Will Mohana let her heart rule just for once? ❤

The young diva Mohana, maven of journalism and bearer of exotic elegance, has been key to shaping the success of the chic journal: Sophista©

Bringing awareness to the world through her journal, Mohana remains averse to untangling the jumble of her own feelings. While her silver eyes only liven up for that one magnificent man who makes the world around her fade into oblivion, she wants to get over the fuzziness his presence induces

Much to the trouble of her starry-eyed heart, their paths seem to be forever interwoven, for abundant tempting heat, passionate cravings and blazing desires to collide. But when this enigmatic man decides to stake his claim, will Mohana and her precious Sophista© remain unscathed?

Possessive Billionaire || 18+ || Steamy Slowburn

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Starry Eyed at Sophista©

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Chapter 18.1 – Open Now || 18. PAIZE 1 ♥ || Her dad expressing a need to talk to the celebrity Omar Shaan, was only the tip of the iceberg and Mohana knew the sooner she was able to solve this, the better chance everyone had at survival. Hoping that no one had picked her presence in this designer penthouse, …

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Chapter 17.3 – Connection || 17. PAIZE 3 ♥ || Concernedly checking her temperature, Omar pulled Mohana closer, resolutely declaring “I won’t allow a speck more of those meds, we’ll go the preferred route because I can’t tackle any of that again. But as far as the view, that should look like yours because we are practically neighbors. You’re …

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Chapter 17.2 – Favors || 17. PAIZE 2 ♥ || The built up guilt, rapidly flowed through “I wasn’t really going to steal your jacket in the airplane. but I did. then I.. because I thought I did all of that to you. And you.. me? there was your toothbrush. the one with that golden G for your..” she …

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Chapter 17.1 – You and I || 17. PAIZE 1 ♥ || Grumbling a series of words under his breath he growled “There is no or! No matter how much credit you give yourself, none of that happened between us..” his eyes softened as he eased the palm from blocking her lips “..you were unwell, I was only with you” His …

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Chapter 16.3 – Sorted || 16. PAIZE 3 ♥ || “Oh. I.. it must be because..” reference of ‘The Bold List’ made color perfuse her cheeks “..because of.. all of you and I..” she moved her hands, maintaining a hold on to the saree, yielding a colorful wave in the air “..I didn’t mean to say that. But pineapples …

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Chapter 16.2 – Proof Of Innocence || 16. PAIZE 2 ♥ || Stepping inside a large room, he walked them past luxurious columns brimming with clothes and various peripheral accessories glowing under golden hued lights. Halting ahead a series of mirrors aligned at one end, Omar slipped Mohana against his frame, letting her bare feet land on a plush rug. She …

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