Chapter 09.4 – Only One Room

|| 09. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

His words pierced through her heart. Omar Shaan being married changed a worldly reality but no matter whoever he belonged to, in her own whimsical thoughts he would always stay hers.

Quivering in despair Mohana threw herself on his chest, managing a breathless muffle “Can’t! ‘lways have m’dreams”

“You share breakfast with that scripted jerk?” Omar growled. Wrapping Mohana in his embrace he bound her to his strength

The relentless butterflies not appearing to be in sync with her pain created a frenzy around his touch on her bare waist. Merely leaning backwards, Mohana searchingly looked at his dark orbs, complaining “You can’t care! You can’t..” when a tear slid through

“Since when have we formed this idea?” stroking the huge drop off her cheek his arm tightened around her frame

Helplessly resting her face on his strong chest, she let tears of anguish roll down her blushing face. She managed to relay her pent up hurt of being caught surprised about his honeymoon “But we did the interview?”

“When you didn’t tell me Soren was going to be there after our exposé meeting?” the grumble in his voice made her tummy frantically turn, yet feeling his tender caresses smoothing her cheeks, she shifted closer

Weakly gripping on his tshirt through a series of sobs, she expressed her distress “It’s not about him. It’s you. It’s all because of you. You didn’t tell me! He’s not the one in a.. in a..” her heart unable to say the word honeymoon improvised it instead “..stupid suite at a stupid hotel. I will change my room. I won’t even have to see you. But I am never going to change my dreams. They are mine!”

“We’re anyways leaving tonight” his growling declaration came with whisper touches on her cheeks. His thumb adamantly stroking away her grief filled salty streams

Her shattered heart ruefully internalized the reality of his words. Omar Shaan was a celebrity. He was a heartthrob for the world and his heart belonged to whoever he had chosen to be with on a honeymoon. He could leave whenever he wanted.

Pushing on his chest Mohana stepped back from his embrace rigidly reminding herself: They had nothing between them except Sophista. Her own dreams were just that, only hers. On a troubled sob she blinked her eyes rapidly to force her tears to come to a halt. Gulping for air, she chanted to herself “It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Nothing matters”

Further increasing the inches between them, she dejectedly looked outside the windows. Managing a rueful smile she coarsely informed “Sophista is the only thing between us, as it always was and always wi..” her words halted getting smashed against Omar

“Says who? Soren Rick?” Omar growled gripping her captive against himself. His black onyx eyes stared hard into her silver shimmering spheres urging her for a response

Dark long lashes wet with tears blinked in confusion “Noh. Me? Because we can’t do this? Nothing ever happened and as you say our secrets are safe together. I won’t tell anyone about it”

“That scripted movie jerk doesn’t know about us being in a honeymoon suite?” Omar growled his grip on her upper arms deepening

Anger raised through Mohana listening to his doubtful judgement of her profession that she held at the highest laurel. She bit through her words “Sophista doesn’t print what doesn’t need to be printed! Why would I tell your secret to him or anyone else!”

“Our honeymoon suite. The one that you decided to get changed this morning from that halfwit, for a reason that wasn’t Soren?” Omar gritted keeping Mohana bound against him

Contradicting the anger coursing through his words, Mohana welcomed his firm hold on her. She gulped at her own reaction considering his desired affect could not be meant for her to cherish his move. In an attempt to dismiss the affect he had on her, she blinked her thoughts away to clarify she wasn’t a tattletale “Why would I do that? I went there to get my room changed because Soren and uh uhm. But. I am a journalist. I won’t tell him anything about what’s happening with the world”

Easing the grip on her arms Omar slipped his arm across her waist “Because I am your world?”

“Ya. No. Not. No. uhm the world. it’s the world. the one that I cover as part of my profession. Which does not involve talking about others to anyone” Mohana shifted in his embrace, nervous at her tummy bursting with another swarm of butterflies that were adamant in following his each move against her skin.

Holding her rigidly captive he checked “What does talking to that scripted jerk involve that you had to get your room, from our suite changed?”

“How does he even matter? He and I.. it doesn’t depend on the room! We can uhm it can happen anywhere which is beyond the point because I didn’t talk to him about..” as the words completely sifted through her, she blinked before tentatively voicing “ room from..?”

“Our suite” Omar offered. His thumb roved along the curve of her waist making her breathlessly move in his arms.

“That.. huh..” Mohana halted yet again from saying honeymoon aloud “..that suite cannot be mine! You were going to correct the associate like the airport woman”

“We decided on managing him. There’s hardly anything to be corrected when we are in their penthouse honeymoon suite” he offhandedly provided, his gentle strokes acquiring much desired attention from her butterflies that couldn’t stop fluttering from one sway of his touch to another

Gulping hastily Mohana blinked her eyes that swam with tears of relief. She croaked “We?”

“We, you and I” he assured looking deeply into her glassy eyes, her heart banged loudly confirming confidence in the beholder of that voice

She croaked in a hopeful sputter of words “We are?”

“We are” he confirmed pulling her closer

Her heart fluttered at his favorable words. Wanting to believe his words in contradiction of the fearful thoughts that had had her torn, Mohana inhaled a much awaited breath. For her writhing heart she sought hesitant affirmation “Because your room is only mine? Given that they are connected?”

“The entire honeymoon suite is only yours” his reassurance comforted her entirety except the dancing of her butterflies that ran on their own apparent agenda

For all the agony he had caused her, Mohana indignantly demanded “If it’s mine then why don’t I know! for all of this time! And I went through all of that! I don’t even like those thorny things you asked that halfwit to bring to our suite”

“I didn’t ask him, he wants to garner attention from you by bringing those..” Omar grumbled in return “..either ways he’s going on a very long sick leave. Why would we care on what anyone offers to bring to our suite”

“Ya” she nodded thoughtfully in agreement then scowling at all the perturbation her heart had suffered since, she demanded “But why are we in that stupid suite if you’re not all of that?!”

Tracing a golden lock of hair framing her face Omar offered “For all I care we could be practicing in being one”

“Why would I need practice! I don’t need to go to stupid hotels for whatever because am not even..” she halted consciously then checked “..Why didn’t you tell them we are not.. that?!”

“I told the woman at the airport we’re not that and you left me all by myself taking the box of chocolates with you. Why would I risk it again” Omar lightly shrugged under her palms

She incredulously looked at the majestic man who stood embracing her. Her blaming eyes glared hard at him for revenging a box of chocolates. Upset, he had made her go through the entirety of such immense pain and upheaval she tried to shift within his arms claiming “Am hungry!”

Not easing his hold this time, Omar checked instead “Did you eat all of those chocolates or will I get a share?”

She growled wanting a comeback for all the heart ache she had suffered. The man who didn’t want association with her had let her woefully think he was on a honeymoon. Bracing herself Mohana smoothly claimed “I’ll share them with Soren! He married a journalist in Desperation, he would enjoy them more”

“We’ll have to see after tonight” Omar declared his sparkling orbs staring into hers

A small frown appeared on her forehead “Because you’ll leave?”

“We’ll leave. We. You and I” leaning closer Omar whispered, making her goosebumps join the tornado in tandem with her butterflies

Brushing away the chaos at play within her, Mohana enforced “Ya.. the.. the suite! I want only one room! Single not with all those connections”

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