Chapter 24 – Stay Here

|| 24. PAIZE 1 ♥ ||

Attempting to curb her reactions to his luring touch she nervously rattled off her concerns “Yah. hm. you’re strategic. very. it would be a waste to see my dad against you, but to what is pertinent for you, is there any likelihood to get me confused with someone else or should we think your move gets combined with the whole making cute babies story?”

His fingers along her nape fastened inching her firmly nearer “We are together. There is no whole making of cute babies happening here. I need us focussed”

Mohana nearly rolled her eyes at his misguided expectations, for one she wasn’t able to focus on anything, sitting on the lap of the most handsome man had hindered her thought process to nil. But raking a shaky breath she attempted an assurance “You don’t have to worry about it. I am not completely averse to my reality. It’s amply clear even if you wouldn’t have said that you found me despicable”

“What?! What reality? Who told you I said that?” his growl vibrated through her heaving breasts

His lips appeared so close, she ached to have them crash onto hers, so much for attempting to focus. Nervously wetting her lips she waved her hand in the air “It was when. when we were.. in your closet? It’s anyways obvious”

“Obvious? Me? You and I? In our closet? I couldn’t have possibly said anything to make this so obvious for you” he sneered, his deep black eyes hinting no sparkle making her heart dip to the pit of her stomach

Leaning away to introduce distance between them, Mohana repeated word for word, the entire dialogue that had been searing her heart “No matter how much credit you give yourself, none of that happened between us, did you want to make it more obvious that that?”

Omar smashed the dainty woman to himself growling “I said that..”

“Of course. Can we get back to what’s important now?” interrupting him she dismissed any further discussion on a topic that would only further shred her heart

Firming his hold on her Omar cupped her face “M’anam, we are exactly at what’s important. Why do you have everything memorized, list of those twenty one, these words, all the garble but not what matters”

“You could’ve considered it might be important to me..” she croaked despite not wanting to break down, but collecting herself, gripping hard on her dress Mohana forced a smile “..It’s like one of those things, I like making the most of because I have a decent memory and it comes handy”

“Really?” his voice held a challenge and despite the frenzy he was causing, her butterflies swooned at the handsome designer

While her twisting heart ached with a desperation to launch her long held grievance, she sternly reminded herself the man ahead was Omar Shaan, a celebrity superstar, aiming to win a crush, that wasn’t her “Ya. Am a journalist. Like how I remember that it’s simply unimaginable for someone so exquisite and dazzling to ever exist. True to your word, your Zaniha is immaculate”

Omar smugly offered further insight “My exact words were that she is married to one of my closest friends and is the most adorable mom..”

“Yes, brilliant, you have an even better recollection..” hastily interjecting him, she affirmed her partnership “ can we get back to why we’re here and plan on your winning strategy”

Tenderly circling her temple, his fingers secured around her nape tilting her face for their eyes to meet “I’m going to regret all the time I’ve lost and I can’t wait a breath more because am zapped out of everything. This entire thing needs to be sorted and you should know, Zaniha..”

“Ya. I. Ya. I understand. and am going to help because I owe you for my being unwell. but you don’t have to tell me anything. I am a nobody, it doesn’t even matter” she rushed through her commitment, wanting to halt the apparent affection she had felt flicker across those enchanting black orbs.

For a heartbeat Mohana had almost gotten lost in the trance that Omar Shaan was talking to her, until the mention of Zaniha had a shiver wreck through her, despite the warmth his jacket was inducing.

“You can’t be a nobody..” seeing his jaw clench Mohana nervously shifted on his lap “..that’s exactly what we’re trying to tackle here because the goal of my survival begins with you. And you need to know that Zani..” letting go of her dress, her palms landed on his lips only for the sound of crashing waves to stay between them

“Don’t..” her large saucer eyes shone with unshed tears, heart thudding suffocatingly in her chest “..can you not say? I understand our deal. no together, no cute things for real. it’s a pretend. until. until you win your crush. and then we’re on our own ways. as random strangers should be”

Grabbing hold of her wrists, Omar bound her hands behind the back arching Mohana for their torsos to smash “Random strangers. If I am a stranger why am I not number twenty two in your list with a blade stuck through me? You want a stranger to survive your dad’s wrath?”

“My work is everything. It won’t be exceptionally smart of me to raise an alert crippling the celebrity of my own December issue or the result of impatience leading him to a hospital since he was last seen with me in Sarrata. A shared airplane, a mistaken stupid suite in a stupid hotel, one political curfew doesn’t change anything, another journal issue later and I can’t care less” her breasts rubbing against his chest, she innocently fidgeted to free herself from his iron bound hold

His grip tightened on her captive hands, restricting all movement “You can’t care less of what happens to me?”

“Yah?” a flawed logic that even her head refuted, because her assertion was all but false as she basked in his hardened grasp, smashed to his strength awaiting his lips to stamp their mark all over her

“Of course..” lightly tracing a lock of her golden hair, Omar smiled “ can’t care less. Like how you don’t care about the many women I’ve carried in my arms, those who’ve been at the penthouse, in that swimming pool or on that bed where we woke up, to share my toothbrush, wear all that I design, undo those buttons on my jeans or how many times they’ve worn my jacket”

Fluently twisting her wrists free from his hold, agitated at his words, she shrugged off his coat from her shoulders to thrust it on his chest “I don’t share”

“You already have” he casually flicked the black luxurious blazer aside

Heart shriveling inside, she heatedly declared “Not that I am going to remember, because nothing matters, none of any of this matters to me”

“It will have to matter” growling his lips took hers

The rough demanding possession of her mouth had Mohana arch, wildly seeking her want of belonging in the embrace of his protection to override the daunting mention of all other women. Her each desirous response got further dominated by his tormenting moves urging her to let go of her inhibition and clasp on to him.

Dainty fingers demandingly gripped the fabric of his shirt, ascertaining her need and unrelenting at first, the top few buttons quickly gave into her merciless tug. Moaning under the onslaught of his lips, the hold of his hands along her nape, back, then her waist aligning their bodies had her revel in immense pleasure while swirling a frenzied craving for more

Her petalled pink lips lost their solace as his ravenous warmth trekked along her chiseled jawline to whisper “Who am I”

Shifted from his lap to being sprawled under him, her back against the spread of feathery camilla buds, Mohana blinked in adoration, her breasts frantically rising and falling at the ministrations of his touch “My boy..frie..nd”

Unfurling her grip from his shirt, he sucked on her wrist, humming his agreement “Hm..” ridding the barrier of his semi-unbuttoned shirt, he rested her palm on his bare chest “ can only hold me, because am possessive like that”

“Yah” touting her agreement yet still shy of the move, her other hand remained fisted onto bits of his silken shirt

Stealing a taste of her lips Omar eased her grip altogether from the black fabric, laying a peck across her knuckles, he caressed her hand against his thumping heart “Who does this belong to?”

Mohana inhaled a ragged breath feeling his pulse rage under her finger tips, enchantment coursing through her veins making her hand nervously curl “Mine?”

“Hm mine..” halting her from receding Omar fluidly captured her palm to press it on his heart “..what are you going to call me, mo stór”

His thumb caressing the column of her neck had Mohana shift under the handsome man, her ivory skin blushing profusely, unsure of the needy void throbbing intensely at her core, her whisper came between another delicious moan “mo mhuirnín”

|| 24. PAIZE 2 ♥ ||

Dipping his head, Omar feathered lips along the shy swell of her heaving breasts peeking from the strapless gown. Her nails digging their mark deeper, senses getting overpowered by immense desire when his raspy murmur came along “And when I do this?”

“” Mohana breathed the name that ruled her entirety, the name of her dream man which she had scribbled, drawn, yearned to say but had never accepted aloud. Until now. She instinctively arched ahead, desperately craving for him to tear apart whatever was in their way to continue the trajectory of his lips, leaving no part of her unmarked

Instead his lips roved to the side, traversing from the curved contour which ached to be released from the layers between them, he ran teasing pecks all along moving under her arm, skating his touch to her shoulder “Do you have a preference? Or should we just go with invitation cards that say, Mo’ana weds her mo bhuachaill?” [my boyfriend]

“Mmhm” she mumbled her negation attempting to shift under him seeking his lips to focus on the unchartered territory that lay hidden behind her delicate gown, her palm pressing harder on his heart at the rapid banging which echoed her own

Wrapping his arm along the small of her back, Omar caged Mohana against him halting her shuffling, yet adamant to get her want fulfilled, she pushed herself to him, her hand daringly inching on his sculpted chest, along the veins of his muscular neck to wrap precarious fingers on his nape. Aching to rid the distance of his lips from her she issued a needy request “mm?”

“Hm” kissing her nose, his lips hovered tantalizingly close before tenderly taking her plump lips in his, but just as Mohana moaned in ecstasy, his mouth traversed her high cheek bones, laying a peck on her ear to whisper “How about Mo’ana weds her mo mhuirnín?” [my beloved]

Her grip on his nape tightened, staring deep into the sparkle of his eyes, immersed in their vibrant brilliance, she bravely sank her fingers in his thick black hair, declaring on a stubborn whisper “Mhhm. Omar.. weds.. Mo’ana”

“Deal” his lips crashed on hers, hungrily conquering her demands. Enamored in his possession, reveling in his dominating grip all along her frame which molded her against his strength, her shy fingers wound themselves deeper in his luxe hair

In a smooth move, slipping a sparkling jewel from the hidden pocket of his tailored trousers, Omar eased her grip to slip the large rock on her ring finger. Bringing their heated exchange to a halt Omar sexily drawled “Mine. Say yes”

“Yes” Mohana parroted breathlessly, captivated by his magnificence, bedazzled by the glittering eyes that gazed into hers when his words resounding through her entirety had her whisper “Am? Yours?”

“Yeah..” kissing her hand, Omar demandingly placed her palm on his heart “..given that you don’t have any negation quota left, you can only agree. And good thing we’ve already signed the papers” huskily declaring he swooped to taste her mouth, her grip on him fastening, heart swelling, hearing the mention of their agreement

Feeling his touch retract from her luscious lips, the riotous knocking of sensibility flooded through Mohana, zapping her out of the enchantment she had lost herself in ‘..good thing we’ve already signed the papers..’ Legal papers, which protected the superstar celebrity Omar Shaan from Mohana, a random journalist if she went berserk to stake a claim at him, an altogether different agreement to what she had in her heart.

Legalities or not, nothing would have swayed her acceptance to the swoon worthy celebrity had he given her a chance to respond, but Mohana felt relieved for the mention of their agreement had shook her to reality, halting her from making a complete fool of herself.

His clarity to the airport attendant raced a harsh reminder ‘..we’re not married..’ grounding her to the fact Mohana in her own daze had chosen to overlook. Staring at the handsome man, her fiancé, who had been completely hers for a mere blink, a shy smile spread across her lips.

Omar had let her live a moment, steal on a memory of her own to reminisce through the rest of her nights snuggled with her fluffy Polo. Setting aside her longing of her dream man, Mohana nervously pulled away her arms, courageously giving him an enthused smile “Ya. good thing. because paper work is vital, it should always be sorted. and. we’ll have you win”

“That’s the plan” murmuring he scooped the her delicately in his arms “Hungry?”

“No. Ya. Yes” she hesitantly agreed averting her eyes from the semi-open shirt. Gone was the Mohana who had unabashedly clung to him, demanding his touch, yearning his lips to trace their mark all over her. Twirling the fabric of her gown, ambushing the desire coursing through her veins to wrap arms around his neck and entwine their lips, she inhaled a ragged breath staring at the huge rock adorning her dainty hand.

Shining along the embellishments glistening in her pink gown, the engagement ring which stared back at her was an exceptionally luxurious piece of jewelry. Admiring the stylish setting glimmering profusely, she felt a pang of guilt for taking advantage of the handsome celebrity by being carried in his arms, making their way from the starry sky that had been witness to her rogue behavior.

Her fists clenched harder, embarrassed how she had been adamant for begging his attention, despite knowing she would never be anyone for him, never part of the rush of women who graced his bed and never ever Zaniha. Overriding the stubborn clawing of her heart to hold onto the man of her dreams, Mohana closed her eyes to shove back tears that threatened an escape

Settling her on the counter, Omar breezed his lips from one closed eyelid to the other “Tell me what’s bothering you and I’ll sort it”

Her eyes consciously sprang open “Its. nothing..” contradicting her claim, two huge tears rolled down the cheeks “ am sleepy” she lifted her hand to stroke them away, but Omar beat her to it, caressing off the salty streaks

Tipping her chin, his thumb tantalizingly circled the corner of her mouth “Thirsty?”

“Hm” cheeks blushing, remembering their earlier exchange, her sob withered away, jolting the butterflies back into action and despite her havoc-filled day, they fluttered with energy

Seeing Omar flip the sparkling water open, Mohana shifted on the bar nervous of his impending move only to have him hand her the can. She gave him a small smile of acknowledgement, broiling from within, for had she emptied the can over her head, it would still have been a lesser blow than what his actions had communicated.

Taking a sip, Mohana glanced at her surroundings to look at anything but her desirously-attractive and non-complying fiancé. Temporary fiancé, she corrected herself.

Perched on the bar counter, she admired the aesthetically designed cabin, grasping the elegant details that spoke of opulence much similar to the breakfast area from his penthouse. Thinking about his residence which had kept growing larger with stylishly designed rooms, expanding into new levels with elevators and unexpected slides, Mohana nearly jumped to query about the layout but held herself back.

Advanced appliances and the double stove cooker system in the sleek kitchen for some reason had captured the attention of the designer celebrity. Not wanting to get caught admiring him, she forced her eyes to the other side where a large oval suspended fireplace hung from the slanted ceiling, crackling with logs, alongside which sat a black leather couch facing the wall of windows, making for an intimate vibe of the entire abode.

Catching a glimpse of her own reflection in the glass wall, her stubborn eyes eagerly landed on the image of the tall man besides her busy at moving stuff around. Soaking a glance full of him, she bit on her lower lip holding back a mischievous smile at having found a cheat way of unabashedly staring at her drool worthy temporary fiancé.

Just when she thought she could inhale another breath, the can from her fingers got pulled with a husky reminder “Ours”

Seeing Omar take a gulp, her lips parted in expectation she didn’t want to accept, but on another sip he held the beverage extending it back. She rolled her eyes at her own bold-act crumbling, for all the cans she had wanted to empty with her dream man this sure hadn’t been her route of preference.

On a dejected sigh, her lips pouted, the prick of however many cans he had shared with other women, further twisting her shattering heart. Glancing at the large rock shimmering on her ring finger, she perked herself for nothing mattered except her own hard work.

On that thought, certain to memorize every bit of her night with her temporary fiancé she gazed at his reflection in large windows to shyly take a small sip from where his lips had been. Surprising her with his proximity, the sparkling water exchanged hands again for a swig before being smoothly returned as Omar busily worked around the kitchen.

|| 24. PAIZE 3 ♥ ||

The abundant variety of food items that appeared from the expansive ovens and heat-storing cooker systems reaffirmed for Mohana that Omar Shaan only dined in luxury. For all the instances she could run through her head, his meals were always a larger spread than even formal buffets.

Getting scooped in his arms, basking in his solid embrace her eyes swooped low, ardently focussing on her delectable pink gown and the interesting work on it. Carried through the lavish lodge, delicately sat on the black leather couch, she heard him break the thick silence “Blanket?”

“No” mumbling her refusal Mohana nervously looked at her feet

Anxious at seeing his steps recede, she haphazardly sprung from the couch “Yes. Blanket” inhaling a breath of relief seeing him at the counter, preparing a serving

“Uhm because I was cold? but this is warm. so no. no. blanket” assured of his presence, she overrode her stance in appreciation of the fireplace, hastily sitting down

“There’s one right besides you whenever we feel for it” his nonchalant offer had her steer from consciously setting her gown to glance at a pink throw nearly mimicking her own but before any other thought could traverse, she heard his murmur “Hm?” and Mohana was fed a mouth-melting gnocchi

The only exception to their massive dinner remained the same from all their instances together, there was only a single setting of silverware. Getting toasty ahead of the fireplace, being fed on an array of items, Mohana rattled along all things she could about food, based on the knowledge she had accrued from her family business Rauchos.

Her nervous narration ranged from planting to harvesting timelines, fertilization, disease protection and quality control of produce to sternly divert herself from their shared dinner resources, his sexy presence and her perpetual desire of him.

By the time Mohana thought she could burst out of excitement for having eaten so many delicacies, one forkful after another followed of tempting desserts before their expansive dinner eventually came to a wrap. Covering her with the plush throw, Omar murmured “Would you like to talk about farm field selections for our next time?”

Certain she would not be able to eat anything another time sharing the same fork and spoon, clenching on to the throw she earnestly informed “Uhm if you want. I’ve read and educated myself on the theory but have never really decided on one. but. I can tell you all about it”

“Sure, because you have only practically planted and harvested grains and vegetables” he straightened from the couch leaving her face glowing bright at his remark

Instantly hopping behind him, shimmying from the cozy throw, she followed his trail “That uh.. it’s food so I know the theory but I can grow it myself too. because I get hungry. and I will help. wrap this. because this is also food. and I owe you”

Despite his ask to soak warmth by the fireplace Mohana remained adamant to assist, lifting their silverware and dessert plates she marched to the kitchen sink when giving in Omar guided her to the cookware washer instead

In her tall stiletto heels, swaying around in the dainty pink gown, Mohana wanted to keep up with his fast moves but the back and forth through the kitchen counters had her accidentally run into him a couple times. Both instances, Omar maneuvered quickly preventing even a mere brushing, let alone their collision. Her sulking butterflies emphatically overrode all appreciation of his agility, madly craving him, his protective embrace and igniting touch, for it felt eons since she had been in his arms.

Having sorted things around the kitchen, restoring the area to its original form, Mohana washed her hands clean with Omar, who swiftly went to the freeze room for a last check. Twirling the rich material of her gown in anxious fingers, awaiting their departure she glanced around the cabin wanting to get her fill of the memories from their dinner.

Similar to the countless instances of coming across Omar Shaan through the course of her appointment as the editor-in-chief of Sophista, his magnificent presence tonight had been no exception to leave her jittery, nervous and brewing a strange ruckus within. Ignoring the fact that his absence left her in an equal fix, Mohana aimed to confidently manage the phenomena that was her dream man, hoping to learn more of the bold-act by the time their paths crossed again.

Stealing a glance at the freeze room where he had disappeared, she looked at the exceptional jewel on her hand, bashfully remembering their moments on the swing outside. Pink cheeks flamed at the memory of her fingers entwined in his hair while heart desperately urged her to barge through the freeze door and throw herself on him.

Heaving a sigh at her own conundrum, attempting to stay indifferent to the chaos he ignited, Mohana tried thinking about other things. Her list began with the vase of camilla flowers she wanted to order tonight, the connect she had to establish with Jojo sunken in her plushy Polo when the reminder of her fluffy’s black eyes, brought her right back to the sparkling spheres which belonged to the famed designer celebrity, her temporary fiancé.

On an anxious sigh her effort halted and she tirelessly continued on her count of milliseconds, then seconds which turned to minutes waiting for the freeze room door to open. What felt like ages to her frantic heart, but were mere breaths, Omar appeared in the kitchen looking so attractively handsome, Mohana gripped hard onto the marble counter to stop her knees from buckling

“We’re all set?” his husky murmur made her want to commit on whatever he suggested be done, right away

“Ya..” consciously straightening, she gave him a quick smile “..I’m ready. Do you want to? Now?”

“Hm” in a blink the column of his glorious abs peeking from the semi-buttoned shirt appeared closer and she got scooped in the air

Traversing through the hallway from where they had arrived, Mohana longingly leaned in his arms to catch one last glimpse of the cabin before a set of large sliding doors interrupted the view. Making way through another corridor, Omar carried her up a grand staircase, none of which Mohana remembered from their entry earlier.

Her eyes rapidly checked the surroundings when getting settled atop the dresser her gaze halted at the vase overflowing with her favorite pink camilla flowers. From behind the enormous flower arrangement, Mohana noticed an overlook railing yielding a glance to the same fireplace where they had sat for dinner. A massive swinging bed hung low from chunky ropes behind Omar, who had an aloof expression casted on his handsome features

Grabbing hold of her ankle, he tinkered around the slim stiletto straps taking her by surprise “There are a few bags..” the severity of his touch raced a storm, making Mohana instantly pull her foot out of his clasp

“Did it hurt?” his dark orbs shot to her depths, reaching to clasp hold of her sandaled foot again

“Noh. No. But I like them on. for all the things. that have to happen” she gulped looking at his large hand wrapped around the ankle

Discarding one heel, Omar tackled the other, his words growling a challenge “What things?”

“Oh. Uhm. like um. walking? because. or. flying? back? and walking? walking at my office? because that’s my home” she formed her response hoping it was in sync with what anyone could use their footwear for

|| 24. PAIZE 4 ♥ ||

Much contrary to his blazing look, Omar gently applied pressure to the reflex points easing the stress in her arches, offhandedly informing “No one’s flying back, anywhere. You’ll change, catch on some sleep and we’ll talk tomorrow”

She opened her mouth then closed it at his dismissal. And mainly to hold back on a moan. Her feet curled shyly, but his grip remained fastened as he soothed them to comfort, letting her butterflies go intensely crazy in return.

Gripping on to the dresser Mohana tried “I understand you’re tired because of transporting uh heavy things? from here to there and the stairs..” eyes hinting to his arms acknowledging the plight of carrying her around “..but I can fly us back? Because I have to go home. I have to get my flowers, connect with Jojo and snuggle with P..uh. my pink blanket! because I can’t be without all my important things”

“All your important things would be in those bags. Jojo knows your whereabouts. Your vase of flowers is right here. Anything else?” his fingers on her feet had her nearing on another moan but clenching hard on to her gown Mohana attempted to shift her focus from him, his touch and the semi-open shirt which she conflictingly wanted closed this time, for her sanity

Clearly suffering defeat, she most nearly croaked “Because you don’t want me to fly your avion?”

“Given the progress on a variety of matters and things like the background turbulence with the underworld it wouldn’t hurt for the heiress of Rauchos to stay low for a while” his words ran a harsh reminder of their social statures, how the criminal world would assign her under the umbrella of her family wealth and not hesitate to make Mohana a bait to get to her dad

Stealing a glance of the immensely gigantic bouquet, she enquired “But you said it’s calm”

“As calm can be on the surface, it’ll take some shuffling for the mistaken new found powers to settle. We stayed in downtown with an intense enforcement to play along nicely with them. In the public eye you officially landed from Sarrata at the airport for anyone watching, before heading out for a vacation” Omar just as casually informed as it was an everyday occurrence for him to travel one place to another

Sourly considering it very well could be, for all the many beds he owned, Mohana reminded herself that nothing mattered except hard work being her only belonging “Wouldn’t it be more believable to stay back and work because there are timelines, deals, articles all that need to be crunched and the security at my tower is excellent, my boss wouldn’t just let me get kidnapped”

Easing her feet Omar appeared closer, placing hands on either side of her on the dresser, he smugly smiled “Most certainly, not when you’re already kidnapped. I am assuming there’s a reason you have a personal assistant..”

Certainly not for the same reason, why you have yours, Mohana sabotaged the retort on her lips, not wanting to remind either of them, of all the many women he would rather be with on her engagement night

“..when you weren’t well, I had to make a request for your time off through Indigo, who coordinated with Jojo and given that she has handled everything exceptionally, we should be all set for a while”

Agitated at the mention of how that name nonetheless rolled from his lips, she frowned “Your Indigo told my Jojo that I will be unwell for a while? That’s why she sent the flowers?”

“I don’t tend to indulge in unnecessary details. Your being with me sufficed” his nonchalant response had Mohana inwardly growl

Given her team’s fascination with the designer celebrity, his claim came as no surprise “Ya.. you and I uhm because of the box of chocolates that I. uh lost. I’ll order them. and these flowers, I’ll take them with me because Jojo sent them, but we can fly back now because my boss has security and am feeling recovered”

She shifted on the dresser to slip down but his hands on her waist assuredly settled her back “Nah. we’re here, together, for a month or so on vacation”

Hastily latching onto his semi-open shirt before Omar could step back Mohana fretted “We? a month? that’s. a month?! like one twelfth of a year? isn’t that a lot of time? no one can be together for that long because there’s work. you have work, I have work. my work is everything. and it would be completely unimaginable for me to be with you of all..”

His thumb on her parted lips had her instinctively lean ahead, her gaze landing on his mouth. Despite the entire chaos, her desire for those heavenly lips to traverse each speck on her body, had her swallow on a parched throat

Tracing her pink lips, his move carefully slow contrary to her heaving breasts brushing his forearm “Work is everything indeed. But as it happens we didn’t get permission to fly back from our handsome and caring doctor, Jasper. A single way flight is all he allowed, you’ve been air-borne for way more time than has been advantageous for your health”

“Jasper told you that, because..” the silken shirt slipped from her fingers, eyes widening for a twinge of hope to shine through them “..because he had come to check on me?”

“He is a doctor, it is what he does. If we didn’t need medical approval, we’d have flown here much sooner” oblivious to the inferno glowing under that response, his confirmation made a wide smile appear on her lips, quickly overcoming the consciousness she had felt from his tantalizing touch

The meeting Mohana had been mistaking as a run-in with his world had been a planned event for her benefit, though her happiness instantly got replaced by a concerning frown, she rushed her uninhibited concern “Is Jasper going to be alright? with all the underworld mess that’s happening? shouldn’t we talk to him to check, he and everybody else reached home fine?”

“No one’s talking to anyone here..” Omar nearly growled “..staying low does not entail chit chats of any kind. We have an impression to live up to, a prank to win, and we wouldn’t entirely look like an engaged couple on a romantic vacation if we keep talking to others. But I can assure you everyone is fine. Jasper has an avion which mimics the one you flew in here and the internal control confirmed their safe arrival”

The information mainly translated to one thing: Jasper and Omar both owned Heicte avions equipped with an Inviseret. Designed to take flights to much higher altitudes, at unexcelled speeds, decked with superior safety and disguise features, the Heicte were rare machines nearly impossible for a prying eye or a contender to track. Equipped with the Inviseret these influential owners had access to a selective hub of communication for information exchange, being kept aware of all air traffic details, capability to mask avion signal to only an internal air control and fluently transfer data packets without location tracing, in a nut shell making Heicte avions powerfully invisible

Chastising herself for even considering Omar would not have kept tabs on the love of his life, Mohana timidly murmured “Ok. ya. so I’ll stay. here. because Jasper doesn’t want me to fly”

“Sorted. Wait for me” making his way through the opulent bedroom Omar walked through one of the adjoining doors leaving Mohana to wander to her own thoughts.

One of the first few things Mohana had ever hacked, in her beginner years was indeed the Invisiret capability code in her dad’s Heicte avion. Breaking the code, she had proceeded to tweak the system, picking on the errors, troubleshooting obvious safety giveaways and supplementing it with her own to upgrade the complete box, ensuring it became one of the most powerful assets in his arsenal.

While her dad had been ecstatic at her expertise, her mom had spent an entire dinner coaching Mohana on good practices, the perils of using non-standard means of coding, peril of getting captured, legal perception of such actions, in short highlighting the manifold risk of breach activities in the bigger realm. In response her dad had arranged top notch machinery for Mohana to pursue her skill in exchange of effectively managing her mom’s concerns and remain beyond reach.

The hit of nostalgia when she had been unaware of the truth behind her parents marriage made a smile curve along her lips. Though soon her lips parted in surprise looking at the man who had left moments ago, dressed in luxurious clothes only to walk back in the room, amply clearly without a thread on his torso. Albeit his black shirt had been partially-open but seeing Omar Shaan without any barriers again had her breathlessly stare at him.

Her eager silver eyes soaked every inch for her memory but her heart frantically raced grasping all the scratches in sight. His drool worthy sculpted torso, immaculate muscular arms held the aftermath of what her nails had wrongfully done to him. Embarrassed of her actions Mohana fisted her fingers, instantly hiding them behind her back while her eyes busy in their own meanderings landed on the pristine v-muscles before halting at the pair of jeans that hung low on his waist.

Swiftly letting her feet touch the floor, he gestured for the velvet drapes to cover the overlooking rail, marking the bedroom in its own boundary “I’ll be back in around an hour or so. The room is all yours”

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