Chapter 17.3 – Connection

|| 17. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Concernedly checking her temperature, Omar pulled Mohana closer, resolutely declaring “I won’t allow a speck more of those meds, we’ll go the preferred route because I can’t tackle any of that again. But as far as the view, that should look like yours because we are practically neighbors. You’re three floors down, one skywalk away from here” he motioned to the neighboring tower

Open mouthed Mohana looked at where Omar pointed to the tall corporate office building, which for a fact appeared to be her abode. Expectantly looking back at him, she awaited further explanation to the influx of information she had been granted but Omar checked instead “You feel warm, but are you feeling the jitters again? do you want us to go inside and rest some?”

Shaking her head in quick assurance, she glanced over towards the Sophista head quarters again “No. uh. I thought I was confusing things. but this is downtown. your loft. and there is my company’s building. and I stay there. and you live here? right here? bringing all those uh..” the golden initialed toothbrush flashed through her eyes “ this loft? on that bed.. uh. the one where I woke up?”

“If you’re planning to interrogate me, you can’t..” smoothing a golden tendril, Omar mischievously smiled making her heart senselessly sway in his favor “..unless you work your way around somehow because currently only one of us is an attorney. How about for another favor I can enlighten you on a commonly known fact, Staoux Media House owns both these towers and if you’d have ever noted the address for Shaan Designs it would have brought you here”

“To you?” Mohana managed a croak, still attempting to absorb the revelation, eyes routing back to her office loft windows, where she had day after day, rigidly kept herself blocked from any information, beyond what was needed for her job, about the mighty designer celebrity

Cupping her face, Omar made her look at him “To me. The printed address is for corporate floors but if you came to the office, my staff would have gotten you here at the private residence”

“Oh. But my address is not private. Everyone knows the downtown Sophista office. and when you were busy with all of..” her hand waved in the air to denote his many affairs “..swimming here, I was right there? in my office? As the.. uh neighbor?”

“I wasn’t sure you were keeping your whereabouts a secret..” placing her fingers on the jeans button, Omar murmured “..and we can swim here whenever you want for us to try the pool’s efficiency. Open?”

In her nervousness grappling on to the jeans waist band Mohana frowned “Am not swimming. It’s cold out here. and there’s the Sophista corporate building. and. why would I use this pool, when all of them with those toothbrushes do it, because I anyways pack my own toothbrush for my..” she paused looking at the magnificent man towering her, fighting to inhale a breath if only her butterflies could get dissuaded “..but. but? I was with my team on a work trip to Sarrata. Why am I here?”

“I thought you’d never ask..” Omar offhandedly shrugged “..You need to give me the box of chocolates that I’ve been since searching for”

“Box of chocolates?” she stared at the designer celebrity, chiding herself for expecting any other response

Thumb circling over hers as Mohana stood clasping on to his jeans, Omar most nearly whispered “Yeah and when you find that box, let me know”

Her heart shriveled painfully, acknowledging the reality she had chosen to overlook, for the blurry recollection of Omar Shaan in the Sarrata cafeteria was not to fulfill her desperate yearning, instead their run-in fulfilled a purpose: it wasn’t just his jacket she had attempted to steal, there was the case of the missing chocolates as well

Mohana shifted in his arms wanting to sprint to her luggage, but halting her thoughtful expedition, Omar reminded “Button?”

“Yah” breathlessly fumbling with the jeans closure, the guilt of gorging those scrumptious brownies thudded in her head, and while she approved of her rogue behavior for the extremely delicious and chocolaty treats, it appeared she had committed herself to a never ending cycle of snatching and stealing his belongings

Her uncooperative fingers landed against his chiseled frame tumbling one over the other, making it appear that she had never opened a jeans button before. Inhaling a ragged breath Mohana ran a ceaseless consolation to calm her nervousness “..once. only once. just once..”

“Highly unlikely” his interruption came after a few or more failed tries of which Mohana wasn’t sure anymore

Held rooted to his magnetic grip, she enquired in despair “Hm?”

Smoothing the curve of her waist, making the butterflies rapidly multiply along the new patterns he drew on her creamy skin, Omar tugged her closer “If you’d start paying some attention to me, you’d know I mostly wear jeans”

“Apparently without tshirts to impress the world of Peggys, who don’t want to do anything except giving you your desired attention” she sneered, furious at the memory of the resort server

“That is more along the lines, because I gave away the ownership to all my tshirts recently. A very advantageous deal if you ask me. Would you care to know how the transaction went?” ignoring her heart twisting in pain, she hastily shook her head

“No, Sophista never prints what doesn’t need to be printed..” her voice cracked but collecting herself she took to tackling the jeans closure “..and there are important things that have gone missing like that box of chocolates for which I had to be here” twisting the button finally through the loop, she heaved a nervy sigh of accomplishment

Smashing her against his chest, his velvety deep voice hovered above her ear “Surely, nothing’s more important than that. And if you’re planning to start your search here by the pool, fair warning I’m going to change out of these jeans” in an instant his hold on her eased

Covering eyes with her palms, her words ran through the air “My eyes are closed! and I am going” as Mohana cluelessly rushed inside leaving the designer celebrity with his jeans button undone once again


Managing yards of the draped saree, the tasseled end of which kept slipping from the shoulder missing its brooch, her tummy swirled in torture, butterflies having found another occupation to flutter in fury of all the many women his bed had seen. His declaration from the airport ‘we are not married’ induced a thorough heartache as she tried recollecting the look and feel of the confectionary box.

Her fidgety fingers receiving no time to recover from opening the jeans button refused cooperation in searching for the said chocolates, urging her to instead think about the handsome man she had touched, those drool worthy muscles, the low hung jeans, or at the very least the delicious brownies he had served. But Mohana emphatically looked at her hands, preaching to herself “I can’t think about anything else, am already in debt for two of his favors”

Digging through the contents of her entire travel bag, unfolding dresses, unzipping all compartments, yet finding nothing of resemblance to a chocolate box, Mohana flopped on the floor. Holding her lower lip out she began inspecting the bag once over again, grumbling “Who does that? Offer a hungry person such a fancy table brimming with yummy treats and then put them in debt. for two brownies! Had I for real stolen any of his designer things I’d have owed my life to him!”

Pulling the blanket from her tote bag, she threw her head back, exhaling a quivery breath “But Mo’ana you stole, you dolt! The most sexy leather jacket from a world renowned fashion designer and if that can still be worthy of an explanation, there will be never any way to justify stealing chocolates. more so when my dad owns Rau..”

“Hiiiiiee Omar, I’m here for you” a womanly voice poured through the room, joined by a low vibrating beep, making the blanket drop in a heap. Caught surprised, Mohana gripped on to the pleats of the saree, bunching along the tasseled end in her fist as she straightened from the floor. Her eyes circled along the ceiling, surveying the walls to identify any outlets or screens, when the buzzing alerts drew her attention to a digital screen peeking from under the covers.

Approaching the bed, Mohana reached for the silken sheets only for the pulsating thrum to come to a halt and another voice, this time robotic, announce in the lowest audible level: Connect Sood Residence

Her heart raced hearing the reference of her own parental home, fretting the receipt of such a connection altogether, her anxiety further heightening at the digital device now requesting an automated link back. Grabbing the gadget, ignoring her light headedness, Mohana made a spree through the hallways wanting to find the designer celebrity, for her feet to come to a halt ahead of a large screen

A woman in a flimsy blue bikini top, low rise denim shorts, stood in a hallway ahead of a large brown box, expectantly looking at the camera. Nervously running fingers through her wavy blonde hair, Mohana shifted unsure if the camera lens was dual to also catch her presence, but seeing no change in the woman’s reaction, she took her chance to study the visitor.

The skimpy dressed woman opened her mouth wide, running her tongue along the lips before cupping the breasts to make them further spill from the triangle cut bikini top. Blinking in disbelief, completely taken aback Mohana immediately looked at her own torso to inspect the curve of her breasts in the pink-red cropped top, but heaving a sigh of dissatisfaction she glanced back at the screen.

Catching the other woman tug on the short-shorts, adjust a long dangling navel piercing, Mohana puckered lips in further disappointment at her own flat abdomen, where the belly button had been hidden behind the drape of the saree, when her eyes landed on the digital device gingerly held in her hands. Grasping her reality, without another breath she made an urgent dash in search of her dream man

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