone

Listening to his voice Mohana looked up to find his black spheres zoned in on her. Despite from what she had picked of his words, his expressions showed nothing on the surface. Leaning back in his chair he tenderly caressed her fingers whispering “Hm?”

“Mhm” mumbling a tiny refusal she looked at the red-pink saree tassels that lay unattended on her lap. In an attempt to banish the widespread butterflies storming in her tummy, Mohana tugged to free her hand from his hold. But this time his grip remained relentless.

Looking at their exchange, the associate eased his sweaty shirt collar “Sir, no, no, I meant our services. Happy with our services! err because I didn’t know. I had no clue when ma’am came.. but I will do anything for your pleasure. You are my premium client Sir, I will personally arrange world class services to your honeymoon suite and beyo..” at that mention pain engulfed Mohana

Her heart skipped a beat then another. A cold shudder ran through her core making her heart sink to a pit of darkness. Omar Shaan was on his honeymoon. Trembling at the rush of chilling panic she haphazardly tried to recollect a warmth filled happy memory, but only one coherent thought remained: the man who owned her dreams had decided to belong to someone else. The convulsing waves of freezing shiver made her involuntarily clutch at his large warm hand.

“I’m here” his whisper made her longingly look at him. Urgently leaning towards Mohana, Omar reduced the inches between them. Firming his hold, he entangled her arm with his, moving their locked hands on his leg.

His assuring words seeped inside her shriveling heart offering a twig of hope. Consciously inhaling a broken breath Mohana rapidly blinked her glassy silver eyes. Dismissing the sparks of cold tremors she reminded herself for she knew better than to believe in her dreams: Omar Shaan was a highly applauded celebrity, he was not here to stay, he would leave nonetheless.

Wavering her gaze from fixedly staring at him, Mohana glanced at their clasped hands. The obvious dots connected in her mind: he had been waiting for someone last night, his gentle voice on the connect, his need for privacy with the call, he hadn’t wanted Mohana seen in his room. Her heart craved for his warmth, her fingers refusing to untangle them from his hold but her head demanded her to be wise.

Adamantly urging herself to remember that work was her only reality she eased her grip on him. Tugging to slip her fingers out of his hold Mohana disregarded the suffering surfacing in her heart. In a tone that sounded unaffected to the dread twisting her from inside, she smoothly commanded the lewd associate “Get the report delivered before my team wraps breakfast”

Wiping sweat beads from his forehead the associate tried “Ma’am had I known you and Omar sir were together I won’t have even dared to look..” catching the hard glare in Omar’s eyes, the associate halted adding quickly “..I mean I apologize to you and sir for..”

“Verbal apologies don’t suffice, feel free to send a written one to my staff. It should come handy when all your services get uncovered” saying Mohana straightened from the chair, but slipping his arm around her waist Omar halted her in place

The pink-red saree covering her creamy waist dedicatedly moulded itself above his muscular fingers. Splayed possessively at the curve of her waist, his hand induced her with much needed warmth. Regardless of her heart painfully suffocating her, the butterflies in her tummy eagerly aligned themselves around his touch.

Eagerly giving her his attention, the sleazy associate spun another excuse “But ma’am I’m feeling sick since morning, sir please have your wife consider my situation..”

Mohana uncertainly blinked at the reference ‘your wife’. Her troubled heart got hit with another standstill not sure what her magnificently attractive celebrity would say this time to put the lewd man right. Awaiting a replay of his words from the airport when he had ensured to clarify the confectionary stranger ‘we are not married’ stung Mohana’s heart.

Shifting in his embrace she tried to tell herself that he was on his honeymoon and there would only ever be Sophista between them but it all went in vain. Neither the butterflies decided to stop fluttering at his touch, nor did her heart halt from banging painfully in her chest.

Sitting close, his hand possessively holding her to himself, Omar and Mohana made an extremely attractive couple. Passing by hotel staff and guests glanced at the famous celebrity couple, some envious of their good looks, affluent style, while others curious. From another welcome hub, a guest couple excitedly tried to take a picture when the hotel staff intervened to stop them citing privacy practices.

In their welcome space, ignoring the foul associate, Omar spoke to Mohana “Do you want the layout and availability report from him or anyone else will do too?”

Her chest agitatedly heaved awaiting his remark to the associate, for the misunderstanding of considering them husband and wife. Betraying her own distress, the butterflies seemed to caress his fingers in return causing a quiver run within her. Shaking her head ever so lightly, she mumbled “I can’t care”

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