Chapter 08 – Caught in the Act

|| 08. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Breathing heavily she marched past the suite to reach the bedroom. Regretting the very decision to have withdrawn from an exchange with Omar Shaan in the hallway, she found herself ahead of the golden leaf embossed mirror.

Staring at her crimson face, Mohana rattled through her nervousness “Can’t they give him another hotel? Or another floor at the very minimum? How am I supposed to prepare my bold-act if I don’t even get time. More than half the time I am sleeping..” her words felt stuck in the throat for saying ‘sleep’ out loud, only to be reminded of his closeness

Her reflection shone back: dressed in his leather jacket, her beautiful golden hair sparkled against the black background. Covering her face in her palms she shrieked her realization “I stole his jacket!”

Bashful, Mohana threw herself on the bed at what she had done. Rambling against the mattress a flurry of distressed words escaped her “And he came to take it! But I didn’t even let him talk. He must be cold but I left him out there! All alone! I have lost my mind”

Part of Mohana relished the warmth from the luxurious article of clothing radiating their entangled fragrances, while the other made her heart beat faster at the severe folly she had committed.

The buzz of the connect made Mohana half heartedly reach for the device mumbling “Hi”

“Miss Mohana, why don’t you change, I’ll get us a night cap and we can discuss the plan for the morning” Jojo suggested from the other side

“Yeah, sounds neat. Uhm Jojo? The people that were with us? in the flight? do you know where they are staying?” Mohana asked straightening on the bed

“Ethan said Dibella and her crew had checked in at the airport resort itself because they are flying back tomorrow. She is one wild creature! Every time we came to check on you, we were instructed that you were resting. And despite however much Ethan helped ensure all your meals were on track, she objected anyone else from entering your lounge”

“Ya Ethan’s very nice and caring, um but what about let’s say others from Shaan Designs?” Mohana pondered aloud

“Oh..” Jojo’s voice hushed down to a whisper “..Indigo is right here! On my floor! but I ran away before anyone even got a chance to talk to me!..” Mohana threw her head back on the bed recalling her own ‘running-away’ from Indigo’s boss

She heard Jojo add “..Omar’s team is all in our hotel. From what Indigo explained to me on the flight, their meeting with Sarrata got preponed and that’s why we ended up sharing the flight through the storm. Do you want me to check on Omar’s room?”

“Noh no! Uh No! It’s just that by error I picked a black jacket from my couch that I thought was uh mine? But then it occurred to me that I didn’t even pack mine so it’s likely someone else’s but we can check with Salm, and his team can get it dry cleaned to return it to whoever” Mohana attempted to relay the information with as much sincerity as she hoped was in her heart. No matter how much she relished the article of clothing, her intent had not been to steal it from it’s rightful owner.

“But that jacket was looking so good on you..” Jojo dreamily sighed “ was like that scene from the movie Immense Force where Soren Rick covers his wife in his leather jacket to save her from the rain”

“Soren! Yes! That’s such a romantic movie but I also need numbers on Soren Rick, I want to ensure his popularity for Sophista readers..” Mohana declared wanting to prove to Omar Shaan that everyone did indeed find the actor sexy “..When is he visiting Sophista offices?”

“After spring break Miss Mohana..” Jojo informed flipping through her digital screen “..The best part is he marries a journalist in his latest hit Desperation! and in real life you will get to do his exposé interview! I’ll bring you the numbers with our updates”

“See you soon!” exchanging their goodbyes on the connect Mohana disconnected the line

“Some people want to marry journalists as well! Even if they are scripted. Who knows it could have been a real inspiration! What’s the point anyways in going around and clarifying to confectionery associates whatever we may or may not be” humphing to herself Mohana hopped off the bed

Changed into a pink night tshirt with fuzzy penguins spread all across, she toyed with the leather jacket. Stealing another long breath of the intoxicating fragrance the jacket emanated, she savored the warmth, reminiscing the memories of being snuggled into it. Determining to separate herself from the tempting jacket that didn’t belong to her Mohana tried to fold it then deciding otherwise, hung it on the hanger.

Giving one last chance, she landed herself in the hug of it’s warmth. Recalling the powerful strength she had been enveloped in, Mohana smoothed the jacket then adamantly pulled herself away.

Following their connect Jojo reached Mohana’s suite with an overly alert Ethan. Shoving the trolley with beverage and food options, the steward managed a vase filled with pink camellia flowers. Speedily offloading the food offerings, Ethan set the decorative vessel overflowing with her favorite pink blooms in the center of the dining table. Bowing to Mohana and Jojo, exchanging greetings he just as quickly disappeared.

Mohana brimmed with happiness looking at the flowers “How did you get these here at this time in the night?”

“Salm got us an entire flower shop! He said he was ordering flowers for Leya but they had a list of all the flowers we like so he ordered them all. Do you remember that man with those tattoos who handled our passes earlier? He himself came to deliver these right at my door” Jojo explained

“Salm’s such a romantic!..” Mohana exclaimed admiring the flowers doubtfully checking on the man “..but why would they send the welcome space associate to deliver flowers?”

“I was going to ask but we didn’t even get time to exchange a word. Indigo from wherever appeared in the hallway and the associate ran away! But Miss Mohana do you think we are going to like men with tattoos?” Jojo enquired

“We can, but I’ve never really paid attention to anyone’s tattoos before. When Ethan was checking us in, he had mentioned this staff’s shift doesn’t end until after our breakfast. We should likely come across him again in the morning to ponder on our consideration” Mohana shared the information

Jojo nodded thoughtfully “After the resort experience yesterday, am starting to loose a little hope overall with these staff members, tattoos or not”

“Yeah that resort was definitely something” dismissing the chill run through her body Mohana inhaled a haggard breath reminded of the photoshoot locale where her time had kept getting extended. The session for their December cover that could have ideally wrapped in less than a few minutes had taken almost her entire day. Her wish to be relieved from being in the presence of the heart throb celebrity had only been fulfilled before dinner, even then dragging her heart away from him had been a mighty struggle.

Alongside snacking from their exclusive selection both young women got busy with work. Discussing Sophista updates, catching up on communication, parsing through recent movement in the industry they went through their tasks tirelessly. Sarrata being the exclusive source for all Shaan Designs base materials, their extensive deep dive coverage was to pair in partnership with their fashion designer celebrity cover and his exposé interview. Diligently reviewing their team’s agenda for the upcoming fabric industry deep dive Mohana and Jojo wrapped the night.

Looking at the ticking time Jojo determined “Miss Mohana you must rest some. We only have a few more hours before we need to get ready to reach Sarrata. I’ll come get you before breakfast”

“Yes this was great, get some shut eye yourself too, we’ll have an amazing spread with Sarrata” Mohana happily confirmed

Upon Jojo leaving the suite, Mohana walked over to admire the vase filled with her favorite flowers. Smoothing a flower with her dainty fingers she picked the large container carrying it to her room. The hundreds of lightly unfurling buds with their beautiful petals shone in the soft bedroom light. Placing the vase on one of the side tables she ran her hand delicately feeling them when her eyes caught the black leather jacket. Hanging atop the slatted closet doors where she had left it, the jacket enticed her to get wrapped in it.

|| 08. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

“Am anyways always cold” Mohana justified to herself in a vigorous attempt to override temptations which were far beyond the item in her view. She glanced away from the luxurious article of clothing, wishing to overlook the memories of its owner that created an unexplainable havoc inside her.

Securing her blonde hair in a top knot she stepped out through the french doors to the balcony wishing to escape her cravings. Hit with cool air, she was welcomed by the dark skies with a silhouette of the mountain range and sweeping coastline.

From atop the penthouse floor, wrapping arms around herself hugging the slightly embossed penguins on her night tshirt she adamantly spoke “We don’t need warmth!”

“Quite a contradiction..” Mohana almost jumped listening to his voice “..most penguin species enjoy warm climate”

Her heart thumped wildly seeing the handsome Omar Shaan in the adjoining balcony. Fidgeting nervously with the fuzzy cloth of her sleeping tee she blurted “You own penguins?”

Gesturing towards her short tshirt filled with various sized penguins Omar asked instead “Don’t you?”

Astonished at his response she glanced at the puffy creatures on her pink tee then checked back at the tall figure who stood separated by the close yet adjacent railing. “They are mine. ya. but you scared.. uhm all of us” Mohana claimed with her heart bouncing at the base of her throat.

Tangential to the assertion she had made, her heart was over joyous to have found the devastatingly handsome dream man. The main ruckus her needy heart caused was wishing to steal a glance into his mesmerizing sparkling depths but Omar Shaan seemed too preoccupied to spare a glance in her direction. His tall frame stood slightly turned away from Mohana, his eyes searching something far in the distance.

Her lips formed a pout when she heard him concerned for others “The penguins are fine?”

“Yah” mumbling cluelessly she looked down at the cute penguins on her night tshirt. Her heart sulked at not being included in his caring consideration

“Then we are at least partly sorted” his velvety rich voice confirmed still depriving her of his glance

Her mayhem causing butterflies surmised his likeness for at least something on this side of the balcony. Even if it were the fuzzy penguins, the consideration they belonged to her tshirt, gave them fair justification to continue their fluttering. Dismissing the shriveling of her heart at being denied a glimpse, her eyes also of their own accord availed the opportunity to soak the magnificence around her. Unabashedly she stared at the dashing man who ignoring the panoramic view of the island ahead of them, gazed far towards the dark ocean waves.

Her eyes daringly moved from his averted eyes to the sharp jawline measuring their way to his adam’s apple. Taking their own courageous path her novice silver spheres rolled further down reaching his tshirt. Realizing he had changed into another one after their airplane journey she continued her expedition of admiring his broad chest, muscular shoulders, the strong arms with each curve of his muscles. Her cheeks were scorching with heat owing to her trek yet her dedicated gaze reached the slim disc on one of his wrists. Her silver eyes further traced each strong finger of his hand that rested at the balcony railing

The lightly glowing alert of the slim disc shifted her pupils to focus back on his wrist. Flipping another device from the jeans pocket Omar answered the connect “Hi Twinkle..”

An instant frown appeared on Mohana’s forehead listening to his hushed welcoming tone for the recipient. Her grip on the railing hardened seeing his footsteps recede from the balcony taking him indoors

Left alone Mohana made a face repeating his words distastefully “Hi Twinkle”. Almost instantly she slapped both hands on her mouth lest he heard her again.

She looked back towards the farther end of the coastline where he had been busily looking. A sinking feeling made her frantically trace the cool metal railing. Her heart banged in her chest with the never ending list of names. Now she knew another one: Twinkle

Puckering her lips she looked at the dark lines of the mountain range, her fingers making circular patterns on the wrought iron barrier. When she had counted enough milliseconds she grumbled “Why would anyone want to miss this view of all things to talk to Twinkle”

Thoughtfully inspecting the length of her balcony she purposefully stalled her gaze towards the nearly conjoined railing of her neighbor. Finding no sign of activity she heaved a restless sigh. From having been inside an airplane Mohana determined she could use a small walk to refresh before retiring to her bed.

Treading her steps towards where her neighbor had stood, she sourly summarized her ironical actions “It wasn’t like I was going to listen to that chit chat, what’s so important anyways that you can’t even take line connects in a balcony”

Her feet halted at the near edge. Resting her elbows on the cool iron, she cupped her face in her palms counting another round of milliseconds, then seconds, then minutes. Standing at the corner waiting with bated breath for any movement, her heart raced when a faint sound of his laughter came through. In that instant the french door to his balcony swung open to let his words clearly flow through “..whenever you want or I’ll take you with me..”

Omar’s words halted when her eyes briefly met his. Caught in the act of an apparent snooping effort on the famed fashion celebrity, her breath decided to give up on Mohana. Her cheeks rushed with color seeing him appear so close, her heart ecstatic to have finally gleaned a glance from him. Giving him an extra wide smile to override her mischievous stunt Mohana averted her eyes from his handsome features. Running a faint hand on her forehead to brush off an invisible strand of hair, she busily looked in the direction of the mountain. Much to the disappointment of her peripheral vision, the man disappeared inside his room again.

Frowning at being left alone again, she glanced at his empty balcony scoffing to herself under the dark skies “Whenever you want! Why just Twinkle! Take the entire population of fans with you wherever you go!”

Crabbily she stared hard at the mountain range then exhaled a humph. Not wanting to give up on her investigation just yet, she slightly leaned over the ledge of the balcony to check the dim lights faintly pouring through his glass doors. Pulling back to straighten, she grumbled at his insistence in brushing her off since she had stepped out on the balcony.

Upset Mohana sat down on the cold balcony floor. Pulling her legs to her chest she balled them inside the short tshirt

“We are not partly sorted! Not at all!” Mohana growled repeating his words from earlier to the otherwise peaceful night surrounding her. Gently stroking the fuzzy penguins she pouted in complaint “I was scared too! Not just my little penguins! It is so dark and cold out here! He could have checked on me for once, just as a stranger or uhm just like a neighbor at the hotel..”

“’ll like this room it has a nice view..” his majestic voice poured through the slightly easing door, halting her fuss about being left alone. Hiding herself in the shadows Mohana excitedly turned expecting to catch sight of Omar, but instead heard the balcony door close click in it’s groove

“The bold and sexy Twinkle now gets to see his room too! As if Peggy wasn’t enough and that Dibella! Bella this, Bella that! Ugh! I can’t even care! I am only here because I am missing my warm Polo..” with a huff she ascertained to herself “..but I am anyways cold! I’ll always stay cold! And I don’t even care!”

Blinking her glassy eyes she peeked through the iron balusters. Her silver spheres glanced at the speckle of stars in the dark skies while her heart yearned to look into the dark sparkling orbs of the handsome man. Missing the warmth of her fluffy Polo, Mohana hugged herself. Tired and cold she leaned sideways resting her head on the iron rod, attempting to count the milliseconds for as long as she could. Loosing the count gradually, while her relentless heart kept awaiting another chance to look into his shining black eyes, her own tired eyes gave up.

|| 08. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Within moments the neighboring balcony door swung open but lost to her sleep Mohana remained leaning sideways. Stepping across the balcony rails with fluent ease, Omar mumbled something under in his breath. Urgently he bent down to swoop the young woman shivering in her sleep. Her cold body needily snuggled closer, seeking his warmth. A relieved moan escaped from the back of her throat as she got wrapped in his heated embrace.

Carrying Mohana inside the room, Omar gently sat her on the edge of the bed, holding her petite frame against his torso. Single handedly pulling the bed covers in a smooth move, he had her settled under the warm blankets securely surrounded by the plush comforter. Sitting besides her on the edge of the bed, Omar gently reached for her forehead to feel the body temperature. Lightly stroking her temple, his voice gruffly contradicted his tender touch “We can’t do this”

“Hm?” with a sleepy frown Mohana merely crinkled her eyes open.

Barely making out the dark black shimmery spheres that she had waited so long to see, her lips lightly spread in a smile. Sleepily following her heart’s urge she tried to reach for his warming touch. Stubborn in her want she let out a moan “Mh” shuffling until her face rested on his large palm. Possessively clasping drowsy fingers on his wrist she hugged his muscled forearm to her chest. Soaking him in Mohana contently closed her eyes.

Tenderly murmuring words coaxing her to sleep his other hand ventured to the voluminous top knot. Deftly easing the coiled golden tresses to unfold Omar let her silken waves spread across the pillow. Turning a wavy golden curl around his fingers his eyes zeroed on the vase filled with pink camellia blooms. Grumbling rapidly under his breath Omar looked away from the flowers stroking her temple gently. Soothing the shivering Mohana with a low murmur of words, light caresses on her head, his fingers every once in a while got lost in her shiny golden hair smoothing the silken strands.

In time feeling for her temperature again, once satisfied Omar straightened from the bed. When he eased his hand from her sleepy hold a complain filled whimper escaped Mohana “Mmhm”. But soon she hugged on to the leather jacket that Omar covered her with. Drowsily declaring “mmh..ine” she tried to grab on to the lapels of the lavish jacket

“Mine” tucking the jacket to wrap around her Omar secured the balcony doors close letting the curtains block the darkness of the night. Dimming the lamps to douse the room into a faint glow he glanced at her asleep form on the bed. At the farther end of the bedroom unlocking another door he walked right across to a connecting room.


The blaring eleventh alarm finally made Mohana attempt to straighten from the bed. Covering her mouth on another yawn she sleepily pushed her arms through the shielding jacket. Rolling off from the bed she numbly attempted to trace her way in search of her washroom. Unhappy at her cold toes, sleepily rubbing her eyes she pulled the door open mumbling “Am travelin ‘gain”. The oversized jacket hit a slim vase from the corner of the dresser making her drowsy words meet a loud bang in exchange.

The small metal holder of bright pink roses getting toppled from the height bounced right ahead of her to ring loudly on the floor, scattering the handful of long stems at her feet. Listening to the clatter, Omar came rushing towards their connecting bedroom door.

Feeling trapped by the daunting thorny stalks strewn all around Mohana screamed on top of her lungs “Mo’ana”

Almost instantly his large palm landed on her lips halting her from shouting her own name. Holding on to her waist Omar urgently pulled her closer murmuring assurance to the shaken soul “Hey, am here. and we’ll call Jojo, she’s a floor down”

Her large silver spheres welled with tears listening to his velvety voice. Having craved for him for so long, closing her eyes Mohana submitted herself to his warming strength. Unmindful of his shirtless torso she inched closer seeking to make herself belong in his embrace.

Affixing Mohana to himself Omar cupped her pale face in his palm huskily asking “We’ll be alright?”

In between holding back restless tears and soaking the presence she had missed, a muffled merely audible whisper escaped her “Noh..missedyu”

“I was right here. I’ll get this sorted” assuring her Omar lifted Mohana’s petite body against his strong frame. Letting her feet dangle a few inches higher from the floor he stepped them in the room, moving away from the spread of the small fallen bouquet

Slipping her along his chest, he let her feet touch the ground. Caressing her hair soothingly Omar circled her temple murmuring “Look at me”

“Noh” closing her eyes Mohana averted her face from his palm. Clinging on to him, her fingers digging in his chest muscles, she let huge tears finally escape her silver eyes

“I was right here mo stór” Omar softly coaxed, stroking off the salty streams rolling down her deeply blushing cheeks. The velvety voice filled with concern murmured “We can’t do this”

His words, his rich voice, made her heart turn. Gulping nervously against his warmth Mohana scrunched her eyes close. Her heart urged her to remain in his embrace despite knowing that her dreams could never live this reality. Willing herself to hold back her tears Mohana lightly pushed on his chest to free from his embrace.

She took a breathless step away to put immediate distance between his gorgeous warmth and her coldness. Finding pulled back white sheets on a bed instead of the ambience of a washroom she felt confusion at her surroundings. Her eyes looked at the scattered mess a few steps away. Gathering that Omar had moved them from the long thorny stems her heart bobbed at the base of her neck. Ignoring the twirling ruckus inside her tummy at his care filled gesture, Mohana inhaled a shaky breath running a stern reminder: Sophista was the only thing that could ever exist between them

Pulling on the facade she stated her resolve in a voice that was bereft of feelings “We can’t do this. All of whatever. It was just the noise. I don’t like being awakened to..” her eyes caught the handwritten note from bouquet, edges of which were crinkled getting soaked with water but the heart drawn ahead of the name ‘Bella’ read crisply clear

Clenching on the sleeve of the large jacket that covered her Mohana braved herself to look straight into his glittering black eyes to declare “And I thought it’s Soren”

In a fluid tug that nearly knocked her breathless she landed smack against his impeccable torso “Because you were dreaming about that Soren Rick all night?”

Smashed against his bare chest the butterflies in her tummy invigorated a renewed havoc but Mohana managed to claim vehemently “Ya. Yes. I was dreaming about him. I am always dreaming about him”

His black eyes completely dark, void of any sparkle, stared into her silver depths. “Always. And you thought this was his jacket?” Omar challenged grinding out each word

“Yes. Of course. I didn’t plan to steal your jacket! It just happened.. I.. I was going to return it! I told Jojo for Salm’s team to get it dry cleaned and for them to give it back to you” she informed heatedly. Her ludicrous heart seemed to welcome his wrath in exchange of being held onto him

Listening to her clarifying explanation Omar only chose to ask “When?”

Furious at herself for having indeed stolen his belonging no matter what her heart wanted to claim otherwise, Mohana tried her sincere justification “We met last night before I came to the balcony and I was going to tell you right then..” upset at the reminder of their interaction she blamed “..but you were so busy bringing Twinkle to your room that you didn’t even spare me a glance”

“When. As in when would I get it back” Omar smugly stressed on the words alongside firming his hold on her waist

Her heaving chest brushed against the strong plane of his torso making all her butterflies rattle in harmony. Fuming at his insistence for the jacket, Mohana exasperatedly affirmed “Right after your breakfast! Even if I have to dry clean it myself!”

Dipping his head Omar inched closer making her heartbeat skyrocket. Her rapid breathing met further havoc when his cheek lightly brushed hers. Setting her silken hair tenderly along her neck Omar whispered “Don’t bother. I can’t risk Twinkle seeing you again”

Appalled at the words she pushed on his chest but his steady grip on her small waist remained, keeping her glued to himself. Upset at the rumpus in her heart her fingers landed to lay curled on his chest. Torn at another woman’s presence with him, Mohana fought back. Considerate of not wanting to be overheard she growled in a whisper of her own “You! You can’t have that Twinkle here! That’s my bedroom and this.. uh.. these rooms are almost connected..”

“They are connected” Omar stated factually. The back of his long fingers brushed her neck as he busily wrapped silken waves of her hair around them

Seething from within Mohana hissed her objection “Exactly! So! I am not going to allow you to share what’s mine”

|| 08. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

“And who allowed you to share what’s mine?” Omar growled in his own husky whisper. His large hand possessively fastened it’s hold on her golden mass tilting her face closer to his

Mohana scowled in retort, incredulously grumbling within their whispering proximity “When did I do that?! I don’t even have anyone in my bedroom!”

His closeness, the strength of his warmth, his dominating grip, the luring fragrance she barely managed to inhale, all mixed together with the presence of another woman in his room made her extremely agitated

“I wasn’t the one sharing jackets with that scripted jerk of a movie star” Omar grumbled in the lowest whisper tugging her impossibly closer

“Soren is not scripted!..” countering his derision Mohana emphasized “..He is real and everyone likes him. Much more than that Twinkle of yours! Why will I share your jacket with him? He has all of his own and I.. won’t I just take those?” she voiced her doubt, trying to ascertain how her dynamics should be at play with the pretentious shield of Soren Rick

“No. Because you are wearing mine” cutting into her resonating thoughts Omar grumbled. His dark black thunderous eyes stared into her depths

“It’s not yours!..” she zestfully stressed then corrected herself surrendering at the obvious truth “..uh yours like that.. I.. but it was supposed to be Soren’s! Why would I ever wear anything yours”

“Why indeed. Do we know of anyone else who ran away from my airplane lounge taking my jacket to never return it back?” his explicit words called her out, hinting at the grievance he had been holding

Heedless to her own airplane exit but embroiled at the suffering from his immense disregard of her, she snapped back “Do we know of anyone else who left me out there in the balcony to talk to Twinkle when I was going to explain? Of course not! Why do you even care! You hardly even get to wear things..” her eyes merely lowered to her heaving chest rubbing against his magnificently carved torso “..because! uh because! your fans anyways keep opening the buttons!”

“Have you considered what if my fans care to wear it themselves?” Omar whispered dipping his head lower. His warm breath tickled the golden strands around her ear encouraging the butterflies in her tummy to run further amok

“Jacket? This? Your jacket?” her beautiful silver eyes widened, bewildered at the thought of anyone else wearing his jacket. Her heart knocked frantically between their glued bodies wishing to hear his contradiction

He lightly shrugged under her curled hands “Isn’t it?”

“I don’t care. I don’t care to know!..” struggling to free from his hold Mohana angrily slipped the warmth filled jacket off her shoulders “ and I are done here” declaring she thrust the article against his bare chest

Capturing her wrist Omar slipped his thumb between her palm, his burning touch threatening her grip on the leather. Stroking the captivated hand he murmured “You and I can’t be done because your berries and vanilla fragrances are entwined with the base notes of my cedar and musk cologne”

Taken aback by the granularity of his fragrance interpretation Mohana wordlessly blinked. Discreetly inhaling more of him she determinedly freed her hand with a forceful tug, letting the jacket slip into his hold “I for one am not getting this dry cleaned for your Twinkle! Why don’t you ask your Dibella, she seems to have lot of time on her hands to select such thorny stems and send them with notes that have stuff drawn on them!”

Forcing a smile Mohana courageously turned her back at him. In a flash she got swooped in the air. Fluidly carrying her in his arms Omar ascertained “When I say we aren’t done, we aren’t”

“We are! I am not going to appeal to your ridiculous fans. I did not allow you to bring her to my room in the first place! And you.. we can’t.. we can’t.. this ..all of this!” Mohana fidgeted in his hold. Feeling his arm under her thighs, the blazing touch of his skin against hers made all her nerves tingle. She haphazardly pulled at the front hem of her short tshirt, wishing to put a halt to the havoc but unable to yield any success.

Carrying her across the threshold of their connecting door Omar stepped through her bedroom checking “We can’t?”

“We can’t! Of course we can’t because you can’t! And I can’t..and we can’t do this whole thing!” rattling breathlessly she emphasized her stand on both their behalf

Setting Mohana on the vanity countertop in her washroom Omar whispered inching closer “Why?”

His breath sent a rush of tickles making her move in his embrace, her face blushing to a stark red in comparison to her ivory skin. She attempted to zestfully claim “Because! Because I can’t.. you can’t.. this.. with people! And I am not going to allow people to.. do this with me!”

“While we inform of this rule to that scripted fluff man, let’s also tell him that you have started wearing my jacket” Omar challenged giving her a magnificent smile, his fingers busy twirling a golden wavy lock

Those words paired with breezy whispers of his warming touch on her neck made her anxiously fluster. She didn’t want the real Soren to gather the web of lies she had spun around to save herself from Omar Shaan. Mohana nervously rushed “You can’t! You can’t tell him about all of this! It’s whatever I told you! It’s between us!..”

“Us? You and I?” Omar enquired in a husky whisper. Her silken strands fluttered desiring more of his caressing attention, letting the back of his hand leave feather touches however he curled them

Diverting her heart from his luring proximity Mohana nodded emphatically. Courageously she declared “Yes! Us! It’s our secret! Yours and mine! You are not allowed to share our secrets! Or! Or! I will tell your Twinkle about that ridiculous vase that Dibella sent you!”

Smirking Omar tapped gently on her small nose “That’s why we’re waiting for you to become an attorney. You will have to negotiate better than that, for all you know Twinkle might not even care” with that he left Mohana sitting annoyingly confused on the countertop

“Could it be because Twinkle doesn’t like those shoddy thorny things? like me?” she spoke to the emptiness trying to find another come back “But can’t I still threaten him on that? If she doesn’t like them that would be even better. Why doesn’t he understand that I can’t simply wait to become an attorney to do everything! I have to threaten him before he talks to Soren or he’ll know I was bluffing then I’ll be so gone. So so gone” clasping palms on her face she anxiously shook her head

Slipping from the counter still lost in her thoughts Mohana dismissed the chill escaping her. Turning to see her reflection in the mirror she threw her hair in a messy bun, deeply frowning “Next time I am going to steal his jacket for real! He is a designer, why can’t he make another one and give that the same cedar and musk base notes! Why does he have to get Soren involved into all of this..”

She wanted an effective solution to prevent her real dream man from uncovering her bluff about the pretend dream man, but none of the creative ideas running through Mohana helped calm her nerves.

Getting ready for the Sarrata deep dive interview became the next puzzle that needed solving. Unpacking her dress Mohana pulled at one end of the pinkish fabric that tumbled to unfold a few more layers extending onto her bed. She tugged at it to unravel more cloth and then some more for the rich colored pink-red fabric to roll out across the entire spread of white sheets.

Presented with the long length of fabric her conscious nagged her on the mimicking length of her lies around Soren Rick. Mohana ran a trembling hand through her golden mass of hair.

Picking the ends of the fabric she tried to wrap it around her bathing robe vetting another idea “I won’t ever talk to him again. ever again. He has all his favorite women and what am I, just some journalist. I doubt he knows I even exist if it wasn’t for Sophista and he doesn’t talk to journalists anyways. so this will work out great. And when he wins the award next year.. oh um then..”

Stumbling on the fabric Mohana tried tugging at it to make it roll properly all the while talking to herself “He has to win, he can’t not win, the kind of man he is.. uhm then so if I get to live that long, I’ll only interview him on the connect. Without meeting him at all! If I don’t talk to him, I don’t have to lie to him about my dreams. He won’t even remember my dreams or me or my shield Soren if he doesn’t see me. All I need is to change out of this connected room!”

“If I see him I don’t talk to him, and if I talk to him, I don’t talk to him about my dreams. Only Sophista. Only Sophista” extremely satisfied with her solution but utterly confused with her dress Mohana fell back on the bed. Sending a line connect to her assistant Mohana requested Jojo to join her in the room.

Upon Jojo’s arrival, showing her the colorful rolled out fabric, Mohana sheepishly confided “I don’t know how to wear a saree”

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