Chapter 11.1 – My Favorite Color

|| 11. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

By an urgent wave of his hand, Tyr spoke to the woman accompanying Mohana “Bazza my dear, bring my princesa something warm to eat and get her a plush throw”

Mohana gave the older gentleman a fond smile “Don’t worry Tyr, I am alright. It’s just the change in weather”

Guiding Mohana inside the office, Tyr dismissed her attempt to make light of the situation “Rubbish! I would have come to take you myself if I was not keeping company to my little baby Trissa..”

“But gramps I am not little baby Trissa anymore” having heard her name, a tiny tot dressed in a striking green dress urgently walked over to Tyr

Merrily shaking his head, Tyr moved his hand in the air to communicate his feelings with Mohana, who chuckled in adoration of the exchange. Addressing the young girl who had approached him, Tyr adorably enquired “My darling Trissa, how old are you?”

“My attorney says am only three and two quarters and nine days today but my mom and dad told me this morning that I am a big girl” Trissa factually reported her stand

Exchanging a smile with Mohana at that update, Tyr spoke to his grand daughter “Yes, let’s listen to your attorney, he has the most official voice of all. And because I am your gramps, I will always find you little as you are my grand baby”

Nodding considerably the young girl glanced thoughtfully at her thick play pad. Falling on her knees, with steadfast determination she set the screen carefully on the wooden floor to scribble on it “Oh. I will report this to our journalist Mo’ana”

“Our journalist Mohana is already here, right in front of you, come my precious one, let’s say hi” Tyr encouraged the young child

Surprised at those words, shyly scampering behind her grandfather, Trissa looked up to see the beautiful woman standing in the company of Bazza. Gazing at Mohana with huge eyes, the young girl marveled at the discovery “She is a princess!..” whispering to her grandfather, she declared in the following breath “..I will also become a journalist!”

“Definitely my child and she can teach you how to become a very good one, but first we must greet her” Tyr reminded his grand daughter who stood awestruck gazing at Mohana

Tyr gently touched the child’s shoulder encouraging her to step ahead from hiding behind him and slightly overcoming her amazement, the girl nodded obediently making her green bow-tied pigtails bounce. Stepping closer to Mohana, Trissa extended her small hand as a gesture of welcome. Filled with wonder, she spoke shyly “Hi Mo’ana. Welcome to my gramps office”

“Hi Trissa, appreciate your having me over” Mohana tenderly responded, bending lower she gently shook the child’s hand

Warming up to Mohana instantly, Trissa took a step closer towards her, then looking back at her grandfather, Trissa courteously checked “Can I take Mo’ana to the lounge?”

“Yes, my little one” Tyr encouraged the child with an affectionate smile

Excitedly looking at Mohana, Trissa offered her hand seeking permission “Will you come with me?”

“Of course” warmly smiling, Mohana took hold of the small hand, falling in step besides the young girl

Seeing Trissa guide Mohana towards the sitting area, Bazza acknowledged Tyr’s request “I’ll send the staff with the food immediately Tyr, and I’ll bring Mohana’s throw. The visit from Chanceys worked out great, they dug their own hole. Our bait was a success, the documents have been stolen”

“Chanceys is Chanceys after all, they never learn” Tyr commented, making Bazza give him a wide smile

“Because no one’s as sharp as you” complimenting him Bazza left, closing the office door behind her

Inside the generously decorated office, Trissa walked as fast as her small legs could manage. Crossing through the tastefully furnished seating area, she guided Mohana to a partial wall in the room, made of glass. The seamless separation marking the entrance of the observatory regally stood boasting a treasured pattern, encompassing all of the varied colors.

Pointing her small fingers on the glass wall enriched with a variety of hues, Trissa declared “I like this color” aiming to a specific shade of green that very nearly matched her dress. Standing on her little toes pointing much higher this time she informed “Omar said he likes this color” her little finger moved towards a tone of pink.

Mohana’s cheeks flooded with a bright blush listening to his mention, her heart affectionately reminiscing her favorite camilla flowers she admired in that very specific shade of pink.

Using the display of the glass wall as her color palette, Trissa expectantly looked at Mohana to enquire “Which color would you say, you like the most?”

“I like both of them, but I’ll take this” stealing her gaze away from the soft pinkish hue, Mohana pointed to a shade of silver: the color that was her colorless-color.

Inspecting the shade on the glass wall, then glancing at the lovely Mohana considerately, Trissa asked “Because you have these silver eyes?”

‘ are colorless just like these hollow eyes..’ overcoming the venomous words raging inside, suppressing her own turmoil, Mohana gave the little girl a dazzling smile “Ya”

Managing her chunky device, Trissa dropped on her knees to diligently write on the screen “Favorite color is not pink. It is silver. Because. Mo’ana has beautiful silver eyes” then looking up she declared to Mohana “I like your silver eyes!”

“I like your honey eyes too, they are very beautiful and filled with so much warmth!” Mohana complimented the young one’s big doe eyes which had been studying her inquisitively

Jumping up happily from the floor, widely smiling at the praise, Trissa claimed “They are after my dad! Come”. Having apparently gotten familiarized with the glorious editor-in-chief, this time she extended her hand confidently in the air for Mohana

Securing their hold, clasping on to her pristine guest, Trissa made way towards the seating area. Offering Mohana to take seat on the ritzy velvet couch, the young girl devotedly waited for her to settle. Her eyes observed the pinkish red fabric, carefully noticing each move, admirably absorbing how the editor-in-chief carried herself in the unique saree ensemble.

Shyly leaning closer, Trissa sought permission “Can I sit with you?”

“Yes! Let’s sit together” Mohana smilingly patted the space besides her, blinking glassy eyes at the child’s innocent mannerisms

Brightly smiling at the opportunity, Trissa rested her digital pad on the couch, climbing atop the higher cushions with trained ease. Mimicking the beautiful editor-in-chief’s moves, she attempted to similarly settle her exquisite green dress, carefully ironing out and managing the layers to lay it on her knees.

Perched charmingly on the couch having left a few inches of distance between them, Trissa sat elated in Mohana’s company. Turning to praise her saree, she determinedly declared “I want to become as beautiful as my gramma, my gammy, my mom and you!”

“You are already the most beautiful and smartest girl” Mohana appreciatively admired her young companion

Trissa’s little face glowed at the praise, her thoughtful eyes looked up at Mohana “Do you think, my attorney feels that also?”

“I bet, isn’t it Tyr?” seeing her host approach them, Mohana hinted at him with her eyes

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