Chapter 15.1 – For Real

|| 15. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Met with stark silence, receiving the assurance of after all being with her warm fluffy, Mohana hastily inhaled a ragged breath. Shoving away nerve wrecking anxiety, she cuddled closer when the delayed sexy drawl appeared “We are together. You and I”

She nearly sprang from the bed, if not for the iron clad grip around the waist keeping her bound to the immensely warm strength. The room got bathed in a low golden hue where her plushy gigantic fur bear not only seemed amiss, but was replaced by a wall of hardened steel, which much to her surprise glimmered fabulously under the warm lights.

Her heart banged in her chest, causing far greater havoc than the ravenous butterflies dutifully aligning to the barrier along her midriff. Confident this was all part of her daily scheme of dreams, she murmured “Where’s Polo?”

In a swift move Mohana got inched from the muscular torso, to come face to face with the famous designer celebrity Omar Shaan. His tousled hair, handsome features had her stare at him unreservedly. Getting lost in the enchantment of his dazzling presence, her conundrum of finding Polo, the incessant banging in her chest and her misbehaving butterflies, all seemed to momentarily fade in the wonder of his existence.

“You’re feeling alright?” Omar asked, making her heart frolic listening to the velvety rich notes in his voice

Awestruck, needily searching his eyes, she earnestly murmured “Yah”

Stroking his palm along the curve of her waist, he checked “But something’s bothering us from sleeping?”

“Noh” she automatically mumbled, the fluttering butterflies rampantly mapping the back and forth of his strokes made her nervously shift in his embrace

Tucking a blonde tendril loosely behind the ear, Omar nudged her closer “We’ll close our eyes..” but finally managing to process the specifics around closing eyes, she anxiously whispered “Where’s Polo?”

“Can you try another sentence?” Omar growled, his eyes completely black missing all luster, nearly mimicking the solid darkness she was used to seeing in the eyes of her stuffy

Abidingly giving him a tiny nod, she followed the order “I think. I am missing Polo? My Polo? He’s warm and he’s snug..”

“Got it..” gruffly declaring, Omar straightened them to sit on the bed “..I asked for another sentence. And we were going to try to say something that didn’t have that name in it”

Nervous of his hands leaving a trail of fire across her waist, sliding lower through the contours of her body, skimming all the way to her thighs but then disappearing altogether, had Mohana breathe a heavy “O..hh”

She looked at his powerful hands receding, then at her own torso unsure if she was troubled or relieved at the loss of his touch. Drowned in a black tshirt, legs now covered with silken sheets, she sat in the lap of the most attractive man: the mighty Omar Shaan.

Her heart bobbed at the base of the throat feeling his hand on her forehead “How about you tell me how you’re feeling?”

The flood gates to her disappointment flew wide open “Not good? I slept with my Polo but now he’s not here and I can’t find him. And..” she nervously gulped looking at his stern expression “..somehow I guess? I don’t know how, but I am stuck in my dream? because he usually doesn’t become you..” pausing to review the craziness of that possibility alone, she considered to land a precarious fingertip on his chest to ascertain his presence

Capturing her delicate hand mid-air, halting her investigation before it had even begun, Omar gruffly declared “You slept with me”

Convinced this had to be another one of her dreams, for there could be no way for her to be talking to the real Omar Shaan, let alone having slept with him on a luxurious bed of silken threads, Mohana gave him an absent minded nod. Lost in thought, gathering she needed to find a way of waking up from her dream, she attempted to identify a loop hole in the make belief situation “You? I? slept? together?”

“You and I, us, yeah” Omar confirmed, his tone soothingly calm but his spheres still deep with darkness

Amazed at the intricate details of his long lashes she could admire from this close, despite her favorite sparkles being amiss, Mohana wanted to squeal with happiness, applaud her imagination for the attention to detail in carving her dream man. But dismissing the sheer joy bouncing inside, her head warned her to snap out of the dream and accept her reality.

Quivering a sigh she focussed on the black tshirt covering her torso, bravely countering, mainly to emphasize a consolation to her own heart “In real life, it will only be me and my Polo”

“Then your reality has changed. It’s only us, you and me. because we are together” the growled out response made huge innocent silver eyes land back on the magnificent celebrity, who remained unmoved, looking as strikingly handsome as ever

Her cheeks flared catching a glimpse of his bare chest, yet her eyes determinedly roved through his ripped torso, excitedly admiring the attractive man, their trajectory only coming to a disappointed halt at the pool of black sheets. Easing her hand from his hold, she consciously landed a fingertip on his heart this time “This is..? You’re.. hard”

Running fingers at the back of his neck, Omar off handedly murmured “That. that’s just. whatever. we’ll leave that aside. it’s nothing that should come in our way to bother you”

She cluelessly frowned “But it is.. bothering me? because there seems to be some confusion, the only thing I can for real have in my bed is Polo..” getting smashed against his strength, her words abruptly came to a stop

“You and I are together. There is no confusion. I won’t let this whole. whatever. hardness concern you but the only real thing we have is us, and that’s all there is going to be on this bed and all other beds. You’ll stay with me through everything including whatever it is with the babies and I’ll take charge of them” Omar declared, making her innocent eyes grow wider. The shock of his words traversing speedily through her, making Mohana confusedly look first at their bed and then at her own torso hidden by the black tshirt

Tugging her closer on his lap, ridding the minuscule distance she had introduced between them, Omar twirled a wavy blonde lock loosely in his fingers “It doesn’t show up in this short a time, so we’ve got some bandwidth to play around with, but it would work in our favor to announce about us right away. The team is on standby waiting for your approval on the cover”

Mohana opened her mouth, but words refused to surface above the cluelessness of her own dream saga, making her gulp on some air instead. She nervously touched her abdomen, her entirety puzzling with a tornado of conflicting emotions: she was going to have a baby with the man of her dreams?! While the thought buzzed a harmony, the possibility of such an occurrence with Omar Shaan, even for a fantastical dream, seemed beyond outlandish.

Scrunching her eyes tightly shut, Mohana daringly squeaked them open again, only to reaffirm the presence of the designer celebrity, so close to her, his hand covering hers on the tummy “Is it hurting?”

The haphazard tsunami of fluttering butterflies raging in her abdomen had Mohana hastily pull her fingers away “No. I. Uh. this. all of this. I didn’t mean to. I thought it was him.. um can you.. something? clothes? wear?” she hinted with a raise of eyebrows to his uncovered glorious torso

Easing hold on her tummy, Omar refused to budge from his stance, wrapping an arm firmly around her waist to factually inform “You’re in my tshirt”

Nervously giving him a nod, Mohana swallowed, her chest heaving from inhaling anxious breaths. Most assured this was all part of her imagination, albeit many notches higher, she rattled an explanation “This is some sort of a dream. This can’t be happening with me for real. I can’t be with you. You of all the people in this whole wide world. Why would I ever.. this is not your tshirt.. this is all happening because I am dreaming of missing my Polo..”

“This is our reality, yours and mine” interjecting her Omar grimly confirmed. Grabbing the digital device from the low bedside table he flipped over to the drafted Sophista December cover

The magnificent chiseled torso of Omar Shaan that had peeked from the column of his unbuttoned blue shirt, was now nearly blocked by a woman standing ahead of him. Her back to the camera, silver-golden tresses flowing with the wind, turquoise dress in sync with the blue of his shirt, complimenting the platinum toned jacket, dark denims and the sea behind them.

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