Will Mohana let her heart rule just for once? ❤

The young diva Mohana, maven of journalism and bearer of exotic elegance, has been key to shaping the success of the chic journal: Sophista©

Bringing awareness to the world through her journal, Mohana remains averse to untangling the jumble of her own feelings. While her silver eyes only liven up for that one magnificent man who makes the world around her fade into oblivion, she wants to get over the fuzziness his presence induces

Much to the trouble of her starry-eyed heart, their paths seem to be forever interwoven, for abundant tempting heat, passionate cravings and blazing desires to collide. But when this enigmatic man decides to stake his claim, will Mohana and her precious Sophista© remain unscathed?

Possessive Billionaire || Steamy Slowburn

Starry Eyed at Sophista©


Latest Updates

Chapter 29 – Jeans || 29. PAIZE 1 ♥ || Settled inside the avion, Mohana curled the hem of her top, longingly glancing towards the lodge that had been home for the past days. The teasing playfulness, luxurious food offerings, surfing turquoise waters, from recipe tweaks to creating paragliding trails, bonfires to stargazing and snuggling into him every night, […]
Chapter 28 – Rash Decision || 28. PAIZE 1 ♥ || From waking up listening to his showers, surfing together through the waves in their part of the ocean, despite being inundated with shyness, Mohana hungrily soaked each moment with Omar. Every meal he cooked turned out more exemplary than before, so did her technique of feeding him become more […]
Chapter 27 – Eyes Closed || 27. PAIZE 1 ♥ || “If the choice was mine I’d rather have a life that revolved around my work than being stuck here under the pretext of a vacation, in a fancy lodge with the most handsome man in this world who just happens to despise me like the plague..” getting ready adorning […]
Chapter 26 – Dysfunctional || 26. PAIZE 1 ♥ || Picking the faint movement of the sliding doors roll, padded footsteps in the hallway, gradual easing of the main door which let slip a whiff of cool breeze inside, Mohana had ample confirmation to realize she was left all alone in the lodge. Frantically smoothing the large jewel on […]
Chapter 25 – Irrational Heart || 25. PAIZE 1 ♥ || Back from where? the impromptu question in her mind came with an equally spontaneous answer which Jojo had fumed at their deep dive coverage of Fashion Trend nearly a year ago ‘..all these playboy men want, are for those beautiful women to hop on their beds..’ Much similar to […]
Chapter 24 – Stay Here || 24. PAIZE 1 ♥ || Attempting to curb her reactions to his luring touch she nervously rattled off her concerns “Yah. hm. you’re strategic. very. it would be a waste to see my dad against you, but to what is pertinent for you, is there any likelihood to get me confused with someone else […]
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