Chapter 19 – A Prank

|| 19. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Her breasts brushed against his rock solid chest, the fluttering butterflies magnetizing to his superior charm but Mohana adamantly fought back “Why not! Did I ask why you gave you all your tshirts away? or why do you have those dresses and pristine delicates in every color? No. Because I don’t care what you do with all your women. You can undress them, dress them, do anything you want but I will like my own lace, my own dresses and my own So..!”

“You can’t” gruffly declaring his lips took hers

Slammed to his powerful chest, grasping the onslaught of dominance, an unexplainable havoc burst through Mohana. Innocent lips caught by utter surprise braved to mimic his moves as the burning frenzy erupting within had her shift on his lap, fingers inadvertently clasping onto his muscular arms.

Uncurling her crossed legs, Omar tugged her closer deepening their lip lock, aligning Mohana to himself he had her creamy legs wrapped around his thread-less torso, his urgent hands slipping under the dress, ignoring the delicate lace of her panties to grab her curvaceous butt.

The gush of wild sensations had Mohana uninhibitedly press into him, craving to soak every caress. Her butterflies rampant in haphazard directions excitedly buzzing to his hotness. Shaping her delectable figure, he eased the dress zipper from under her arm, disbarring the fabric to trace her bare waist, map the taut midriff with invigorating skill while startling her further by getting their tongues entangled.

On a small delicious moan escaping the back of her throat, she attempted a match, snatching a taste for herself, clutching on to him with desperation, her nails digging their mark on his biceps. Leaving trails of explosive heat on her tender skin, the back of his fingers skimmed along the underside swell of her rapidly heaving breasts, brushing the bits of delicate lace caging them, before his hand moved to her back sliding under the lock of her bra arching her further.

His masterful strokes urged a desire so strong, Mohana ached to feel his touch without the barriers of the many layers between them, yearning everything black from in-between to vanish. While unable to interpret the burgeoning rush she wanted this feeling to last forever but when his lips trailed to the corner of her luscious mouth, Mohana moaned, asserting a pleasurable complaint for loosing attention on her lips.

Pecking along her jaw, his touch rolled to her neck, in between her soft sounds Omar murmured his demand “You want me. Say yes”

Throwing her head back, eagerly absorbing his captivation, Mohana merely managed a catch of breath to form her agreement “Ye..s” voice dripping with need, fervently awaiting a fulfillment. Her back touched the plush cushions getting reclined on the swing but the only feeling which registered was that of his touch.

His hands were everywhere all at once and his lips slammed back on hers where she desired them to be. Blissfully breathing him in, her lips shy yet desperate with a yearning so deep, Mohana eagerly matched him with fervor, tongue learning his dominating moves, excitedly getting intertwined to his command.

Smoothing her legs along his waist, his hands hooked them firmly, making Mohana wrap around him, her core throbbing wildly, reveling in the enchantment his touch was inducing. A woman’s voice rang through the room “Heyyy Omar, I was waiting and thought of checking again, can you make this a good time for us?”

Overpowered by his intoxicating moves, moaning in pleasure of the heat reverberating through her, Mohana pushed herself closer, clinging onto Omar with a longing to get however more she could of him. Traversing her petite frame, his fingers teased the noodle thin interruption on her shoulder, edging the bra strap with her dress neckline he rolled them off her upper arm, letting the lace guarding her breasts to peek from behind

Trailing lips on her neck, his touch sloped along the curve of her arm when the voice ran again “You can take your time, no worries. I’ll wait here for however long you want me to” his hand halted, hovering above the curve of her breasts shielded in the dainty black lace bra

Not having caught on to the disturbance, the loss of his touch had a frown crease her forehead in demand, pressing herself to his solid strength, Mohana sought attention of his mesmerizing touch “mmh?”

“Door” on a husky whisper Omar pecked the corner of her mouth. Setting the thin strap back on her shoulder, he eased the scrunched dress from between them and almost as if by ease of practice his expert fingers rolled the zip, ensuring she was covered properly.

Her lips pouted in protest, unconvinced anything could be more important for his touch to withdraw, more so for getting dressed again which was in complete contradiction to her desires. Needily raking her gaze from his forearm, her lips crabbily parted to inform him of the trouble being caused but one glance at his eyes and her heart bounced in extreme joy. His black orbs, sparkling with an immense rush of glitter, enchanted Mohana beyond all possible fascination.

Gulping on the tsunami of feelings stirring inside, she courageously eased her grip on his biceps to reach for the corner of his eyes in breathless astonishment “Hm?”

“Will figure it out” encapsulating her hand in his larger one, Omar brushed his lips on her palm leaving Mohana in a daze of enrapture with an influx of all feelings tumbling one over another

Fishing a small disc from his jeans pocket, short of growling on the device Omar checked “Door?”

A male voice boomed from the speakers in response “Your hint for today is Zaniha”. Listening to the name fill the entire room, Mohana’s heart turned painfully. Her hands dropped from holding onto him to nervously clasp her dress, hastily ambushing every bit of the pleasurable tornado that had entwined her with Omar Shaan.

“Sure” flipping the device away Omar caressed blonde locks, huskily murmuring to the dainty woman sprawled under him “This wasn’t supposed to happen, but as pranksters we can make the most of it. Who are you?”

Barely curbing her heart from shattering into pieces, sternly reminding herself for there could never exist anything between Omar Shaan and her, except Sophista, Mohana gulped before forming her words “Sophista. I work at Sophista”

His onyx eyes blazed dark as dungeons, boring into her huge depths “Currently the editor-in-chief for the journal? And you’d be happy to send along your portfolio for a round of introductions?”

Face blushing, hair spread like waves of gold on the plump cushions, Mohana managed a light nod, attempting to escape his embrace but the iron hold around her remained unforgiving

“Swamped with taking hot showers and undoing dresses..” her palms landed on his mouth blocking the reminder she was trying so hard to deny even its occurrence

Clasping her wrists, Omar ran his lips through each digit, but conflicting the endearing action his thunderous voice shook her “No matter how you play this, you’re not allowed to forget me..” tasting the dainty wrists in his captivation, his voice softened “..My question was along the lines if you have a certain preference in being called my fiancée or girlfriend because as it happens there are steps missing to the wife announcement and we already have a visitor”

“Oh. uh..” her hands shyly curled in his hold “..uhm I saw her when my dad. oh. he called! my dad. but. don’t talk to him. ever. I’ll manage everything from here. but that screen, she was on the screen by the kitchen and I forgot. to tell you? but all I need is the exit and I will be gone. It’ll be like nothing happened, because nothing happened. and nothing matters. except Sophista. she’s really sexy and you can then ya. so I’ll go”

“If that pool water has gotten to your head, we’ll solve it right here because I’m done with ridiculous meds and their side effects. Your choices are fiancée or girlfriend or we forget all about it and get back to what we were..” not letting him say aloud what she wanted dismissed and glossed over, Mohana blocked his lips with her palms again

Capturing the dainty barriers, landing small pecks, his lips lowered to her wrist “I like fiancée more”

“No! Of course not, that can’t be a prank. because that’s. uh whatever. and I am a journalist I. I have to follow rules” Mohana breathlessly countered fidgeting to free herself but gaining no success in his firm grip

“If you want” tenderly kissing his way from her arm, Omar leaned closer to trail his lips along her jawline

Her tummy excitedly jumped at his touch, nerves tingling, heart pounding in definite desire to rid all fabric from between them but the nagging reminder of her reality had Mohana bite back a moan “Girlfriend. Girlfriend is easier”

|| 19. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

“Only for a while” his response came close to her ear, his intoxicating caresses had Mohana throw her head back, fingers grasping onto his arms as a sweet moan did find an escape for her to attempt a hasty cover “Do.. or?”

“That’s what you plan to call me as my girlfriend?” Omar teased peppering soft whisper touches along her collar bones as her body arched for his attentive touch

Closing her eyes at the toe curling sensations she tried “Noh. I. what.. yoo want”

“Yeah, we’re doing exactly that, then I was considering undoing this delicate dress off you as your designer and not closing my eyes” his suggestion though a melody to her heart, jolted her shyness into overdrive

Clutching hard onto him, in between the lure of his kisses, Mohana whispered an endearment for my darling, her voice laden with desire “Mo mhuirnín? There’s.. the. uh door?”

“As you say mo stór, in return you’re accompanying me for dinner tonight” scooping her in his arms, Omar had them off the swing, making their way through a different hallway

“This is. uh. if you are my.. whatever, no one will allow for this to happen” she hesitantly waved her hand to suggest the lack of clothes on his torso

“If you’re not certain, I might as well meet her like this” his casualness about it all had her agitatedly shift in his arms

Fisting her dress at the immense difficulty he was causing her heart, unable to find any rationale to get him clothed, she grumbled at his defiance “Of course not. You’re not going there like this. she’ll think of all.. of.. of.. I don’t even care but you can’t not wear something”

Stepping them into the posh elevators Omar murmured “You don’t even care?”

“Clothes. Right now!” adamantly declaring, she hid her face on his chest refusing any further discussion on the matter

Receiving a soft peck on the temple, his assurance finally gave solace to her antsy heart “We’re going to the closet”

Back in the majestic bedroom Mohana averted her eyes from the large bed, even the thought of all the many women laying under Omar Shaan, craving to get undressed by the designer just like she had only moments ago, rattled her heart furious

Unaware of the storm brewing in the petite woman, Omar carried her to the walk-in-closet, halting ahead a column of crisp shirts he slid her against his frame “Choose”

Inundated with shyness seeing his pristinely carved torso, the tussle between desire and reality, want and anguish, unleashed her fury “You! You had these. So many of these buttoned things. and you still chose to be like.. this..” she waved her hand in the air appalled at his deception “ claimed about the loss of your tshirts when you had all these other clothes?!”

“Yeah” nonchalantly affirming, he captured her hand bringing it to his lips

Blinking at him unbelievably Mohana slipped her hand free, fiercely confronting him “Ya? what ya? what does that even mean, what about all of this and everything that I’ve been going through looking at you roaming around like that?”

Grabbing a hold of her hand again, Omar tugged her in his embrace, teasingly sucking her wrist, bounding her by the waist his whisper brushed above her ear “Care to enlighten, what you’ve been going through?”

“Noh. Nothing. It’s noth.. ing. there’s nothing that needs to be discussed because you had clothes to wear. Not tshirts but dress shirts” melting in his arms, Mohana instinctively inched closer, her body craving an unknown fulfillment where his touch seemed like the only solution to the havoc buzzing throughout

His feathery touch travelled along her inner arm, teasing, soft, yet demanding “Given the number of awards I’ve had to win in attempts to reach here, don’t you think I must have had to design a wide array of other things such as kurta, sherwani, bisht, kanzu..”

“Of course. The superstar celebrity designer” she interrupted on a forced sugary smile, images of various women flocking around Omar Shaan from one media report to another flooded her head. Locked between him and the rows of clothes behind, she agitatedly attempted to walk away but his reminder “Hm?” halted her to point to a black shirt

Keeping her captive, slipping the shirt off the hangar onto his arms, Omar enquired “As your mo mhuirnín am I allowed to take you to the door now?”

“What is it with you and clothes? If you don’t want her to think anything, then you should do this. all of this” she sulkily motioned to the open shirt lapels through the minuscule distance between them

Folding his sleeves Omar lightly shrugged “I don’t really mind if she thinks you opened and then refused to close them”

Before sanity could prevail, her hands snatched the sleeve from his grasp, methodically unrolling it to cover his muscular forearm, growling a threat “Stay covered. Or I am going to throw a blazer on this also”

Fingers that had been too eager to leave their mark on him only a while ago were now a complete mess. Fidgeting with the buttons, shoving away thoughts of their cherished exchange, trying to steer her eyes from his impeccable abs, Mohana nonetheless tackled the task for the importance it held

Looping the closures in their designated eyeholes, ensuring no part of his extensively carved torso was on display for anyone else to see, she inhaled a wavered breath of success. In a quick move Omar had the shirt tucked into his jeans and before Mohana could even fathom she was scooped in the air.

Anxious for coming face to face with Zaniha, tagging along to participate in a prank which was certain to leave her heart more bruised all along, unable to absorb the changes of one hallway to another to identify an exit, Mohana inwardly groaned. Bravely following his gaze, she squirmed in his hold, glancing at screen on the elevator wall, tracking the barely clothed woman who sat atop a large packaged box in his wait.

Moving past a set of large doors, Mohana blinked at the similarity of her surroundings, except for being artfully designed in silver, the massive loft, drenched in sunlight pouring from the huge windows appeared a replica of.. her thoughts abruptly halted, listening to Omar murmur “Stay with me”

Slipping Mohana to let her feet land on the rug, he dropped a kiss on the golden head. A simple gesture of his hand had the chunky doors open, taking their visitor by surprise. Hopping off the brown box provocatively tugging on the strap of her bikini top, the woman thrust her breasts suggestively ahead “Omar Shaan! Hi, it’s such a pleasure to be able to see you! I am April and I led your tshirt order with my team. I fulfilled it as soon as I received it because Indigo..”

“We can skip that part..” Omar interrupted “..I’ll have my office verify them, deliveries are made at the main warehouse, not at this door. If there was nothing else I’d like you to excuse me and my girlfriend”

Mohana’s breath hitched at that declaration, yet clenching onto her dress she remained far more curious of the visitor. Tackling the turn of events, resolving instead of Zaniha, the woman was a sales associate making a blunder in delivery, Mohana was baffled at such an exposing stance.

Listening to the cold words from Omar, April gave an uncertain look over to Mohana, lips twisting at their clasped hands “But Omar, I thought we could review these samples. We are trying a variety of fabric blends that designers like you could immensely benefit from..” slyly smiling, protruding her breasts further she ran her hand suggestively across the deep cleavage “..I’d love to spend some quality time to show you all the details because I’m thinking more along the lines of a longer term commitment”

“Sweetheart, what do you think?” Omar in turn glanced at Mohana who missing his clue stood staring at April, completely astonished by the woman’s forthright exhibition

Tugging Mohana closer, wrapping an arm around her waist Omar lightly tapped a signal, distracting her from the surprise she had found herself in. Breaking from her thoughts, adding yet another name to the list of his women, Mohana gave him an inconspicuous nod of acknowledgement, setting her hair randomly “Ya. The possibilities are endless, if you want to give the longer term commitment a try”

“Really, baby?..” on a mock smile Omar tickled her waist, making Mohana shift in his embrace “..Do you think it’s worth taking out time from our vacay to get this sorted?”

Seething at the ever growing list of women, Mohana returned his smile with a sarcastic one of her own “Of course! Why not ba..” halting consciously, she waved her hand lightly in the air to substitute the ‘baby’ endearment “..uhm. But! who owns the operation?”

|| 19. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Eyeing Mohana enviously, seeing her frame blending into Omar, April contemptuously commented “Who else? Obviously I own it”

“You’ve been a partner in the company for let’s say how long?” Mohana genuinely enquired to grasp the operating model of the designer world where such inappropriate business dressing was acceptable

“I own this relationship with Shaan Designs..” April imposed a pretentious spiel of her role, but the effort was lost on the couple standing amalgamated this side of the office loft

Casting the fluff aside Mohana landed straight to the point “Since when have you been managing the account with Shaan Designs?”

Bitterly tugging the thin band of her bikini top April claimed “Since a very long while now, and I expedited this order only for Omar when Indigo said..”

“Less than two months, darling..” Omar intervened, the endearment made Mohana turn crimson in his embrace “’s their second sample fulfillment because I made a request with Indigo to get all the fabrics for your approval”

“Yes. the approval. yeah. but there are too many things going on, so it’ll obviously take me sometime to review everything, what’s the rush. And when our vacation is over, my b.. uhm. he will let the team know to follow on any next steps” delivering on the prank Mohana hesitated from staking a claim on Omar, like he so casually had

Boyfriend” Omar whispered only for Mohana to hear, making the blush deepen on her cheeks

Motioning at him with her eyes, she twirled her hand in the air “Yah. that”

“Say it or we’ll have to get back..” halting his husky whisper, Mohana rushed her own “I will”

Looking at the cozy back and forth between the couple, April dissolutely nudged the shorts lower, smirking full of herself she leaned towards the applauded designer “Omar, don’t you think we should spend sometime, all alone, without any distractions to make out what we both need? I can be of great help to someone like you, because this is business and you will be juggling endless competition”

Breaking into a laugh Mohana overrode what Omar had begun to say, taking both him and April by surprise. Missing the obviousness of the provocative invite and the suggestive undertones, Mohana had the visitor outrightly dismissed for daring to consider her dream man could have any competitors.

Habitually steering into her highly lauded responsibility of the editor-in-chief at Sophista, Mohana reined their visitor “Competition doesn’t exist where Shaan Designs is concerned. Tweak that pitch and make sure partners from your firm are available to talk business if you are aiming to strike any long term commitments. At the end of the day, it’ll be your company’s gain or loss, he’ll anyways get whatever fabric he wants”

Receiving no interrupt from Omar despite the invitation, April retorted, promiscuously pressing further to gain his attention “I will turn it into my gain because I know how to run a business and I bet I can suck him..”

“You missed the hospitality mark..” Omar halted the woman, his tone surfacing a warning “ you have only four minutes to leave this building”

Seeing Omar motion for the door to close, Mohana exasperatedly rushed to fulfill her side of the prank “Next time when you come knocking at my door wanting to suck up to my boyfriend, at least have the civility to cover yourself. He is a superstar designer, for the sake of sanity, clothes are his thing”

“Is it?” teasing a whisper Omar lifted Mohana by the waist, letting her feet dangle inches above the floor

Maliciously eyeing the couple, refusing to give up, April dropped a strap of her top “I’ll do anything f..”

“Time is ticking” warning their stilled visitor, Omar turned away from the threshold, letting the chunky block of the door determinedly shut behind

Carrying Mohana smashed to his torso, Omar halted by the large walnut desk to let her feet sink in the luxurious rug “Given that clothes are my thing, any chance you’re thinking about making me your designer?”

Locked between the office desk and his tall frame, Mohana zestfully complained “Maybe you should loan a few things to your fans first. Isn’t it amazing that you are always surrounded by these people who specifically don’t like clothes? They want to unbutton your jeans, pull their blouses down to get your autographs on their skin and this one was literally prancing in a swim suit wanting to strike a business deal”

Lifting her by the waist Omar sat Mohana on the desk, moving to stand between her legs “I think what’s more amazing is that after refusing to consider my designs, my girlfriend now wants to loan my label to these people”

“Would you rather I’d have let you..” wrinkling her nose Mohana parroted the sales woman “..spend sometime all alone without any distractions to make out what you both needed, that too in the absence of her normal clothes?! specifically when the world’s top most designer is my b.. uh!” she waved her hand in the air for substituting boyfriend

“Am your?” his expressions so innocent had her lips part to remind of their prank but the glint of mischief in his smile had her crabbily frown

“Don’t! You know what I mean..” she grumbled shifting on the desk to introduce distance between them “..but for the shrewd businessman you are, who in this life could you have possibly chosen to give your tshirts to, more so when no one around you likes wearing anything bigger than those little triangles”

“We can play fair, I get to impart this priceless information and surrounding facts in exchange of you owing me a couple favors” wrapping an arm around her, Omar slid Mohana on the desk closing the gap between them

“Two? more? but..” her cheeks blared red in shyness of his proximity “..this time you have to owe me a favor, because I saved you from the clutches of that. that. woman who wanted to strike a business deal without knowing the difference between a delivery warehouse and my office! I.. uhm your office” Mohana quickly corrected her error for finding such similarity in the surroundings which made the space appear like her own office loft

Setting a golden wavy lock from her temple, Omar tipped her face for their eyes to meet “Totally. How about, to repay my part of the debt as your boyfriend..” his thumb traced her lower lip, “..I’ll owe you something that compliments..” coming to circle the corner of her mouth, “.. graceful..”, teasing her cupids bow “..dainty..”, the back of his fingers traversed the fine skin of her chiseled jawline, “..delicate..” his husky whisper landing on her lips, “..buttery soft” before he covered them with his

Mohana quivered a moan of immense pleasure feeling his warmth envelop her. His intoxicating touch had her feverishly respond to each masterful move as she instinctively gripped on to his dress shirt to get glued to his magnificence

Shaping along the length of her toned calves, Omar nudged her legs apart, his fingers halting below her waistline slipping under the lace of her panties before he swiftly tugged her tender frame to wrap around him. Mohana trembled in his passionate dominance, grappling onto the havoc of sensations his lips were igniting, legs firmly hooking onto him as she clenched harder on his shirt lapels for the top few buttons to pop open.

Indulging in him, loosing herself in the power of his command, Mohana eagerly soaked each caress, breasts heaving against his strength at the unknown desire wrecking through her. Her clenched fists skidding from the eased shirt garnering a jolt of heat from his chest made her legs lock harder, heart craving an eternal need for his touch to land everywhere on her. only her. forever.

Ravaging her mouth his lips traveled the tender corner, raining kisses from the high cheek bones sloping to her ear Omar whispered “For your part of the owing, would you like to make a guess on who owns all my tshirts?”

Words from his exposé interview echoed within ‘my attention is sorted’ making her heart skip a beat at the reality of the only woman who existed for him: Zaniha. Gulping nervously under his luring pecks, her clutch fastened onto his shirt, pulling away from the contact of his bare chest, the list of all the many women associated with Omar Shaan forcefully tumbled through her head, shattering the numbing pleasure she had been basking in

Without another thought she outrightly landed her refusal on a rushed croak “No. uh. no guesses. secur..ity?”

“I am your security mo stór. What’s wrong?” his tender touch halted along her collar bone as he raised his head for their eyes to meet

Looking away Mohana bit on her lower lip then reminded of all it had been involved in, she quickly let it slip. Wanting to shove away her strange cravings for the man who stood ahead she rambled to override everything “Nothing. Nothing. I. I.. uhm Sophista has it’s own security, how come this tower doesn’t? No one. like that. April could ever dare to come to my door without an. appointment, let alone with a package box and no clothes on herself”

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