Chapter 12.5 – Touch You A Lot

|| 12. PAIZE 5 ♥ ||

Busy in checking out the strikingly handsome man ahead, interpreting her own ownership rights on his tshirts, Mohana mumbled her refusal without a hint of doubt “Noh”

“Got it” exhaling a sigh, his eyes landed on the mirror behind, which showcased her shapely contoured back and the pink-red bow skimming above the tie of her saree. Instantly easing his hold from the delicate curve of her waist, running agitated fingers through his already tousled hair, Omar checked “And. so. any chance you know how to undo it?”

“Noh” Mohana informed deeply frowning, staring at the man incredulously, seeing him flex his hand, she pouted at the loss of his touch, holding further more grievance for his still covered torso when all his tshirts were now hers

Omar ran haphazard fingers through his hair again “Not a big deal. right. its just one fabric to another”

“Ya. and this is mine” she claimed on a light tilt of her chin towards his tshirt, when an icy shudder made her helplessly grip the saree fabric on her lap as her skin turned stark white

Capturing hold of her hand, Omar urgently tugged her in his embrace “You’re..” but his words instantly halted before he murmured “You need to rest. We want you recovered from this cold phase”

Mohana confidently confirmed in agreement “Ya. why am I still dressed in this?..” unscathed thus far in her apparent dream, she fearlessly declared “..You are the designer!”

“Exactly. I design. I don’t..” Omar halted yet again to heave a sigh, tenderly caressing her nape he murmured “..its certainly not the time for us to go into that. But there’s this whole thing and we will talk about it as our priority when you feel better. For now, we’ll close our eyes and get changed”

Inching in his arms, reluctant to let go of the opportunity to absorb his admirable gloriousness, her eyes wandered to his adam’s apple which made her heart ecstatically jump inside. Unable to pick on his predicament, Mohana claimed with full conviction “Unfair! We are both attorneys! We didn’t close when you changed. And then it was so hot!”

“M’anam, you are yet to graduate..” stiffly grumbling, Omar ordered “..I am the only attorney here and if it will get hot you will talk to me and I’ll solve it”

“Why haven’t I graduated until now?” whining Mohana scrunched her eyes close, utterly displeased to miss out on looking at him and his immaculate strength that was covered behind the black fabric which was now under her ownership. When her words were met with complete silence, her eyes instantly sprung open “You left me?”

“Am here. Close your eyes” tenderly holding her Omar consoled, but Mohana hesitantly checked “You won’t leave me?”

“I won’t, am considering the very same question about your graduation, but we’ll discuss it in a few hours” the confirmation had her lips form a doubtful pout, but one glance at his dark spheres made Mohana shut her eyes obediently

Even if he didn’t leave her just yet, her heart badgered that he would for a certainty because she couldn’t keep him bound to herself for a forever. The whisper touch of his fingers on her waist gave rise to a small hope of consolation, making her heart happily bounce: for however long she dreamt, he would certainly have to stay, for her dreams were only hers

Warm fingers left a sizzling impact on her shoulder making Mohana shyly shift on the counter. While the trail of fire ambushed her jitters, it ignited a strange craving which her ecstatic butterflies further intensified, getting magnetized along his each digit tackling the saree on her abdomen. Soaking his warmth, her breathing became more shallow, breasts heaving rapidly as the binding fabric eased from across, only for his touch to suddenly disappear.

Loosing all contact, goosebumps raised on alert as another shiver wrecked through her but abiding to his command, keeping her eyes tightly shut, Mohana drew in a shaky breath. Inhaling the man she dreamt about every night, the concerning frown eased from her forehead, getting replaced by a complaining pout instead when in an instant her entirety got blanketed in his warmth.

His blazing touch was back, this time along her covered waist, yet nothing dissuaded her butterflies from dancing along. The bound of his forearm on the underside of her thighs made Mohana shyly curl inward onto his chest while her heart bobbed happily in his presence.

Carrying Mohana through the luxurious washroom, Omar delicately placed her on the bed. Now dressed in his black tshirt, which skimmed on her thighs, her shapely snowy legs shone in contrast of the dark gray silken sheets underneath.

“Open now? To see you?” she whispered, craving to see the majestic man, not wanting her dream to get over just yet

Covering her with a thick warming coverlet, Omar murmured an affirmation “Yeah”

Her silver eyes swimming with deep craving, eagerly sprang open. Ignoring another shudder, Mohana longingly looked at the handsome celebrity who stood shirtless hovering above her, his immaculately sculpted torso glowing under the golden lights of the airplane room.

Leaning closer Omar coaxingly whispered “Let’s rest for a while”

“Noh” her adamant refusal was paired with needy eyes, gazing into his dark spheres hoping to catch a glimpse of sparkle yet not finding any

Taking the edge of the bed, Omar circled his thumb along the corner of her eyes, easing them to close, softly speaking “Did I tell you how scared I was when you had stopped talking to me today?”

“Noh” managing a small whisper Mohana turned towards him, lashes swooped low, cheeks filled with color, relishing his touch along her nape, caresses on head, while frantic butterflies continued to cause endless tumbling disruptions making her nervous

“We can’t do this.. ever again” his next words came in a jumble of whispers as she haphazardly transitioned from a state of extreme fondness to an ache clenching her heart and twisting it ruthlessly

Feeling his caresses come to a halt along her nape, the echo of his words searing painfully through her, Mohana braved the storm churning within, sharing her agreement but determinedly declaring her desire for complete attention “We can’t.. but I.. you will keep me warm, you are possessive!”

“Very darn possessive” grumbling, Omar pulled Mohana onto his chest, locking her in the barrier of his arms, his fingers finally slipped into her hair updo, easing the barrettes in a mastered move to let the mass of golden silk unroll, blanketing his hand

Inhaling his fragrance, she gulped at the quiver of guilt raging inside, for despite his refusal of her ‘..we can’t do this..’ she insistently clung on to him. Encircled in his luring warmth, her butterflies ran a maddening frenzy while her heart thumped in sorrow, but Mohana willed herself to stay in his arms, because dream or not, for once she didn’t want it any other way.

Raising her thick lashes, she fixedly gazed at his shirtless torso. Amassing all the courage she could manage, she placed a shy finger tip precariously on his muscular chest “Oh”

“Another shiver?” encapsulating her hand, Omar ran his thumb urgently on her delicate skin

She meekly shook her head to refuse “Mhm. Why.. does this happen in my tummy?” tugging him shyly towards her abdomen, she coarsely whispered “Do you feel it?”

Protectively wrapping his hand from above the black fabric, Omar gently caressed her midriff, enquiring instead “Do you?”

“Hm..” face blushing crimson, she hid herself on his chest, rushing a whisper “..they bother me a lot!”

Receding from above her flat stomach, his hand tightly wound in her long tresses, tilting her to glance into the depths of his pitch dark spheres “They? Because you know there are twins?”

“More! A lot more!” she looked at him expectantly, having successfully established the complaint of her treacherous butterflies

Smoothing the back of his fingers along the column of her neck, Omar confirmed “I’ll take care of them, no one gets to bother you”

“Except you!..” Mohana braved herself to look at his adam’s apple, inhaling a nervy breath her shy finger ran a whispered caress to roll on his chest, resolutely claiming “..And when I wake up, I won’t allow this! because. its hot. very hot”

Capturing hold of her trailing hand, Omar halted her determined trek from skidding lower “I wouldn’t allow it either, mo stór, but I can’t have you going through this. I want you to rest your eyes for a while”

“But I don’t want you to leave me, I have to see you, talk to you, touch you, a lot!” earnestly declaring, her eyes eagerly roved across his torso, courageously slipping her hand from his hold, she placed her forefinger on his bare muscular glory again

Seizing her from silkily caressing his chest, Omar moved her hand to his thudding heart, murmuring “I am here m’anam, but if you don’t want me to kiss you right now, you will close your eyes”

“ Pa..lm?” she breathlessly croaked a whisper in unbound astonishment, her face flaming at even the prospect of such a touch, something she had never ventured possible to dream before

Caressing her lids to swoop close, Omar ascertained “Kiss. Everywhere” and barely gulping on the gush of her drool, Mohana hid her face against him, hugging his forearm to her heaving chest, she didn’t dare to open her eyes let alone say anything else

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