Chapter 12.2 – Expecting As In Expecting

|| 12. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Securely keeping her bound to himself through their drive, responding to her short answers with more questions, making her discuss various details about fabrics, Omar continued the back and forth ensuring Mohana kept communicating with him. Bringing the truck to a stop right at the airstrip, he had her scooped in his arms like she weighed no more than a feather

The warmth of his hand, his possessive grip on her waist sent yet another tingling throughout, making the butterflies from within her tummy flutter eagerly, around his each digit sprawled along her bare ivory skin.

Shifting shyly in his hold, Mohana croaked “I’ll.. walk” though her head and heart remained divided at the thought of loosing his warmth

“Another time” growling his response, Omar swiftly stepped them through the aircraft landing field enquiring instead “Basket weave or cable stitch more?”

“Cable” she murmured shyly, while her nerves didn’t allow her to breathe easy, her weakened senses let her unabashedly stare at the handsome man. Taking their own sweet time, her silver eyes traced his long lashes that stood guarding the dark black orbs, alongside dutifully responding to all his prompts

Carrying Mohana up the stairs of the large aircraft, Omar settled her on a plush seat. Her guard, the tall, broad shouldered gentleman, Carter, hurriedly appeared from the cockpit, deep worry lines shadowing his face

Bending on one knee ahead of where he had settled Mohana, Omar dictated looking into her big silver eyes “You can’t move from here. I’m going to be back in less than two minutes. Cart will stay with you and you will talk to him. Say yes”

Mohana whispered an automatic “Yes” but when his words settled in, her lips formed a displeased pout. She voiced the concern that had been raging within her all along “You’re leaving?”

“Leaving, to be back in less than two minutes” Omar repeated assuredly. Easing her curled fist, he placed a small device in her palm that displayed the ticking timer 1:56:11:03:01

“It’s already past three seconds” reading the digits Mohana looked at Omar with a small hopeful smile

He gently murmured “Yes and before it’s zero, I’ll be back”

Exchanging a glance with the concerned guard towering Mohana’s seat, Omar stepped in the cockpit locking the door behind him. His anxious fingers connected the line to frantically relay “Lost consciousness for nine minutes and seven seconds. She is completely freezing out there, and something’s a mess with her tummy and she said she’s hurting”

“Have Cart get you Homela and Offeapa, it’ll get her the aminos needed. Offeapa will make her extremely drowsy, but she needs rest to recover from the Yinar phase. Your beach photo shoot was likely too cold for her” a man’s voice from the other side of the connection informed, making Omar exclaim words of frustration under his breath

“These doses, they’re good for everyone? Or do we need to change them if someone’s expecting?” Omar inquired looking at the cockpit panel, his agitated eyes running all over the meters, radio stack and selectors, refusing to come to a halt

“If there’s any expectation for you to talk, I am guessing that’ll definitely need to wait another decade or so. My suggestion would be to might as well let her heal and recover, what’s the rush anyways” the man smoothly responded

Omar half heartedly shrugged, his voice appearing distant as he explained on the line “I doubt anyone wants to talk. But expecting as in expecting, as someone would expect when there’s this whole thing and they end up expecting”

“The whole thing and they end up..” there was silence before the man checked “..oh. she’s expecting? a baby?”

“Yeah. that. nothing will interfere?” Omar checked running fingers repetitively through his already tousled jet black hair

“An embryo won’t obstruct her recovery. The meds work in her favor, but she’ll need some persuasion to have them. Although given what it is, if you want, you can additionally try convincing her to take Vepaz, that dose extends Offeapa but she’s very likely going to refuse it” the other voice confirmed

“Got it. Will see you” exchanging greetings Omar disconnected the line. Unlocking the cockpit door he rushed towards the aircraft lounge where he had left Mohana under the vigilance of her guardian

Keeping on her promise to talk, lost in thought Mohana was explaining “..little cubes, small blue ones..” to Carter while diligently staring at the timer in her palm which Omar had given

Listening to Omar’s voice “Hey” Mohana gazed all the way up in admiration of the tall, handsome man approaching her. Finding him closer with every step he took, her description halted, words seemingly loosing all significance in his presence.

“On time?” Omar inquired with an encouraging smile, coming to a halt ahead of her

Mohana pleasantly whispered “Yah. before zero”, her eyes remained admirably fixed on him as she lifted her shaky palm, showing him the remaining seconds left on the digital timer which continued to tick away

Picking the device from her cold shivering hand Omar bent on one knee ahead of the elegant beauty. Exchanging a glance with Carter, Omar casually spoke to him “Cart, why don’t you get your princesa something to eat, before we take off?”

A trembling shudder shook her freezing body listening to Omar, her firm gaze faltering at the realization that she was going to be left alone, after all. Utterly displeased she looked between him and Carter, attempting to ignore the shooting pain whizzing through her heart

Receiving alerts from Omar on his digital device for the three prescriptions, Carter acknowledged him “Ye boss” then addressing the unwell Mohana he kindly offered “Princesa, I’ll get you chocolate milk, and Jojo has sent you your favorite brownies”

“No..” mumbling a troubled refusal, Mohana checked instead “..where is Jojo?”. Absorbing the surroundings of the aircraft lounge room, her eyes burnt with hot tears as she glanced around her whereabouts to determine the exits

Exchanging a discreet glance with Carter, Omar intervened instead “Jojo is with Indigo, I have requested them to sort the calendars”

“And she will not approve if we don’t feed you the brownies princesita, I’ll get them for you” saying Carter disappeared to fetch the necessities

Her head felt fuzzy, making the timing appear askew, with occurrences and all the events tumbling around each other. She doubtfully voiced “Calendars?”

“Yeah. Everything is getting busy with the year coming to a close so we need to map the dates and see what works for us. Jojo and Indigo will sort that out” Omar almost factually narrated the information

Despite having no recollection of ever coming across his personal assistant Indigo, yet the mention alone of another woman had Mohana humph in disapproval. Interpreting his expressions as eager anticipation of leaving her, Mohana puckered her lips woefully, curling in the seat to turn her back towards him.

Along the thin golden edge of the saree pinned on her shoulder, the only distraction on the shapely expanse of her ivory back that remained was a dainty bow. Tied from the pink-red fabric of her cropped top, the narrow strands knotted into two loops, leaving the longer ends hanging loose, skimming the curve of her waist

His husky demand “Come here” came accompanied with the wrap of his possessive arm along her bare midriff, turning her into himself

Miffed from him, Mohana attempted to quash the sensations his touch induced, yet her breathing showed the subdued anguish. Gathering as much courage as she could manage, she pushed his forearm with a weak shivering hand “You can leave. Go, fly back to Indigo. Because I will leave for my Jojo too” on a quiver, the tears that had been threatening to fall, found their escape, speedily rolling down her cheeks

Adamantly pulling her in his arms, overriding her attempts in a swift move, Mohana got slipped from the black leather cushioned seat onto his folded leg. Wrapping her in his embrace, Omar hastily stroked the salty drops off her face, coarsely whispering “We can’t do this”

Engulfed against the strength of his torso, the contact of his skin along her bare waist invited yet another swarm of butterflies in her tummy. Their fluttered awakening made Mohana shyly shift in his hold as the reality of his words jarred her heart

Nodding in agreement through her tears, she chanted broken words to herself between sobs, most of them getting muffled against his chest “We ca..n’t.. it.. doesn’t.. matter.. nothing.. matters”

“Nothing matters at all mo chroí. Nothing can deserve these tears in your eyes” cupping her face, his fingers continued their caresses on her cheeks with utmost care to stroke away the huge drops rapidly escaping her eyes. But grasping the undertone of anger in his grumbling confirmation, her heart seared.

Instinctively moving closer to him, soaking his tender gesture in discord to her own conflicting feelings, she affirmed on a sob “Yah. I want you.. to.. leave.. go’way” her usually bright silver eyes were glassy, making him appear blurred

“Not another tear” Omar growled, gently smoothing another salty stream, his declaration not warranting a debate “Am taking you with me and I don’t want any tears. We’ll stay together and we’ll talk about this whole thing when you’re better. Say yes”

“” Mohana hastily gave consent on a rare glimmer of hope. Tempted for his protection, desperately needing the pain in her heart to come to a halt, she wished for him to never, ever, leave her. She didn’t want to get better, she didn’t want to talk about any ‘whole thing’, she simply wanted him to stay with her for a forever

But Mohana knew better than that. No matter how much her soul coveted the figment of her hope, the craving of her heart, the imagination that ruled her head, he was Omar Shaan, the man who would never be hers. For only one certainty held true: Omar could only belong in her dreams and she didn’t want to wake up from this one. Just yet.

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