Chapter 15.3 – Very Lucky G

|| 15. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Guilt-ridden for her actions, her fingers hovered inches from signing the document, twisting the digital pen, Mohana looked into his pitch black onyx eyes “This. I didn’t think. If I could take it back, I won’t be here. Not with you. Never. Because I..” words halted as her courage wavered, sinking behind the darkness of her own misdeeds

“Hardly matters. You are here. with me” his growl pierced through her heart making her glide the signature above the dotted line

Discarding the gadget aside, Omar scooped Mohana in his arms, making his way around the bed grandly adorning the pompous room “Sorted. Now let’s get you ready to go meet Zaniha”

“Zaniha?” she croaked in between the loud hammering of her heart, the mention of the other woman along his touch under her thighs made her nervous fidgeting increase manifold

“Ya, we have a couple additional things that need mapping out for which we need to make sure you are feeling better, and your doctor needs to tell me you are healthy” he provided pragmatically though her restlessness notched all the way to the top

Ignoring another turmoil inducing flip in her tummy, Mohana hastily checked “But Zaniha? Your.. your Zaniha? We have to meet her? because she has to take me to the doctor?”

“Zaniha is the doctor. Modeling was something we did for fun, she has a legal background and is a medical professional just like Jasper. Today’s visit is only for an overall check up, for our next appointments we can go to whoever you’re comfortable with” slipping Mohana against his frame, Omar let her feet touch the floor

“Oh” restive at the information, distressed of her own actions for landing onto his bed, she craved an escape from the world of her dream man altogether and attempting a hasty remedy, she increased the distance between them. Glancing around to absorb the posh space, glossy white marble floors, the large glass shower, deep soaking tub, gigantic mirrors on the richly done walls, she nervously filled the void of silence by saying aloud the one thing she regretted as soon the words were out “This is not my washroom”

“It has been for the past few hours and we’ll keep it ours for a while longer” his words made her further antsy, sending another heart wrenching reminder of her stunt “Do you feel like you want to do this yourself?”

“I.. can’t..” she courageously looked up, taking yet another step away from him

Reaching for her, Omar assured “Hey, it’ll be alright. We’ll close our eyes and I’ll get you out of them” his hand along her waist tugged her closer but Mohana stepped away, moving out of his reach altogether

“You..?” uttering in surprise, ruffled at the mere possibility of Omar Shaan having dressed her in his tshirt, she hastily stared at herself, despite an ounce of hope she still managed a request laced with desperation “I wore this?”

“As I am the designer, that responsibility was granted to me. And I thought black went better with the tshirt than the lingerie color you let Indigo choose” Mohana stepped back further taking another haphazard breath but capturing her elbow, Omar had her halted

Raking nervous breaths, she covered her eyes with her palms declaring “Doctors! I was saying I can’t do doctors! Because I don’t like them and I can’t manage them. I also don’t think I like anyone right now. Including everyone in this washroom. Your Indigo can’t choose my.. stuff! I only took her help because I needed someone to make me wear the saree for Sarrata. And my team was on a hike..”

“I was in the same suite, one door away! but you chose to take help from Indigo because you decided to like my personal assistant?!” Omar sneered pulling her palms away from her eyes only to find them scrunched close

Mohana adamantly shook her head “Noh! It’s not that. She gave directions to Jojo and then Jojo helped me”

Stroking his thumb along her dainty wrists still in his clasp, Omar suggested just as casually tugging her closer “If you’re going to keep your eyes closed we might as well discuss this while taking the shower together”

Her eyes instantly flew open, her face crimson, further deepening with heat “You’re not a fan of saving water it seems. Who gave directions to Jojo?” Omar asked, occupied in unfurling her captured fists to rest on his bare chest

“Indigo? Your personal assistant. She spoke to my Jojo on the line and taught her how to wrap that pink. red. fabric” Mohana provided nervously, her hands shyly curling on his carved torso

Seeming dubious at the unraveling of this information, caressing her wrists, his thumb traversed her palms “And Indigo, she, didn’t choose your pink-red lace?”

“Of course not!..” Mohana attempted to free herself, but his hold had no give “..I wear what I want and I had. my.. my stuff! which matched because it came with my clothes. and I wore.. uh because it was mine”

She felt a whisper of his breath brush her forehead as his husky voice enquired “Am assuming you’ve obviously never taken the time to meet my personal assistant, and she has never spoken to you?”

Mohana quickly gave him an affirmative nod “I didn’t meet her. I didn’t want to meet her.. because..” successfully tugging her wrists free in this attempt, she stepped back, waving her hand in the air to denote yet another one of his affairs “ and her and.. there’s no reason why I’d meet anyone who uh.. but more so I won’t meet anyone’s employee without their permission”

Regardless of her own skewed actions, the reminder of other women in his life came as a much needed taunt, making her nails dig deeper into her palms. Listening to him casually drawl “Certainly. I would much prefer it this way” she stole a quick glance, but his eyes still appeared devoid of any specks of glitter

Brushing her temple, the back of his fingers caressed along her hair line, bringing Mohana to a breathless pause, lightly tucking a golden tendril behind her ear, Omar added “I am trusting you to not push yourself or am going to stay right here”

“No! Ya. No” she rushed, not wanting to think through the possibility of his words, but her defiant heart danced to his earlier suggestion imagining the two of them together, saving water in the shower

Leaning against the marble counter top, hands to the side holding onto the white stone, Omar crossed his legs at the ankles “Sure. Go ahead”

His toned muscular back reflecting in the mirror, immaculately ripped bare chest right in front of her eyes made Mohana anxiously swallow, her fingers twisting within each other, far certain that before any water she would need saving “No. No. I mean. I won’t. I won’t mess up. I’ll.. it’s your washroom.. I won’t let you down”

Not budging from his stand, Omar lightly shrugged “If you say or..”

At the imagination of what was to come, her cheeks flared making her dart on the commitment instead “No. No. I won’t do anything wrong. I promise!”

“All the clothes are in the closet, through our bedroom. The necessities you’ll need are in the drawers here, and if you do decide to save water or want help with any color matching, give me a shout” Omar offered straightening from the counter

She committed to not give anyone a shout, none at all, let alone the majestic man ahead of her. If she wanted to save water she would rather take a swim through the ocean and for any lingerie color matching, she would find herself a hatchetfish to consult.

“See you soon” on that husky note, his magnificent body appeared closer, before his steps receded taking him through the door altogether

Left alone in the luxurious space, flustered at the turn of events, her mind whizzed back and forth grasping on certain occurrences while unable to pick on others. Encouraging herself to be fast, lest she got doubted on her intentions, Mohana intuitively looked around for her toiletries bag.

Taking in her surroundings, she rolled her eyes, baffled on what could even get possibly stolen from the attached opulent accessories and fixtures to drive such concern in the designer celebrity, when opening one of the top drawers her sulking came to a stop.

Set on an artistic golden tray, two elegant monogramed toothbrushes screaming luxe richness, met her sight. While both wands held the same G alphabet, the neatly scribbled digital note ‘mine’ above them, had her heartbeats race. Completely awed by the gracefully drawn cursive initials of the letter in gold, she murmured aloud “Even his toothbrush is designer, no wonder all the women want him. If you’re lucky, you get your own in the morning and he humors you by using your initial to keep you company. A very lucky G, whoever she is”

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