Chapter 16.3 – Sorted

|| 16. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

“Oh. I.. it must be because..” reference of ‘The Bold List’ made color perfuse her cheeks “..because of.. all of you and I..” she moved her hands, maintaining a hold on to the saree, yielding a colorful wave in the air “..I didn’t mean to say that. But pineapples are a nice fruit because they are tough from outside and all mushy and sweet from inside”

Pulled into his arms, the whisper touch along the curve of her waist had the blush spread through her like fire. In a swift move her underskirt got nudged higher, covering the belly button, reducing the expanse of her exposed midriff.

“Do I take it that you like pineapples then?” Omar checked managing yards of the intricately woven cloth. Carefully wrapping one end of the lush fabric around her waist, he tucked it along the skirt making her chest heave breathlessly.

“Noh. No. I can’t. but overall. yah. because. uh. Soren! because I only dream about Soren Rick. He is my kind of pineapple!” nervous of building another lie but her heart courageously spilled more to add to her conviction “He and I are close to each other. very close. and I am missing him. Have you done this before?..” she craggily inhaled “..You said you were going to call someone. Indigo? She was going to help me”

Halting the wrap, Omar turned Mohana in his embrace, making their eyes meet. Lightly smoothing the curve of her creamy waist he offered “I am your someone. On our journey you informed me that I am the designer. Which makes tying this my first time, but when you have me untie these yards of silk again, it would classify as second”

“Why would I want you to.. no! I won’t ever. It can’t happen. You are the designer. it’s a fact. everyone knows that. but Indigo is a designer too and I wanted her to help me because uh.. this can’t be your first time. because you are.. uhm I want her?” her eager butterflies fluttered along his caresses, making her breathing run in short sparks

Contrary to her dismay, he calmly dealt their negotiation “There’s only one way to play fair. If you want this wrapped, you’ll have to elaborate for me what is your kind of pineapple or we can enjoy some mangos and raspberries and forget about this altogether”

“You are the designer! You can’t do that” she instinctively reached out to halt him from leaving, but her fingers curled in the air for they had nothing to grab on his thread-less chest

Swirling her around, towering from behind, Omar collected the saree fabric “I don’t want to. So pineapples?”

Caged in the circle of his arms, she informed her memorized principle from ‘The Bold List’ discussion “Ya. It’s not rocket science. everyone knows about it. because everyone wants a pineapple. Jojo and Leya and I, we all want pineapples. so I learnt about it. recently? uh because a pineapple is strong and sweet and has ample vitamin c and they come with a tough exterior and they are the ones that can withstand”

“What?” he murmured tucking the set of pleated fabric along the inner skirt, the back of his thumb brushing her abdomen, creating manifold versions of the already fanatical butterflies

Lured to his touch, her core trembling, she barely breathed “”

“What can a pineapple withstand?” his deep voice whispered close to her ear

The immense warmth radiating through his touch had Mohana gulp, unsure whether she wanted this saree trial to continue or end, she clenched her fists harder rattling nervously “I don’t know. you would know. you’re a pineapple”

Draping the rich fabric from across her midriff, Omar set the edge of the saree along her cropped top, his touch withdrawing “Sure. But am not your kind of pineapple because of that scripted jerk?”

Catching hold of the tasseled end that swayed along her curvaceous contour she took a step back “Yah. we can’t. because we can’t do this and I’ll go. I have to follow up on all the things there are and my work..”

“You’ll have to keep your part of the bargain..” pulling her back in his embrace Omar wrapped his hand from under the saree fabric, holding onto her bare waist “..because I am hungry. and you have to tell me what happens when I do this?”

Her butterflies rejoiced welcoming his touch, wreaking utter havoc to her breathing, letting only a defiant croak escape “”

The back of his hand brushed along her midriff, making her breasts heave frantically, spirited butterflies running amok following the trail of his touch “And this?”

“Nothing!..” she breathlessly countered “..Do you interrogate all your.. uh the next morning?!”

“Depends on who all you think I am with, on these next-mornings, but while we are interrogating..” sprawling his hand on her abdomen, he caressed her skin “..what about this?”

Ignoring the rapid rise and fall of her breasts, Mohana turned in his arms hiding her heated face on his chest, her saree sash slipping from the shoulder to pool between them “”

Gathering the silken fabric, Omar draped it across her curves covering the cropped top “Right before you became unconscious you hinted something was up with your tummy. The woman said you fainted because there’s an embryo involved in all of this and in the aircraft you could feel multiple things bothering..”

On an upset frown Mohana pulled back, dismissing her haphazard breathing, she launched the blame at him “There are so many things wrong with this. You took me to a doctor when I fainted! And then left me all alone despite of my telling you that my tummy was bothering me?!”

Tugging her back, he lightly twirled a moist golden tendril “I didn’t leave you. The woman and the others were at the depot in Sarrata, and when I took you to Zaniha, I didn’t leave you alone with her either”

“You were there? In front of Zaniha? With me? When she was checking me for uh all of that?!” she tentatively rushed, desperate at seeking confirmation

Stroking her temple, the back of his fingers skimmed above her high cheek bones “She wasn’t going to check on you for the babies. Jasper had confirmed the meds won’t get inhibited by an embryo, Zaniha had to mainly ensure how you were healing overall. We discussed the skews in your temperature and she confirmed you’d recover with.. uh. proper care”

“But you would have stayed? If she was going to do all of that check up?” despite his magnificent distraction causing a rumple within, Mohana pressed her ask, voice laced with a needy hope

Smoothing his thumb along the column of her neck Omar lightly shrugged “If there was an emergency and I couldn’t have you give confirmation, yes. But only because you were unwell and I had promised not to leave you”

Unabashedly throwing herself on him, hand on his heart only shielded by the saree sash covering her fist, she emphasized “No! You’re never ever going to leave me with a doctor, how does it matter if am unwell or not. If you even think of leaving me alone I’ll never talk to you..” the amplified fluttering of her butterflies made her pull back

Heart crushing with the hit of reality seeping through “But. um overall we can’t talk, we can’t meet, we can’t see each other. because we can’t do this. because Zaniha. there’s Zaniha”

Slipping under the pink-red fabric covering her hand, he stroked her palm “But Jasper’s on my side so we’ll have that sorted in sometime”

“Sorted? Her husband? Is in your favor?!” despite her robust attempts at deviation, Mohana blurted in complete shock, heart sinking at the possibility of his established connection with Zaniha

“Yeah, of course we’re friends” his fingers captured her wrist, thumb drawing patterns on her hand

Crumbling from within Mohana took a hesitant wobbly step, hand gliding from his hold as she increased the distance between them “You gave that same monogram toothbrush to Za..” a shiver ran down her spine as pieces to the puzzle finally fell into place “..but. I fainted in Sarrata? At their depot where someone told you am expecting? You spoke to your friend for my meds to confirm nothing would interfere..”

“Mo stór..” he interjected her train of thought “..I’ll explain everything, when you fainted..”

“Noh!..” she swallowed a sob “..when we did all of that you. you.. you thought.. I had already done it with someone else, right before you! and had a life breathing inside of me..” her lower lip quivered, innocent silver eyes brimming with rage as she glared into his dark depths

Moving closer, Omar growled “Listen to me”

“Attorney or not, you will listen to me!..” Mohana mirrored him, taking a step back, furiously bursting “..I would have held remorse all my life for taking advantage of you but not anymore! You are one arrogant, despicable, horrible, conceited person! All you think about is women hopping onto one bed after another and your celebrity status toothbrushes. Good riddance, I don’t remember anything happening between us or..”

Her words came to a silencing halt getting his palm clasped over her mouth. Having rid the distance between them Omar gruffly warned “Not another word before you hear me out”

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