Chapter 23 – Proper Process

|| 23. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

On the tufted settee rested a golden garment bag in accompaniment to a huge box decked in similar luxurious shine. Atop them Mohana noticed were adhered same digital cards which read ‘From: Jojo’. Muddled through days and times owing to her unwell state, unsure of all that had transpired, her personal assistant’s name reminded Mohana of her commitment to attend the Avacho’s carnival event.

She ran haphazard fingers through her hair at the missing blocks in her memory. Fuzzy recollections of being at Sarrata, then waking up in one of the beds of the designer celebrity, bubbled a lot of unanswered questions though only one coherent thought rapidly badgered: her boastful claim to Omar after his exposé interview “..Can’t wait to see you again, we should definitely get together at Avacho’s carnival..”

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