Chapter 11.3 – Very Very Kind

|| 11. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Mohana wryly concluded that overriding his mention from her heart and their conversation was impossible. Like her own entirety was adamantly in awe of him, so was Trissa, much like the unending lists of women, collection of fans and even the office staff including his personal assistant Indigo.

Appreciatively looking at the young girl’s attire Mohana complimented the designed creation “It is a very elegant dress and looks exceptionally splendid on you. I really like it”

“Because your Omar designed it?” Trissa eagerly inquired, her eyes gazing happily at the lavish green dress settled on her knees

Mohana forcefully restricted her bouncing heart from claiming the magnificent man at those innocently encouraging words. Knowing Omar would never become anything hers, she stifled the ache of reality, giving her companion a smile. Upholding her own admiration and the strong affection Trissa had towards the famous man, she politely claimed “Of course, he is an award winning designer for a reason”

“Ya..” Trissa nodded, her eyes shining in pride for the man she firmly held in high regard “..and he is an attorney! I only like attorneys. I really like my attorney! Do you like your Omar also?”

“He is kind, really kind, very very kind” Mohana earnestly offered, the innocent words ‘your Omar’ establishing their place welcomingly in her heart despite every attempt to deny the luring imagination

“Yes. Kind, really kind and very very very kind..” Trissa contently made a note on her digital notepad

“Only, very very kind. Two times very” Tyr commented with a mischievous smile, making Mohana’s face glow completely scarlet

“Oh. I will erase..” carefully editing her note Trissa happily looked at Mohana sharing her agreement “I also think Omar is very. very. kind..” counting on her fingers she ensured the proper ‘very’ count “..Is this the dress he gave you?”

“No. No. Jojo got me this” Mohana declared consciously flipping her leg over the other. Setting the fabric of the saree absentmindedly, she twirled another plump tassel hanging on its swaying end

“Oh..” a troubled frown appeared on the child’s forehead “..But I really like your dress! Why did he not give it to you?”

Not wanting to break Trissa’s expectations by sharing she wasn’t given anything, let alone be known that the designer celebrity had even taken back his leather jacket for sharing with others, Mohana half heartedly consoled both her writhing heart and the young girl “Because he was busy and I got really busy and then I had to come here, so I wore what Jojo got for me but his personal assistant Indigo helped us in wearing this dress in the morning”

“I like Indigo! Will you wear your Omar’s designed dresses when he gives them to you?” Trissa enquired almost at the edge of her seat, awaiting Mohana’s answer

Mohana felt her heart turn, she knew it was unlikely for her to ever receive a designed dress from the majestic man himself. In all these years of knowing him, she had only come as close to making an attempt of stealing his jacket while her conscious had made her fail terribly at that too. Taking a hurried gulp of tea, the staff had served, Mohana nonetheless vouched her agreement “Ya. Ya. However he wants, he is the designer”

“Ya! He is the designer and you are so nice and wonderful Mo’ana!..” the girl happily gushed, her small hands busily recording their exchange “..will you also go with him to the Christmas party? When I grow up, I will have to also go with my attorney because he sent a notice”

“Sure if there is a party and we have to go then we’ll go..” Mohana sincerely accepted, over the years in her role as Sophista’s editor-in-chief, no matter how much havoc his presence caused, she had always put the success of the journal ahead of her turbulent feelings “..And when you grow up we can all go together”

Heaving a sigh, Trissa rested her hand on her delicate green dress explaining confidentially “But I will only go to the Sophista Christmas party, because I will never read Chanceys! Do you like to read Chanceys?”

“Not all the time, but I have my staff review it. When you start to work for Sophista you might also want to consider keeping up with other journals that are in the industry” realizing Trissa was younger and had years to grasp onto the weight of business strategies, Mohana nonetheless offered a realistic perspective for consideration

“Yes. I will have to..” Trissa nodded understandingly but claimed her objection in a tiny voice “But I won’t go to their party. Will you go to their party if your Omar doesn’t want?”

“No, not at all. I don’t like going to a lot of parties anyways, I like spending time on my articles more” Mohana relayed her honest feelings, sharing uninhibitedly her personal aversion to large socializing events which came as a responsibility more than a charm of participation in her role

“Ya! Me too. I also like spending time on my articles more! But based on my attorneys legal notice I will have to attend seven parties..” holding her small fingers in the air to denote the count, Trissa explained the list of parties that had been negotiated with her counterpart attorney

Mohana shared a look with Tyr, lightly smiling at the intricate details that had been sorted out between Trissa and Charles, despite their direct form of communication cited as a barrier “That’s a neat selection of events, I mostly attend those too”

“With your Omar?” Trissa asked her huge eyes excitedly seeking an affirmation

Considering the thought, Mohana admittedly acknowledged their overlapping gatherings, cursory presence at certain events, while instances where their name cards have been side by side. Regardless of the invitee lists, their attendance patterns, she always found herself marching into the handsome celebrity. Clenching on to her saree tassel Mohana accepted the evident facts “Sort of, kind of, we are there together, yeah always together”

Scribbling another note ardently, Trissa looked at Mohana “Yes, always, because we have to stay with our attorneys forever. I will deliver all our information in a timely manner. I have also prepared notes for my gramps interview, because Omar said I have to start helping right away”

Mohana gave Trissa a warm smile “Appreciate your looking into it. I will review them and include all your help in the deep dive spread”

“It was a pleasure meeting with you Mo’ana, I have taken a lot of your time but what can we do, I have very important responsibilities! Now you are free to interview my gramps” Trissa informed, confirming the wrap of their discussion

“Wonderful to meet you too, Trissa, the pleasure has been all mine” Mohana adorably smiled at the child having immensely relished her company. Her heart still frolicked at the innocent misunderstanding Trissa had construed for her to belong with the mighty Omar Shaan.

Although Mohana remained exceptionally glad on the superstar celebrity’s absence in their room for he would have put an immediate halt to this make belief exchange, like he had declared his lack of association with Mohana at the airport ‘..we’re not married..

Leaning forward, Trissa shot her arms in the air to offer Mohana a hug “Can I request you to hug me? I have never hugged a princess before”

“Neither have I, precious princess” saying Mohana embraced the little girl’s tender squishy frame into her arms

“But you are my princess” Trissa informed on a whisper, adorning a blissful smile at having gotten her request fulfilled. Timidly slipping from the couch, she ran around the low coffee table to hug her grandfather Tyr “Gramps, will you give our journalist Mo’ana my notes?”

“Yes my doll, I have them ready” Tyr informed, pointing her to the bundle of sheets besides him

Smiling at him Trissa declared “Okay, I will finish my notes in the room and no one can talk to me except you, gramma, gammy, grampa, dad, mom, Omar, Mo’ana..” the list went on and on including everyone whom she liked except any mention of the said attorney Charles, who seemingly made her shy

“Sure deal, your snacks will be served shortly, all the best on the assignment” Tyr smiled, looking at the little child wave at him. Running along with her digital play pad, Trissa disappeared in one of the connected rooms to get occupied with her work.

Turning her fingers along the pink-red fabric, attempting to calm her rapid heartbeats, Mohana concernedly enquired “The information, uhm all of that, doesn’t really get delivered, right? That screen is not really connected?”

“You’ll be surprised at all that gets transpired, but who is to say Omar would even find the time to go through the handwritten notes of such a young journalist in the making” Tyr lightly chuckled, encouraging Mohana towards the spread of food that accompanied their beverages

Heaving somewhat of a relieved sigh, she instinctively mumbled “Ya. Yes” then almost instantly rushed to rectify “But I wasn’t thinking about someone specifically, it’s like everybody. like Charles or Bazza or her grammy. Or anyone else. But I am here to interview you”

“Yes my princesa, and you’ll soon be an attorney yourself just like everybody else. Let’s ensure you have everything you need and here are Trissa’s notes for your help” saying he offered her a stack of digital papers

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