Chapter 04 – The First Time

|| 04. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

“She’s talking to someone from the resort staff” Jojo discreetly pointed Leya in Mohana’s direction

Clutching on to the flowy dress, her golden hair flowing with the wind Mohana stood talking to the resort manager

“It’s time to move that ‘anything’ Peggy out of the focus” determinedly Leya assured Jojo

Glancing at the photography team in the distance, Leya waved at them. Gathering the signal, her manager Efe walked across the site to join Jojo and Leya

Secretively within the three of them, Leya whispered to him “Efe, let’s request Omar to take the spot. You are my prime lead, we’ll get some of his shots with these wisps of clouds for an accent”

“Yes Leya, on it, but am sending Bong-Cha, she knows the moraingy martial arts! That is one strange woman with Omar. She offered him ‘anything’ in such a weird whisper that it’s not a whisper at all. And then she decided she wanted to take my camera! My lens got so badly smudged” Efe’s face was horror stricken

Jojo and Leya exchanged a dismayed glance at the ‘anything’ whispering antics of Peggy

“Goodness! I will get her sorted..” Leya ran another assurance “..go ahead request Bong-Cha but send back up protection with her too”

“Yes boss” saying Efe made his way back to the crew

The bright weather, wisps of clouds spread lightly in the backdrop accompanied their December cover celebrity: Omar Shaan

Sporting the platinum jacket, over the now-buttoned blue shirt Omar stood at the marked spot, being guarded by Bong-Cha. On the other hand, much of the discussions and explanations turned into noise and grumblings with the intruding resort server. At the crux of it all, Sophista crew backed off and Peggy crudely remained on their site

Setting her glasses Leya shoved the digital pen in her glittery pink top knot

Looking thoughtfully at their cover model, Leya tentatively checked “Why is he uh looking like that?”

“Because he is such a handsome designer?” Jojo provided dreamily looking at Omar Shaan posing for his shots with Efe and their photography team

Leya shared her agreement “Handsome yes, and designer yes, of course. But. We don’t want him wearing ten layers of fabric, this is not going to work at all”

“We don’t!..” Jojo affirmed realizing his covered torso “..Because he needs to impress the right kind of people! Not that ‘anything’ Peggy. I will go get Miss Mohana”

“Exactly, we need to brainstorm with boss lady and that resort human with her is already making me anxious” Leya stated looking in the direction of Mohana

Regarding her boss thoughtfully, Jojo provided “Yes and Miss Mohana usually doesn’t talk to random people”

“I bet it’s all because of that ‘anything’ Peggy” Leya huffed with Jojo fuming alongside “I don’t think I will ever be able to like her”

“Nope, nothing to like at all” confirming with a growl, Leya signaled Efe to have their cover celebrity take a break

“I’ll get Miss Mohana” saying Jojo hurriedly made a dash to her boss

Standing with the resort manager, holding onto her flying dress, Mohana was listening to something the man was explaining

To break Mohana free from the company of the young man, Jojo landed ahead of her. Intentionally ignoring the man, Jojo alerted her boss “Ma’am, your presence is needed”

“Sure yeah” giving Jojo a smile, Mohana turned around to exchange a few words with the resort manager “Appreciate your looking into this, I’ll get back to my team”

The man’s eyes wandered over her slim neck, greedily staring at the thin straps on her shoulders then lowering to her dress bodice

With an overtly sweet smile he offered “I will wait here for you. I will see you after this. Then you and I can talk more”

“My boss will be heading back after this, but you can communicate with us and we will update her” Jojo intervened putting an abrupt halt to the resort managers attempts to engage further with Mohana

Turning away Jojo guided her boss “This way Ma’am..” then leaned into whisper “..their entire staff is very crazy”

Mohana sighed equally displeased “Very! Are we done with everything here?”

Escorting Mohana towards Leya, Jojo informed “Not at all Miss Mohana, we need to brainstorm, because Leya doesn’t think this is going to work at all!”

“Why? He’s looking..uh.. like what he does” Mohana offered shyly. She stole yet another glance in the distance where Omar Shaan stood surrounded by their photography team

With a hop in her step Jojo excitedly agreed “Yes, handsome and hot and so desirably sexy”

“Whatever. Ya. That whatever” Mohana mumbled looking away from the pillar of good looks

Jojo happily declared “Exactly! Whatever that makes all the hearts go crazy!”

“Right. Ya” diverting herself Mohana clenched harder on her dress fabric to prevent it from flying

Looking at Mohana then Omar, then back to Mohana and then Omar, Leya heaved a sigh. She felt frustrated at the drastic change in happenings. From breakfast where their boss and the cover celebrity seemed to have bonded fabulously, now to the photo shoot where they appeared extremely distant.

Springing from her beach lounger, she approached the oncoming figures of Mohana and Jojo meeting them half way. Leya declared “Mohana darling, this is not going to work!”

“What happened? The lighting? Background?” Mohana queried looking around at the setup, intentionally avoiding their chosen cover model

Leya considerately looked at Omar again, then back at Mohana. She spoke aloud the most relevant question on her mind “Why is he wearing all of that?!”

“Jeans? Shirt? Sport coat? Because people wear clothes? No? And it’s very cold. It’s November” Mohana rushed to declare her stance

Considering the certainty Leya gave her boss a nod “Yes, sure, but my darling jeans is the only December thing we want going on for the cover, he is at a beach and we discussed with him going on shirtless. Why are we hiding all those luring muscles? Those abs that he has worked so hard to make?”

Images of his glorious muscular body, having seen him, felt him, only mere minutes ago, sent jitters through Mohana. She gave an off handed nod to Leya “Jeans yes. Jeans. because December cover? uhm but we can’t just have him do that”

“But that is why we want him on the cover?” Leya shared the enlightening information with their leader

“Salm is already jealous, he told me he thinks your cover model is way too sexy and as your husband, Salm doesn’t want you looking at this celebrity superstar for far too long. So my suggestion is..uhm that we get it done. This whole thing. like that. because it’s cold! How long can it even take? Let’s take a shot and we confirm and I’ll sign off and Carter will drive me back” Mohana ran a breathless marathon of words

“Salm said that?” Leya asked her eyes wide with hope

Mohana gave her an encouraging smile “Yes, see he’s there grumbling, not liking the attention you are giving our guest, at all”

“He sure seems very upset Leya, I have never seen Salm like that” Jojo added looking at their in-house designer

With a wide smile Leya declared “Great! What magic Omar has! This is already a success and there will be a volcano when he goes shirtless”

“No!” Mohana blurted

Jojo and Leya both looked at Mohana in surprise, awaiting further exchange on the matter

Running her free hand nervously through her breezy hair Mohana offered “What if he’s not comfortable?”

“Yes, Leya, we have to keep in mind that this is his first cover photo, which is why Miss Mohana had to accompany him” Jojo factually provided, having expertly handled the entire agreement with Shaan Designs

Leya thoughtfully nodded “Very well. very well. We have something to go with. It’s a good thing..” pushing her slim pink framed glasses higher on the nose, she spoke to her boss “ Mohana darling you’re the only one that can take charge here”

Mohana opened her mouth then closed it. Taking a picture could not be that difficult. She could definitely try taking a picture for the cover too but looking through the lens at that mass of good looks made her heart bounce

“Efe? He can press the click? Because it’s not like I can’t..but I have to think. Because Efe? Uhm he’s possessive of his camera, what if I ruin something?” Mohana suggestively offered

“Camera’s not a big deal, am anyways gifting my team new ones for Christmas, but you only have to convince Omar” Leya gave her a broad smile

Relief washed over Mohana, she happily reported “Oh! Sure ya! Finalize your cover picture, I’ll convince his team for a sign off. That’s not a problem at all”

“Awesome! But before his team you are the boss to convince Omar Shaan, the star himself” Leya dropped the words that raised panic in her heart

“Convince? Him? For what?” Mohana blinked wanting to avoid coming across his overwhelming presence. Her fingers curled remembering his burning touch getting that torso painstakingly covered in the executive suite

“We have to get those sexy muscles of his on the cover and you’re the only one who can convince him to go shirtless!” Leya explained looking proudly at her boss

“Yes Miss Mohana, you’re our boss lady! You can convince anyone with a snap of your finger” Jojo admiringly declared

“Shirt..less?” Mohana frowned


|| 04. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Both Leya and Jojo simultaneously shared their agreement “Yes!”

The flurry of images tumbling through her head, made Mohana gulp. As her last offering of request she mumbled “But it’s cold?”

Leya nodded in confirmation “Yes, it’s cold. November! And then December’s like right around the corner, but don’t worry my darling I’ll ask Efe to arrange heating torches while you talk to him”

“Ya. ok. so. um. I’ll..?” unable to finish her words, Mohana moved her hand in the air

Exchanging a glance within themselves, Leya and Jojo shared their synchronized consent again “Yes!”

Breathlessly giving them a nod, Mohana turned around. Her feet seemed to have cemented her to the white sand. The resort manager’s enthusiastic wave in her direction distracted her. Heaving a sigh she took a brave step.

Clasping on to the airy dress, with her strides appearing confident Mohana made way towards the group of people collected around the ocean waves. Her innocent silver eyes zoned in on Omar ignoring the huddle of team members around him. Catching a glimpse of his dark black shimmering eyes, Mohana quickly steered her gaze away.

A flurry of greetings ran through the group as she joined. Acknowledging her team, Mohana spoke to Efe “Talk to Leya, sort the whole heating torches with Jojo. It’s really cold”

Twenty pair of eyes focused their gaze on Mohana. She stood clutching on to her beautiful short turquoise dress, her golden hair flowing with the breeze. The thin straps on her shoulders left uncovered by her tendrils, were the only fabric in sight for a few long inches on her shoulders

“Yes boss, will get on it right away! It is getting very cool!” Efe declared giving her a light bow

Bong-Cha jumped in “Yes Miss Mohana, we will help Efe! They will come handy for the bonfire too! Should we get some blankets also?”

“Yes, neat idea. Make a list and let’s get whatever the team needs, I do not want anyone from my team falling sick, more so through such a wonderful time of the year” Mohana confirmed

A zestful agreement of “Yes Miss Mohana” ran through the group and everyone scattered around getting busy to work on the arrangements

Finding herself alone besides Omar, Mohana nervously looked at the trees in the background “I was thinking uhm they are getting the torches..”

“Yeah. Any orders for me?” Omar asked

Hearing his voice made her breathing heavy. Focusing her attention on the distant palm trees she tried “No. yes. no. not like that..but that..uh” her words coming to a halt

Omar caught a pinch of her flaring dress from the front of her waist. His fingers entwined themselves in the light fabric

Lightly tugging her closer, Omar murmured “Are you feeling cold?”

His proximity bundled with his husky concerned tone made a shiver run down her spine. Her lashes lowered focusing at the mere separation between them

Feeling him so close yet far, Mohana rattled “Am anyways uh always cold? It’s my skin? My body temperature? But the torches? Um because you’ll feel cold. The team wants all of that..” she gave him a nod for substitution of missing words “.. and because it’s November? And I came because of this!”

“I have to change because they don’t like blue?” Omar asked feeling the fabric of her dress that he held caught between his fingers

Capturing a wayward breath Mohana followed the movement of his fingers on her torso as they were entwining within the fine cloth. She rattled “Salm likes blue, Leya likes blue, Jojo likes blue..”

“What about you?” Omar checked with another twirl, making the turquoise material wrap further within his fingers

Her swooped down lashes remained trained intently onto the grip of his muscular hand getting lost in the layers of her dress. She whispered “I like my dress? Turquoise? Blue green?”

“What else do you like?” he demanded in his rich voice. Holding on to her dress, he tugged Mohana, ever so slightly closer

Mohana felt a tremor run through her. Clenching her fist harder gripping the dress on her thighs, she offered “Trees? The trees? Those? They are very green” referring to the large trees that swayed breezily behind him

“What about things on the other side? Like people who work here at the resort?” Omar checked

Trees versus people? People who work at the resort? People? Mohana frowned at images flooding through her head of the short dressed, bad-whisper-technique, ‘anything’ Peggy.

Her heart painfully twisted at the realization of his query. Raking a ragged breath Mohana nodded more to herself than him. Omar Shaan was a celebrity. He was a heartthrob for the world. All she wanted was to get him on the cover of their December issues of Sophista. That was, whatever there was to it.

Courageously looking up Mohana forced a smile “What’s not to like. We are all at liberty to do whatever we fancy. Free to follow the desires of our heart”

“Sure. Good to know” the stiff tone of his words made her gulp

“Ya. Ya. It’s good. And you’re anyways fine with all of that..” still unable to say the words out loud Mohana waved her hand randomly in the air “..and everyone wants that. So. am cool. I don’t mind. I’m here to just sign off on the shoot. So feel free to get rid of them and let the team know when you’re ready. You and I are done here”

Tugging her swiftly Omar removed any measure of distance from between them “Not done. The deal is end to end” wrapping his arm across her waist he bounded Mohana against him

With her forearm landing on his chest she adamantly mumbled “Noh! I can’t..all of this! She’ll do it! She wants to do anything for you anyways”

“Who?” Omar frowned, capturing her cold hand in his warm one he rested them over his heart

“Peggy! Isn’t it?” Mohana growled, her voice filled with complain, challenging him to refuse but Omar asked instead “Is it?”

“Yes! And she’ll do all of them!” Mohana declared with a quiver in her voice, her chest frantically heaving against his

“All of them?..” Omar frowned “..Buttons? The shirt buttons?”

Ignoring the shriveling of her heart, Mohana gulped “Yah”

Searching her face, Omar repeated “You want that? Peggy?! to open all of these?”

“Ya” Mohana mumbled another confirmation. She desperately wanted to get done with this discussion wishing to put all the tremble past her

“She can’t!..” Omar declared “..because you did this”

Mohana incredulously looked up at him. She opened her mouth then closed it

With determination she informed “But I..because it was cold! You are my responsibility when you are with Sophista. Now my team is getting the torches. And. I am holding on to my dress! And we are..”

“We are together for the entirety..” Omar finished for her, clearly contradicting her expressions, adding to declare “ I am holding you”

From her small waist Omar let his arm slip lower. Pulling her closer his large hand cupped below the curve of her back contour halting the fine turquoise dress from flying

Flushed against him Mohana nervously looked at him “Hm?”

“Hm?” Omar mumbled busily turning a golden tendril with his other hand

Breathlessly Mohana stared at the buttons of his shirt. When the strength of her gaze didn’t ease the fastening, dissatisfied she bit on her lower lip. With an utter dislike for the shirt buttons, but wired to deliver on Sophista’s task her fingers decided to take things in her own hand. Concentrating on the round toggle she severely fidgeted with the first one.

If closing the buttons had been a task, opening each single one seemed million times and more. Looking at his sun kissed chest appear with each tug and tussle made her further nervous for tackling the next one

Undoing all the clasps that she had earlier closed on his shirt Mohana announced her achievement “Done”

“Jacket?” Omar queried

Part scowling and part shoving away the pricking in her heart, she declared “Noh! Only this. What part is everyone not getting here?! It. Is. Cold. It. Is. November!”

Steering her heart away from looking at his muscular strength, upset Mohana pulled out of Omar’s hold. Grabbing her dress in her fist again she made a dash towards Jojo.

The team set the heaters to ensure a spread of sunny warmth around the site. The lead photographers got busy in capturing the shots of their cover celebrity. The chiseled body of Omar Shaan looked magnificent peeking from the slivered column of his now open shirt. From under the platinum colored jacket, the lapels of the blue shirt fabric lightly flew with the breeze.

Having personally inspected each heating torch, Leya admired Mohana’s decision “He’s got it all! The perfect tease. We don’t get him shirtless but we make his fans think what they’re missing! So you give it to them, but you make their imagination crave! Simply brilliant my darling Mohana!”

“Exactly! Even if he does a shirtless for another publication, this is ours! Sophista pioneering the trend with the oomph of subtle sexiness” Jojo smiled brightly

Leya gushed with happiness “Subtle exactly. And uber sexy! Even Salm wouldn’t have thought about this twist, he is going to get so much more jealous! This is fab! The most sizzling hottie for December! That’ll make his women fandom go crazy!”

“They are already crazy. Who’s even left? He’s crazy for them, they are crazy for him!..” hearing their boss rage, Leya and Jojo exchanged a concerned glance

Mohana further fumed “..I am never visiting this useless place again! The staff here is the most ridiculous ever!”

Her silver eyes appeared glassy intently following the ‘anything’ Peggy make a trek through the beach. The adamant server was seen carrying another tray, marching towards Omar.

|| 04. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

Jojo informed “Yes Miss Mohana, bad place, and she tops their entire staff in being the weirdest. I asked Leya and she confirmed Peggy wants Omar and if he wants her too then he will let her run fingers through his hair”

Delivering the sad update, Jojo’s eyes disapprovingly mapped each move of the server. Awkwardly flipping chunks of sand, Peggy approached the site where Omar stood posing.

Ignoring Bong-Cha’s warnings with a flip of her head, the rogue server crossed all blockades. Fearlessly marching right through the site Peggy halted with her tray in front of Omar.

Flabbergasted Efe looked in the direction of his leaders. Agitated herself, Leya gave him an assuring wave. Seeing Peggy move closer to Omar, now the entire photography crew cluelessly turned to look towards their leader group: Mohana, Jojo and Leya

The entire Sophista team looked at ‘anything’ Peggy with alarm, anticipating her impending move

Mohana’s heart thundered seeing Peggy swaying in front of Omar. Ignoring the cozy display on the seashore, she signaled her team to take a break. Glancing at Bong-Cha’s fallen face, Mohana assuredly waved for her to get off the guard post as well and join the Sophista crew.

Accompanying Jojo’s sigh, Leya growled “I have to show this ‘anything’ Peggy who is the boss!”

“How is it that she’s not getting that? Anyone can see who our boss is..” Jojo claimed “..Miss Mohana stood there in the wind all by herself and look how fast she convinced Omar” beaming proudly pointing at the successfully unbuttoned shirt

Mohana nervously blinked. While she appreciated Jojo’s compliment, it had seemed anything but fast to her exhausted fingers. Mohana looked at her hand that eagerly wanted to remember his warm whisper touches.

With narrowed eyes, Leya was determinedly checking Omar and Peggy. Her eyes softened at Jojo’s words, she smiled at Mohana “Yes, you’re a blessing my dear girl! But this woman is something! Mohana darling, you have to go to war, you’re the only one who can! Get rid of his jacket, show her who is the boss”

War?! Mohana frowned. Looking away from her already bruised fingers from the button war, she cluelessly looked at Leya

“But Leya, what if Peggy takes the jacket away from Miss Mohana?..” Jojo curiously asked before Mohana could even completely parse the request “..or worse if that Peggy wants to remove his shirt? She wants to do anything for him! And he said he will call her for anything”

“Those! That. The uhm buttons are good” Mohana declared at the stress on ‘anything

Leya widely smiled “Why did I not think of this before! Mohana darling you’re brilliant! You should be in the business of photography, not journalism! Buttons will make history! Now we only need to convince that hunk of a celebrity to get that jeans button open”

Mohana blinked. Her breathing having gone completely haywire, she barely managed “Wh..wh..what?”

“Go show her who rules Sophista! You convince Omar, he listens to you because you are you! Obviously! And Peggy gets the message” Leya confirmed her plan

Mohana barely managed “Convince? For?”

“That you’re the boss, not just ours, but she should know you rule the world with Sophista!” Jojo proudly declared

Mohana ran a hand through her dress “She can think, whatever she wants, why do I care?”

“Because my darling, Peggy wants to do anything for him, but if he does everything for someone but her, she will know she’s out of focus” Leya explained the granularity of emotions and feelings

Jojo and Mohana looked at the woman with wide eyes. Their faces transparent in displaying that they missed the grasp on the underlying message of ‘anything’ and ‘everything

Thoughtfully nodding at their clueless expression, Leya offered in simpler terms “Basically we win once we get that jeans button open”

“Oh..” Mohana croaked then swallowed “ I have to go? For that button? The closure of..? The jeans? His jeans?!”

Both Jojo and Leya share their unified confirmation “Yes!”

Approaching the seashore site, Mohana’s feet halted a few steps away. Hesitant to barge into their private conversation she spoke from a distance to Peggy’s back “Excuse me?”

The server turned around “I can’t get you anything right now, because I am on my break”

“No worries, am good. I only want to deliver a message to our guest celebrity” giving Peggy a cordial smile Mohana looked towards Omar. Ignoring the tumble of her feelings, she formally informed him “The team was reviewing the ideas and if you’re fine we can take another round. I guess that likely should do it. And if you feel alright, extending the vertical expanse will go well with the theme, but feel free to decide”

Peggy looked at Mohana in utter amazement “You sound so smart! No wonder you’re the boss! Can I complain about your team? That guy over there didn’t let me touch his camera to get a picture with this hotness”

“Don’t worry my team doesn’t refuse. They would be happy to fulfill any photography requests, if your celebrity wants and they can ship complimentary copies to your address” Mohana gave her a smile

Peggy asked in surprise “Complimentary like free? With that vertical? Theme? That you just said?”

“I can’t..” words decided to deceive Mohana but heaving a brave breath she stated her stand “..I can’t care. It’s up to your celebrity. Whatever you guys want, my team’s happy to fulfill the request”

Peggy excitedly nodded “Yes I want him with all those themes”

Taking a step, Mohana murmured “Great. Enjoy. Am done here”

“You’re not” Omar’s steel grip on her forearm restricted any further movement

In a fluid tug Mohana landed against his chest. Looking into her silver depths Omar declared for only Mohana to hear “You can’t be done, if am still here”

His husky voice made her fight for air. Averting her shy eyes Mohana looked at her hand clutching onto the lapel of his open shirt

Peggy watched the burning chemistry between Mohana and Omar with a deep scowl on her face.

The beautiful frame of Mohana dolled in a lush rich dress, stood affixed to Omar’s muscular strength. With her blonde hair breezily flying in the wind, her back arched, her chest heaving against his bare chest, the couple made for a very sensual pose.

“You’ll have to approve the extension of the vertical expanse because it’s best to have a quality check through such specifications” Omar informed, his arm slipping from Mohana’s small waist over the curve of her back. Pulling her closer, he held his arm securely to prevent her dress from flying.

Omar’s warm support made her heart turn frantically within. Mohana felt a strong urge to close all those shirt buttons that she had opened – after closing them the first time in the executive suite

Glowering at being left to stand aside, Peggy’s eyes were full of anger at Mohana’s proximity with Omar. She moved to step closer to the famed fashion celebrity

Unable to follow their apparent high flying conversation, Peggy demanded her own attention “What is she going to check? Why do we even need her”

Listening to Peggy, Mohana’s illusion shattered. Her gaze wavered from fixedly staring at Omar Shaan the highly applauded celebrity. Inhaling a breath she shifted in Omar’s hold to free herself. Mohana adamantly reminded herself: the Omar Shaan of her dreams would stay just that, her own whimsical wild dream with no reach to reality. Her work was her only reality.

“For opening the jeans button” Omar voiced in straightforward words, maintaining his hold on Mohana without paying heed to her shuffling against him

The bad tempered glare of the resort server moved from Mohana’s blushing cheeks to the denims hanging low on Omar’s torso. Staring at his v muscles that disappeared behind the band of his jeans, with lecherous gaze Peggy haughtily declared “I will do anything for you! I am going to open it when we go to the room anyways! Why do you need her! I will do it right away, big difference! I am your biggest fan!”

Hearing those words Mohana inhaled a troubled breath. Omar Shaan wanted Peggy to be part of his list of affairs, swooning women, ardent fans, and he was more than welcome to it. Her heart painfully twisted with agony.

With a wave of stubbornness that contradicted the fragile feelings of her heart and fingers, Mohana let go of her dress. Reaching for the button on his dark denims, she took to tackling the closure of his jeans. The back of her fingers burnt against his warm skin with each shy fumbling move

Determinedly resolving the clasp open, Mohana declared “It’s about quality”

Foul faced Peggy angrily complained “Just because you are rich, it doesn’t mean you can do it!”

“Richness comes from the heart, those who have worked hard in their life know it’s worth” giving Peggy a kind smile Mohana pulled herself away from Omar’s bare chest freeing from his hold. Her heart agitatedly rushed, urging her to not leave him. Not today. Not ever. There was an emphatic chaos inside Mohana. Feeling the wallop of Peggy’s ‘anything’, her tummy further scrunched with the knowledge of her sharing a room. With him. All alone. Opening the button of his jeans.

Turning around with an inconspicuous move of her hand, Mohana stroked the lone tear that had dared to escape. Her bright silver eyes shone glassy. Inhaling a wavy breath she reminded herself: Omar Shaan was a celebrity. All she wanted was to get him on the cover of the Sophista December issue. That was, whatever there was to it.

Dismissing another salty drop discreetly, she clenched hard on her dress in an attempt to prevent it from swaying with the wind. Dragging heavy steps that refused to cooperate with her, Mohana held her head high. She walked away leaving Omar Shaan with the extended vertical expanse much to the tumult of her own feelings.

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