Will Mohana let her heart rule just for once? ❤

The young diva Mohana, maven of journalism and bearer of exotic elegance, has been key to shaping the success of the chic journal: Sophista© With the masses looking up to their young idol, her silver eyes only liven up for one magnificent man. His mysterious magnetism makes the world around her fade into oblivion. Literally.

Bringing awareness to the world through her journal, Mohana remains averse to untangling the jumble of her own feelings. She seeks to get over the fuzziness his presence induces but much to the trouble of her starry-eyed heart their paths seem to be forever interwoven.
What happens when this enigmatic man decides to own her precious Sophista and Mohana herself?

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Chapter 41 – Protector Behind The Facade The Sophista team, accompanying their editor-in-chief, flew in a small seater plane across the scenic islands to arrive at their destination island of Sarrata. Entering the grand campus of the fabric industry, the team members interestingly looked at the lush lawns spreading far and through the various proprietary factories and office buildings. Dressed in finest …

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Chapter 40 – Setting The Score In the penthouse honeymoon suite ensuring all their belongings were packed and out of the way Omar rolled the black luggage bags to the side. Receiving the alert of their visitor, he closed the connecting door to the room Mohana had occupied. At the secondary entrance of the penthouse honeymoon suite, holding a small bouquet …

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Chapter 39 – Epitome Of Perfection Omar blinked ascertaining his confirmation “That’s the plan. One room. Single. I’ll ping Jojo she’s waiting for us with Rosafina” “Oh ya. I.. I am hungry!” saying she sprang from his arms. Turning her back at him she looked outside at the beach wanting to calm her pounding heart Two senior hotel leaders Rosafina and …

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Chapter 38 – Only One Room His words pierced through her heart. Omar Shaan being married changed a worldly reality but no matter whoever he belonged to, in her own whimsical thoughts he would always stay hers. Quivering in despair Mohana threw herself on his chest, managing a breathless muffle “Can’t! ‘lways have m’dreams” “You share breakfast with that scripted jerk?” …

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Chapter 37 – Miss Me Tugging her closer Omar playfully whispered “And did you care to have another early breakfast this morning without me?” His thumb left feathering touches on Mohana’s small waist making her butterflies crazily follow the back and forth pattern “Noh..” she managed a whisper, tentatively adding “..I’ll have it. now. I am done here” Mohana shifted …

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Chapter 36 – Our Honeymoon Suite The chill escaping her, made Mohana sourly accept the absence of an exceptionally warm jacket. One that had been almost all hers for an entire twenty four hours. Regretting her decision to return it, to it’s rightful owner, she fretted considering the possibilities of who would likely get to touch his jacket next: Twinkle, Dibella …

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