Chapter 13.4 – Only You Can

|| 13. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

Outraged at feeling the cool sheets under her legs, Mohana frowned at the man of her dreams in utter disappointment. Her chest heaved at his neglect and nearing on a sob, she emphatically declared “Ya..h!”

Swiping a hand over his eyes, Omar rushed to offer “I’ll take care of you. I can’t. I won’t ever. the whole hurt thing. We’ll talk in a few hours. I’ll wait. If you want me to go, I can, but I have to stay here because I can’t li.. basically I mean. I can’t live anywhere else. The couch? I’ll take the couch”

Mohana rapidly blinked glassy eyes seeing Omar take steps away creating further distance between them. Attempting to grapple the cause of his withdrawal, she doubtfully inspected the article of clothing on herself which felt equally rough too. Bunching the black tshirt in a weak fist, she enquired in a troubled whisper “Because of this?”

His feet halted, glancing at the unwell woman, the glow on her face from only a while ago seemed to have completely vanished. Flexing his hands agitatedly, Omar shoved them in the back pockets of his jeans claiming “Yeah because of this. Exactly. This is my room”

A shuddering tremble shook Mohana. The server Peggy’s claim from the beach photo shoot circled venomously, clawing at her insides: ‘..I will do anything for you! I am going to open it when we go to the room anyways!..

Waves of frigid darkness made her lower lip quiver, her heart lurched, breathing nearly coming to a standstill. Longingly looking at the tall handsome figure, she clutched harder onto her tshirt, forming one word “Peggy?”

Omar frowned seeing Mohana turn entirely pale. Clenching a fist he urgently traced his steps towards the bed, demanding “Peggy? What did she say? Has she troubled you?”

Her chest heaved with distress hearing him repeat that name aloud. A sob threatened to escape but biting hard on her lower lip, terribly rattled, Mohana shook her head, throwing the covers over herself, she balled under the layers to completely hide her shivering body. Her frosty heart refused to let her breathe, but pursing lips together, she shut her eyes close, hugging desperately onto the pink throw.

Looking at her curl under the blankets, Omar ran a frantic hand over his sculpted chest, banging a fist right on his heart, he tentatively approached the bed. Slightly lifting the coverlet, he deeply frowned at her severely tormented form, visibly shaking under the covers.

“Mo stór, m’anam, tell me what’s bothering you” his rich velvety voice caring yet commanding, in turn made her shriveled heart feel protected to strive for another beat

Clenching onto the plush pink throw, her eyes shot open to glance at his dark orbs that still held no speck of her desirous sparkle, her resolve fearfully crumbling at the fury blazing through him and on a swallow of a much needed breath, she stated a broken string of words “She. opened it? in. this room?”

A lone salty drop that had been kept restrained finally escaped her huge silver eyes, another following right behind. Frantically stroking the tears, Omar growled feeling her icy cheeks “We can’t do this. I can’t see you suffering like this. I won’t have you going through this for anyone. We are together in our room, in our airplane, that’s what we agreed on. Peggy can never come here, she won’t dare do anything to you”

Halting his fingers from leaving whisper caresses on her cheeks, Mohana clasped his large hand with both hers, possessively hugging his forearm to her chest. Moving her cold face to rest on his palm, she needily embraced what belonged to her while curbing on a sob, she furiously established the blame “You did. You let her open. in this room”

Cupping her face, Omar stroked off another teardrop at the verge of rolling, cajoling tenderly “M’anam, we can’t waste our tears for anyone. You and I, we are together. This is our room. We were together at the beach for the cover shoot, then we flew in our airplane and we shared our honeymoon suite. Will I let anyone bother you?”

“Noh” Mohana determinedly agreed, gazing in awe at the man kneeled ahead, leaning across the bed, beginning to make her shivers loose the battle against the warmth of his presence

Framing the coverlet to curl around her head, Omar encouraged “You’ll tell me what happened and I’ll manage it, say yes?”

“Ye..s” Mohana favorably interpreted his command but her heart turned at the daunting reminder of his interaction with the server “She’ll anything? open for you” and the dam of salty streams got unleashed

“Mo stór” at that growl, she got fluently lifted from the covers to be bound in his embrace. Cocooned in his strength she bawled her heart out. Her words got muffled against his chest as she wailed, blaming him over and over on her pent up feelings: anything, open anything, open anything for you, your room

Anxiously caressing her tear soaked cheeks, gathering her words, Omar consoled “Listen to me, we don’t care about her. We don’t care about anything. She can open nothing. Only you and I share a room. And only you and I can open our buttons”

Pulling from his arms Mohana looked at the breathtakingly magnificent man through wet lashes. Uncertain if she was spiraling in a maze of deceitfully luring imagination, she nervously shifted in his embrace requesting confirmation “Only you and I can open.. them?”

“Our buttons, yeah” tugging her closer, putting a halt to her shuffling, Omar smoothed her cheeks murmuring “We are together. We can’t worry our eyes with more tears because we are going to watch Desperation. It’s such a nice movie and..” forcing a smile he enthused “ has Soren Rick! But you have to stay with me like this, or else how will we know am not rough anymore”

At the lack of receiving any interest on the suggestion, Omar appealed to the large silver eyes that were steadfast gazing at him. Overriding his earlier snubbing of the cinema actor, he repeated Mohana’s own words to convince this time “No one can be as handsome as Soren Rick and do you know he marries a journalist in the movie. He has invested such hard work to carve that entire six pack, so we should definitely watch him together, like this, hm?”

Looking at Omar doubtfully, Mohana shifted on his lap, ascertaining her stand to his deviation “Noh..” she reverted them to the pressing concern “..You didn’t let her open the jeans.. button? and.. and the shirt button?” placing a shy finger on his tshirt she whispered “..All of them? Say yes?”

“Yes, I didn’t let her open any button. No jeans button, no shirt button. None of them. Only you can open my buttons” Omar confirmed, smoothing her hair

Receiving some solace, Mohana curled her fingers in a loose fist “Only I can. But everyone saw, everyone!” throwing herself in his arms, she lamented against his chest “I don’t want anyone to see. No one! Nobody at all”

“You don’t want anyone to see us together when you are opening my buttons?” Omar checked, cupping her face, turning to make her look at him

“Yah. Only I can. because you? You..” she halted on a sniff, pointing her finger to his chest “..they’ll see you without all.. this rough thing!”

“They’ll see me..?..” following her finger, Omar inhaled a deep breath tentatively checking “..they’ll see me without the rough thing? This is rough? the tshirt?”

“Isn’t it?” looking at her own top, Mohana tugged on to the neck of the fabric wanting to pull it off her head, when wrapping an arm around her waist Omar halted the jersey knit from budging any further

Easing the material to release from her fingers, he coaxed “We’ll do this after we talk? In a few hours? Right now you need to tell me..” gently smoothing her cheek Omar enquired “..when I do this, is it rough?”

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