Chapter 09.3 – Miss Me

|| 09. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Tugging her closer Omar playfully whispered “And did you care to have another early breakfast this morning without me?” His thumb left feathering touches on Mohana’s small waist making her butterflies crazily follow the back and forth pattern

“Noh..” she managed a whisper, tentatively adding “..I’ll have it. now. I am done here”

Mohana shifted aiming to increase the distance between them. She considered escaping was far easier than hearing him rectify to the sleazy associate that, she wasn’t his. Her heart writhed in pain despite the resolute knowledge that it could never have been her in that honeymoon suite that belonged to Omar Shaan.

Omar’s hold remained unmoved on her waist, turning her fingers in his other hand he whispered “Can’t be done if am here, he said we are together”

She almost choked at their reality that had come unfolding today “But you’ll.. manage him?”

His arm tightened around her frame securing her closer “I will”

Playing with Mohana’s hand on his thigh Omar looked past the lewd associate. From the far direction of the welcome space, gathering his signal, a woman rushed towards them. Approaching the celebrity couple she politely greeted “Good morning, Omar Sir, Ma’am”

Exchanging her wish Omar shared “Rosafina, it seems Tate is feeling unwell, I suggest we give him some sick time off”

“Yes sir, no sir, but I will do anything for ma’am! err and you! I mean both of you. together” the associate Tate hastily responded. He stressfully eased the collar button on his shirt, worriedly looking at the senior hotel leader Rosafina besides him

Casually leaning back Omar addressed the associate “We would hardly want to bother you when you are feeling under the weather. Rosafina, get me the report showcasing the layout of this hotel and two sister properties for all the rooms with their specifics and availability right away”. Mohana consciously shifted besides him, surprised that he had captured her entire request for the report

“Yes Omar Sir, I will dispatch it to you shortly..” Rosafina confidently addressed “..I’ll also handle the formalities we have discussed and share an update”

“Very well” Omar acknowledged the senior staff member

“It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife” with a nod in his direction the woman wished them, taking her leave

The words ‘your wife’ diverted Mohana from interpreting the pattern her butterflies were creating under his touch. Straightening them from the chair Omar huskily checked “Let’s get you something warm to eat?”

“Yah” she croaked a whisper, hoping she could disappear in thin air before any other words could be exchanged where her lack of belonging to Omar Shaan would be explained

Seeing Rosafina leave without confronting Tate on his lax, the associate quickly fell at ease. Coming to block their way, his lusty eyes greedily ran over Mohana’s figure clad in the intricate saree. Fear only crossed his face when his eyes found Omar’s hand at her waist subtly hidden behind the overlay of the pink fabric.

Awkwardly adjusting his trousers Tate looked at Omar “Sir, give me one last chance, I didn’t know ma’am was with you. Sir, I want to make your wife happy and you also”

“We can discuss this in my suite, say in thirty minutes” Omar offhandedly spoke to the man

Comforted at Omar’s permission Tate let his lusty gaze wander to Mohana again “Yes sir, if you will allow I’ll also arrange flowers for ma’am. I will get a big bouquet of very beautiful roses”

“Sure” saying Omar stepped ahead with Mohana

Guiding her from the welcome space making their way through the hallways Omar led them in the elevator. The commotion and chatter completely disappeared upon the thick doors trapping them together in the boxed space. Clutching onto the tassels of the swaying end of her saree, Mohana anxiously fidgeted with a plump tuft.

Omar spoke to her lowered eyes “I’ll need to head back to the suite”

In response she gave him a breathless nod. The cluster of threads received another aimless turn and twist while she blinked her eyes to resist the outpour of her excruciating pain

“We’re not talking?” huskily whispering he tugged her closer. The persistent butterflies tickled her tummy, feeling his radiating warmth even more closer. Another nod of acknowledgement followed from Mohana, her silver eyes swimming with unshed tears

Gently smoothing his thumb on the curve of her waist Omar checked “But you’ll have Jojo make a note of everything you eat before leaving for Sarrata?”

A slight move of her head affirmed his command. Enchanted with his warming presence her face blushing deeply, Mohana remained unsure of his ask. The realization that he was on his honeymoon seemed to be the only reality harshly running through her heart.

The doors to their elevators opened at the skyway to a group of people admiring the beach through the tall glass windows. “Omar Shaan!” from besides the railing, a woman screeched her recognition seeing him step out of the enclosure. Many curious eyes that followed the famous fashion designer celebrity flew attentively in his direction. Ignoring the whispers from the crowd, Omar kept his hold firm on Mohana, guiding her towards the elevated walkover.

“Omar! Omar! Omar Shaan! Can we get pictures with you?” dragging a young child a woman appeared ahead of them

Smiling at the woman, Omar humorously claimed “I don’t think I’m allowed to give pictures this morning”

The crowd chuckled with him, looking at the beautiful woman he held in his embrace. Inquisitive eyes looked at the decadent saree that curved meticulously along her figure. Her golden hair tied in the french knot left the expanse of her back to showcase a delicately tied bow. The crowd whispered to each other noting how his muscular arm below the ribbons was possessively wrapped around her waist.

Another woman came rushing ahead of them “We can convince your girl friend, she can’t say no to your fans and followers!”. Lowering the neck of her top, the rowdy woman insisted Mohana “Ask him to autograph me! He is so sexy, I want him inscribed on my heart! Am such a big fan of him!”

The crowd looked at the woman with distaste. They waited anxiously to see the reaction of Omar’s beautiful companion Mohana who confidently faced the misbehaving fan.

Unconsciously shifting closer to Omar, her forefinger hooked itself curling on the belt loop of his jeans. Taken aback by the woman awkwardly displaying her breasts amongst the gathering crowd, Mohana mumbled a mere whisper “Hm?”

“Am guessing my permission to give autographs will soon be withdrawn as well..” Omar lightly chuckled making the crowd laugh along “..though I’d have been happy to oblige today if my hands were free”. Swiftly carrying Mohana in his arms Omar took her by surprise. Her silver spheres shot to his dark black shimmering orbs while the crowd started clapping and loudly hooting in the couple’s favor.

Inching closer to her, Omar whispered “Hm?” but Mohana barely shook her head in response. Her shy eyes swooped lower obediently partnering with her thudding heart. But her stubborn butterflies followed their own agenda aligning themselves along his warm hand on her waist covered under the rich saree fabric

At Omar’s move an older gentleman from besides his wife chortled loudly to the rude fan “Next time get a paper for your autograph! That’s a smart young man, the kind whom I’d marry my daughter to”

Turning around with Mohana in his arms, Omar gave the older man a nod of acknowledgement, making the crowd holler louder for their celebrity and the charming woman he carried.

Making his way through the elevated skywalk, leaving the cheering crowd behind Omar murmured to the beautiful woman in his arms “Now we’re talking?”

Out of the earshot of others, Mohana managed a whisper “Noh” restlessly shifting in his arms

Tugging her towards himself, he had them enter a large conference room checking “Why?”

“Because.. we can’t.. this ..all of this” she breathlessly mumbled, her heaving breasts brushing along his steel chest

Stepping through the connected room with long columnar windows opening towards the beach, Omar halted them besides an office desk. His arms eased around Mohana letting her sandaled feet touch the carpeted floor. She hurriedly attempted to put distance between them but his hand on her wrist halted her

Omar demanded in a whisper “Say you’ll miss me”

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