Chapter 28 – Rash Decision

|| 28. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

From waking up listening to his showers, surfing together through the waves in their part of the ocean, despite being inundated with shyness, Mohana hungrily soaked each moment with Omar. Every meal he cooked turned out more exemplary than before, so did her technique of feeding him become more practiced, yet her streaks of owing him favors had a tendency to only grow. After three such losses around the hair accessory substitutions, she determinedly chose to let her hair open.

Basking in his endless presence, her hours were filled with laughter and as she grasped new things at the beach, tackled automation devices in the lodge, from changing their bed linen together to personalizing their space with small details, her cold shivers were long left behind. The only concern which kept her heart and butterflies on tenterhooks were the impending kisses, which refused their reoccurrence.

Severely anxious of how his lips came close, at times way too close but never collided with any speck of her, the hard pressing need to sharpen her bold act kept getting reaffirmed. After a few non productive attempts to sneak a peek of the ‘Act of Boldness’ binder, Mohana determined to review the lessons before Omar woke her up.

Discreetly pulling out the alarm pod from the depths of the suitcase, she looped the tiny ear capod in sync, ensuring the prompts would only wake her without perturbing the other occupant in the room. Resolute to ace her bold act, what Mohana had not prepared was the entanglement she found herself in after the blaring eleventh alarm had her sleepy eyes scrunch open.

Climbed across the pillow wall, transported to the other part of the bed, surpassing all barriers to invade his arms, wound around the muscular strength, she was glued to the man of her dreams. Nervous of having trespassed his side, blaming the series of endless alerts, she half heartedly attempted an escape from the steel bound grip, lest she disturb him.

Amidst the undertaking she shyly paused to glance at the handsome designer celebrity, his each feature more admirable than the other. Thick lashes swooped close, dark hair carelessly kissing his forehead, sharp nose, chiseled jawline and that inviting stubble she had never captured before, had her fingers ache in want. He oozed such immense sexiness, it lured her to stay put halting her mission altogether, but when her gaze zoned on his lips, the banging realization of ongoing distress, warranted her to jump from the bed to review the binder

Sensing a nondescript low buzz in the surrounding air, Mohana glanced around the room unable to distinguish the source. Her eyes longingly landed back on her fiancé who was fast asleep, overriding every temptation to be with him, gulping on her drool, she stepped towards the closet only to pick on the slight murmur again.

Halting in her stead she traced the faint movement where approaching the overlook railing she grasped another round of what felt like padded movements with a similar buzz, making her heart race. Tentatively clasping the edge of the velvet curtains, she secretively peered to the lower level which to her utter surprise appeared lighted, showing a woman inspecting their couch

Before she could even fathom the occurrence, another woman was soon approaching the sofa, for the pair to move their hands in the air, exchange information through their gestures, motioning in other directions before pointing up in the air, where Mohana stood.

Letting the drapes slip from her fingers, hurriedly running on her toes Mohana climbed the swing-bed, unceremoniously landing atop her asleep fiancé. Rolling between him and the bundle of cushions, tugging onto his arm, she secured herself in his embrace breathlessly whispering to herself “Hold”

His hand possessively slipped under the thin night dress, caressing her small back. Heart racing, breasts heaving for altogether a different reason now, Mohana squeezed her eyes close, but picking the faint noise again she shifted closer to Omar, tugging on his forearm to make his hold fasten around her “Tighter”

Firming his grip, ignoring the many strings in the way, his touch slipped past to cup her butt cheek. Face burning with heat, Mohana attempted to bite back a moan, yet the tender sound escaped making her eyes shyly flutter open to land on his shirtless chest. Rescue plan forgotten, her butterflies fluttered in excitement hoping to gain access to those heavenly lips but her ears grasped the concerning sound once more

Dismissing her wretched cravings slipping her leg between his, wanting to get cocooned she whined “I want more, why are you so hard”

“You chose these PJs” the raspy murmur had her heart bob, unsure if the same noise had troubled him awake, she pouted in his arms

Hooking her fingers instinctively on his waist band she tugged herself closer “If you’re now awake why aren’t you holding me properly?”

Determinedly pulling her closer, his arms secured her petite frame to his strength “Better?”

“Noh..” she sourly hid her face in the crook of his neck “..have you never snuggled anyone?!”

“Tried a few times” setting her hair away, he let her forehead brush against his skin, fingers loosening in the blonde mane to weave a few tendrils around them

Motioning haphazardly in the air hinting to the lack of being enveloped, she nervously ascertained “No wonder there is so much space! Which is exactly why it’s not going away and I can still feel it because when I snuggle with..”

In an instant her delicate body got flushed against his, her words coming to an abrupt pause. Bound atop him, dress scrunching between them, her midriff touched every meticulous carving of his torso as he grit “I need names. all of them written down. of every buffoon you’ve ever tried snuggling”

Rattled shy, her grip eased on his waistband “No. Snuggling is an acquired skill and even if you do eventually get coached, how in this life am I going to wait? You are my supposed future husband and this is all happening because of you, so you have to make this go away one way or another”

On a fluid move her back hit the bed, wrists locked in his grip, pinned above her head, making Mohana to stare into onyx eyes which were yet again void of any shimmer. Legs wrapped around his, their cores aligned, the weight of his body didn’t allow any movement, let alone for her to catch a breath, but her heart bounced in anticipation, awaiting his lips to own hers

“You think I need coaching for snuggling?” his growl had her entirety agitated, heart writhing at his dismissal, yet butterflies ardently stuck to him as if they could convince the ruthless man to kiss her

Furious at her own frantic cravings being repeatedly denied, Mohana scowled, blaming him for her nightmarish imagination “Does it look like am safe, protected and cocooned?! No one even snuggles like this when they’re asleep whereas you are wide awake here. If I hear those floating women in my head, checking my couch, pointing to my room for that chair and our bed, one more time because of you, I am sleeping on the beach tonight. and it will definitely not be alone!”

Clasp fastening on her wrists, Omar dipped his head, his stubble brushing her cheek, nose grazing the ear as he demanded “Say you won’t snuggle with anyone else and I’ll solve this for you”

Heart racing at the temptation to feel his stubble again, the roughness having twirled something in her tummy which coveted a resolution but shyness held her paused “Anyone? Forev..? for. for how long? Because I would like to sleep. properly. after this whole. all of this”

“Anyone else, until the end of all of this” repeating her words, he traced the column of her neck his thumb halting at the base to caress the wildly throbbing pulse

The reminder of their end had her heart twist in anxiety but she croaked “Ok. yah. will you hold me. now?”

“You’re safe, protected..” easing the grip on her wrists, Omar soothed the reddened skin, wrapping Mohana in his embrace “..the noise you’re picking on is from the housekeeping staff”

Shifting in his arms to bravely rest her face on his chest, when all she desired was to run fingers on his jaw and have him slam their lips together, she sighed “The presence of a housekeeping staff would be even more bothering when there are no people here. And logically while I understand the whole thing with Indigo. you can’t possibly do all of. that. with those who work for Jasper”

Moving her hand to his nape, Omar smoothed the length of her arm, tracing the entire curve of the creamy silhouette to halt at the dip of her waist “As it happens am one of the owners of this piece of land and the housekeeping staff which flies in every few days to maintain the basics around here, would in some form or another partially work for me too”

|| 28. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

“Oh..” hand shyly curling slipped from his neck “..the housekeeping? is here? your staff. because you own this private island thing? and they fly here. for food and maintenance. like those flowers on the swing? that’s why am safe and protected because I wasn’t imagining things. So. uhm. I have to go and meet them”

“No. I want to sleep” wrapping her hand around his nape again, Omar tugged her closer, cupping her butt cheek effectively caging her to his frame

She fidgeted shyly in his bound while her butterflies opposed in full vigor, enticing her to shift closer “Yah. I. I. will not disrupt your sleep again. and because of this. all of this waking up and nightmare discussion and because I messed up, I owe you one for anything you want..”

“Anything?” circling her temple his husky enquiry had her heart race

Rampant desire tricked her into leaning closer, need intensified to feel his lush lips rove through her entirety “Yah. anything. except. except. choosing my outfits. because am the designer between us”

Trekking her chiseled jaw, his thumb halted at the corner of her mouth “Hm. Considering that exception, we will have to deal at two favors”

“Ok. ya. two” she inwardly groaned as his arms almost eased at the negotiation

“Deal” on that deep murmur Omar closed his eyes, and hers swooped lower to steal a glance of his lips, her own pouting at missing their touch. On a disappointed sigh, face glowing with color, she hopped out of the bed making a run to the washroom

Adorning a delicate peach outfit Mohana arrived at the lower floor but picking on a hushed voice her feet halted at the large sliding doors “Madam Gallaghair!”

Her cheeks flared at the reference, getting mistaken for Inaya Gallaghair, her graceful predecessor at Sophista. Presumingly having caught the alert, the group of staff members stood surprised, all eyes darted to her presence as a rush of greetings poured through the lodge “Good morning, Madam Gallaghair”

Looking at the many bright faces, Mohana warmly smiled “Good Morning. But Mohana. I am Mohana. Madam Gallaghair..”

“Madam Gallaghair!” a saluting voice from the lodge entrance came from a young boy who spilling an entire basket of flowers stood bowing in her direction

Garnering his fall Mohana concernedly stepped in his direction “You’re alright?”

Sheepishly straightening he quickly responded “Yes, your grace, I’ve been practicing for the basket to not fall off but it sometimes does” picking the cane container at his feet he gave another bow in her direction and despite the identity confusion, she gave the child a smile in return

Approaching Mohana an elderly woman stepped to stand besides her, welcoming on a light bow “Greetings Madam Gallaghair, I am Tova”

Incorrectly having imagined her to be a flaunty version of a Peggy, Mohana felt surprised meeting the sophisticated older woman who exuding a motherly presence, kindly smiled at her “Hi Tova, I am Mohana, I’ve heard about you”

“Am honored, your grace..” Tova humbly acknowledged when another staff member was already at the main door echoing the same greeting, nearly in conjunction more voices followed with bows coming this time around from the freeze room

Ironing her dress Mohana exchanged the wishes, giving every staff member a polite smile, her cheeks blushing for being repeatedly mistaken for the elegant Inaya Gallaghair whom she held in high regard. Next at the entrance door was a sturdily built man, carrying a large bundle of timber, who instantly bowed, extending the same wish

“Hi, good morning. It’s Mohana” managing a quaky breath at the endless identity confusion she gave the staff member a polite smile, consciously stepping all the way back to sliding doors making way for him and the heavy weight he bore

Astounded at being spoken to, the man stood paused with a smile plastered on his face “Eli, your grace”

“Hi Eli, would you like to keep those? somewhere?” Mohana politely checked, more apprehensive about the bulky logs than the confusion which appeared deep rooted in the staff

Smile further delighted, Eli offhandedly began “Hardly any weight to them..” when nearly instantly he bowed again seeking her permission “..yes, definitely. I’ll leave them in the shed. May I your grace?”

Considering the heavy weight, Mohana quickly affirmed, not wanting to invest any time in clarifying she held no power to grant him permission. Setting a smaller set of logs by the door, Eli happily marched outside as a few more staff members joined and another round of bows and wishes ran through the lodge.

When Eli returned, along with him came an even younger boy, who burst through the door, barely managing his large basket of flowers to loudly announce “Madam Gallaghair!” from besides Eli hushed him a reminder “Wish”

Declaring the corrected greeting on top of his lungs, the child bent for an exaggerated bow spilling the entire basket of pink flowers, embellishing the floor further. The cane container slipped out of his small hands and just like the other child he stood halted in the pose, until Eli patted his head prompting him to straighten

Surprised at the tender buds spreading all the way to her feet, Mohana took a step back, unexpectedly hitting her wall of steel. Her heart frolicked at the impact, gushing in excitement at the presence of her fiancé but maintaining poise, certain the child would not care for her identity correction, she gave the young one a smile “Hi, good morning”

“Hey, good morning” Omar huskily responded only for Mohana to hear, wrapping an arm around her waist he secured her against himself

Turning in his encapsulation, breasts rubbing against his torso, cheeks glowing, Mohana countered in a whisper “I was wishing him”

“Then I’ll cancel his training” the threatening undertone in his voice had her adamantly object “You can’t”

Oblivious to their personal whispers, the young child enthusiastically responded to Mohana, repeating his own wish again “Hi, good morning! Your grace. You are so pretty!..” the staff members gushed in agreement making the child happily step forward “..I was not expecting to be granted your grand presence so soon, because I have only started practicing”

“You’re so great at it already” gathering both kids were practicing for some flower throwing, Mohana complimented the child, making him beam proudly

Twirling her golden locks around his thick fingers, Omar grumpily whispered “Flowers are mine”

“It’s about the effort” she whispered back, sinking in his embrace, she instinctively wrapped fingers over his bounding forearm

“Really?” carefully sidestepping the many buds, the young child approached closer to Mohana

Despite the grip on her waist tightening Mohana kindly praised the child “Ya, of course”

Guiding the boy to join his companion Tova dearly spoke to him “Calvin, let’s wait with Park and we’ll practice more” and he eagerly nodded “I have to impress her!”

Hastily glancing at the couple standing melded together, Tova spoke to Mohana giving her an understanding smile “Your grace, Omar had mentioned you’d be asleep, which is why I had picked the earlier slot hoping it would not cause any inconvenience but I have been terribly wrong. While this is no excuse, everyone has been extremely excited to meet you and today has been a blessing for all of us. Though we will leave with your permission now, and plan to come at another time. Is there anything I can do to offer correction right away?”

“No. It’s alright. I think there’s a little bit of confusion, you can call me Mohana but you don’t have to leave, I don’t really sleep for that long..” throwing in a smile to cover up the impression Omar had shared, Mohana unthinkingly played with his fingers “..but I woke up because uh. just like that. But I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to discuss some important things. for example like cleaning”

“Have I left any room for dissatisfaction, Madam Gallaghair..” from behind the counters her voice aghast, fretting with concern a woman hurriedly approached Mohana “..I am Yetei, your grace, my team scrubs clean everything, ensuring it all keeps always sparkling. and for your personal room I have installed all the gadgets..” the woman went on to explain each technological equipment and how it operated to provide all levels of detailed cleaning “..and tidies up when you’re asleep”

Conscious of the impression the entire staff appeared to have of her sleeping style, her cheeks tinged pink “Hi Yetei. You can call me Mohana. And all of this, everything here, is excellent. I really appreciate all the hard work. But can you give me some sort of scrubbing solution that I can use on things like lets say leather and if.. uhm like all the counter tops. basically something that I can clean all the surfaces with”

|| 28. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

“You? will clean?” Yetei looked at Mohana in utter surprise

Shyly slipping her fingers off his arm, Mohana looked at her palms uncertainly “Ya. If you don’t mind?”

Appalled at the statement, Yetei shook her head vigorously “Not at all, your grace. How can I object. I will have the team prepare an entire cleaning kit in the shed with all necessities” and on that acknowledgement, exchanging smiles with Mohana, she hastily stepped back

“We’re keeping all locations and surfaces in mind?” Omar whispered, capturing hold of her hand to possessively place it on his forearm

Feeling his taut muscles, her finger tips shyly skimmed a raised vein on the forearm “I don’t care of you and your whatever, but I want everything clean because this is my home for right now”

Retracting her hand to twirl a sequin on her dress she turned to glance at Tova “The other thing I wanted to ask was about this dish, do you know how can I get to try mako’n chako?”

A loud gasp from the kitchen had everyone glance at a young woman by the cooker system who lowering her eyes, meekly informed “But Rauchos does not make mako’n chako”

Despite her own rigidity to not rely on her family business empire, Mohana blinked in surprise for someone to have picked her association with Rauchos after the entire misunderstanding of her being Madam Gallaghair “That’s all my dad and mom but I wanted to try it because of an interview I had taken and they had a very adorable anecdote”

“No one will allow you to eat it, your grace” another staff member hesitantly chimed in when someone else added “Ya, Rauchos doesn’t allow any artificial ingredients that go into things like mako’n chako, they won’t let you have it”

The staff shared robust negation against the instant packaged product sold by certain small businesses, and while through the flow of their back and forth comments their main concern rooted from Mohana being the heiress to Rauchos, they still continued their references of your grace and Madam Gallaghair.

Considering the likelihood of the endless number of women this place would have seen, Mohana instinctively leaned against the hard torso binding her. Heaving a sigh she sympathized with the staff members, unable to fathom how they could ever realistically care to know one guest from another

Bringing her hand to rest on his forearm once again, Omar whispered “Sleepy?”

“We can’t. sleep. We can’t. because everyone’s looking here. at us” she shyly retracted her fingers when halting her move Omar caught her hand

Entwining their fingers, his hold around her further fastened, his warm breath caressing her ear “Don’t. I can order them to close their eyes”

“No. that would. of course not. that’s just between you and me” color on her face deepening, she diverted her attention from the powerful strength under her fingers to look at the staff members around the lodge

She gave a shy smile catching on the conversation that was of her interest but kept getting trumped by her fiancé. Attempting to convince the large group, she tried “Yes, I agree with all of you, but I was hoping if someone could tell me how it tastes and what sort of flavors go into it maybe I could recreate the flavors, with good ingredients? a sort of healthier version?”

While that seemed like a favorable consideration with the staff, all eyes landed back on Mohana when a staff member sighed “But no one will allow the heiress of Rauchos to cook something like that, your grace”

“Exactly, that’s why am not making it, he’ll make it” backing into the wall of warmth, Mohana swiveled her hand in the direction of Omar towering behind her

Astonished the staff members all zoned their attention to him, one of them barely stitching the surprise to speak aloud “Omar? will make? mako’n chako?”

“I also know cooking! Park showed me how to make puffed barre..” the toddler motioned to the older child “..and Rauchos grows barre. I will make everything for you, your grace” hurriedly volunteering, he enthusiastically ran over to Mohana, looking up at her in swooning adoration

Twirling the waves in her blond locks, Omar growled a whisper “Not happening”

“He’s adorable” whispering her own response Mohana smiled at the child “That’ll be great Calvin, we can watch a movie together with puffed barre too”

“Wonderful ideas..” exchanging a subtle glance with Eli, Omar spoke to Tova “..have the staff finalize the mako’n chako recipe and we’ll discuss it in a while”

“Certainly, Omar” Tova had barely acknowledged when stepping away with Mohana, Omar had them across the sliding doors and just as the barriers closed behind them she was scooped in the air

Nearly flying through the stairs, Mohana stood locked between Omar and the wall of mirrors in the walk-in-closet. Noticing he had worn a navy tshirt which complimented her dress, a shy smile tugged her lips, but her butterflies emphatically sulked yearning his touch and provided there was no one around anymore the fabric was deemed unnecessary.

Heart bouncing in frantic expectation waiting for his lips to touch hers, Mohana shyly inched closer, when his palm landed on her midriff, confining her against the mirrors “We get married right after this vacation, say yes”

The urgency in his voice, the reminder to round off their prank, had Mohana clench her flaring dress “No. Because it seems like a rash decision and no one is going to buy into that. We need to account for reaction time, do things step by step, because no one can just get engaged and run into marriage, that’s way too many red flags and there’s anyways Christmas and New Year and..”

“First thing after New Year then” his determined interruption had her heart thud loudly while tummy twirled ecstatically at his warmth spreading through her torso, awaiting next for his enticing lips to capture hers

Chastising the abundant butterflies for not taking her side, Mohana emphasized on the pertinent issue “We can’t. because. there are the OAs. then my friend’s getting married..”

“Alright. we wait till the OAs, how’s the day after it?” his intent to zero in on a date had a quiver run through her

Glancing at the muscular hand keeping her pinned, she stubbornly held ground “But we can’t. because am already taking a whole day off for OAs and an entire week off for Ceria’s wedding, there’s no way I could request another vacation, even if fictional, more so after all of this where I’ve used every hour of my paycheck up until now”

“An entire week?” he growled, tipping her chin to make their eyes meet

Rolling her eyes at the exaggeration, she forced a wide smile “Aren’t we glad I don’t work for you! My boss didn’t even flinch at the request. But he very likely will throw me out of my job if I keep crazily asking for more time off. So we have to wait for a few weeks. maybe until after I graduate?”

“Do I give an impression that I would like to be kept waiting?” the underlying threat of his words had her scowl at him in return

On a demanding pout, she pushed on his chest despite the move not yielding his strength to budge whatsoever “No. but you and I. we. together have to think strategically through this. because for the sake of the argument you’re my fiancé and we’ve only been engaged fifty four hours..”

“Fifty three hours, thirty four minutes out of which you spent eighteen minutes with random strangers, singing praises of every pinhead who comes along. Which is why you’re not moving from here, until we have our date finalized” his adamancy hit through the pit of her stomach, serving a heart writhing reminder the man whose touch she lured did not belong to her

Curling her hand away, Mohana emphasized the nothingness between them, more for herself than anyone else to hear “I know our deal. I am in more rush than you are to get done with this whole pranking business and get back to my life but there’s Christmas, New Years, OAs, Ceria’s wedding, Prado cup finals, Chauka match, Botar tourna..”

“We’re not waiting that long” Omar persisted, his thumb tracing designs on her abdomen none of which did anything to help her incessant cravings except increase them manifold

|| 28. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

Wanting her fingers entangled with his, butterflies clouding her thought process, she frowned “Why can’t you for one moment behave like my fiancé?! How, between studying for an Order of Attorneys exam and attending my friend’s wedding do you perceive I will be able to plan my own wedding, even if its fictional? If you want to make rash decisions, those that do not appear realistic, then go ahead print your wedding invitations..”

Grabbing hold of her face, Omar growled “Our wedding invitations. How about the eleventh after Ceria gets married?”

“But you’re participating in the Botar Tournament on the fourteenth” relishing his firm clasp, she dared to inch closer, the only conclusion she wanted to accept for her outburst was his lips smashed against hers

Conflicting her every impulse, pinning her against the mirrors, Omar snarled “That was before I knew you would fall sick and there’ll be a political curfew and I wouldn’t be able to convince you to get married to me sooner, which is why you’ll owe me for every week I’m kept waiting, say yes”

“Yah. uhm. yes. But we will have to negotiate because you owe me for misinforming the staff to think you’re hosting the ex-editor-in-chief of Sophista as a guest in this lodge. And then sharing with them that I am a deep sleeper, when my twelve alarm detail was confidential between us” she tried a righteous argument while her rogue desires only had one demand: his kisses everywhere on her body until the end of all this

Circling her temple, Omar diligently scoped the side outline of her face “You really need this whole negotiation skill figured out because their simple understanding was that we would be in our bedroom at two am in the morning. I didn’t even bother clarifying whether we’d be sleeping, let alone tell anyone the number of alarms we have”

Shy of her breasts heaving against his torso, while every part of her awaited the contact of his lips, Mohana hastily accepted her flawed conclusion “Oh. because. when they came at two am in the morning. I would actually be sleeping. I didn’t think of it like that”

“You also didn’t think that your being awake in the middle of the night, is likely going to give them their own hints, for which I cannot be held responsible” holding her captive, his trek came to halt at her mouth for his thumb to lazily stroke her lower lip

The wait driving an unexplainable ache had Mohana instinctively inch ahead “Hints? like what? that am a workaholic? but when am on Jasper’s island where we don’t even have connectivity, they surely can’t think I am being allowed to work”

“You certainly woke up at two thirty this morning, for a reason which was to snuggle with me?” his touch cascaded along the column of her neck only to disappear as she got bound yet again to the mirrors

Heart distraught, Mohana clenched hard on her dress being endlessly rebuffed “The capabilities of a snuggler start by being snuggly! and I. that wasn’t. I am hungry. I have to go down and get my recipe”

“We go down together and I don’t want you talking to anyone whom I don’t approve of, in this case specifically that muppet. I’ll make you barre puffs over bonfire tonight” his sexy voice held a strain of such luring undertones, the offer had her refocussed on her desires, making Mohana unabashedly look at him in complete adoration

Cheeks blushing, she gushed to side with him, hoping there might after all be a reward involved in form of his kisses “But. he..”

Only if her fiancé would have waited to interrupt “Na, there are no buts to this, or am going to forget mako’n chako and we get back to snuggling amongst certain other things people do, when they wake up in the middle of the night”

The priority order of sleeping vs snuggling vs kissing appeared in dire need of fixing in her fiancé. She grudgingly corrected: temporary fiancé. Whilst despite all obviousness, it stood amply clear the toddler herein referred to as the muppet, could not possibly cook, Mohana was unable to interpret the grievance against him.

More furious of her own unwarranted desires, she roiled with frustration, not that Omar Shaan was saved from the snappy flair “I won’t talk to him. you have my word. because why would I ever consider talking to someone who is adorable, cute and utterly sweet, when am engaged to the most savage attorney..” she offered a compulsory smile issuing her own challenge “..can I get my recipes now? because if I don’t, I won’t let you sleep all through the night”

“Will wait for that to happen” grumbling Omar, scooped her in his arms

On the lower level, the staff greeted her exuberantly, presenting her well formed recipes for the many flavor variations of the instant product and while their usage of honorific titles remained consistent throughout, Mohana eased into hearing them.

Both kids eagerly glanced at her, their faces getting lit every time Mohana gave them a smile but she held on to her promise to not engage in chatter, for the grumpy man hovering around her was no less than on the verge of being an erupting volcano.

Tova naturally stepped in to talk to Calvin, guiding him with Park and Mohana gathered the young kids were in training at the nursery with the head gardener Silas for the quarter, which explained their access to the baskets and endless flowers. In time both Calvin and Park fell asleep yet the grip around her waist remained fastened.

It wasn’t until after the staff had departed, Omar had reviewed each recipe a few times, discussed the pros and cons, suggested his own substitutions, made Mohana rack her brain on flavors, when his hold finally eased on her.

Sleep deprived and exhausted, awaiting any reason that could make his lips touch hers, Mohana crabbily fed him and slurped through one of the mako’n chako recipes Omar had prepared, before much to her anguish, she fell asleep in his arms on the couch.

By the time her eyes fluttered open, though his kisses remained absent, another extravagant meal followed, from where they took on to a paragliding adventure before surfing until the sun dipped below the horizon. Soon after freshening up and more snacks, Omar had her finalize the layouts for their mock wedding invitations from the innumerable design layout, font and color options.

His insistence on formalizing the prank, bringing their time together closer to an end caused an uncertain turmoil to swirl through her heart, yet driven insane by unwarranted desire Mohana could not halt herself from craving the touch of his lips.

Much after the barre puffs and listening to interesting anecdotes about the many constellations in the sky, Mohana sleepily landed on the bed where deeming the cushions would hinder his snuggling capabilities, Omar dismissed the idea of pillow walls altogether. Wrapping Mohana securely in his arms he whispered “Would you consider this as being a good snuggler?”

“Certainly, if sleeping on barbed wires can be remotely referred to snuggling” she fumed for the endless hours of deprivation accumulating within at the wait for his kisses

Diverting herself from wanting to run fingers along his impeccably carved torso Mohana shifted, soaking his immense warmth in consolation until his lips would get bestowed on her, all the while hoping to wake up early to catch on her bold lessons.

The endless alarms, easing to free herself from his rigid bound, managing to fish her binder to review the Act of Boldness, day after day resulted in her sexy fiancé following her in the closet, scooping her in his arms murmuring “Am sleepy” only to drop her on the bed again

After a few instances Mohana bravely countered one night “I wasn’t thinking of sleeping. yet. because I thought I’ll take care of a few things”

“Alright” murmuring an understanding, Omar slipped her against his frame, his grip easing as he ran fingers through his hair to lean against the dresser

Glancing at the drool worthy man, part of her found solace at the many scratches on his torso which had healed, while her wild cravings ached to get smashed under him and relive those passionate moments over and over again. Blaming his kisses for having made her severely irrational, Mohana whispered “I didn’t want you to wake up, so you can sleep? and then I’ll sleep?”

“Can’t. You and I sleep together” his raspy whisper had her breathing nearly come to a pause. No matter however temporary her fiancé was, he was hers, only hers for however long she had until the end of all of this

Lashes shyly swooping from gazing into his black eyes bursting with immense sparkle, Mohana rid the minuscule distance between them, bravely resting her face on his bare chest “Yah. together. am sleepy” with that she got scooped in the air to land on their bed, getting securely wrapped in his embrace

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