Chapter 14.2 – Together

|| 14. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

“Think through your head! She needs heat! How could’ve a baby gotten in her?!” Zaniha retorted in response, throwing her head back she sank in her husband’s arms, leaning on his chest on an audible displeased huff

Exchanging a quick glance with Jasper, Omar shared agreement “Sure. Yeah. Heat. Got it. because she is cold. But she’s drowsy, I won’t let her go through the whole baby making process like this”

On an upset pout Zaniha turned in Jasper’s embrace looking at him with complaining eyes and he hastily whispered a consolation “It’ll be fine”

Glancing at Omar, Jasper explained “If Mohana was home that is what she would have preferred to go through. But let’s say because of all that there is, she has Homela to help gain some warmth and Offeapa will ensure her body gets ample rest. From here, we want to avoid the drastic skews in temperature and give it some more hours. Drowsiness is only one of the side affects”

“What are the..” Omar started to say, but his words got interjected on a small murmur of dissatisfaction from Mohana “Mhh”

The hushed whispers in the room came to a pause again to ensure Mohana wasn’t encountering any additional discomfort in her unwell state. On a weak sigh, scrunching her dazzling silver eyes open, she repeated this time “Mhh?” her focus trained only on the handsome man besides her

Hovering above her, gently stroking her head, Omar whispered “Hey, get you anything?”

Her lashes swooped lower as she mumbled her response “Hmm yooh”, dozily tugging on to Omar’s hand, but in turn her frail body got shifted to the edge of the bed itself

Cupping her face tenderly Omar whispered “We’ll leave, mo chroí”, “Yah” glancing into his black raging depths she affirmed her want, giving him a small smile, shuffling to place her face on his palm

Omar remained kneeling besides the bed, as he whispered to Jasper “Side affects? What else should I know other than this drowsiness?”

Jasper gave him a smile “You’ll discover them. They vary for everyone, though I can’t even share hints given the criteria that I am not siding with you on anything besides that steward. But you should know, even if she’s not home, the meds are in favor of her”

“How long are you not siding with me? I can always send Ethan to check on Zaniha” teasing Jasper, Omar fluidly lifted Mohana in his arms to hear an approving hum from her

Jasper lightly chuckled “Nah, that man is not stepping in my place, no condition whatsoever. But I’d suggest you to stay over, get some rest, you need it”

Stealing a glance at the delectable woman in his arms, Omar confirmed “I’ll be alright. There are few things pending and I don’t know how comfortable she’ll be..”

“Mhh?” an upsetting hum from Mohana halted his whisper. Sheathed in her pink blanket, lightly pressing her palm on his chest, she caught hold of Omar’s tshirt with shy fingers, forming her delirious complaint “noh. rufff”

“I’ll sort it” Omar assured the dainty woman who heaving a sigh snuggled closer despite the bothering elements in way of her soaking his strength

Zaniha looked at Omar with raised eyebrows, then in wordless despair she sought assurance from her husband, who caringly whispered “Gioia, doll, he’ll take care”

“It’s not me..” Omar rushed to defend the rough claim “..that’s not what happened, I mean not along those lines, because she’s unwell, but. but she’ll tell you when she recovers”

“Sure. She’ll have a lot to tell when she recovers. I guess, we’ll wait to congratulate both of you, together, for the babies” Zaniha forced a smile, possessively leaning her weight on Jasper as he kept her bound to himself

“Yeah” mumbling his agreement Omar intended a rush to his escape. Accompanied by Jasper, he stepped through the room making way to the hallway, when lightly shifting her cheek on his chest, Mohana murmured “mmh..aarr..d”

“Good luck explaining that one” Jasper light heartedly chuckled

On a low spirited shake of his head, Omar dejectedly sighed “Yeah, I’ll fish out my attorney cap”


Reclined against the tufted upholstered headboard in the nearly darkened bedroom, fingers entwined in her golden tresses, Omar gave another order on his digital gadget. In response to his commands while he received confirmations from the other side of the connect one after another, he also got ample dozy responses from the Sophista editor-in-chief contently resting on his bare chest.

All along keeping Mohana bound to himself through the endless cold phase, Omar tackled a flurry of undertakings, letting only a single concern remain unresolved, that of him being hard.

After much coaxing she had complied to eating bits of food, while drowsily engaging with him on a variety of topics, from her to-do list of work related tasks to all the places she planned to visit in her lifetime. Managing the world around them, repetition of changing her clothes, taking washroom breaks, convincing her to keep wearing her tshirt, among all the other antics had fallen in ease with him.

“..samples for all the possibilities you can think of” Omar added for the voice on the other side to confirm “Yes, Omar”

“Hm yaah” participating in her own conversation with Omar, blissfully climbed atop him, Mohana confirmed from her side as well

Disconnecting the line, Omar flipped the digi on the other side of the bed. Glancing at the delicate woman snuggled into him, his fingers halted from twirling a golden lock to circle her temple, his thumb lowering to delicately trace her chiseled eyebrow “When you recover, we’ll have everything solved, for right now”

“Mmhh ya” acknowledging him, she lightly shifted to lean on the support of his muscular arm to look up. Her cheeks blazing a crimson hue as she managed to whisper her docile query about their kissing promise “ evv..ery..where?”

The grip on her waist tightened, but his majestic voice was calm “We’ll discuss all that there is to this pineapple in a while”

In a state of peaceful happiness, being bound in his embrace yet not approving the idea of his set forth conditions of waiting, Mohana fidgeted to untangle her frail hand from the jeans belt loop to trace his sharp v muscle line “But..I want yooh”

“Am here mo stór” Omar confirmed, quickly seizing her hand from waltzing along lower on his abdomen

“Mmh?” she whispered looking into his eyes, daring to inform him of her impending wish “..kiss?”

“We are together, you and I, that’s all that matters” he established placing her palm on his heart, though waiting to capture the enthralling sparkles in his black eyes, Mohana scrunched hers to pick on any remote glimmer but the orbs remained pitch dark, much to the displeasure of her heart

Slipping her fingers from his hold, Mohana reached to touch the corner of his thick black lashes, declaring with certainty “Mine!”

Tenderly circling her temple, Omar murmured in return to her whisper “Hm. Mine”

“Mmm..yah” smoothing her fingers gently, she glided them across his lids making them swoop close, finally relieving him of his strenuous guard

Giving in to her feathered caresses, Omar slipped them lower on the bed, tugging her adamantly closer to himself “We want to sleep?”

In the backdrop of the black silken bedsheets, securely enclosed in the circle of his arms, Mohana warmly glowed, snuggling into him “Yah. To..gether”


Rhythmically breathing on his chest, arm hooked around the neck, Mohana slept hugging the man of her dreams. Sprawled across her waist, Omar’s arm had disbarred most of the fabric from between their torsos, leaving her scrunched tshirt only to serve as a barrier for keeping her breasts covered. His hand on her thigh held her leg in place, which had determinedly climbed beyond the thick denim jeans to rest across his bare v muscles.

Fervidly inhaling the distinguished blend of musk and cedar fragrance, Mohana attempted to press on to the powerful strength under her, but the solid surface refused to cave in. “Mmh” murmuring her dissatisfaction she crinkled her eyes open in attempt to create a pillowy indent. Faintly absorbing the presence of the man she clung onto, an elated smile tugged across her lips.

In extreme delight she inched away to gaze at the fast asleep, magnificently striking designer celebrity in complete adoration, murmuring unbelievably “Sooo hann..dsumm”. Ecstatically snuggling back into him, relishing the coziness, Mohana blissfully smoothed her cheek against his pristinely carved chest “Sooo hot!”

“Hey.. you’re up?” the raspy murmur made her cheeks deeply blush, flutter of butterflies promptly emerging on listening to the velvety masculine voice so close to her.

Gushing with happiness Mohana shyly held onto her lower lip moving almost atop the figure she hugged, joyfully charmed with her own dream, relishing in the warmth of her stuffy, when the thought paused her.

Her plush Polo not only seemed rock hard under her touch but blazing warm than ever. Having glanced at the swooped down eyelashes, those that had been exceptionally thick and long, Mohana gulped, getting uncertain of whatever object she clung onto. Her heart started to apprehensively thud in her chest, mainly because Polo always had his large black eyes open.

Pursing her lips, she nervously held on to her breath, certain that she only wanted to be with Polo, she attempted to test a theory: even if a particular pair of eyes had appeared somewhat closed, her stuffy would never be able to talk back. On that thought, she dared a tentative whisper in the dark room “Polo?”

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