Chapter 13.2 – Close Your Eyes

|| 13. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

His grip on her fastened, expression getting graver at the puzzling choice of words. The mention of pineapple followed by an expressive dislike of limp, concocted together, resurfaced the misdemeanor of the hotel associate, highlighting his Exxenza deal with the Chanceys clan.

The well adapted fruity taste, cheery bright color and fragrance of pineapples, made it one of the most popular flavors for masking the potent Exxenza drug, even minute doses of which created maddening arousal effects on its recipients. Exorbitantly priced, the narcotics got smuggled as simulated flavored sweeteners, its proclaimed efficacy of extending periods of elevated sexual excitement, made it a favorable thrill for substance abuse.

Urgently stroking off her tears, Omar solemnly checked “You want pineapple? Because you don’t want limp?”

“Yaa..h yooh” her response, slightly indistinct but determinedly certain, appeared in between sobs and huge salty streams emphatically rolling from her eyes

Weaving fingers through her hair, Omar tugged Mohana closer, demandingly smashing her against his chest. Cupping her face, his thumb anxiously roved on her porcelain cheeks getting rid of each tormenting teardrop, hesitantly whispering “Who am I?”

Her breasts heaved frantically along his robust strength at that query. Hiding her face nervously on his palm, she lightly clutched on to his tshirt, possessively declaring through her sobs “! mmh.. like.. Po..lo”

The name hung in the air only to be accompanied by the sound of low sniffles and a loudly thudding heart. Tilting her face, Omar gazed into glassy silver spheres, his growl ran a tremble through their melded frames “We can’t do this. Say yes”

“Ye..s” Mohana complied on the verge of another sob but gazing at him mesmerized, in spite of the terror his darkened orbs flashed, her shallow breathing eased. Soaking him in, the comfort of his presence made her sobs recede and tears come to a halt

Gently stroking her back Omar attempted to infuse heat to her cold body, lulling her to relax “This whole thing with twins and pineapples and that movie jerk, I’ll sort it all out but I want you to rest right now. Hm?”

“Hm” she echoed, ardently staring at him, a small smile forming her lips

Circling her temple, his fingers lowered to caress the corner of her eyelids “We’ll rest for a while m’anam, you need to recover, your temperature shouldn’t be dropping like this, it’s not good for you”

Snuggled into his arms she lay fascinated but the idea of closing her eyes again to only have him leave, terribly distressed her. “Noh..” pouting she blamed him for the entire mishap “..yoo lefft”

“I did, but I won’t again. Not even for a moment” he committed, stroking the back of his fingers caringly on her cheeks which were starting to regain color

Picking on the thunderous heartbeat, Mohana curiously placed her palm on his heart. Absorbing the wild thudding which mimicked her own in rhythm, she meekly whispered her enquiry “” her voice shyly trailing off while adding “..kiss?”

“When we wake up, we’ll discuss together because it’s us. You and I” Omar engulfed her protectively in the circle of his arms

She contently whispered repeating him “Us”

“Only us” stroking her hair Omar adamantly confirmed, then added “Do you want me to tell you about the cotton gin manufacturing defect case and how we won?”

“Yaa” dazed by his exceptional brilliance, fixedly admiring him, her eyes adorably shone, tears long forgotten as she awaited in awe to hear him talk to her more

Running his fingers gently along her temple, Omar lightly dealt “But I can’t, if you don’t close your eyes”

“Oh” her lips formed a pout in disagreement of the condition he had set forth, her doubt still holding strong “But if yoo..?..”

“I won’t leave you. We’ll be together, we’ll talk about our case and when you feel recovered, we’ll be just like this” Omar assuringly interjected, resting her face on his chest, soothing her eyes to close

“Like.. this” echoing his promise, she inhaled a ragged breath. Feeling his tender caresses, holding her trust in the man of her dreams that she would not be left alone, her lashes decidedly remained swooped low.

Absorbing his surrounding warmth, her breathing began matching his pace, fingers easing their nervy grip on his tshirt making her hand skid lower. Listening to his luring voice her antsy heart now started to happily bloom, following his descriptions ardently. Upon his insight about the wrongdoing of defendants in the legal case, she ascertained her objection “Hm” in sync with his explanation

“Yeah, malpractice won’t..” sharing his agreement Omar informed of the next twist in the judiciary battle. Gently talking to her, he attempted to keep Mohana deviated, all along feeling for her temperature, caressing her head, his palms running along her arms and back aiming to pacify her from the jolting tremors.

In time when her shivers halted, her body temperature gained momentum, feeling ensured that the medication was helping her revive warmth, his hold eased on her. Growling a whisper to the device on his wrist, Omar issued an order “Get me everyone who can be a Polo”. An instant beep of acknowledgement came through, along a soft moan “mmh” from Mohana which had Omar flex his fingers agitatedly, while instantly getting back to continuing the legal warfare chronicle.

Regaining their previous stance Omar sat reclined on the bed, his one arm thrown behind to prop his head while other blanketed under her golden waves. Sliding lower on his chest, Mohana curled on his abdomen, her legs thrown atop his and fingers latched onto the belt loops of his jeans.

Her responses became much simpler hums along their journey. When narration around the cotton gin trial wrapped up, proceedings for another lawsuit rolled through while the digits on the clock kept flipping. True to his promise Omar stayed with Mohana as the timezones changed along the route of their flight. The connects with Carter from the cockpit became a standard exchange, where the guard informed of their travel trajectory while Omar reported on Mohana’s health which remained status quo: drowsy

Just after they had disconnected their line, the connection buzzed again for Carter to inform Omar in a rush “Zaniha’s on the connect”

“I’ll talk to her when I see her. I didn’t answer your connect because am asleep” Omar murmured, glancing at the beautiful woman resting on his abdomen

Acknowledging his plan, Carter checked “Do I tell her you checked the message at least?”

Running a haphazard hand on the back of his neck, Omar glanced at the pod where he had left it on the bedside table “Nah, I was tired, been asleep all along”

“Ye boss” upon hearing Carter’s affirmation, their line disengaged

Picking the data pod, Omar reached for his digital device. The glass display screen flooded with unread messages and out of the specific highlighted ones, his eyes halted at the name: Zaniha Kapoor. Throwing his head back, Omar spoke aloud “You’re mine”

The quiet semi lit room stared at him in response as his sole companion lay contently resting on him, seeming to have paid no heed to his words. What seemed like an eternity of silence, heaving a deep sigh, Omar ran an impatient hand on his chest, closing his eyes.

Shifting on his lap a dozy affirmation flowed through Mohana “hmm”

On a low chuckle, his eyes blinked open and he murmured a whisper “Forever”

“mmm yaah” a muffled mumble, and Mohana determinedly skid lower from his abdomen settling her face on the front his jeans

She fidgeted on the denim, attempting to adjust along the new terrain of thicker fabric, seams and stitches that pressed on her face, when wrapping his arm around her, Omar pulled Mohana higher putting a halt on her wriggling “This is a tad easier”

Attempting to grab the obstructive zip flap with her weak fingers, she complained “mmhh..ard”

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