Chapter 13.5 – Nobody Can See

|| 13. PAIZE 5 ♥ ||

“Noh” her eyes shyly swooped lower, breathlessly tracing her finger on his muscled forearm in response, she whispered “I am rough?”

“No. But unless you want to play an unfair game, my arm can’t participate” in a swift move Omar had her held from behind the knee. The scrunched tshirt on Mohana, offered no barrier for his hand touching her thigh “What about this? Am I hurting you?”

Her heart frolicked, racing through her torso, awakening the butterflies to emerge with full vigor, but nervous this time she didn’t dare to mimic his touch again, only barely managing a whisper “N..oh”

“And if I do this?..” weaving fingers through her golden hair, Omar checked “..Is this rough? does it hurt?”. Twirling silken waves around his hand, he held it ahead for her inspection

“Mhm” shyly humming her negation, Mohana hid her face on his chest

Tugging her adamantly closer, Omar embraced her with urgency, frantically running his palm along her back to soothe her cold body “What did I do to hurt you, mo stór”

“You left me! To go there” turning on his chest, she lightly pointed towards the couch establishing her complaint

Easing them against the headboard to recline on the layers of cushions, Omar gravely offered “I didn’t leave, I only went there but I was with you, it’s the whole misunderstanding of rough that messed it up..”

“You always leave me” not getting convinced, she stressed her interjection to report on her long standing suffering

The back of his fingers smoothed along the column of her neck “I came back in less than a minute mo chroí, so you will stay with me like this. And we don’t care to watch that scripted jerk ever, because I am not rough anymore and we have to be together”

Hearing him talk to her, feeling his touch, her body basked in his embrace. She involuntarily leaned sideways, welcoming his teasing caresses, her breathing getting heavier with each warming stroke his fingers left on her skin. Fidgeting to rest her cheek on the rough fabric, she reinstated her objection “Noh. You’re very. very rough”

“Yeah that rough. But I won’t be rough. at all. because we have solved this and now we don’t need to watch Desperation” lightly straightening them, Omar eased his hold on Mohana for a fraction before the tshirt covering his muscular strength was fluently discarded, circling her temple he persuaded “Say yes”

Staring at his gloriously chiseled torso, her cheeks flared with color. Ogling at each ripple, silver eyes shone bright, admiring the toned, pristine power in awe, utterly impressed by exceptional level of details her own dream had captured.

Lost on her was the pretense of Soren Rick and claims she had fabricated in her nervousness and despite the deviations her companion had on his mind, her focus was centered on one man: Omar Shaan. Unwilling to sway from her decision to let his shirtless torso be on display for anyone else, she ascertained her stand determinedly “Noh. so very. very hot! No one can see. Only I can”

“I don’t think so. That man is not real, he is scripted for a movie and he is a jerk who doesn’t have a six pack for real, all that highlighting comes from makeup..” Omar heatedly objected, making a complete u-turn, bringing them back to his original dislike for the cinema actor “..Might as well I try for some of those movies, but in the meanwhile you’re only going to watch those which I approve”

Precariously placing a fingertip on his chest, Mohana declared emphatically “You cannot do a movie. I won’t allow! I don’t want anyone to see. Nobody at all”

“Why not? Who allowed that scripted jerk those movies with his barely there muscles?” his fingers eased in her voluminous mane getting engrossed within the golden waves

Resting her cheek on a lightly curled fist, Mohana considerably hummed attempting to collate her thoughts but the powerful torso at display in front of her eyes had her thoroughly deviated making her give up all attempts of sanity “Mmhh. I don’t know your jerk. but I am possessive”

“Not for that fool! That’s not how possessiveness works. You have to be possessive about only one somebody and you only want to dream about them all the time” capturing her fist Omar uncurled it, making her palm rest on his heart

Reveling in his touch, she lightly nodded in confirmation “Yah. Very possessive. You have to dream about me all the time”

“Yeah, why not, because you’re so possessive of me, that I am the only one whom you dream about all the time” wrapping fingers along her nape, his thumb caressed the tender skin behind her ear as he tugged her closer, making her face rest on his chest

Hesitantly drawing a star on his heart, almost ensuring his presence to confirm he felt as real as he could, Mohana gave her wholehearted agreement “Hmm yaa. pineapple..” her voice trailed as she shyly whispered to herself “..kiss. every..where”

“Our dreams, our buttons and our agreement” setting her hair, Omar heaved a staggering sigh “We’ll close our eyes and rest some?”

“Yah. I can. but how will you? I am still rough!” she claimed of her own tshirt, reaching for it again, shifting in his embrace to get rid of the material altogether

Nudging the single piece of clothing to settle back on her thighs, Omar offered “Among all the other discoveries in this journey we’ll add fabric to our list and when we wake up, we’ll try to get something which won’t be rough”

Shyly clasping on to his jeans pocket for support, Mohana attempted to snuggle deeper into him but his steel strength only offered so much, yet convinced to sink further, like she would with her fluffy Polo, her query became muffled against his chest “How?”

Enveloping her in layers of warm coverlets, the pink throw, Omar ground out words he had read in Trissa’s message “You know that very very kind fashion designer, the one on your December cover? His design team will get you whatever you fancy”

Taking the tranquility of the room by surprise, Mohana broke into a round of giggles at his words. Playfully arching back on his arm she swayed, her eyes now wide awake, sparkling with mischief. Pointing a finger at him she puckered her lips impishly declaring “No! He will never be on my December cover! Because nobody can see! Nobody at all!”

“Right, nobody should see him, everyone should only see that Soren Rick on your cover, because there can be no one as extremely good looking as that jerk” Omar growled on a broken breath, recovering the blankets to secure them around her cold body

“Hmm ya. Nobody! I won’t allow!” adamantly declaring, Mohana looked at him expectantly. Glowing with naughtiness, her eyebrows raised in anticipation demanding another “How?”

Turning a silken wave within his fingers, Omar set forth his condition “I’ll figure it out and we’ll finalize it together but that’s only valid if you won’t watch Desperation and close your eyes right away. Say yes”

“Yes!” vouching her enthusiastic agreement, Mohana eagerly shut her silver eyes close. Falling onto his chest she affectionately cuddled into the man of her dreams, an elated smile spreading across her lips at the easiest deal she could have ever negotiated with the hardcore attorney

Following a breath of silence, in a small voice her whispered demand came through “Hold”. Abiding by her ask when Omar wrapped his arm around her delicate frame, another order tagged along “Mmh? Talk”. Lightly caressing her hair he started to narrate through legal jargon and the cozily nestled Mohana, content in his embrace, listened to him in admiration.

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