Chapter 27 – Eyes Closed

|| 27. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

“If the choice was mine I’d rather have a life that revolved around my work than being stuck here under the pretext of a vacation, in a fancy lodge with the most handsome man in this world who just happens to despise me like the plague..” getting ready adorning a white eyelet dress, she rambled furiously to herself, unpacking one travel bag after another searching for hair twists, completely exhausted by this time to really find anything which could work to bind her golden mane

Making a face she growled “Back in an hour or so. as if I care. but why refuse to wear clothes, when there are all those marks and scratches that I..” a distorted memory of her own needy voice, requesting ‘..pineapple kiss?..’ paused Mohana to a standstill

Her hands curled along the rim of the travel bag, seeking support as memory of his majestic voice rushed ascertaining his derision ‘..we can’t do this.. need some sort of confirmation that this is going to get over soon..’

Scrunching her eyes in embarrassment Mohana bit her lower lip “I did not. I couldn’t have. Mo’ana you are the most foolish woman ever! That is why he had me sign all the paperwork because I called him a pineapple and begged him for a kiss!”

Patching various bits of recollection albeit disorganized from their journey, her agitation grew manifold but dismissing another shudder, Mohana dutifully averted her attention to search for any hair accessories “Only my dreams are mine, I cannot be begging kisses from a random stranger who designs beautiful things, because I am a bold woman..”

‘..all these men that want to go on dates with you, will have to kiss you and then you will have to decide which one is the best kiss and whoever fulfills your heart’s desire can then become your husband..’

Remembering her discussion with Jojo, Mohana rapidly blinked glassy eyes unlocking another travel box “Exactly Jojo. That’s what I am going to do, I need a swim suit because am going for a swim in that ocean where I will find my date. and I won’t care to be back in an hour or so. This superstar designer can eat his luxurious foods, sleep with all his women and enjoy my engagement vacation while I find someone who doesn’t think am torturous”

The luggage container labelled Essentials unravelled a selection of dainty swimming gear and much to her surprise came with a digital note: Dear Miss Mohana, heartfelt congratulations for all where this journey takes you, pineapples are for the win

On a tender sigh, eyes filling with tears she ran fingers on her personal assistant’s note murmuring affectionately “I miss you”

In the parcel on top was the most recent bumper issue from another one of Sophista’s competitor Choice M’ggzeene which had Mohana glance a snap of herself with five other women, one of them being her friend Ceria, for their cover line ‘Year’s Most Sexiest Women

Adhered to the bottom was a digital note in Jojo’s handwriting with hearts drawn all over: You are on their list again! Jalon Mone wrote another song in your praise, Ram Godin shipped a Kikasy painting, Soren Rick sent a thousand copies along a Hampy pamper bag, Matahi’s team gifted an ethnic jeweled ring and a movie script for your consideration..

The message continued to include all the congratulatory wishes from the various industry celebrities and the next set of documents unfolded updates of the political disruption, pertinent highlights on overall movement and official summaries getting Mohana quickly abreast on the four and a half days she had missed since departing Sarrata.

Parsing the bundle she landed on a golden file which held a stylish embossed font Art of Boldness, the accompanying note mentioned the document was provided by Leya and included were all five levels for review. Hugging the entire package to her chest, she blissfully gushed “My Jojo, you’re the awesome-most”

Flipping hurriedly through the detailed lessons Mohana landed on words she wanted implemented right away to find herself a date. Securing the prized notes from Jojo and the document of knowledge under her belongings, she searched for the skimpiest of bikinis: narrow pointy black triangles tied to thin strings and a coordinating thong

Her reflection in the mirror showed three minimal bits of fabric, covering nothing except the vitals that too with much restraint. Profusely blushing she grabbed a sheer sarong to wrap along her waist, letting it gape across one thigh “April wore triangles too, so can I, why not, am bold and I have to be more bold because I want a date”

Grabbing a matching silken neck scarf Mohana securely tied her hair in a top knot, marching out of the closet in full steam. The large glass bedroom walls with shades now withdrawn at daybreak, gave her a staggering view of the beach, tall tree leaves ruffling in the breeze, waves crashing along the shore, and the swing from her engagement lightly swaying. Capturing her surroundings, glancing at the still lighted petalled pathway, she glanced at their avion parked in the far distance.

Instinctively touching the ring on her finger, the jewel she had refused to remove last night and this morning again, Mohana reminisced her moments on the swing, the unique sensations she had felt in his arms, secured, warm and a craving mess for his attention, wanting his lips to touch her every.. halting her thoughts she consciously clenched her fists. Turning away from the abundance of pink flower buds in her vicinity her eyes caught a faint figure riding the energetic ocean.

Gliding along meticulously, matching the pompous gathering of waves, the surfer was seen maneuvering atop the breaking curls, exhibiting suave capability to snap at the steepness, launching above the lip line of the waves in between catching air, banking off crests, making Mohana heave a sigh at the fascinating skills “My fiancé. temporary. completely temporary. so much so that he’s busy impressing all the random women of this world. shirtless. while only hours ago I spent the entire night of my engagement here to hide those. those.. whatever”

Ignoring the goosebumps on her body, she furiously jolted to the washroom in search of the first aid case “How is he a superstar designer! Clothes, fabric, every single material Sarrata creates including the foamy stuff for surf suits, exists for this very reason so that no one can see all those marks I gave him”

Clenching onto the medical box she rushed through the stairs making way from the lodge, crossing the paved patio onto the white sand beach, running to reach her fiancé. Climbing atop a large lava rock she signaled in his direction, gesturing to the medical kit but in the distance skillfully tackling a high wave Omar disappeared altogether.

Having lived the thrill of barreling in a wave yet knowing the risks tubing could involve, Mohana instinctively counted milliseconds, then seconds, twirling the edge of her sarong waiting with bated breath to spot him again. In another few blinks when Omar surfaced from the wave, her racing heart eased but looking away she made a face “Showoff. He can ignore me all he wants but I can do a barrel better than that..” pausing at the realization a wide smile tugged along her lips

Undoing the sheer fabric from around her waist she set one end under a weighted rock to make the sarong partially sway in the air for a signaling flag. Carefully resting the first aid box she jumped off the height “This is going to be just like Summer Zone, sand, sea, surf..” exuberant to secure her date, Mohana strolled through the sandy beach, busy in her thoughts of another Soren Rick movie, comparing its scenes along her bold list

Eager to find a beach shop, get a surfboard, she bubbled with ideas looking for an exit amidst the high rocks and dense tree line “..perfect date, macho, sexy, all those abs that are better than any that I might have seen by happen chance and this is exactly the time when I feel so indebted to my Sor..”

Spun around smashed into the mountain of rigidity Mohana barely squeaked an “Aw”

“Why?” stuck to his wet body, her breasts barely rose to inhale a breath at that growl, heart racing, catching sight of the deep nail indentations on his immaculate torso, appearing far more pronounced glistening under the dewy sunlight

Turning to free her arm, she slightly leaned back to defensively run her innocent explanation for the first aid box “Overall, just like that, because there are certain needs which cannot keep getting denied. Have you considered that I might not want to wait more than I already have? It’s been hours since I did all of that and I am still here..”

“You were with me through all these hours” Omar bit harshly, his grasp firming, tugging her impossibly close for the sliver of a bikini top to remain the only barrier between their torsos

His overpowering masculinity, relentless strength, heady fragrance, awakened unexplainable cravings causing a far more disruptive chaos within “If you were with me through these hours, in that bed, that shower, that closet, that entire massive lodge! Why haven’t we done it already? Because you keep leaving me and yet there has been no shortcoming from my side to express the need for you to take action. so I had to do it. and I did however I wanted. when I came I..”

“Those abs aren’t even real, he’s a scripted jerk. You cannot be in any damn debt to that idiot” the fury blazing in his interjecting words had her hesitantly glance into onyx eyes which lacked every bit of dazzle

Unable to interpret the topic deviation, her cheeks nonetheless tinged a deeper shade of pink having gotten overheard but ascertaining ground, Mohana favored the cinematic heart throb, the shield she had fabricated as her dream man “We’ll discuss when you watch Summer Zone..”

The piercing sternness of his gaze had her rush to emphasize “..I really like that movie, mainly because of him. he is not scripted. we both are close, very close. and I dream about him”

Clasping onto her nape, agitatedly stroking the column of her neck, Omar tipped her face letting their breaths entwine “You can’t. You and I sleep together”

|| 27. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Heart thudding, butterflies rampant, the maddening desire to feel his lips traverse each inch of her body had Mohana rake a difficult breath. Pushing on his chest she introduced distance between them “That is a misconstrued statement when I barely closed my eyes last night, because your jeans and your tee on my bed kept disrupting my sleep. While Jasper asked me not to fly back, he obviously didn’t think you’d be bothering me all night on that bed which was mine to begin with”

Ignoring her fidgeting, Omar smashed her tender frame to his strength. Fingers wandering from the nape, delving into the hair knot, deftly undid the tie holding her blonde locks, letting golden waves cascade over his arm “You won’t be on this beach if I had as much bothered you, let alone all night..”

“..and next time you do however you want..” a tender caress of his thumb along her lower lip had her breathing come to a complete pause, her heart throbbed frantically, parched lips awaiting a collision of their mouths when his threatening growl seared through “ do it with me or be assured there will be consequences”

Grudgingly glancing at his lips, heart twisting at being denied their touch, her turmoil got further fueled “I am owning responsibility of my actions but despite my unending efforts to do it together you’ve taken zero effort towards identifying preventions!..”

“We are sorted where that is concerned, you’ve nothing to worry about” stroking the column of her neck his fingers slipped under the strings holding the flimsy bikini top

Attempting to calm the frenzy of her butterflies, she rolled her eyes on an annoyed humph “Sorted?! Roaming around shirtless on a beach to impress the Peggys of this world, surfing to show off your eighty-nine second barreling without once considering these scratches could get sand in them, is far from being sorted

“These..? we are discussing that they can get sand in them?..” as if now realizing the presence of deep indents and nail marks on his torso, Omar growled “..Have you ever imagined the things you make me go through?”

Conscious of the rise and fall of her breasts brushing his torso, Mohana shifted only to assertively get tugged in his embrace “Yah. It wasn’t intentional. I. I did it. and you need to carefully wash off the sand, gently apply Karjha, which will sting at first, then seal them with Jeiza strips. we can talk to my attorney but it just happened because. because I was thinking about my Sor..”

“You were thinking about that fluff jerk? when I kissed you?” his grip tightened around her nape, thumb rapidly stroking the sensitive skin behind the ear

Captivated to his broad frame, craving more of the masterful strokes while his threatening undertone had her heart cower, she bravely held his gaze, refuting to succumb “Isn’t it? because we’ve done it a lot of times, so it is not a big deal. I think about him all the time. Like I am going on a date tonight and I am going to think about. my dream guy. again”

Smashing her firmly closer, skimming around the halter neck ties of her bikini top, the back of his fingers circled the pulse point throbbing rapidly at the base of her neck “What about him? The non existent made up abs or those dialogues that are written by someone else or the artificially created action scenes?”

Refraining herself from thinking about the tantalizing lips she had been denied, Mohana heatedly fought back “Might as well pick a few points to get your engagement act together, even if scripted he was desperate to marry a journalist, can’t say the same for you! On the flight it was two minutes, then seven, now it’s an hour or so, next it will be a day, a month, a lif.. I don’t care. I don’t..”  

Not realizing the slip up which hinted about her muddled recollection through the yinar phase, she shifted in his arms, furious at the incessant fluttering in her tummy “..I am anyways done here, if I can get my hair tie back I should be on my way to the gear shop and just so you know I won’t be back for a few hours”

Smoothing the curve of her waist, securing Mohana in his grasp, Omar stroked the delicate indent of the spine, running his fingers back and forth making her breasts heave against his torso “What makes you think you can roam around looking like this if there were any others?”

Agitated at the eagerness with which her body responded to his touch, she sarcastically spun the response “It looked designer to my eyes”

“Which is exactly why no one else can see” his velvety rich voice skimming above her ear surged a craving so deep she instinctively gripped on his chest

Attempting to ignore the raging sensations coursing through her veins, she nervously looked away to glance at the endless white sandy shores. Starkly aligning to his claim, the seaside gave no impression of any beach goers as far she could see, doubtfully biting her lower lip Mohana attempted a conviction “No one is here because we woke up early and the sun’s barely risen? Most people usually come at a much later time? isn’t it?”

“It isn’t, definitely not on this beach because there are no people here” his certainty had her apprehensively check the surroundings again

Unable to even fathom such distinct likelihood, she shifted on her toes “That’s not remotely possible, people exist, everywhere. I saw the party around the bonfire last night and it can’t be that no one single exists in this town because I have to go on a date”

Motioning to the jewel adorning her curled hand on his chest Omar heaved an exaggerated sigh “Am hardly single anymore but given that I am engaged to you, this dating plan should work. And while the one yesterday wasn’t a bonfire, we can make one tonight for our date”

“There are all those surfaces? I have to keep in mind, the kitchen counters, my couch from dinner, that chair in my bedroom so there have to be some people here, why else would you leave me for an hour or so? Who would you be doing those surfing stunts to impress? if not for all of that” she raised her eyebrows to hint at his playboy ways, aiming to overturn such a drastic occurrence of being unable to find anyone to date just when she had decided to give it a try

Moving the blonde tendrils from her shoulder, Omar offhandedly shrugged “The offer still stands if you choose to avail it, you tell me why there were tears in your eyes before dinner and we discuss everything you want answers for”

She choked on forced laughter, heart writhing at the idea of garnering more insight on the many women of his life “I am not looking for any answers beyond the realms of Sophista, to think of it I won’t be even here if it wasn’t for those chocolates, my falling sick and the political mess up. Can’t say I have much curiosity because none of this matters to me, after all we’re practically strangers”

“Yeah certainly, I guess am only close to a few journalists, Ginny being one of them” his fingers twirled around the noodle thin bikini ties along her neck traversing its length but halting every time at her collarbones

Seething from inside, Mohana gave him a tight lipped smile “Ginny is an actress, the scripted kind that you have an aversion from, she only plays the role of being a journalist in Desperation

“Na, Ginny and I go way back, before any scripts were there, why else do you think she walks every ramp for Shaan Designs. We spent a lot of time at Fashion Trend this year, you’ve obviously experienced how packed they get with residences, but yeah it was great to discuss about her upcoming talk show, who knows she might want to interview me in the new year” Mohana fumed at his mention of the residency concern, fretting how she had been allotted a chief suite to share with Omar a year prior, while this time it was Ginny

Certain, unlike her, Ginny would not have chosen a room most distant to Omar, her dismal heart twisted at the thoughts of their proximity. Blinking glassy eyes Mohana fidgeted to free herself from his arms “Of course. ya. why not. at least there would be one journalist who you won’t keep leaving”

|| 27. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

“I didn’t leave you” the weight of his words threatened to collapse even the tallest walls Mohana had painstakingly built

Her heart leaped all restraints wanting to selfishly hold on to his claim, aching to embrace the feeling she had not been forgotten, after all. Despite the nagging reality, there could never be anything except Sophista between them, even if that anymore with actors becoming journalists, Mohana uninhibitedly threw arms around his neck, falling on his chest to croak her longstanding complaint “You.. did”

“The tshirt from Lajney, that’s what the fire was last night. And it is certain am not a fan of thongs so we’re doing nothing with them on or they meet the same fate” slipping along the thin strings of her bikini bottom, his hands cupped her butt cheeks fluidly lifting her in the air to wrap around him

Awaiting his lips to claim hers, repeat the havoc her body so fanatically lured, her legs tightly clasped around his waist but the rush of shyness had her fill the silence “You burnt? that black tshirt? the one with coco fibers?”

“Yeah. What do you feel like eating for breakfast?” the temptation of being so close, yet unable to get a taste of him had her anxiously shift in his arms

Curling her hands refraining them from running rampant in his damp hair, she gulped “Eat. ya. uhm. but that tshirt. the one that April gave you? You burnt it?”

Binding her closer, his caresses traveled coming to a halt at the bikini strings on her back “I didn’t know the sales associate was someone you knew this closely, for a journalist who can’t care much for strangers you seem far curious for their product”

“I am hungry and that tee reminded me of coastal stuff. like coconuts! because the point of the matter is if there are no people here, where am I going to get food from?” conscious of his repetitive denial, turning away she let her face rest on his chest, but the gush of warmth seeping through her heart for that burnt tshirt sample frantically competed the fire blazing through her body

Wrapping fingers along her nape, Omar turned her to face him “There’s a stash of few things in the lodge but from there we’d have to use our capabilities to cook. Would you like to discuss the menu?”

Following his each move caringly setting the golden locks on her shoulder, her yearning was further incessant, yet his adamancy on breakfast had Mohana exasperatedly grumble “I don’t talk when I am thinking about food. But just so you know I want waffles, eggs, hash browns and the darkest chocolate milk that there is”

Tracing a golden tendril he circled her temple “Perhaps something coastal to add, maybe a coconut piejoza”

“Not one but two, because am starving” on a humph she hid her glowing cheeks, forehead brushing his neck, alerting all the many swarms of butterflies. No matter how hard she tried to quash her unwarranted cravings they ceaselessly badgered

Flustered at not getting his lips against her skin, she inwardly groaned, pouting in displeasure while her head decided to chastise for having the most bizarre hankerings. Nonetheless Mohana remained clung to him, her excessive shyness had her completely paused in his arms but her rogue heart relished each caress he drew on her body.

She relentlessly hoped for someway to get his lips to follow the same trajectory when her mesmerized thoughts halted, eyes fluttered in surprise getting surrounded by streams of warm water.

“Sand?” his husky reminder, had her awash with guilt of the injuries she had inflicted on his pristine body

Slipping along his frame to stand under the shower where she had drawn their names in incessant desire, bound in his arms, face blushing, Mohana diligently focused on the task. She ran timid fingers spanning across the wounds, ensuring they were free from any pesky sand particles.

The achy throbbing in her heart lured her to touch his immaculate torso, caress each ripple of his magnificent abdominal muscles, immerse fingers in his luscious hair, smash their li.. Breathing haywire, her silver eyes raised to steal a glance of his lips.

Legs clenching tighter, shyly pulling her hands away, she set her golden locks behind the ears “I’ll get Karjha?”

Capturing her hand to rest on his heart, Omar nonchalantly entwined their fingers “Nah, we can’t do meds, in case you haven’t gathered by now, am not a fan of doctors either. Am your responsibility”

..Zaniha is the doctor, modeling was something we did for fun.. his earlier claim reverberated, making her heart flip at the remark but on a croaky whisper “Hm” she carefully pressed the towel capturing water drops from his scratches. Tummy in turmoil for having hurt him, head reprimanding her recklessness yet notwithstanding any reality, her butterflies ruffled far deeper adamantly craving Omar Shaan

In exchange of washing sand off his wounds, wrapping them in bath robes, the designer celebrity bestowed her by creating flute notes for splitting amongst them the many other responsibilities. Unraveling of one of the first notes led to Omar being responsible for selecting their outfits, the offer appearing generous given the lauded designer he was.

Though Mohana soon concluded among the list of endless invincible traits, her temporary fiancé was defiant, obstinate, beyond stubborn and not a contender, whom she would ever want to consult for deciding an outfit. Changing into blue jeans himself, he chose to remain shirtless, avoiding the wounds from getting irritated by any fabric, while parsing endless options a white maxi dress made the cut for Mohana, making her inwardly growl.

One flight of stairs later, the pretty dress he had selected became a subject of further disapproval because after being denied his lips, the maxi now aided in restricting his touch too. No matter how she flipped her legs or tugged on the ever long fabric, the dress simply didn’t yield any segue to her bold skills.

Upon some more flute notes unwrapping, still brooding on his selection of the dress, Mohana begrudgingly fulfilled other responsibilities starting with deciding a larger than life menu for the said celebrity. Selecting necessary ingredients from the pantry and freeze room, she identified table settings while Omar took the role of preparing their dishes.

Next on the list was being tasked to manage a single set of silverware to feed herself and the headstrong designer, which initially didn’t seem as daunting until Mohana proved herself to be terrible, over and over again. Flipping more food on the bar counter than what made to his mouth, she tried blaming the silver ware, shorter reach, his shirtless torso, before bravely concluding the strong need of imbibing the Act of Boldness

Another set of flute notes had Omar become the chef for lunch again, while she got tasked to stay propped on the kitchen counter, measure ingredients, guide on recipes, monitor progress of the various dishes and feed them again, employing the prized single set of silverware.

Antsy to act bold and ace the skill, Mohana sat a tad closer this time but her fingers functioned worse than being made of putty, pretending like they had never held a fork and spoon in entire years of survival.

Eventually his grasp on her hand, a replay from breakfast, had them both fed, in turn making him win additional set of favors. The deal leaving her further restless in case he made her wear a similar dress the next day.

|| 27. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

Picnic dinner around the bonfire under starry skies brought in another round of flute note selections, the outcome of which had Mohana revolt. Ditching the formidable silverware, letting their knees touch she nervously moved closer, blocking all distraction of the heart to ensure Omar was fed each morsel of the burger before she lost to anymore favors.

The slightly nippy air, high crashing waves and the roaring bonfire while made her maxi dress an exceptionally dreamy outfit, emphatically sulking Mohana was in no mood to approve of her ensemble for different reasons altogether. On the next set of their flute notes unrolling, she determinedly objected “..just because you are a designer, you can’t decide clothes because you are the one who wears all the rough stuff so I will be doing that until the end of all of this”

Not taking the decision particularly in his favor, Omar countered exerting his professional awards, using the very grounds of the Sophista December cover to feature him, but assigning him chef responsibilities Mohana took the designer role determinedly concluding the discussion. A gloomy sigh was all she got in affirmation but her heart danced enthusiastically so much so that she gladly accepted his counter for being in charge of menu planning, food prep and monitoring, and feeding them.

Basking in her victory, slipping him another bite she attempted to ignore her butterflies until the discussion cropped up on their sleeping arrangement. Confident of her earlier win, she smoothly tackled “Am not taking the couch, because of. whatever. but the fireplace retracts to the bedroom so that is where I am going to sleep because Jasper said I am recovering and can’t fly back”

“Yeah, we will flip tonight for you to get the side with the fireplace” his assurance sounded anything but, making Mohana clutch hard on the burger

Cheeks flaring at the jumbled recollection of her rogue behavior from the flight ‘..pineapple kiss?..’ Mohana objected, hesitant of her own maddening desire of him “But we can’t do this”

Pulling her on his lap, Omar twirled a silken tendril “Sure if you say, but only because I am your responsibility I’ll take the side with fireplace again” her hand faulted, nearly missing her own bite, the guilt of inflicting such deep scratches roared a turmoil within, so much so, giving a nod of agreement, she fed him another waffle fry

Denied his lips through the entire day had Mohana crabby and exceptionally petulant, yet no matter how much her body craved his touch, the thought of sharing the bed had her beyond jittery. Completely certain her butterflies were an obstinate mess, she was further dubious of her defiant heart on how it would refrain from making any pineapple references or worse, begging for his kisses.

Tempted to steal a glance at the Art of Boldness binder, she walked in and out of the closet a few times but his constant presence around, hindered every try. Though ecstatic to finally be the designer among them, Mohana selected a short night dress in her favorite shade of pink, filled in fuzzy polka dots and bow ties for shoulders. Shyly glancing at his collection of bags, she pointed to a black pj joggers when she was met with instant refusal.

Cheeks glowing she overruled his negation, ascertaining her role as their temporary designer and reaffirming the selection she turned to leave, only to get twirled around and land in the circle of his arms. The short dress and delicates flew right out of her hands, for large silver eyes to stare at his dark spheres immersed in her favorite glitter, mesmerizing her to forget everything around them.

“We have to take the shower together” listening to his husky command she fluttered from her admiration of him, gulping on a parched throat

Balling her lacey bits in the night dress she rushed in worry “Because we’re all around surrounded by the ocean? There’s a limited supply of bathing water here?”

“Very well could be, depending on certain circumstances, but you anyways said we have to be together” smoothing an arched eyebrow he traced it to its tapering end, back of his fingers brushing high cheekbones, gliding along her face to the chiseled jawline

Caressing her chin, his thumb circled the corner of her mouth making her butterflies buzz in expectation to get smashed against his ripped torso, awaiting to get a taste of his lips “No. Yes. No. that. I didn’t mean it like that because we can’t do this”

“When we’ve already done it?” clasping her nape, Omar tilted her face for their lips to come close, causing her heart to rampantly throb, lips anxious for their capture when his touch retracted altogether

Seeing him introduce distance between them ensued a chaotic ruffle making her deeply frown “We’ve done other things too!”

Tucking a wavy blonde tendril behind her ear, he huskily enquired “Like what?”

“Like. like. eyes! Like closing eyes. You have to close your eyes” distressed at the loss of his lips, clenching on to her nightdress she furiously stepped past him

Swiveling an arm around the waist Omar lightly tugged her, his hand settling along the curve of her waist, keeping her ahead as he fell into step behind “Certainly your highness

Separated from him in the steamy room by a mere glass wall accumulating beads of water, despite every effort to act indifferent, her yearning only amplified. Unable to interpret the burgeoning chaos swirling within, Mohana missed what now appeared a distant memory of his lips on her.

Wanting nothing more than to be carelessly sprawled under him, enveloped in his arms, soaking in his kisses all over, she heaved a sigh painstakingly setting one plump pillow after another creating a wall between their respective sides on the bed, in hopes of guarding her dream man from any possible outlandish behavior

Bubbling with nervousness, shoving away unreasonable desires, Mohana held back the urge to peer above the plush cushions to gain a glance of her fiancé. Through incessant fidgeting, in time her heavy lashes swooped low, and soon the wall of pillows got disrupted for the asleep editor-in-chief to land on the other side of the bed

Sleepily hugging onto his muscular glory, flushed against his warmth, she wrapped her leg above the waist band of his joggers, quivering a sigh of relief. Fastening a round of bow ties on her panties, Omar smoothly traversed her leg, caressing her thigh for his hand to slip under tiny fabric and capture her butt “We can’t do this, say yes”

Her blurred and sleepy “Y..ess” was all the affirmation needed before his other hand immersed into her golden locks and his eyes closed while her tender moan followed

Getting cocooned in the pink throw, carried from the bed to get settled on the counter top, propped against plump cushions, Mohana remained lost in sleep until his raspy command had her breathing awry “Keep your eyes closed”

Those four words in his deep velvety voice, accompanying the sound of shower, woke her from deep slumber like nothing else ever had. Not permitted to see the glorious man, her own fiancé when he pretty much roamed shirtless for the world, sexily posing for her journal, had Mohana inwardly groan. Yet freaked out to give in to her temptation she scrunched her eyes, covering them determinedly with palms to ensure fulfillment of the most difficult task thus far.

Donning a light blue short dress, Mohana instinctively considered a complimenting pair of navy slacks for Omar when she was met with refusal again “If you’re wearing that dress, am wearing jeans” no amount of holding ground, ascertaining her role as their designer helped win the argument this time around

Instead, easing the neck scarf from her top knot he grumpily declared “Even for temporary designers this is not acceptable to be a hair tie and in exchange of this knowledge, I’ll have to select your beach wear today”

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