Chapter 13.1 – Some Secrets

|| 13. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Completely unaware of the changing sky colors and passing hours, behind the closed shades, Mohana lay cozily curled onto Omar. Under the warm comforters, paying no heed to the tshirt that had carelessly rolled higher on her thighs, her ivory legs lay atop the denim jeans, resting proprietarily on him.

Reclined against the headboard his fingers were entwined in her long silken strands, which had been freed after much restraint from their bounding french knot. Through the time, glancing at the golden head resting on his thread-less torso, Omar had been narrating textile industry related legal cases which were tackled under his legal counsel.

A low affirmation, a questioning hum, or sometimes a slight move from Mohana on his commentary kept the story interestingly flow. Playing with the ends of her tendrils, turning them smoothly between his fingers, wrapping another impactful outcome, Omar began outlining one more prominent case, maintaining their communication.

The dainty woman resting on his muscular chest, her eyes still determinedly closed, seemed entirely awed by his presence. To add to her heart’s merriness, his embrace, his whisper touches, and the velvety voice soothed the freezing darkness that had erupted inside her.

In the dimly lit airplane room, Omar spoke in low murmurs, sharing details on the litigation of the cotton gin machine manufacturers. At the description of the unscrupulous suppliers, Mohana moved on his delectably carved torso murmuring a muffled “Mhh”

“Exactly, no one in the business is at that level of crappy” taking her feedback in stride of the unfavorable practices, Omar started expanding on the legal battle, curling another of her golden locks within his fingers

Upon receiving a connect from the cockpit he halted their story, whispering to Mohana “It would be Cart checking on his princess” another low hum escaped in response as she hooked her thumb on to a belt loop of his jeans

Answering the line Omar checked on their flight trajectory “Past quart?”

“Yeah, just crossed..” Carter confirmed, checking on Mohana’s progress from the other side of the airplane “..She’s warm?”

Glancing at the unwell woman who had in time gained a gradual breathing pattern, Omar informed “Yeah and sort of drowsy”

“One of the few side effects of Offeapa..” the older gentleman provided with a heavy voice “..I was going to wait to check on her, but there are some messages and Zaniha called”

The golden curled tendril slipped from being entwined around Omar’s forefinger “I’ll be there”

Disconnecting the line, he tenderly shifted Mohana making her settle on the bedsheets, murmuring to her drowsy form “I’ll check on Cart and then we’ll get back to our case”. Straightening from the bed he stepped over to the closet when her sleepy moan “Mmhh” warranted his attention

Shifting on the sheets, her fingers sleepily reached to the space besides in search, wanting to clasp onto him when halting from throwing a tshirt over his head, Omar bent besides the young woman. Placing their stop watch on the bedside table which shone: 6:59:48:01:03, he whispered a caring assurance “I’ll be back in less than seven minutes”

“Mmm” certain of his presence, this time a low murmur escaped from the back of her throat, weakly holding on to the pink throw instead, Mohana hugged it closer

He reached to caress her head but his hand halted mid air. Balling his fingers in a hard fist, he longingly looked at the beautiful innocent face. Eyes closed, long lashes skimming the high cheek bones, her strikingly shiny golden hair fanning across the dark pillow, made her look exceptionally exquisite, glowing along the plush pink throw and stark gray sheets.

Her lips slightly parted as if to say something, but no sound came out after a small “Mm”. Flexing agitated fingers, growling a bunch of words under his breath, Omar turned away from the angelic occupant on the bed to carelessly cover his torso in the black jersey knit, exiting the room with padded moves

Seeing a nearly fire breathing Omar approach the cockpit, Carter threw a pod for catch in his direction “Someone didn’t sound happy, not that I can say any different about you”

Omar lightly chuckled at that “I’ll talk to Zaniha..” turning the pod in his fingers, he queried “..but your princesa? Shouldn’t she have gotten up by now? to tell us how she’s feeling?”

“Offeapa won’t let her, as I understand it ensures the recipient sloshes through hours of committed rest for Homela to act” Carter reported gravely

Restlessly spinning the pod faster between his forefinger and thumb, Omar checked “How about Vepaz, can that ease this entire yinar phase sooner?”

Mohana’s guard shook his head as if the thought altogether disagreed with him. He explained his interpretation about the medicines “Vepaz is formulated to strengthen Offeapa and it is known to have one of the slowest release cycles, she would be knocked out for long. The doctors say it’s a backup, but no one I know has ever actually taken it”

Gazing ahead at the sky from the cockpit windshield, a frown creased Omar’s forehead “That was the one specific pearl she wouldn’t even glance at. Jasper pretty much predicted it, but how come these meds don’t look much different to me?”

“That’s because none of us can decipher them. Certain things only come with patience..” Carter informed matter of factly “..and because the healing works in many different ways, someone will usually know what they want and how to get it”

“Patience and usually..” expressing his aversion on the words, Omar exhaled a sigh “..great selection of phrases Cart, yet none of them can get any traction from me. I haven’t been blessed with an ounce of patience and certainty is the only way. Those bloody doses have already tested me beyond” running a frustrated hand through his face, Omar jaggedly ran fingers through his already messy hair

Carter woefully smiled “Welcome to the club. Offeapa is certainly very effective but it has it’s own ways. And you’ve got some more wild hours to clock”

“Right..” Omar grumbled, then offered “..Let me grab you something to eat, before I get back to her”

“I’ll get it later, not feeling up for anything just yet” Carter confirmed, leaning back in the pilot chair

Turning around from the flight deck Omar jokingly challenged to lighten the concerned guard “Your princesa wouldn’t be too happy to know you kept yourself hungry, waiting for her to recover”

Offhandedly shrugging Carter pensively murmured “We can keep some secrets”

“Nah attorney client agreements and all that there is, you know the drill. I am not allowed to hide anything from her and you’re in muddy waters already” Omar claimed on a mischievous smile playing at his lips

Giving an emotional smile in return, the older gentleman caved in “Ye boss”. Exchanging a nod and words of acknowledgement, Omar made his way to the kitchenette to fetch Carter a meal

Unlocking the door to his bedroom, the low sobbing noises had Omar urgently rush towards Mohana, who lay whimpering on the bed “Mo stór?”

Huddled under the blankets, clutching on to the pink throw Mohana was trembling with chills. She adamantly issued her disheartening complaint “Yooo leff..t”

Omar comforted “Ya. But am here now, I came back before the timer turned zero” though his consolation held no impact, for her lips quivered and she courageously turned to the other side

A momentary hesitation halted Omar. He glanced at the pod he had brought from Carter, then discarding it on the bedside table he reached to hold Mohana “Hey..” finding her body icy cold again took him by surprise “..why are you so cold again? Are you feeling the jitters?”

Her body writhed in pain but overruling his concern, she stubbornly refused to acknowledge him as she quivered with another frosty shudder. “Mo stór, look at me. I can’t have you freezing like this..” turning Mohana in embrace, frantically pulling the covers to secure her in warmth, caressing her head Omar concernedly fretted “..tell me what’s bothering you”

On a sob, she relayed the cause of her distress “Yoo lefft.. but.. yoo leff..t” petulantly calling out on his promise of the kiss and their staying together. Moving in his arms, the tears of anguish escaped through her eyes, rolling speedily on her icy cheeks. Her weak, shuddering body curled into him and while she welcomed his warmth, nothing helped calm her feelings of having been disregarded again

Stroking the salty streams from her face, Omar guiltily murmured “I went to the cockpit but I came back to you..” running his hands through her freezing arms, he attempted to ease her chills, hastily ascertaining “..we’ll never have pineapples, I won’t ever even let you see one”

“Nohh..” claiming her complaint through the tears, her sobbing intensified “I don..t like limmp!”

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