Chapter 11.2 – Most Handsome Attorney

|| 11. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Smilingly Tyr responded in affirmation “Definitely. And we can check with Charles too for his confirmation on the matter”

“No, I don’t talk to him..” Trissa shook her head “..I cannot check with him”. Her shy eyes looked at the thick play pad with much interest at the mention of her attorney Charles

Mohana genially enquired “How will we discuss about all our business paperwork if we won’t talk to our attorney?”

“I send my gramps a note. And he sends my note to my attorney’s office. Then my attorney responds. He will review all our business paperwork very very very soon” Trissa enlightened looking up from digital screen, her huge eyes assuring Mohana on the presence and swiftness of her legal support

“Indeed. Depending on the query it can vary usually within the timeframe of nanoseconds to a few minutes. You wouldn’t believe the fast turn around these days” Tyr admirably shared the insight with Mohana

Chuckling at the sweet interaction model, Mohana complimented “Charles is very hardworking indeed”

“Ya and he is very handsome!” Trissa chirped, adding exuberantly “He will also have all those muscles like my gramps, my grampa, my dad and Omar, when he grows up!”

The visual of Omar’s shirtless torso came rushing from their early morning collision, making Mohana nervously try to rack any moments where his impeccable chest had been covered behind fabric, but all attempts ran in opposite direction, making her butterflies frantically turn. Owing to the excitement her young companion displayed, she shared an enthusiastic agreement “That will be wonderful!”

The repeated mention of the famed celebrity in their conversation made Mohana conclude his prized bond with Sarrata’s young heir. It stood clear that not only did Shaan Designs solely work with Sarrata for their fabric, their handsome owner shared an exclusive association with Tyr and his family.  

“Yes! Wonderful! And I want you to take my attorney’s interview and my interview one day really really really soon because you are my idol!” Trissa courageously expressed her heartfelt desire

Blinking moist eyes at the tender innocence, Mohana gave the child a warm smile “Of course! Whenever you think you have time, we can schedule something for just the both of us and when we decide we want to start talking to Charles, we can do the same for his interview”

“Okay..” starting to make a note on her screen, Trissa halted. She looked at Mohana, her eyes filled with great dilemma “I have time right now and whenever you want. Because am done working on my gramps interview. But I did not win a prize yet and neither did my attorney”

“You don’t have to win a prize, we can plan an interview on such a variety of other subjects” Mohana kindly comforted, hoping to override the deep concern that was bothering Trissa

In turn though the little girl’s huge eyes widened in surprise “Really?! But Omar said you only take his interview when he wins an award”

Mohana haphazardly ironed the golden edge of her pink-red saree draped along the arm, wishing for her heart to stop bouncing every time his name got pronounced in their discussion. She attempted to explain the exactness of her actions, those that had been distinguishably catered to one specific celebrity “No.. uh no it’s not really that. But he is a fashion designer! and.. and he keeps winning so what can we do”  

“What can we do!..” Trissa shared her agreement deeply lost in thought, then with a moment of realization she announced “I know! What can we do! I will inform my attorney and your attorney with this updated information”

“Yes definitely but I think getting this information to your attorney mainly, should suffice us. Charles can help prepare proper paperwork and we can then plan on our interviews with you both” Mohana shared an enthusiastic smile, happy to have crossed beyond the justification of those specifications she had challengingly set for a certain superstar

“Ya! But both our attorneys have to know because! Omar said we cannot keep secrets from our attorneys because! they prepare proper paperwork” Trissa informed, reiterating her similar belief as Mohana, along with her apparent conviction from Omar to form the entire point carefully

Finding his presence in their conversation again Mohana’s heart curiously bounced. Reminded of his exposé interview night which had involved mention of attorneys and keeping secrets for each other, she nervously turned a puffy tassel on her saree. Inquisitive about the discussion that may have transpired between Trissa and the famed celebrity, she checked “He said both our attorneys?”

“Yes! Both! My attorney and your Omar” Trissa shared her wholehearted agreement

The words: your Omar had Mohana tightly clasp onto the plump tuft of golden threads, her heart frantically jumping in her chest. Regardless of the reality Mohana had always known, the innocent declaration from Trissa made her breathing go awry. She sternly reminded herself, that the handsome celebrity Omar Shaan was far beyond her reach, all he could remain was a figment of imagination in her dreams, because those were her only belonging

“No.. no. There must be some confusion. My attorney is at Sophista, he is part of Sir Gallaghair’s team..” Mohana informed, mostly assuring herself on the ample legal support, she nervously concluded “..but it doesn’t matter. none of this matters anyways”

“But it does matter. all of this matters..” confirming Trissa concentrated on writing her notes “..Mo’ana has another attorney, Sir Gallaghair’s team..” looking up from her digital pad she checked “..Is he like Omar? strong? with muscles? and so handsome?”

“Um yeah. why not, very likely..” Mohana claimed with fervor on the unknown legal representative, desperately wanting to assure her own sinking heart along with that of the young child who looked at her with wide eyes “..Attorneys are strong with all those muscles. So he has to be more handsome and the strongest ever with lots of muscles. And then both of our attorneys can be really dashing”

“Yes!..” confirming, Trissa made careful notes repeating each word “..more handsome than Omar, strongest ever with lots of muscles and really dashing just like Trissa’s attorney” looking up expectantly at Mohana, she shyly asked “Do you see him everyday?”

“We can. uhm sure. It really depends on what we need to discuss but yes we can” Mohana factually provided overlooking the detail, that as the editor-in-chief for Sophista she mainly ever interacted with their legal assistants than the precise team of attorneys.

“Depends on what Mo’ana needs..” word for word Trissa diligently made her notes “..Is he even more handsome than Soren Rick?” she checked referring to the chart topping movie star

Relieved to be discussing someone other than the heartthrob fashion designer, Mohana happily claimed “No one can be as handsome as Soren Rick..” then capturing Trissa’s troubled expression she hastily added “..except your gramps and grampa and dad and Charles?”

“And Omar?” Trissa checked expectantly. Although it was framed as a question her voice almost held a plea to have the name considered, the man approved and belonged to the exclusive list

Frantically turning the loose end of her saree, unable to accept what both her heart and Trissa wanted to hear, Mohana attempted a deviation for their chat “If you want, yeah, but Soren Rick is also a superstar, he has all those movies and he wins so many awards too! There can be no one as extremely good looking as him. He looks very strong and all those muscles of his, it’s like an entire six pack! Maybe Charles would want to consider building muscles like him?”

Scribbling each detailed description as Mohana spoke, Trissa absorbed the new found knowledge being imparted to her. She curiously enquired “Do you need a lot of patience to make this entire six pack?”

“I guess yes, because Jojo always says that all things that need to be carved with love, need patience” Mohana offered thoughtfully, wanting to remain on their subject Soren Rick but images of the highly applauded fashion celebrity, shirtless, displaying his flawlessly carved torso, overruled everything in her mind. For no matter all the turns her head took to escape Omar Shaan, she always found a way back to her core desire.

Happily nodding in affirmation Trissa shared “I like Jojo! My mom says that too!”

Mohana gave the little munchkin a smile “Exactly! So Soren must have invested a lot of hard work and perseverance to carve such strong muscles”

Jotting down the hardship involved with building muscles in her notes, Trissa asked “Like Omar?..” declaring emphatically “..He has such strong muscles! He can carry everything! And he also invests a lot of hard work. He gave this dress to me”

The color on Mohana’s blushing cheeks further deepened. She could very well vouch for the fashion designer celebrity to carry everything, including herself. Recalling the feeling of being in his muscular arms from their morning episode of connected rooms, her heart danced in agreement.

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