Chapter 10.2 – Setting The Score

|| 10. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

In the penthouse honeymoon suite ensuring all their belongings were packed and out of the way Omar rolled the black luggage bags to the side. Receiving the alert of their visitor, he closed the connecting door to the room Mohana had occupied.

At the secondary entrance of the penthouse honeymoon suite, holding a small bouquet of eighteen gaudy roses Tate gave the celebrity a compulsory smile. His eyes greedily peeped inside the room but unable to find Mohana, he offered “Sir, I brought these for ma’am”

“Do you remember having seen ma’am ever before?” Omar asked, blocking the door with his tall powerful frame

Tate sneakily looked through a corner for what was visible to him of the room, obsessively wanting to get a glimpse of the woman “Last night.. sir..” unconsciously he ran a tongue along his lips “..which is why I got so confused. Because she checked in with that steward and personal assistant and for goodness sake she doesn’t look like she’s married”

Flexing his fingers Omar reviewed the man ahead of him whose eyes were filled with lust wanting to land on Mohana “How far do you think your memory can serve?”

“Depends on how sexy sh..” Tate’s shameless chuckle got marred with a punch on his face

Taken by surprise Tate angrily formed a punch of his own reaching for Omar “She’ll be riding m..”

“Don’t dare” intervening, Omar halted the loose attempt of the associate’s punch in turn twisting his arm backwards

His expression remained extremely calm while bending the lewd man’s arm further. Omar casually spoke “Can your memory serve to a university party? A few years ago let’s say, in a world far far away from here?”

Trying to free himself Tate clenched hard on the gaudy rose bouquet. Defeated by Omar’s strength, he visibly slid on the floor yet spitefully sneered “Are you tracking her lovers..” another punch on his face made blood drip from his nose

“Don’t” Omar warned

Angrily Tate sniffed “Why! you’re not her only fuc..” his words suddenly got lost recognizing the snap of his own arm. Given the amount of pain rushing through him, Tate’s face distorted releasing a loud cry in the corridor

Omar cynically smirked at the man “I can only warn you so many times. But that’s only one arm and I am more than happy to set aside each of your limbs”

Furious Tate looked at his injured arm, dreadfully inspecting it. Wriggling with pain he spewed a challenge with all his might “You cannot hurt me! You’ll get in trouble, you are a rich celebrity and I can get you sued”

“We can try” Omar threatened landing a resounding slap on his face

Angrily attempting to unlock his shaken jaw, Tate spat “You’ll loose money for that one tight cu..?!” a punch on Tate’s face again shook him. Not giving the hotel associate a chance to recover, Omar grabbed his collar to land a blow on his stomach

Seizing his neck, Omar threatened “If you want a shorter sick leave you will tell me what you were doing in the university party”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I am a native. I am from here. I have never even met her” Tate urgently spoke but his efforts to free himself landed in futility

Banging the limp man on the hallway wall, Omar challenged “Would you like to get charged with possession of illegal substances again?”

“That was incorrect! I only went to that university party to have some fun with friends” Tate immediately gave in, letting go of his pretense of acting unaware of the event

Omar almost chuckled “Friends? Let’s call Wendell Pitar to see if he remembers his friend”

“I don’t know who you are, but I don’t want to get into this mess of Pitar again..” Tate pleaded shaking his bruised face “..he is a spineless creep! I have nothing to do with him, he promised to pay me a lot of cash for bringing in exxenza that night. But then he sent his men to hit me and set the cops after me”

“Yet here you are misbehaving with hotel guests, pretending to forget the night ever happened?” Omar taunted him

Flustered with his face messed with tears and streaks of blood running through his lip and nose, Tate argued “But you have nothing on me anymore. I have been sober mostly, I am trying to stay clean. I am minding my business I only wanted to taste her..” a tight slap landed on Tate’s face

Bawling in pain Tate held the small bunch of roses protectively against his face. Discarding the stems on the floor, Omar disdainfully looked at the man “You’ll say only what’s necessary. How did Pitar contact you?”

“I have no idea what you want. That night my eyes were only on that one girl, there must be another man drilling your who..” halting the words Omar punched Tate’s dirty bleeding face “Wrong answer”

Closing his eyes in pain Tate breathed in a rush “Give me a snort, I’ll tell you everything” Omar’s foot met the man’s knee

Buckling him down Omar casually said “You’re not here at Wendell’s party” before letting his shoe hit the associate’s groin making Tate scream in anguish

Shakily covering the front of his slacks Tate managed to respond “His dad. Paul. Paul set us up. My cousin was hooking up with the old bastard. She said the money would be good”

Kicking the man on his ribs Omar demanded “And he gave you money to do what?”

“My job was to only get the Exxenza to the party and hand it over to Wendell. They were fools, they had never managed the potency but all I know Wendell was excited to get some news reporter chick high. I only gave the drink to that one girl, she was like an angel but I know she wasn’t your wife, she was different, very different” mewling in pain Tate provided all the information

Landing his foot on his chest Omar asked “How much did you give him?”

“Supply worth of a few years, if he’s not an idiot to stay stiff every second of his life by himself” Tate disgustingly informed sniffing on his own blood

Having received his answers Omar offhandedly offered “I can finish you right away because of what you have dared, or if you choose to live you can record a submission with proofs around this including names, supply, price and the entire narrative”

“You can’t be crazy to kill me for looking at your wif..” reasoning to himself Tate begged, but he earned another kick

Bending down Omar lifted the man with his now bloody shirt collar, his voice dripped with danger “I am crazy. I will gladly pull these dirty eyes out and slit you apart for daring to see what’s mine” another punch landed on his stomach before a smack on his eye made Tate cry louder

Woefully turning on the floor in misery, Tate pleaded “I didn’t know she’s married to you”

“And your intentions halted when you did?..” another slap followed “..that’s why you wanted to bring this hideous bouquet?” a punch landed on his stomach

“Only wanted one chance with her beaut..” this time Tate banged on the floor with a thud, his hand getting smushed under Omar’s shoe

“Hardly any more chances, if this hand also stops working. But you can always see the videos of where all your hands have been. Right under the desk of the welcome space” gritting his words Omar gave another blow at his groin

Screaming loudly Tate writhed with excruciating pain. He begged of Omar seeking mercy “Forgive me.. forgive me.. I’ll.. never..” a punch landed under his chin temporarily halting all noise from him. Omar smirked at the man “That I’ll see to it for sure. Because my craziness has no limit” his foot crushed Tate’s other elbow too

Squirming on the marble hallway floor Tate’s howling cry echoed through the penthouse. He begged “I want to redeem myself. I’ll record. I want to record. Everything against Pitar”

“And you’ll stay away from what’s mine” Omar moved his foot on Tate’s neck increasing pressure

Laying in the pool of his blood Tate winced in agreement “I will..never cross you. never”

“Fail on that and it will be your last day” Releasing his neck Omar warned, his stern voice making Tate convulse with fear. Looking at the tall man ahead of him with blurry eyes, tears of shame rapidly flowing through his face, Tate promised “I won’t ever dare”

Slapping the small bouquet on the associate’s face Omar granted him a consolation smile “Consider these for fast recovery from your sick leave”. Flipping the digital device from his jeans pocket he spoke on the connect “He’ll record”

A voice from the other side responded “Yes Omar, I’ll come to get him, I have the team ready in this room”

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