Chapter 12 – Touch You A Lot

|| 12. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Holding onto the bare curve of her waist from beneath the swaying end of the saree, his other arm securely wrapped from under her thighs, the magnificent man carried Mohana making their way through the grand cafeteria hallway. Her chest breathlessly heaved against his steel strength, his proximity igniting a yearning which despite her attempts to ambush, kept surfacing with more vigor.

“Ohhh! I know where I have seen him. He’s that fashion designer, Omar Shaan!” one of the onlooking staff members informed, hoping to be out of the ear shot of the man that had ferociously snapped at them

“Ah yes, yes. I never imagined he would be taller than tall in real life! Such a handsome man! He looks like a movie star himself, maybe that’s why he doesn’t like Soren Rick” the staff member pondered in a conscious whisper in the aftermath of their recent scare

The other one commented “Could be, but he has more fans than Soren anyways. I think he is so much more sexy. Soren is all good boy looks but this Omar is like a manly man..” the kitchen staff members favorably chuckled in agreement within themselves “..Do you think they are a thing? The chief journalist and him? They look so hot together”

“Ya they make a very striking couple, imagine if they got married, their babies would be so adorable just like our baby Trissa” one of the elderly woman dreamily commented of their boss Tyr’s granddaughter

The staff alongside happily gushed similar thoughts, eagerly glancing at the popular celebrity Omar Shaan carrying the delectable journalist. The tasseled end of her ensemble flew in the air with every step, covertly hiding his hand on her creamy waist, while their onlookers excitedly admired the fascinating power couple they made.

The fabric of the rich pink-red hued traditional saree tied on her delicate figure held stark contrast to the black tshirt fitted along his broad muscular built. Lost in Omar, Mohana fixedly gazed into his glittering spheres, her hand possessively resting on his heart, cheeks getting their glowing fill as she basked in the warmth of his presence

Crossing through the street, Omar made his way to a parked black sporty vehicle which stood on significantly higher ground clearance from other passenger cars and vans in the vicinity. Halting besides the truck, Omar gently slipped Mohana against his frame, yet maintaining his hold on her waist, he kept her bound to his strength.

She merely blinked at the paver stones ground meeting her heel clad feet, but her silver eyes remained adorably dazed to their aim, seeking to wholly absorb his magnificence. While his touch along her waist continued to make her heart race, encourage butterflies to rampantly align themselves to his grip, all that mattered was, she was with him.

The crowd of commuting employees from the depot curiously glanced at the couple besides the black truck. Some seemed to recognize the famous celebrity, while others were simply intrigued by their presence around the busy area.

Unlocking the passenger door, Omar whispered, his voice laced with concern “You’re alright?”

She opened her mouth, but unable to form words needfully swallowed some air. No matter however much she craved for him, her shyness always multiplied manifold in his illustrious proximity, making her exceptionally nervy

“Hm?” his husky reminder sent the entire kaleidoscope of her butterflies in another frenzied motion, excited to acclimate themselves to his touch roving up and down, caressing the curve of her waist

Seeing him open the vehicle door, her agitatedly racing heart sunk to the pit of her stomach creating a frantic rebuttal for not wanting to be left alone. The shuddering panic swirled within, dominating her entirety by an emphatic demand to stay bound to his warmth, protectively shielded in his strength, far and much longer than was foreordained.

In a tiny whisper, Mohana voiced her complaint “Tummy?” reporting on the queasy ruffle running amok on his intent of departure, assigning him the responsibility for what seemed beyond her control

“Is it hurting?” Omar checked with urgency, his large hand possessively moving under the lavish saree fabric to cover her abdomen

Her cheeks blazed at his powerful touch, the rush of extreme warmth infusing through her colder body had Mohana inhale a quivery breath. Embraced in his hold, her heart skipped a beat, then another.

“I thi..” Mohana tried, attempting to accept what she had always held close to herself, but her words halted, her eyes swooped close, body nearly flailed had it not been for his support.

His grip fastened on the dainty woman collapsing against his robust strength, securely melding her petite frame to himself, Omar cupped her angelic face rushing in concern “M’anam?”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I fainted too when I was pregnant, make her lie down” from the oncoming crowd a woman rushed towards the couple offering consolation whilst joining them, another woman considerably added “Ya first trimester, it is normal, your wife is really beautiful, it’s all because of blood sugar, happened with me too”

His eyes darted to the interference, scanning the strangers that were interestingly looking at the unconscious Mohana whom he stood possessively engulfing in his embrace. Anxiously caressing the small of her back, Omar urgently whispered to the dainty woman in his captivation “Talk to me, mo stór”

Reading his expressions as that of surprise, the woman offered with a smile “Oh you didn’t know she’s expecting a baby. But it happens with newly weds all the time. Your wife must be planning to surprise you, but the belly only shows after three or four months and she’s so slim”

“I know. The baby. I know. Yes. It’s good..” Omar confidently claimed “..My sister recently gave birth too, so I will know how to manage this. I am taking her home, if you’ll excuse us” he added, confirming to the few Sarrata employees curiously halting at foot of his truck

“Are you feeding her well? I used to feed my wife a lot of snacks. That won’t ever make her dizzy” they heard a man provide from alongside, when another stranger chimed in “Maybe it’s her saree, it must hurt her stomach”, while someone else in the collecting group commented “We should call the doctor, what if she has anemia, she looks so pale and white”

Holding the fragile Mohana securely against his frame, wrapping her propreitorially in the circle of his arms, Omar declared to the group “I’ll take care of her..”

“Not just her, now you have to be responsible for your wife and the baby as well” an older gentleman interrupted him when a woman wearing a large back pack, holding a child’s hand, stepped closer “Do you need help? I have water”

“Appreciate it, but I have water in the truck” speaking to the woman, Omar politely dismissed the crowd “She’ll be perfectly alright, I’ll take care of her. and everything else”

Ignoring the run of murmurs and suggestions the small gathering had started to exchange within themselves, Omar hastily opened the vehicle passenger door. Under the watchful gaze of judgmental strangers he just as easily carried the unconscious Mohana in his arms, to settle her collapsed form carefully on the leather seat.

The women around Omar gushed deeming him a macho and caring husband, while some men were heard grunting on his carelessness for letting his wife faint in the first place. Catching other employees starting to halt by the group surrounding him, closing the hinged door, Omar protectively locked the truck securing the Sophista editor-in-chief inside.

Raising his joined hands to the crowd in a gesture of respect, Omar increased his distance from the onlookers. Crossing over to the driver side from ahead of the vehicle, barely unlocking the truck to get inside, he rushed behind the wheel. Leaning sideways he tenderly smoothed Mohana’s golden hair, but his voice was coarsely demanding “Mo stór, say something, look at me”

Without a care for his appeals, Mohana lay motionless against the black leather seat. A movement across the dark tinted window alerted Omar. Acknowledging the security guard’s salute with an exchange of his nod, Omar turned to secure Mohana’s seat belt. Powering the truck, he shifted gears, gravely speaking to the thin glass device on his wrist “She fainted and is not waking up”

Cupping Mohana’s face, his thumb frantically stroked her temple as he channeled their way to the campus exit. Stealing glances at the beautiful woman, monitoring the watch for each passing millisecond, his voice kept appealing Mohana “Mo shíorghrá, talk to me”

Coming to a halt at the exit barrier gate behind a single trail of vehicles, Omar furiously mumbled words under his breath. Looking at Mohana besides himself, her innocent face still expressionless as if lost in sweet slumber, he caressed her cheek murmuring a desperate whisper “M’anam, say something”. Met with silence again he stretched her seat belt, pulling her in his embrace, enveloping the unconscious form against his warm chest.

Speeding the truck from the junction, he effectively maneuvered around other vehicles through the rush of traffic, driving expeditiously. The pristine woman he held remained unaware of the raging heartbeats, the rush of pleas or the moments ticking by.

Ensuring they were spaced far from any possible followers, he fluidly turned them into a narrow alley. In a quick move he eased the security belt from around Mohana pulling her into his embrace. Holding her with an emphatic need, Omar ran his fingers over her silken mass of blonde hair, urging with desperation “Talk to me, mo stór, you can’t.. we can’t do this”

“We.. can’t” her faint words came muffled against his chest. Regaining consciousness Mohana inhaled him in. His words reverberating inside her entirety ‘..we can’t do this..’ made pain sear through her heart. The reality of it all made her close her eyes in agony.

Embracing her freezing body, his large palm smoothed along the length of her chilling arm, attempting to induce her with warmth, ascertaining “We can’t..” he huskily demanded “..look at me, mo stór”

In obedient response her lashes raised for the large glassy silver eyes to find his onyx black orbs. Alongside grabbing hold of a can, he rushed to check “You’re tired? Is your tummy bothering you? Do you want water?”

“Noh. it. hurts” whispering, she weakly turned her face on his palm reaching to grip his tshirt but her lifeless fingers rolled off his chest. Mohana knew she had to let him go. He was going to leave. But just this one time she didn’t want him to.

“I’ll stop the hurting..” Omar assured “..give me a few, but can we have this?” opening the can of water he held it to her lips

Shyly shifting into him, seeking his warmth she managed a faint refusal “Mhm”

“Yes, mo shíorghrá, we are thirsty, am having it too” taking a quick gulp to prove, Omar held the can to her lips again. On a low sound of displeasure she took a reluctant sip. Then realizing she was thirsty after all, Mohana emptied the contents of the can

“Get you anything right away?” Omar enquired, his arms cocooning Mohana in an attempt to soothe her extremely cold body

Her fingers failing to grip onto his tshirt again, made her frown in complaint as she deliriously mumbled “You?”

“Am here” assuring her, Omar scooped Mohana in his arms shifting her frame to bind her against his chest. Securing them behind with the same seat harness, he encapsulated her hand in his larger one holding it on his heart “Hm?”

“Hm” she murmured in approval, feeling the steel hardness of his strength, snuggling unhesitatingly into his warmth despite the utter chaos raging through her

Caressing her hand Omar murmured “Do you know how many streams Sarrata manufactures in a day?” engaging her in small chatter, he reversed the vehicle, speeding them through the streets.

|| 12. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Securely keeping her bound to himself through their drive, responding to her short answers with more questions, making her discuss various details about fabrics, Omar continued the back and forth ensuring Mohana kept communicating with him. Bringing the truck to a stop right at the airstrip, he had her scooped in his arms like she weighed no more than a feather

The warmth of his hand, his possessive grip on her waist sent yet another tingling throughout, making the butterflies from within her tummy flutter eagerly, around his each digit sprawled along her bare ivory skin.

Shifting shyly in his hold, Mohana croaked “I’ll.. walk” though her head and heart remained divided at the thought of loosing his warmth

“Another time” growling his response, Omar swiftly stepped them through the aircraft landing field enquiring instead “Basket weave or cable stitch more?”

“Cable” she murmured shyly, while her nerves didn’t allow her to breathe easy, her weakened senses let her unabashedly stare at the handsome man. Taking their own sweet time, her silver eyes traced his long lashes that stood guarding the dark black orbs, alongside dutifully responding to all his prompts

Carrying Mohana up the stairs of the large aircraft, Omar settled her on a plush seat. Her guard, the tall, broad shouldered gentleman, Carter, hurriedly appeared from the cockpit, deep worry lines shadowing his face

Bending on one knee ahead of where he had settled Mohana, Omar dictated looking into her big silver eyes “You can’t move from here. I’m going to be back in less than two minutes. Cart will stay with you and you will talk to him. Say yes”

Mohana whispered an automatic “Yes” but when his words settled in, her lips formed a displeased pout. She voiced the concern that had been raging within her all along “You’re leaving?”

“Leaving, to be back in less than two minutes” Omar repeated assuredly. Easing her curled fist, he placed a small device in her palm that displayed the ticking timer 1:56:11:03:01

“It’s already past three seconds” reading the digits Mohana looked at Omar with a small hopeful smile

He gently murmured “Yes and before it’s zero, I’ll be back”

Exchanging a glance with the concerned guard towering Mohana’s seat, Omar stepped in the cockpit locking the door behind him. His anxious fingers connected the line to frantically relay “Lost consciousness for nine minutes and seven seconds. She is completely freezing out there, and something’s a mess with her tummy and she said she’s hurting”

“Have Cart get you Homela and Offeapa, it’ll get her the aminos needed. Offeapa will make her extremely drowsy, but she needs rest to recover from the Yinar phase. Your beach photo shoot was likely too cold for her” a man’s voice from the other side of the connection informed, making Omar exclaim words of frustration under his breath

“These doses, they’re good for everyone? Or do we need to change them if someone’s expecting?” Omar inquired looking at the cockpit panel, his agitated eyes running all over the meters, radio stack and selectors, refusing to come to a halt

“If there’s any expectation for you to talk, I am guessing that’ll definitely need to wait another decade or so. My suggestion would be to might as well let her heal and recover, what’s the rush anyways” the man smoothly responded

Omar half heartedly shrugged, his voice appearing distant as he explained on the line “I doubt anyone wants to talk. But expecting as in expecting, as someone would expect when there’s this whole thing and they end up expecting”

“The whole thing and they end up..” there was silence before the man checked “..oh. she’s expecting? a baby?”

“Yeah. that. nothing will interfere?” Omar checked running fingers repetitively through his already tousled jet black hair

“An embryo won’t obstruct her recovery. The meds work in her favor, but she’ll need some persuasion to have them. Although given what it is, if you want, you can additionally try convincing her to take Vepaz, that dose extends Offeapa but she’s very likely going to refuse it” the other voice confirmed

“Got it. Will see you” exchanging greetings Omar disconnected the line. Unlocking the cockpit door he rushed towards the aircraft lounge where he had left Mohana under the vigilance of her guardian

Keeping on her promise to talk, lost in thought Mohana was explaining “..little cubes, small blue ones..” to Carter while diligently staring at the timer in her palm which Omar had given

Listening to Omar’s voice “Hey” Mohana gazed all the way up in admiration of the tall, handsome man approaching her. Finding him closer with every step he took, her description halted, words seemingly loosing all significance in his presence.

“On time?” Omar inquired with an encouraging smile, coming to a halt ahead of her

Mohana pleasantly whispered “Yah. before zero”, her eyes remained admirably fixed on him as she lifted her shaky palm, showing him the remaining seconds left on the digital timer which continued to tick away

Picking the device from her cold shivering hand Omar bent on one knee ahead of the elegant beauty. Exchanging a glance with Carter, Omar casually spoke to him “Cart, why don’t you get your princesa something to eat, before we take off?”

A trembling shudder shook her freezing body listening to Omar, her firm gaze faltering at the realization that she was going to be left alone, after all. Utterly displeased she looked between him and Carter, attempting to ignore the shooting pain whizzing through her heart

Receiving alerts from Omar on his digital device for the three prescriptions, Carter acknowledged him “Ye boss” then addressing the unwell Mohana he kindly offered “Princesa, I’ll get you chocolate milk, and Jojo has sent you your favorite brownies”

“No..” mumbling a troubled refusal, Mohana checked instead “..where is Jojo?”. Absorbing the surroundings of the aircraft lounge room, her eyes burnt with hot tears as she glanced around her whereabouts to determine the exits

Exchanging a discreet glance with Carter, Omar intervened instead “Jojo is with Indigo, I have requested them to sort the calendars”

“And she will not approve if we don’t feed you the brownies princesita, I’ll get them for you” saying Carter disappeared to fetch the necessities

Her head felt fuzzy, making the timing appear askew, with occurrences and all the events tumbling around each other. She doubtfully voiced “Calendars?”

“Yeah. Everything is getting busy with the year coming to a close so we need to map the dates and see what works for us. Jojo and Indigo will sort that out” Omar almost factually narrated the information

Despite having no recollection of ever coming across his personal assistant Indigo, yet the mention alone of another woman had Mohana humph in disapproval. Interpreting his expressions as eager anticipation of leaving her, Mohana puckered her lips woefully, curling in the seat to turn her back towards him.

Along the thin golden edge of the saree pinned on her shoulder, the only distraction on the shapely expanse of her ivory back that remained was a dainty bow. Tied from the pink-red fabric of her cropped top, the narrow strands knotted into two loops, leaving the longer ends hanging loose, skimming the curve of her waist

His husky demand “Come here” came accompanied with the wrap of his possessive arm along her bare midriff, turning her into himself

Miffed from him, Mohana attempted to quash the sensations his touch induced, yet her breathing showed the subdued anguish. Gathering as much courage as she could manage, she pushed his forearm with a weak shivering hand “You can leave. Go, fly back to Indigo. Because I will leave for my Jojo too” on a quiver, the tears that had been threatening to fall, found their escape, speedily rolling down her cheeks

Adamantly pulling her in his arms, overriding her attempts in a swift move, Mohana got slipped from the black leather cushioned seat onto his folded leg. Wrapping her in his embrace, Omar hastily stroked the salty drops off her face, coarsely whispering “We can’t do this”

Engulfed against the strength of his torso, the contact of his skin along her bare waist invited yet another swarm of butterflies in her tummy. Their fluttered awakening made Mohana shyly shift in his hold as the reality of his words jarred her heart

Nodding in agreement through her tears, she chanted broken words to herself between sobs, most of them getting muffled against his chest “We ca..n’t.. it.. doesn’t.. matter.. nothing.. matters”

“Nothing matters at all mo chroí. Nothing can deserve these tears in your eyes” cupping her face, his fingers continued their caresses on her cheeks with utmost care to stroke away the huge drops rapidly escaping her eyes. But grasping the undertone of anger in his grumbling confirmation, her heart seared.

Instinctively moving closer to him, soaking his tender gesture in discord to her own conflicting feelings, she affirmed on a sob “Yah. I want you.. to.. leave.. go’way” her usually bright silver eyes were glassy, making him appear blurred

“Not another tear” Omar growled, gently smoothing another salty stream, his declaration not warranting a debate “Am taking you with me and I don’t want any tears. We’ll stay together and we’ll talk about this whole thing when you’re better. Say yes”

“” Mohana hastily gave consent on a rare glimmer of hope. Tempted for his protection, desperately needing the pain in her heart to come to a halt, she wished for him to never, ever, leave her. She didn’t want to get better, she didn’t want to talk about any ‘whole thing’, she simply wanted him to stay with her for a forever

But Mohana knew better than that. No matter how much her soul coveted the figment of her hope, the craving of her heart, the imagination that ruled her head, he was Omar Shaan, the man who would never be hers. For only one certainty held true: Omar could only belong in her dreams and she didn’t want to wake up from this one. Just yet.

|| 12. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Gently ridding the last of the salty trails from her now glowing pink cheeks, Omar scooped Mohana in his arms “We’ll eat something, get changed and then you have to rest”

Defying the rampant attentiveness of butterflies along his touch, her tear soaked long lashes swooped lower to focus on fidgeting a plush golden tassel on the saree, her whisper seeking a much needed assurance “Together?”

“Yeah, that’s our agreement” Omar nonchalantly confirmed. Carrying her through the aircraft corridor, he walked them inside a bedroom with masculine undertones, where black tufted leather couch, accented cushions, lowered blinds sheathing the room in dim golden lights incorporated a stark odd sight of a pink plush throw at the foot of the bed.

The door faintly closed behind them as Omar sat Mohana on the large couch. Feeling the loss of his touch, getting gripped with the fear of being forgotten, uncertainty swirled furiously inside her tummy. Her lips formed a displeased pout for her heart yearned to get wrapped in his arms but the utter chaos of panic conflicted the raging shyness which bursted at his mere presence. Caving in to her nervousness she longingly glanced at his muscular forearms while he busily settled the plump cushions.

“Is your tummy still bothering you?” Omar checked, gently covering her shoulders with the pink throw

Admirably inhaling his fragrance, touching the soft knit to pick on a hazy similarity of the belonging, she reported of her frantic tummy on a shudder that shook her “Yah..” alongside blurting her thoughts aloud “..what is Zaniha’s favorite color?”

Zaniha. The name struck a painful chord within but she seemed unsure of its relatedness or why it made her clutch hard on to the fuzzy blanket. The lag in connecting relevant information, missing threads of associated memories, she uneasily breathed, wanting to untangle why the particular reference pricked at her heart

“White..” Omar responded, getting her seat harness in place for take off “..because the white moonflower is her favorite, it stands for dreaming of love and the flower shines bright against the night sky”

A wistful tear rolled down her face, another following right after: the man of her dreams knew another woman’s favorite color, her favorite flower and the meaning behind it

Omar rushed to engulf Mohana in his arms, stroking away the huge drops trailing on her cheeks, he urgently lifted the corner of her pink throw “Forget white, what about pink? we like pink, don’t we?”

Mohana nervously shifted against the barrier of his strength, her bottled up distress bubbling at the feeling of his shielding protection. Despite her affection for the color, she relayed the contradicting agony that had been embedded within “Noh. I can’t like anything. I don’t have feelings. I am colorless. That’s why my eyes are hollow. I am cold and sad. Nobody wants to be with me and I don’t want to be with anyone”

Flipping her seat belt undone, Omar tugged Mohana securely closer to himself. Caressing her head ever so tenderly, his demand held a contrasting threatening edge to it “M’anam, who dared to tell you this?”

Her heart writhed in agony, the panic rendering her to shudder against him as she shook her head in denial “But? This? How would.. you..? You can’t protect me. because she’s vile, she’ll hurt you like she hurt my dad, my mom. and then you’ll never see me. What day is it?” she blinked in confusion unable to gather the lapse of judgement seeping through her

“We’re flying, but back home, it’ll be Friday” his hold eased on her petite frame, letting a blast of coolness encompass her again

Seeing him increase distance between them, gathering his rejection of her freezing body, Mohana attempted to cocoon herself pulling at the chunky throw which did nothing to guard her today “You will leave? now?”

“We are together mo stór, we’ve agreed to it. And you have to eat something before we get you to rest some” Omar guided her to an abundantly full table brimming with her choiced beverages and snacks

Unable to get a grip on the state of things, the entangled events, jumbled in her head, his live presence, existence of immense warmth, then phases of dark shuddering shivers, all made her utterly confused. Integrating the confirmation, where he was a fantastic notion of her dreams just like her every night, Mohana declared in a confidential whisper “How will I eat, when am dreaming?”

“I’ll feed you” confirming matter of factly, Omar lifted the glass of chocolate milk from the spread of goodies

Her eyes diligently tracked his muscular fingers wrapping around the tumbler in much surprise “Oh. So I will have to feed you?”

“That’s one of the few things we are going to discuss when you recover” affirming to her surprised expressions, he moved the drink closer to her lips

Willingly complying Mohana took a shy sip of the dark chocolaty beverage, her heart still stuck in wonderment, gazing at the handsome man of her dreams. Attempting to tackle the oddity of this occurrence, she expressed her heartfelt concern “But I don’t want you hungry”

Giving her one of his fabulous smiles which made her tummy frivolously turn upside down again, Omar made her take another sip “I promise not to eat you until then”

“You eat?! People?!” she breathlessly exclaimed, her large silver eyes further widening for coming across the most unexpected piece of information in her dreams

“People? Of course not. Would you have approved of that?” their knees brushed as he inched closer. Halving a small heart shaped brownie he discarded one chunk on the platter while feeding her the other

The slight touch of his fingers against her lips rushed some color to her pale face, dismissing the shiver Mohana managed to share her refusal doubtfully “Noh?”

“No, not at all. You have to be very possessive of all that’s yours” Omar declared, prompting her to take another sip of the beverage

Utterly timid of his proximity, yet incessantly craving his attention she thoughtfully considered his words with as much understanding as she could muster. Obediently eating bites, her huge silver eyes courageously looked into his onyx depths “But, you will eat me?”

“That’s sort of the plan” murmuring his confirmation, Omar slipped another halved brownie through her lips

Munching on the chocolaty goodness, her heart raced faster than she could fathom any logical thoughts, making her hastily conclude her findings “Because you are possessive? of me?”

“Very possessive. very darn possessive” his confirmation made her heart strangely thud. Astounded at the revelation she looked up at the stunningly handsome man, intrigued by his declaration and now more curious for what else may get unravelled in her dream today

No matter how much her lips felt the fiery sensation of his fingers feeding her bites of food, Mohana didn’t want to wake up from this luring fantasy her sleep had woven. She contently sighed, her heart ecstatically claiming that this was certainly the best dream of all times, it seemed way too real.

Eating another bite of the peanut butter sandwich, Mohana considerately whispered “Because you are very possessive? Will you get anything to eat that I might suggest?”

“I am going to try” Omar assured forking another set of berries for her, from the large fruit bowl

Unsure on the recency, yet certain of her demand which floated as a tangential thought from her to-do list, she bravely shared “I think there should be mako’n chako here”

“After you feel better, we’ll consider” he offered her a sip of the chocolate milk in between bites of food

“I have considered!..” Mohana emphatically established “..I want it. Tyr said no. Sonya said no. But I said yes. It is considered”

“They are right, it’s not going to be exactly best for you. and then there’s also the baby” countering her desire, Omar fed her another forkful of the chicken salad

Hungrily munching on the bite, Mohana ran inquisitive eyes through the bedroom attempting to decipher any other occupants that she may have missed in her initial survey. When the room still yielded nothing, seeking his input she glanced at him expectantly “There’s a baby?”

“Sort of” his grumble came along feeding her another halved brownie. Mohana curiously followed his movements, seeing him place partial chunks of the treats accruing along on the platter

Puzzled at his response and mystified on being fed only part of the chocolaty goodness every time, she steered their way towards her the fulfillment of her goal “Okay! Then we won’t give it to the baby”

Feeding her a bite of the quiche, he knowledgeably offered “That’s not how it works, the baby gets what you eat”

“Oh..” Mohana instinctively inched closer to Omar, relaying her secret inconspicuously “..but I want you to only feed me! Everything! Because have you considered, I could also be possessive?”

To her dissatisfaction, his hand halted in the air from feeding her the next bite. Letting go of the fork, Omar ran anxious fingers through his rich black hair, shifting farther, bringing back the wedge of distance between them. Flustered at his dismissal, her cold hands rapidly fidgeted with each other, his snubbing of her becoming completely apparent, when he continued to touch all other things except her.

“I have considered. And we would certainly need much more of that possessiveness. But I am only feeding you. The baby ideally gets nutrition from whatever someone will have, so we’ll wait on these instant things” gesturing lightly towards her exceptionally toned abdomen, he slipped a forkful of mango chunks through her lips

Following his eyes Mohana looked down at her own torso, even more surprised than all their exchange thus far “We have a baby? here?”

“It doesn’t show for three, four months, so I guess, likely yes” trudging on his recently enlightened awareness, Omar confidently relayed the information he had gathered from the crowd at the depot in Sarrata

“Ohh..” Mohana frowned befuddled, unable to comprehend this information at all “..but how did it get here?”

|| 12. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

Feeding her another halved bite, Omar partially shrugged “We’ll figure it out, later. Mainly you need to get better soon”

The possibility of getting well to see him reject her entirely did not appear as welcoming a thought to her turbulent heart as he made it appear. Succumbing to another shiver, Mohana consideringly pondered on the most relevant question “Then you’ll get mako’n chako?”

On another forkful, Omar confirmed “We’ll discuss and try it together”

“Ok. Together” her lips formed a displeased pout, not syncing on any of his ideas of discussions, waiting and recovering at all. But for consolation that he had offered to eat together, she munched on the chicken salad bite while another deep shuddering jolt shook her from within.

Regardless of her shyness, emphatically craving to belong in his hold, she felt utterly antsy for the distance he maintained between them. Eating bites of her favorite foods, she distractedly glanced at the collection of halves he had portioned from the sweet and savory offerings. His eyes remained pitch dark, without the fanciful luster she longed to see, instead mirroring how Polo’s eyes appeared every night before she dozed off.

Grasping onto the solace of his presence, his care in feeding her, his velvety rich voice talking to her, her heart kept luring for the protective embrace and hoping for more of his caresses which never seemed to come, while their separation held strong through the various things he wanted them to discuss.

Partially having gone through the bowl of mangos and berries, Omar offered her a silver dollop dish with three small shimmery balls. After much convincing, giving into the distressing shivers, Mohana agreed to trying one out of the three pearls of medication: Homela

In sometime, between bites of food and discussing textiles, Omar attempted to convince her for another shiny ball of medicine. Discreetly slipping a mango chunk from the fork he held, Mohana outrightly refused the second dose, deliriously establishing her rationale “My head is going round and round. My heart is going round and round. And they round and round want yooh”

Not giving in, Omar contested “Last I gathered from you, flattery wasn’t going to help and am an attorney first, then a designer, so you are having this”

“I am also an attorney first, then journalist and. so. I have decided. I am not having this” Mohana claimed righteously full of self conviction, determined to convince him against the unfavorable medication.

Unsteadily pulling another mango cube, her fingers this time brushed against his, when moving the fork beyond her reach Omar broke the warm magnetic pull “M’anam, you are yet to graduate, we’ll have mangos after this pearl”

Loosing his touch, yet again, after the series of his rebuffs, holding back a sob she stared at her palm. Fighting feelings of his derision, she landed her objection in a small quiver “I can’t keep waiting to become an attorney to do everything”

“That’s exactly what we are going to do” wiping her hand clean with a towelette, Omar fed her the shiny ball from the spoon. On a sulky pout, awry breathing, her heart shriveling within, Mohana surrendered to his command, gulping the second dosage: Offeapa

Almost instantly the mere swallow of the medication had all color drain from her face. Blinking back tears she looked at her palm again reminiscing the touch she had felt

“Your hand is clean, mo chroí..” Omar murmured holding the fork for her but seeing her visibly shudder, nearly at the verge of crumpling, he dropped the silverware in the bowl concernedly moving closer. Cupping her face he frantically checked “What’s wrong?”

“” attempting to ease from his hold yet powerless Mohana turned her face away, trying to trace a chunky chord of the knitted yarn through its loops, but the shivering spasms inhibited any concentration.

Capturing hold of her violently jittering hand, he ran fingers along her nape, soothing her freezing cold skin but his caresses agitatedly halted at the golden french knot “Look at me”

“Noh” on her defiant response Omar had her scooped in his arms and lifted from the couch to land on his lap. Demandingly holding her shivering hand on his heart, he tipped her chin to make their eyes meet, murmuring the contradiction “Yes”

Glancing at her reddened eyes, feeling her body shudder intensely, his grip around her concernedly firmed. Frantically smoothing his thumb along her nape he coaxed “Mo shíorghrá, I can’t have you shivering like this, we need to eat that last pearl and recover soon”

“Noh” declaring her stand firmly, Mohana unabashedly fell on his chest. Setting the pink throw, draping it to cover the ivory expanse of her curvy back, Omar embraced her numbingly cold body, much to her relief, making her heart surface from the freezing darkness to pick a contented beat

For the last round with the remaining pearl of Vepaz, no amount of convincing, reasoning or bribes seemed to work in Omar’s favor. Wrapped in his hold, Mohana desperately appealed “Noh. I don’t like doctors! I don’t like meds! This one is really really bad!”

“But this one is going to keep you the most warm” Omar offered attempting to coax her, his hands stroking her silken head, halting hesitantly around her french knot every time

“Noh! You will keep me warm! You have to be possessive!” declaring in a muffle against his chest, Mohana refused to even give the last shimmering ball another glance

Finally giving in to her aversion, siding with the delicate woman brutally shuddering in his hold, Omar murmured an assurance “Alright, we won’t have it. Let’s get changed”

Lightly pulling from him, Mohana stared at his chest, the black tshirt stretched along his strength contesting back with equal fervor. Unable to fathom all the difficulties she was encountering in her own dream, Mohana asked in a whisper “How? Without buttons?!”

Following her gaze Omar looked at the tshirt between them, then glanced at her innocent face “You, have to get changed”

“Noh, I am.. but you are the cover model for December” she reported, stumbling upon some semblance despite the conflicting fuzziness in her head which continued to make her apprehensive

“Mo stór, we had the shoot earlier..” Mohana listened to him clarify the timelines, share occurrences of events but the sole segue of his presence on the cover of Sophista, had her restlessly shift in his arms “ we are heading back”

“Home?” she doubtfully asked, her huge eyes staring at him wishing to soak all she could of his handsome features while trying to iron out the hodgepodge of days and events

“Home” Omar confirmed. Lifting her in his arms, he stepped her through the room “What do you feel like wearing?”

“This. Warm?” declaring resolutely, she precariously pointed her finger to his muscular chest wanting to get wrapped in his protective warmth

Not completely falling in sync with her demands, Omar dissuaded “This is not something for the bed, it has been out there with all the dust and travel..”

“But I want it” she declared in a tiny voice and on a humph hid her face on his chest, putting an end to the discussion

Tracing his steps back he walked them inside a large closet which mimicked a small room in itself. Settling Mohana delicately on the sofa, Omar reached for a fresh black tshirt from the shelf “There needs to be a middle ground to it”

“Noh! I want this” she determinedly pointed to Omar, amply clear of her craving, her authoritative heart having taken full charge, wanted her to be embraced in those strong arms, held against his strength and shielded against all perils

“I don’t stand a chance at disagreeing, but I am going to get you a cleaner one” saying Omar took off his tshirt

Dreamily looking at his glorious torso uncover, smiling in awe she skid on the sofa, flopping sideways on the cushions. Only slightly shy of popping out, her huge eyes roved admirably over his muscular chest, her lips parting in awe as she gazed at each carved muscle, traveling through his abdomen to reach his v muscles and still inching lower until finding the band of his jeans. Ignoring a frosty shiver escaping her, Mohana carefully verbalized her fascination with the man of her dreams “Hot. Very hot!”

Balancing to straighten her, Omar cupped her face, his voice dripping with concern “The meds are too hot?”

“Noh..” she frowned at the question, then realizing his proximity, she gulped on her drool to shyly clarify her earlier declaration “..You. That. Tshirt”

“It’s yours, after we get you out of your dress” discarding the used tshirt on the couch, Omar threw on the fresh one to cover his sculpted chest again

Delighted at the masculine splendor that had come so close to her, yet upset at the layers of new fabric between them, Mohana heaved a longing sigh. This dream of hers, had its own way of continually getting better yet impossibly bouncing beyond her reach. She wondered aloud enquiring her stakes on his tshirts “All of them?”

“All of them” confirming Omar lifted her in his arms. Conveniently overlooking the actuality of nervousness, her heart boomed in happiness, strategically ecstatic on the ownership of his tshirts which from her calculation instantly alluded to endless access of his heavenly carved torso.

Heaving a thoughtful sigh she determinedly concluded to herself, she now only had his jacket left to steal. Much in conflict to the bravery of her soaring desirous thoughts, she moved in his arms, his touch along her bare midriff making her butterflies rapidly flutter.

Settling her atop the vanity counter, Omar glanced at the stretch of the rich colorful fabric wrapped around her slim waist, consideringly checking “You know how to wear a saree?”

|| 12. PAIZE 5 ♥ ||

Busy in checking out the strikingly handsome man ahead, interpreting her own ownership rights on his tshirts, Mohana mumbled her refusal without a hint of doubt “Noh”

“Got it” exhaling a sigh, his eyes landed on the mirror behind, which showcased her shapely contoured back and the pink-red bow skimming above the tie of her saree. Instantly easing his hold from the delicate curve of her waist, running agitated fingers through his already tousled hair, Omar checked “And. so. any chance you know how to undo it?”

“Noh” Mohana informed deeply frowning, staring at the man incredulously, seeing him flex his hand, she pouted at the loss of his touch, holding further more grievance for his still covered torso when all his tshirts were now hers

Omar ran haphazard fingers through his hair again “Not a big deal. right. its just one fabric to another”

“Ya. and this is mine” she claimed on a light tilt of her chin towards his tshirt, when an icy shudder made her helplessly grip the saree fabric on her lap as her skin turned stark white

Capturing hold of her hand, Omar urgently tugged her in his embrace “You’re..” but his words instantly halted before he murmured “You need to rest. We want you recovered from this cold phase”

Mohana confidently confirmed in agreement “Ya. why am I still dressed in this?..” unscathed thus far in her apparent dream, she fearlessly declared “..You are the designer!”

“Exactly. I design. I don’t..” Omar halted yet again to heave a sigh, tenderly caressing her nape he murmured “..its certainly not the time for us to go into that. But there’s this whole thing and we will talk about it as our priority when you feel better. For now, we’ll close our eyes and get changed”

Inching in his arms, reluctant to let go of the opportunity to absorb his admirable gloriousness, her eyes wandered to his adam’s apple which made her heart ecstatically jump inside. Unable to pick on his predicament, Mohana claimed with full conviction “Unfair! We are both attorneys! We didn’t close when you changed. And then it was so hot!”

“M’anam, you are yet to graduate..” stiffly grumbling, Omar ordered “..I am the only attorney here and if it will get hot you will talk to me and I’ll solve it”

“Why haven’t I graduated until now?” whining Mohana scrunched her eyes close, utterly displeased to miss out on looking at him and his immaculate strength that was covered behind the black fabric which was now under her ownership. When her words were met with complete silence, her eyes instantly sprung open “You left me?”

“Am here. Close your eyes” tenderly holding her Omar consoled, but Mohana hesitantly checked “You won’t leave me?”

“I won’t, am considering the very same question about your graduation, but we’ll discuss it in a few hours” the confirmation had her lips form a doubtful pout, but one glance at his dark spheres made Mohana shut her eyes obediently

Even if he didn’t leave her just yet, her heart badgered that he would for a certainty because she couldn’t keep him bound to herself for a forever. The whisper touch of his fingers on her waist gave rise to a small hope of consolation, making her heart happily bounce: for however long she dreamt, he would certainly have to stay, for her dreams were only hers

Warm fingers left a sizzling impact on her shoulder making Mohana shyly shift on the counter. While the trail of fire ambushed her jitters, it ignited a strange craving which her ecstatic butterflies further intensified, getting magnetized along his each digit tackling the saree on her abdomen. Soaking his warmth, her breathing became more shallow, breasts heaving rapidly as the binding fabric eased from across, only for his touch to suddenly disappear.

Loosing all contact, goosebumps raised on alert as another shiver wrecked through her but abiding to his command, keeping her eyes tightly shut, Mohana drew in a shaky breath. Inhaling the man she dreamt about every night, the concerning frown eased from her forehead, getting replaced by a complaining pout instead when in an instant her entirety got blanketed in his warmth.

His blazing touch was back, this time along her covered waist, yet nothing dissuaded her butterflies from dancing along. The bound of his forearm on the underside of her thighs made Mohana shyly curl inward onto his chest while her heart bobbed happily in his presence.

Carrying Mohana through the luxurious washroom, Omar delicately placed her on the bed. Now dressed in his black tshirt, which skimmed on her thighs, her shapely snowy legs shone in contrast of the dark gray silken sheets underneath.

“Open now? To see you?” she whispered, craving to see the majestic man, not wanting her dream to get over just yet

Covering her with a thick warming coverlet, Omar murmured an affirmation “Yeah”

Her silver eyes swimming with deep craving, eagerly sprang open. Ignoring another shudder, Mohana longingly looked at the handsome celebrity who stood shirtless hovering above her, his immaculately sculpted torso glowing under the golden lights of the airplane room.

Leaning closer Omar coaxingly whispered “Let’s rest for a while”

“Noh” her adamant refusal was paired with needy eyes, gazing into his dark spheres hoping to catch a glimpse of sparkle yet not finding any

Taking the edge of the bed, Omar circled his thumb along the corner of her eyes, easing them to close, softly speaking “Did I tell you how scared I was when you had stopped talking to me today?”

“Noh” managing a small whisper Mohana turned towards him, lashes swooped low, cheeks filled with color, relishing his touch along her nape, caresses on head, while frantic butterflies continued to cause endless tumbling disruptions making her nervous

“We can’t do this.. ever again” his next words came in a jumble of whispers as she haphazardly transitioned from a state of extreme fondness to an ache clenching her heart and twisting it ruthlessly

Feeling his caresses come to a halt along her nape, the echo of his words searing painfully through her, Mohana braved the storm churning within, sharing her agreement but determinedly declaring her desire for complete attention “We can’t.. but I.. you will keep me warm, you are possessive!”

“Very darn possessive” grumbling, Omar pulled Mohana onto his chest, locking her in the barrier of his arms, his fingers finally slipped into her hair updo, easing the barrettes in a mastered move to let the mass of golden silk unroll, blanketing his hand

Inhaling his fragrance, she gulped at the quiver of guilt raging inside, for despite his refusal of her ‘..we can’t do this..’ she insistently clung on to him. Encircled in his luring warmth, her butterflies ran a maddening frenzy while her heart thumped in sorrow, but Mohana willed herself to stay in his arms, because dream or not, for once she didn’t want it any other way.

Raising her thick lashes, she fixedly gazed at his shirtless torso. Amassing all the courage she could manage, she placed a shy finger tip precariously on his muscular chest “Oh”

“Another shiver?” encapsulating her hand, Omar ran his thumb urgently on her delicate skin

She meekly shook her head to refuse “Mhm. Why.. does this happen in my tummy?” tugging him shyly towards her abdomen, she coarsely whispered “Do you feel it?”

Protectively wrapping his hand from above the black fabric, Omar gently caressed her midriff, enquiring instead “Do you?”

“Hm..” face blushing crimson, she hid herself on his chest, rushing a whisper “..they bother me a lot!”

Receding from above her flat stomach, his hand tightly wound in her long tresses, tilting her to glance into the depths of his pitch dark spheres “They? Because you know there are twins?”

“More! A lot more!” she looked at him expectantly, having successfully established the complaint of her treacherous butterflies

Smoothing the back of his fingers along the column of her neck, Omar confirmed “I’ll take care of them, no one gets to bother you”

“Except you!..” Mohana braved herself to look at his adam’s apple, inhaling a nervy breath her shy finger ran a whispered caress to roll on his chest, resolutely claiming “..And when I wake up, I won’t allow this! because. its hot. very hot”

Capturing hold of her trailing hand, Omar halted her determined trek from skidding lower “I wouldn’t allow it either, mo stór, but I can’t have you going through this. I want you to rest your eyes for a while”

“But I don’t want you to leave me, I have to see you, talk to you, touch you, a lot!” earnestly declaring, her eyes eagerly roved across his torso, courageously slipping her hand from his hold, she placed her forefinger on his bare muscular glory again

Seizing her from silkily caressing his chest, Omar moved her hand to his thudding heart, murmuring “I am here m’anam, but if you don’t want me to kiss you right now, you will close your eyes”

“ Pa..lm?” she breathlessly croaked a whisper in unbound astonishment, her face flaming at even the prospect of such a touch, something she had never ventured possible to dream before

Caressing her lids to swoop close, Omar ascertained “Kiss. Everywhere” and barely gulping on the gush of her drool, Mohana hid her face against him, hugging his forearm to her heaving chest, she didn’t dare to open her eyes let alone say anything else

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