Chapter 22 – Deceit

|| 22. PAIZE 1 ♥ || Deceit

Stepping across the spread of food, exchanging a glance with Jasper, Omar addressed Zaniha “Jasper and I’ll get us cocktails, guard your cute one and will make you your favorite drink in return”

Catching those words, Mohana’s attention steered from the baby seat to glance at Omar, her flustered fingers mapped the dress on her knee as a rush of memory tumbled through her head ‘..white moonflower is her favorite..’

The faint recollection of being with Omar Shaan, making a strange enquiry for Zaniha’s favorite color and his care filled voice seeped her thoughts ‘..White. Because the white moonflower is her favorite, it stands for dreaming of love and the flower shines bright against the night sky..’

Rattled at the strangeness of such an event occurring, Mohana blinked in confusion, attempting to dig through her thoughts to recall their interaction, but only his words kept pricking her heart: dreaming of love

Checking on the carrier seat, lovingly caressing the baby’s head Zaniha spoke to Mohana “You got around to watching Soren’s new hit Desperation?”. The diversion of Soren Rick came as a relief to her agitated heart. Getting engaged in discussing the latest chart buster, the young women further bonded, exchanging notes on the top movie star, gushing on an entire list of his performances.

Making their way to the other end of the room, both men spoke in low whispers discussing about the constitutional disorder that had ensued over the past few days. The political disagreement through reorganization of the underworld crime groups had resulted in a drastic uproar, causing commotion through various authoritative arms. Owing strong ties with the mob, Paul Pitar owner of Chanceys media house had jumped on the opportunity to sink his teeth deeper, further fastening his association with the criminal society.

The mayhem while much largely had been in the background for a commoner, it had reeled an interference along the power laden and affluent families. Jasper added with a sigh “..the only thing that has worked in your favor is you were with Cart who had you fly for hours beyond the zone when chaos hit here”

Flexing his fingers Omar considered “That’s a major achievement right there. I think it would be key to set aside attorney-ness and implement my journalism genes to convince Zaniha. How would Sophista phrase this, editor-in-chief rescued by a knight in shining armor, who saves her from the mess of the underworld”

“Indeed. Some knight in shining armor, who then wakes her up to meet a nearly naked sales associate and proceeds to blackmail her for a pretend game of making babies with himself, which by the way has no one convinced” Jasper retorted, disrupting all hopefulness in the designer celebrity

Omar exclaimed in a hushed whisper of disappointment “Really?! It was that obvious?”

“You’ve missed the core point. Mohana would have been reveling in a heated glow and not succumbing to a phase of coldness if you had been trying for let’s say all the many cute things with her. Simply put, the yinar is a demand for attention” Jasper highlighted the obviousness of it all, relaying the information with immense calmness

Contrary to the tranquility, Omar rushed to enquire “When she fainted in my arms, why did we ever consider giving her Vepaz if she wasn’t expecting anything?”

“Vepaz expands the potency for Offeapa, we offered it to her essentially as backup if she wanted to amp her need for heat. An expecting host may also use it but the likelihood of either event has never occurred for as long as we have known” informing the insight on doses, Jasper glanced in the distance at Zaniha who was adoringly petting the baby

On this side of the room standing at the bar, out of the earshot of the women on the couches, nearly scowling Omar sought resolution “You knew there was no embryo, her body knew she wasn’t expecting anything then why was I going through the entire torture?”

“Alongside juggling the underworld bloodshed? Because no matter what I’d have told you from oceans away, you wouldn’t have cared..” Jasper considerately added “..When you launched the news about the baby with Zaniha after not reading her message, I could only try to mellow the situation but you had to declare there were multiple embryos”

“She fainted! And those folks said it happens early in the first trimester. I had to do, what I had to do..” Omar stressed his stand “..I couldn’t bring myself to read Zaniha’s message because I can’t care about the damn peripherals. Feeding her those meds seemed deceitful, she hadn’t wanted them and I for one wasn’t going to allow any more”

“It is no less than deception, likely even outright fraud..” Jasper shared his agreement, further clarifying “..there are certain phenomena that us with less patience cannot interpret but Mohana understands those balls of pearls. She wouldn’t have easily taken either dose until it begrudges her in yinar to know you aren’t taking care of her”

Greatly dismayed at the realization, his frown deepening, Omar motioned to Mohana who was laughing with Zaniha “This whole phase of freezing shudders makes her think am not caring?!”

A raise of eyebrows, a glance back and forth from Mohana to Omar, Jasper affirmed with obvious certainty “Shouldn’t it? Though I take you must’ve done something for her to find you acceptable enough, to pretend through this game of wanting cute things”

“Hardly. If I could do anything, I’d not be here going through this unending turmoil..” Omar half heartedly picked a ripe mango in his hand, earnestly enquiring “..can Zaniha take care of Jehan for a while?”

Seeing Zaniha attentively coddle the little one, Jasper sighed “Yeah, she is besotted with him, it will indeed be a very long while by the time we get back to her with this cocktail”

“Right. Yeah..” bouncing the fruit in his hand, Omar attempted a negotiation “..I was more thinking along the lines of a duration slightly longer than that, something that’s based on their time keeping not ours”

Chuckling at the suggestion, Jasper outrightly dismissed the idea “Their patience could run us another decade, you don’t want us to consider that. Zaniha is doting over him as we speak, while talking about that goof Soren Rick”

“What do they see in that scripted jerk, the man doesn’t even have actual abs and here we’ve got real ones but no one cares” pulling out the drink shakers from the shelves Omar purposely thrust them on the glass counter top

“Made up abs or not, he’s their fav chocolate boy who certainly is the best man to ever belong in a romantic story. Yet despite his fandom, Mohana most certainly didn’t take Vepaz because of what it would likely make someone else go through” Jasper smugly hinted at Omar while his eyes remained trained on Zaniha who was happily speaking to Mohana, tenderly attending to the baby alongside

Exhaling a sigh, Omar landed the muddler with another thud, letting it wobble one of the shakers in turn “What’s to say she even knew who was with her”

Turning to glance at Omar with great interest, Jasper chuckled “If you believe that, I must applaud your girlfriend for being even more mischievous than you are”

“There was another name that she took. A man, some attorney..” Omar heaved a sigh “ one that we know from all the information I have gathered. She claims that her friend Ceria knows about him which is most certainly going to be another uphill battle”

“There’s a loop hole somewhere..” Jasper contemplated, sharing his inference of known facts “..Despite Cart watching over her, she is fluent in protecting herself, she won’t tolerate an idiot, let alone anyone kidnap her. Her body held throughout Sarrata, only letting go of her defenses when you went to take her”

“She fainted in my arms, loosing consciousness for all of nine minutes and seven seconds. No amount of defense training by Cart would come handy if someone wanted to inject her with the likes of Exxenza during that time” Omar growled each word, short of snapping the stem of the martini glass in his hands

Unconvinced Jasper shook his head “You’ll have to go through all the instances when there were variations in her temperature, only to find that it would be exactly at times when you left her alone”

“I want to cash in on this whole theory, but I saw how frail she was first hand. Those doses had her powerless, she most certainly had no way of knowing one person from another. Except that she didn’t forget the bloody Soren Rick, his abs and his Desperation” Omar seethed, his eyes focussed on Mohana gushing about the movie star. Grabbing hold of the knife he collided it against the fruit on the cutting board, aiming to slice the mango though the power swing suggested anything but that

“Fortunately for all of us, that is not Soren Rick’s head on the cutting board or you would definitely be at a further loss..” Jasper smugly offered to the volcano of anger exploding besides him at the bar “..but who knows maybe not, because she agreed to side with you since we’ve stepped foot in here”

“The lines of siding are being muddled, even your doctor title hasn’t come in the way of her approving you. As it happens you are over-achieving this game, because she thinks you are caring” slicing the fruit away, Omar twisted the knife blade riskily between his fingers

|| 22. PAIZE 2 ♥ || Precious

“Ah..” Jasper chuckled, catching the severe plight of the famed designer celebrity “..she has no idea who I am, does she?”

“Not at all, though am not entirely sure how that came about to be..” Omar grimly informed “..but you’re the perfect husband material. You carry the whole carrier seat with just one hand, brilliantly manage all of that cuteness, know how to hold such a little cute thing, making it sleep, feed.. oh” his words came to an abrupt halt, the sullen look getting completely replaced by a mischievous smile

Acknowledging the unsaid, Jasper lightly laughed “Great, I was waiting for the dawn of realization. You’ll come around to accepting the power of doses too, what’s the rush. In the meanwhile given that she’s the editor-in-chief for Sophista, why not try to score some of your own adjectives”

“You’ve no idea the list of approvals I am pending sanction on and what I’ve ended up securing instead. But Jehan and I are going to ace this..” Omar enthusiastically declared “..Let’s go, we have to get back to them”

“I sure wasn’t suggesting on working around their time keeping..” Jasper teased, the emotional rollercoaster at the bar had entirely shifted “..But no matter however much our patience levels are not in existence, we want to show up with the said drinks. Unless you want to try snapping that blade in the hopes of having her do first aid?”

Discarding the knife in the sink Omar broadly grinned “Given the dire need I am in for securing this, I totally would, but I know Zaniha would call me out”

“You’ve no idea how much fun she’ll have” chuckling at that, from the rows of neatly aligned selection of various infusing extracts and distilled liquors, Jasper grabbed a few bottles by their neck. Straining the mango puree, throwing in different measures from each decanter, blending the concoction with ice, the glasses were dipped with mango salt and dressed with thinly sliced mangos.

Carrying the two martini glasses, Omar approached the seating area in the hall where both young women were merrily raving about the cinema heartthrob: Soren Rick. Offering one of the drinks to Zaniha, Omar smugly smiled “Try, but you won’t be able to sway her to your side”

“One day I will” returning his smile brightly, Zaniha turned to Jasper murmuring a whisper. From the few steps away, Mohana was unable to capture the exchange but looking at them share the drink, her eyes held a fond admiration for the romantic couple they made

Hearing Omar murmur “Hm?” reality gushed full force stabbing her right in the heart. Despite Jasper and Zaniha’s togetherness alluding to a heart warming relationship, one glance at the handsome designer celebrity Omar Shaan, Mohana gulped on the error she had dared.

Who better than the editor-in-chief of Sophista to know the entire world around her was built on showbiz. Blanketing the couple’s romantic affinity under the same umbrella of a pretentious show as of her separated parents, Mohana hastily accepted the drink from Omar.

Glancing at his denim clad leg brush hers, color shone bright on her face and swinging her leg over the other, Mohana discretely shifted sideways to create a much needed distance from the superstar, who was magnetizing her butterflies.

Diverting her heart from the sparks his touch had ignited, she attempted to casually look towards the baby carrier, taking a hurried sip of the drink when wrapping an arm around her waist, Omar smoothed a lock of her silken hair whispering “Missed you”

Startled, the drink in her hand bobbled, her focus pulled back to Omar only to see him take the glass from her fingers and take a sip right from where her lips had touched the glass.

Mohana broke into a frantic cough, when getting embraced in his arms “Hey” had her cheeks further flame. The reminder of their lips colliding in the billiards room had embarrassment run through her like fire for her wanton behavior.

Soothing her back, having set the mango concoction aside Omar caught the can in the air which Jasper had swung towards him. Flipping it open he held it to her lips “Alright?”

Barely catching on her breath, Mohana briskly nodded “Yah” wanting to assure her gallant make belief boyfriend

Finding herself wrapped in his warmth, her legs now dangling atop his denim clad ones, she attempted to shift but his hold remained firm. Tailoring his hand along the curve of her waist Omar picked back the mango concoction to offer her a sip.

She adamantly shook her head in denial of sharing, her cheeks still ablaze from the chaos of seeing him take a sip from the same glass. They heard Jasper check “Mohana, I’ll grab you something else to drink?”

“Mango blessima’s are her favorite, but likely depends on whether a doctor made it or not” Omar causally informed Jasper, leaving Mohana’s cheeks further flare at the remark

“No! I’m having this one. I like it” grabbing hold of the glass Mohana instantly gulped a large sip to prove her point

Raising his glass in the air, Jasper smiled “We’re on the same side, am not a fan of doctors either”

Surprise crossed over Mohana’s features unable to pick whether the handsome and caring doctor was making light of the situation by claiming such a contradiction when gathering her astonishment, Zaniha shared “For real. He’s a thorough attorney. He finds the science interesting but try giving him a needle or prescribing him a dose and you’ll know”

“I can’t do needles either, it’s not about the prick, it’s just the entire build up around meeting doctors. oh. uhm not like that, I mean I don’t like meeting other doctors. overall. but we’re on the same side” Mohana returned Jasper’s warm smile with her own shy one

Turning her towards himself, Omar offered another sip of the beverage “Exactly same side. All of us. Just like how we all like cute things, isn’t it mo stór?”

“Hm ya” she mumbled nervously sipping their drink

“Should we do introductions with our cutest visitor who’s now accepting guests?” he enquired to which Mohana happily agreed “Yah”

Delicately lifting the baby from his carrier, Zaniha approached them, excitedly asking Mohana “Would you like to hold him?”

Curiously glancing at the little bundle who up close appeared even tinier Mohana tensely clutched on to her dress, innocently informing “I’ve never held.. a baby? before? and he looks so cute but I don’t know how to”

“We’ll hold him together” confirming Omar nearly lifted Mohana to cross over his leg, settling her ahead of him. Cocooning her petite frame with his larger build, he gently took hold of Jehan to lay him in her arms “Here”

Having been engrossed with the colorful toy on his seat, now the baby curiously looked at the new face while Mohana glanced back at Jehan in her own utter astonishment whispering nervously “What if I drop him?”

“You’ve got me” Omar assured the editor-in-chief securely encased in his arms, who finally let go of the breath she was holding “Yah” but the baby in their arms cooed inviting a further exchange

Lightly swaying the baby in their locked arms, Omar adorably spoke to him “We have to talk, we have to do our introductions” the baby smiled at that, attempting his own noisy input and on a little bounce to make him giggle Omar offered “Meet my girlfriend Mo’ana. M’anam meet my nephew Jehan”

In response to Omar, his little arms stretched accompanied with some coos and sighing sounds of happiness which were interpreted by Zaniha “He really likes you Mohana”

“I like him a lot too” Mohana blissfully smiled, her excitement seemed to know no bounds. Glancing at the baby she tried to speak to him “Hi Jehan, you’re really adorable”

The return came more enthusiastically from the baby this time around. Accompanied with small kicks in the air, the baby moved in their arms making Mohana sink further in Omar’s hold. Ascertaining her the baby was protectively held Omar playfully swayed the little one again “My Jehan’s getting very naughty” who smiled in response as if he was interpreting the dialogue to the tee.

From his adept-appearing responses, to cute smiles and coos Jehan had won over Mohana. Holding the baby with Omar, seeing him easily manage the little ball of sunshine, talk to him, get him to respond made her further in awe of her dream man. When it came time for feeding Jehan, this time Omar and Mohana took charge. Showing her how to support the baby, Omar wrapped her hand in his, feeding the measured bottle to the baby.

Much in mutual surprise of each other, the baby boy’s huge black eyes also interestingly watched his caretakers as he implemented every adorable gesture to leave them impressed. Jasper and Zaniha shared endearing narratives around the likes, day to day activities and naughtiness of the joyous Jehan who stayed full of energy with Omar and Mohana.

Bound in Omar’s strength whilst holding the small baby together, her heart excitedly whipped up dreams of its own. Unaware of the brave event occurring in her life, the butterflies in her tummy fluttered along his touch, seemingly not ever able to get enough of her dream man.

Despite the awkwardness of being an uninvited visitor in his personal life, sporadically coming across his friends, Mohana basked in immense happiness for seeing this side of Omar. Like her select favorable memories, these moments became precious additions in her heart.

In time Jasper and Zaniha decided upon departure making Mohana longingly look at the little baby who was busy talking to her in his nondescript words. Her eyes became glassy as reality made its definite way back, like it always did. Certain that she’d never have the privilege of coming across the little child again, Mohana tenderly whispered to Jehan “I’ll always wish the very best for you”

Dropping a peck behind her ear, Omar ran an assurance “We’ll meet him anytime you want”. His words appealed to dwindle her heart in his favor, but her adamant head did not give into accepting that imagination, knowing it was high time she found the exit herself and step beyond the luxurious welcome of the designer celebrity.

|| 22. PAIZE 3 ♥ || Only Want Me

Seeing the baby get tucked into his carrier seat, waving at little Jehan, Mohana instinctively leaned back soaking the warmth that had her heart and butterflies go further berserk. Retracting from her lure of forever wanting Omar Shaan, Mohana haphazardly straightened from his embrace. But before she could take a step, the weight of his arm along her midriff had her locked ahead of himself. Turning in her embrace she shyly whispered “Wish them?”

“We can do that from here too” he gruffly declared showing no intent of easing his grip

Fidgeting lightly in his hold, Mohana motioned with her eyes towards the other couple “But they’ll see us”

“So?” his determined challenge came with fastening of his grip, keeping her affixed to his torso

“We can’t..” her hushed objection got interrupted by Zaniha “If Mohana is not feeling well, I’d suggest we take her with us”

“You can’t do that. Jasper said she is showing positive recovery” Omar claimed but his hold instantly eased on Mohana’s waist

“Did he now?” smugly smiling at Omar, Zaniha tenderly spoke to Mohana “If he doesn’t let you eat or recover completely, have him talk to me”

Shyly stepping beyond the proximity of her enacting boyfriend, Mohana timidly reached to give Zaniha a hug. Her eyes glassy at the turmoil of affection she now felt, while having been so rattled earlier to even meet this magnificent woman “You remind me of someone am really fond of, my closest friend and am really glad I was able to meet you today”

Blinking in confusion, Zaniha cluelessly glanced at Jasper who gave her an assurance through his eyes. Tenderly soothing Mohana’s golden hair, Zaniha smiled “You’re a sweetheart, my doll. Am very happy to see you recovering and I want you to stay warm, if there is anything I can help you with, let me know”

Giving Zaniha a smiley affirmation, Mohana turned around to shyly hug Jasper “You’re the most caring and handsome husband any woman could ever want”

“That’s why he wasn’t letting you go. But I’m keeping you always on my side..” murmuring Jasper offered her a sleek black glass box “..have him take excellent care of you and keep warm, princess”

Heaving a quaky sigh she ruefully smiled at the oddity for the designer celebrity to ever want to care for her. Yet glancing in much appreciation at the friend who was guarding the woman who belonged to Omar Shaan, Mohana murmured an affirmation

Soon she found herself besides her make belief boyfriend. Taking the disc she was twisting and turning, Omar shoved it in his back pocket to take a hold of her hand. Trekking back nearly a similar path they had taken, the group made their way to the elevators, this time around Omar held the baby carrier singlehandedly while maintaining his grip on Mohana.

At the elevator exit, exchanging a quick dialogue Omar handed the baby over to Jasper. Despite her hand locked with Omar, the proximity didn’t give Mohana any advantage to capture their whisper. But just as soon Omar turned sideways towards Zaniha, Mohana instantly looked down at her feet, her hand becoming lifeless in his clasp.

Her heart banged rapidly, blocking all sound except the echo of her own anxiousness. Fearing to loose his touch any moment now, Mohana feverishly persuaded herself to remember her role was that of a dismissal character. Despite her commitment to participate in this game for resounding her own heartache, there would never be anything between them except Soph.. her thought dissipated before getting finished at the surprise of being spun around and smashed onto his rock solid chest.

A grumble of words ran under his breath before his lips crashed on hers.

Her doubt, the fear of loss, feeling of being discarded which Mohana had convinced herself to accept, instantly got forgotten at his intoxicating demand. Mimicking each of his moves with dire need, she uninhibitedly melted in his warmth, the tsunami of emotions his lips commanded had her completely at his mercy.

Moving her hands to his chest, Omar hoisted her along his waist deepening their passionate interlock. Knotting her legs around him, she fervently tugged at the shirt fabric showing no mercy to the buttons that had been through rounds of similar torture throughout the day. No matter how close she clung onto him, the flux of feelings, the rush of desire he awakened left her seeking for more.

Carrying her from the elevators, making their way through the straight hall, his lips trailed along her jawline leaving their nerve tingling presence on her neck, collarbones, traveling to the shoulder, their journey only getting dissuaded by the square neckline of her dress. Tightly fisting on to his shirt, her breasts heaved against his strength, her moans filling their path.

Landing on the feather bed in a craving mess under him, Mohana adamantly clutched on to the lapels of his shirt, her butterflies fluttering rampantly, encouraging an imagination of his lips tracing each inch of her existence. Seeing Omar pull away she frowned “Hm?”

Easing her unwilling fists from the shirt fabric, Omar demanded “You missed me. Say yes”

“” she automatically breathed, her fingers fidgeting, aching to grasp on to the shirt she had tugged partially open, unwilling to loose their seize altogether

“You want me. Say yes” his words conflicted her stubborn heart not wanting to let go of him

Disappointingly pouting she raised herself reaching for the lapels of his shirt, declaring without abandon this time “Yah”

In a fluent move Omar had the semi-buttoned shirt peeled off and discarded on the floor. Ripples of each immaculate muscle on his torso, meeting her demanding sight made Mohana gulp on her drool. Placing her hands on his sculpted torso he gruffly declared “Because you can only want me” before his lips took hers.

Soaking the sensations he kindled, Mohana shuffled under him aching his touch yet the frenzy of heat traveling through her palms made her fists shyly curl on his bare chest. The passionate invasion of her mouth successfully made a dent in her timid restraint, making her daringly trace his broad chest to clasp on to his arms.

Lost in Omar Shaan, smashed to his pristine torso, legs wrapped along his, nails digging into his biceps, soft moans of pleasure escaped Mohana. His each intense move making her yearn more of their entanglement.

The shrilling alert went entirely unheard until the storm of pleasure his hands and lips were brewing came to sudden halt. She deeply frowned at the interrupt, her large silver eyes swimming in desire complainingly looked at him only to find his orbs diverted elsewhere. A sensual demanding moan escaped as her heaving breasts managed a ragged breath, a breath like every other, luring to see the glitter in his sparkling black orbs.

Her face glowing with heat, lips invitingly plump, blonde tresses pooled around like a halo, breasts rubbing against his strength, despite her innocence Mohana appeared desire personified. His fingers wound into her golden tresses tilting her face to him, nearly halting from brushing her lips “We have plans for tonight, let’s get ready”

“Noh” she frowned, unhappy at the shirt that had been discarded, leaving her at a loss to tug him and get his lips where she ached to feel them

His grip on her hair fastened, yet his lips halted from colliding onto hers, merely pecking the corner of her mouth “How about we practice saying yes?”

“No” cribbing at his playfulness, petulantly turning her head sideways determined to get her want fulfilled, she puffed her cheeks in pretense of ignoring him

She wanted his touch to ravage her, play fair, get rid of her dress too like he had discarded his shirt, because she wanted his lips.. Mohana breathlessly blinked unable to finish the thought, hands curling from his biceps, instantly retracting from his glorious strength.

Easing the disheveled dress from between their torsos, Omar gently tapped her cheek, contradicting her stand “Yes. Your ensemble is in the closet, if you’d like as your designer I can..”

“No!” having barely regained her senses Mohana hastily declared her objection, her face blushing for different reasons altogether this time. Memories of tugging on to the saree, getting it wrapped then getting it unwrapped by the very designer she wanted to maintain her distance from, had her nervously lower her eyes.

Straightening from the bed Omar scooped her just as casually in his arms, stepping them through the room “You have exhausted all three refusals, everything else will now have to be a yes”

“Noh” she shyly hid her face on his chest. Her defiant heart still miffed at why did they ever stop and why wouldn’t they just go back to it; while her adamant head certainly didn’t want to accept any occurrence of events between them

“Am only taking yes for an answer” his husky contradiction had her heart bob eagerly at the base of her neck, relishing being in his arms, as if that consolation was sufficient and in some way hope inducing. Slipping her against his frame, Omar ran his thumb along her jawline “And because am your boyfriend. Don’t make me wait long” with that he left her in his mansion sized walk-in-closet

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